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  • The following by David Bukay is reposted here with permission of the Middle East Forum: Islam's Hatred of the Non-Muslim by David Bukay Middle East Quarterly Summer 2013, pp. 11-20 (view PDF) It is accepted as a truism by many liberals and multiculturalists...

  • Depression
    via jamiat

    By Shaykh Ash-Shuraym . If one takes a just and unbiased look at the current condition of mankind in general and the Muslims in particular, in an era where technology is at its most advanced and civilization is at its most developed in economic, medical...

  • You are now reading  Part 4 (d). There may be one more part. The same disclaimer applies.  I am commenting on this article found at this website : http://asharisassemble.com/2014/05/27/have-you-been-blackmailed-by-bukhari-yet/ Big big disclaimer :...

  • Sh Abu Aaliyah Surkheel charted the rise of Islam's first heterodox sect, the Khawarij, in the first segment of this series. The Khawarij are those who were described by the Prophet ﷺ as being: 'the worst of mankind and beasts'1 and 'dogs of Hellfire...

  • SHAFAQNA- By: Allamah Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i To be able to advance on this spiritual path it is necessary for a spiritual traveler to appoint some righteous man his preceptor (spiritual guide). The preceptor must have passed away from self and...

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