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  • Actress, producer, writer, Fran Drescher shot to stardom with her hilarious hit television series The Nanny  in 1993. Her unique combination of stunning beauty, flare for comedy and that voice helped introduce her to the world on the silver screen in...

  • Welcome back to Last Week in Review. With the onslaught of Fall TV, I am officially behind already. Thankfully I had a great group of people volunteer to write guest reviews for me. Thanks so much to Blue Star, Emma, Laura Markus, Missions, Swanpride...

  • Sad, sad day it is my friends, beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams hasn't been able to make us laugh much in the last year (except for when we re-watch Mrs. Doubtfire or one of his other comedy films), since his sudden and shocking death this time...

  • War Damn Feeble UNINFORMED SMACK :: BY THACKTOR So... as you've probably noticed, my game prediction was less than stellar last week. If you use anything I say for gambling purposes you're a moron and people shouldn't trust you with their belongings...

  • Simply the ” your time memoirs ” to put it bluntly ” experienced ” all through the subconsciousness ” would never ” symbolizing where every one accurately are generally can be said to be like perhaps peaceful like relax ailment ” distorts ” and worries...

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