Facebook advertising is cheap and effective.

For the automotive industry, Facebook ads are especially handy since car shoppers tend to fall under a diverse mix of personalities and can be found at varying stages along the buyer’s journey.

With Facebook ads, you’re able to hone in on interested leads and even conquest your competitors’ leads by selecting the specific demographics, interests, and behaviors you’d like to reach.

From Facebook A/B tests our company has conducted and from personal experience, I can tell you that the more specific you can get with your targeting, the better quality leads you’ll bring to your website.

Let’s take your commercial automotive inventory for example. If your goal is to improve fleet vehicle sales and service, you can narrow down your targeting to who is the most likely to buy and/or who needs more information.

Need help coming up with Facebook ad ideas for commercial sales? Here’s how to target and what to say in your fleet inventory and commercial service ads.

3 Facebook Ad Techniques for Commercial Auto Sales

There are three main ways you can boost your commercial auto sales using Facebook advertising: targeting your ads, explaining the financial benefits, and distinguishing yourself from the competition.

1. Target Your Facebook Ads

Spread the word to the right people about the commercial auto sales and fleet services you offer by targeting your ad set.

Target an ad to people interested in fleet vehicles who match one of the following:

Industries: installation and repair

Job titles: fleet management, flower arranging, master electrician, master plumber, shop owner, van driver

Target an ad to people interested in fleet service who match one of the following:

Employers: finance, fleet management

Industries: administrative, business and financial operations, management, transportation and moving

Job titles: fleet management

2. Explain the Financial Benefits of Your Fleet Service

Sometimes it’s difficult for a dealership to keep track of service invoices for fleet vehicles. If your store offers financial support to ease this stress, you should definitely mention that in your Facebook ads!

Crater Lake Ford, for example, offers commercial centralized billings options for small, medium, and large fleet accounts. To promote that, the store uses creative Facebook ads like the one shown below.

The ad copy explains what the benefit of this financial service is (reduce time) and what city the dealership is located in (Medford, OR). The ad also uses an eye-catching photo and a clear call-to-action.

3. Distinguish Your Service Benefits from Your Competitors’

Let commercial vehicle drivers and businesses know upfront if you offer added benefits that your competitors don’t. Keep your dealership top of mind for commercial service needs by stating the unique value you offer.

Here are some offerings commercial fleet drivers and management want to know about:

Pickup and delivery options

Extended hours and Saturday service

Reduced parts and labor rates

Monitoring of all factory recalls

The ad below distinguishes Crater Lake Ford from its competitors by explaining how its fleet services are different. The ad also incorporates a human touch by expressing an understanding of a driver’s need to get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

9 Clouds Facebook Advertising for Auto Dealers

Your dealership can set up a Facebook ad to get a specific message about specific inventory to specific people — specifically.

But the world of Facebook is huge and sprawling, and it’s hard to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For a clear, comprehensive guide to advertising on Facebook, check out our free eBook, A Step-by-Step Guide to Leveraging Facebook Ads for Automotive Dealers. It’s full of great tips for creating, targeting, and testing successful Facebook ads for auto dealers.

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