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Are you having difficulty keeping up to date on all the frequent changes and updates in the Microsoft Azure space? Then the Build Azure Weekly has the solution you’re looking for. Build Azure Weekly is a weekly blog post that includes all the latest Microsoft Azure Service Updates from the week in addition to links to many other blog articles, podcasts and videos from all over the Internet.

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Service Updates

Here’s a list of the Microsoft Azure Service Updates from over the past week:

Azure Functions deprecating preview versions

Public preview: String and binary columns in clustered columnstore indexes

Azure Site Recovery availability with Resource Manager in Azure Government

Azure Backup availability with Resource Manager in Azure Government

Top Links

Here are some of the most notable links from the week:

Chris Pietschmann Awarded Microsoft MVP – Azure by Chris Pietschmann

Azure Region Pairs Explained by Chris Pietschmann

Microsoft Azure Achieves HITRUST CSF Certification by Alice Rison

DevOps on Azure PaaS – Part 1 by Steven Fowler

Free eBook: Defending the New Perimeter – Modern Security from Microsoft by Chris Pietschmann

Monthly Sponsor

I am currently looking to sign up additional sponsors of Build Azure. If you’re interested, please go here for more information, or contact me directly. If you want to see some information about the traffic and audience reach of Build Azure, please read the “2016: Build Azure Year in Review” post.

Blog Articles

Here’s a collection of some of the most note worthy blog articles posted over the past week:

Cloud Scale, means Out, not Up by Chris Pietschmann via Opsgility

Rapid Development of Intelligent Bot Using Azure Bot Service by Abhijit Jana

Add Intelligence to Any SQL App, with the Power of Deep Learning via Cortana Intelligence and ML Blog

Managing Azure Government directories with Powershell by Kyle Deeds

New Features in Microsoft Flow by Lee Stott

Sample: Joining tables from different Azure SQL Databases by Holger Linke

Moving eBird to the Azure Cloud via Cortana Intelligence and ML Blog

Protection and recovery of Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp using Azure Site Recovery by Poornima Natarajan

Blockchain Basics & Partner Strategy by Wendy Spies

Install SQL Server onto an Azure VM using PowerShell DSC by Pete Rodriguez

MyOrder Insights from Application Insights by saxenark

Running SSIS on Azure VM (IaaS) – Do more with less money by Jimmy Wong

Azure SQL Elastic Pool – Database Size by Vincent-Philippe Lauzon

Enable System.Net tracing on Azure App Service by Benjamin Perkins

Still Using Windows Server 2003? by John Taubensee

Get Hands-On Experience with OMS Security with OMS Suite Experience Center by Thomas W Shinder

Using Postman to call Azure REST APIs by Benjamin Perkins

Azure Functions preview versioning update by Chris Anderson

November 2016 Leaderboard of Database Systems contributors on MSDN by Rahul Venkatraj

Move the Azure temporary disk to a different drive letter on Windows Server by Pete Rodriguez

Troubleshooting: Azure Auto-scale profile does not change by Souvik Das (CIE)

Create and deploy an ASP.NET Core Web API to Azure Windows by Benjamin Perkins

Creating a Key Encrypting Key (KEK) by Chris Clayton

Get started with Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL DB by Patrick El-Azem

Using Key Vault Secrets in PowerShell by Chris Clayton

Using the Azure ARM SDK for Node to get Site Metrics for your App Service by Gabe Shapiro

Samples for using the Azure App Service Kudu REST API to programmatically manage files in your site by Gabe Shapiro


Here are links to some of the videos that have been posted over the past week:

DocumentDB: Database-as-a-Service for MongoDB Developers via Azure Friday

Getting Started with Azure – Backup Vaults & Policies by Brian Harrison

SQL Server on Linux: The HOW | Data Exposed via Channel 9

Christian Wade explains the preview of Azure Analysis Services by Josh Caplan

Hashicorp with Azure via Channel 9

Audio / Podcasts

To complete the collection of different mediums to allow you to consume your Azure news / info in any way you want, here’s a list of the podcasts released this week:

Episode 160 – The Service Fabric Way via The Azure Podcast

Episode 174 | Azure Storage and Office Visio News via Microsoft Cloud Show

General Cloud / Related

Here’s some noteworthy links about Cloud computing and other related topics that aren’t necessarily specific to Microsoft Azure:

IoT spending to reach $1.3 trillion by 2020 on hardware investment by Donal Power

Helping automakers drive innovation through connected cars via Microsoft IoT

Visual Studio Toolbox: SQL Server Extension for Visual Studio Code by Robert Green

What are Microservices and Why Should You Care? by ddeeb

Functions as a Service (FaaS) by Alex Ellis

Featured Product

Opsgility Azure Training Subscription

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I have recorded a number of training courses available at Opsgility.com. Here’s a short list of some:

Choosing the Right Storage

Architecting Global Solutions

Real-Time Ingestion and Processing in Azure

Architecting Azure App Services

Implementing and Managing Web APIs in Azure

Building Solutions with Azure Logic Apps

Also, among the many Instructor-led courses offered by Opsgility, I’ve built out the 3 day Designing and Implementing IoT Solutions class. This class covers how to build Internet of Things solutions and covers such topics as: Azure IoT Suite, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Windows 10 IoT Core. There’s also an option in the Hands-on labs for the class to build out a real IoT solution using a Raspberry Pi 3, sensors, and Azure IoT Suite. This class teaches what you need to know about Azure IoT Suite to built IoT solutions in the cloud, and covers the hardware side of things too!

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