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  • New and updated high pr classified list in all over India http://www.meramaal.com/ http://www.post2find.com/ http://www.adoos.in http://www.craigslist.co.in/ http://www.locanto.in/ http://www.click.in/ http://www.indialist.com/ http://www.clickindia...

  • Unicorn, a term promoted and made conversant by Aileen Lee, a venture investor to describe startups valued at a $1 billion or more.  Globally, 163 unicorns are listed at a total cumulative valuation  of $568 billion. The unicorn club in India houses...

  • Sell Your Old Gadgets at 7 Best Websites
    via vsrecerockzz.blogspot

     World is spinning fast and so are the product cycles. The popularity crown worn by one product shifts to other in no time, and so the desire of users. It is too obvious that if you opt for a new one, the old one gets redundant. And if you can sell...

  • The wealthiest 50 people in the world control a staggering portion of the world economy: $1.46 trillion — more than the annual GDP of Australia, Spain, or Mexico. That’s according to new data provided to Business Insider by Wealth-X, which conducts...

  • Houston’s Perfect Storm
    via theatlantic

    It is not if, but when Houston’s perfect storm will hit. They called Ike “the monster hurricane.” More From ProPublica Who’s Regulating For-Profit Schools? Execs From For-Profit Colleges An Unbelievable Story of Rape A Showdown Year for Reproductive...

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