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  • Coff It Up
    via afoodieworld

    It all began with dancing goats. Or so the legend says. An Ethiopian goat herder noticed his goats became frisky after eating the coffee cherries from a local shrub. He wanted to dance too, so he downed some of the berries, caught the buzz and partied...

  • There comes a time in every roaster’s career when they need to pull a few secret weapons out of their sleeves. Competition in the coffee industry gets tight and they just need that one little boost to set them apart from their competitors. Whether...

  • Roasters at work on Pike (Image: Victrola Coffee) Older, wiser — and bigger — Capitol Hill’s Victrola Coffee once again finds itself neighboring the global ambitions of a coffee giant. “We’ve always found being on Capitol...

  • Alex Merrell, co-owner of Hammerhand Coffee, didn’t originally plan on opening on a corner spot (22 N. Main Street) in downtown Liberty’s historic square. Merrell and three investors had selected a space at 1 N. Water Street, based one block east and...

  • Marketing Plan of Starbucks
    via marketinginfo

    American brand Starbucks familiar, feasible to every connoisseur of quality and delicious coffee. This is accessible, because Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, which branches operate in fifty countries. Over the past few decades...

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