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  • It’s been a season that defies predictions for our sturdy Golden Bears. When fall practice began, there were high hopes for a team led by a senior point guard and big man and bolstered by Coach Mike Montgomery’s best recruiting class at Cal...

  • 13-07-03
    via skeptic

    In this week’s eSkeptic: Follow Shermer’s Scientific American column: Gods of the Gaps Skepticality Episode 211: The Limits of Neuroscience Feature Article: Excerpt from Junior Skeptic #47: Alien Invaders! The Amazing Meeting 2013: July...

  • The Robert Scott Bell Show December 13, 2013 Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EST: RSB and Dr. Frank King discuss how to deal with weather adaptation and sinus issues during cold, low humidity winters. Mandatory flu shots? Not on this show...

  • California Emerges
    via city-journal

    California Emerges The epic story of the founding of the Golden State NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION / ART RESOURCE, NY California’s “Bonaparte,” explorer John C. Frémont The founding of California was an adventure, an epic, a...

  • WIPO and EU and Libraries ~ Oh My!
    via laurelrusswurm.wordpress

    Like most people, I’ve spent most of my life not actually thinking about copyright law. I bought into the idea that copyright “protects” creative works and encourages creativity. At least I did until I started actually thinking about copyright law when...

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