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  • When Dan Guralnek immigrated from Australia to Israel in 2012, he did not anticipate becoming involved in an international internet scam. I always wanted to move to Israel, says Guralnek, who attended a Jewish day school in Sydney. He was working in...

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    MD Asif – An actor and a Muay thai martial artist was spotted at Kamasutra 3D trailer launch at PVR Juhu. =========================================================== Geeta Kapoor & Ahmad Khan to judge DID L’il Masters Season 3 After...

  • Headlines of the day II: EconoHydroFukuFrack
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    We begin close to home with a headline from Salon: California faces water shortages and wildfires as “mega-drought” gets even worse The fire danger is “about as high as it can be,” one meteorologist warned The year 2013 was...

  • Professor Mark Galeotti analyzed the composition of the Russian special services, investigating their working methods , ways of interacting and levels close to Vladimir Putin. The report of the expert in Russian politics and the security bodies of Mark...

  • First Read Bits & Pieces By John J. Lothian Futures Magazine is changing its name. Forty-three years after changing its name from Commodities to Futures, Futures Magazine will become Modern Trader, according to its editor in a video interview with...

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