Alicante Kings College School S. King's College Alicante - British school of Alicante

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  • There is a famous saying about New York City, which so well connects with our first trip experience here. ‘One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five year. ‘ From the moment we landed in NYC, the iconic...

  • Q: Can anyone share their positive experiences with induction of labour? I was induced and LOVED it. Mine was elective. I was so nervous about the pain and not having everyone ready for me. This way, I got to circle the date on the calendar and have...

  • Topics: 1.  What’s new for you from Diane [2:17] 2.   Introducing our guest, Emily Schromm [5:42] 3.  Transitioning from cardio junkie to Crossfit/lifter  [12:37] 4. Lifting without a trainer with proper form [14:34] 5. Tips for improving pull-ups ...

  • There is one variable that data is not very good at deciphering – the human. It’s easy to forget when analyzing the data for conversion purposes is that the end user is a real human with feelings. Data tells us a lot of things, but it is really bad...

  • Battle of the Google Phones
    via thedroideffect

    **Disclaimer** I am bias, then again I think everyone is; and anyone who says they aren’t hasn’t come across something they really feel strongly about yet. What’s my bias? Pure Android. Now we can debate that Google’s version...

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