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  • Samantha Brown, 27, was eventually diagnosed with unusual form of OCD Had she lost another half a stone, she may have suffered organ failure Says her weight loss was rooted in her desire for some control in her life Research has shown OCD increases...

  • As told to ShareMySchool.com by Anonymous, and reproduced by OCD-UK with the kind permission of ShareMySchool.com. We were approached by a parent who wanted to tell their story about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how it has dominated their life...

  • What would you do if people treated you differently just because you have high blood pressure? It’s not your choice to suffer from the disorder but if people avoid you because of it, how would you feel? People dread mental illness and very few...

  • In our culture, exercise is viewed as a positive behavior. In fact, daily exercise is promoted as part of a healthy lifestyle and the “more is better” attitude seems to have become the norm. For many people with eating disorders, however, the concept...

  • People who have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) experience intrusive thoughts, fears and/or urges, called obsessions, which are related to cleanliness, symmetry, order or contamination. Someone with this disorder may spend several hours of each day...

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    Trusted information on everyday and complex child health conditions from The Hospital for Sick Children.

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