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  • Focus on ... Guerlain
    via beautyinfiveminutes.blogspot

    GUERLAIN. Timeless elegance. French sophistication and charm. Tradition and innovation. Cult brand. Worldwide appeal. Guerlain's story is above all one of legacy. Five generations of Perfumers who have succeeded one another, holding the creative reins...

  • Francois Coty 1874-1934 There are few Houses that have shaped Modern Perfumery and continue to exert their influence worldwide.  Coty is surely one of them and revolutionized the first thirty years of the 20th century.   From the invention...

  • At the turn of the century, perfume was a single-flower fragrance. Rose, violet, lilac, and lily of the valley were in high demand. Floral bouquet scents were introduced toward the end of the first decade as compounds were found to aid in binding fragrances...

  • Michael Edwards Interview + 50% Off Book Deal
    via australianperfumejunkies

    . Post by Ainslie Walker . Ainslie Walker’s personal interview with Michael Edwards [50% off Michael Edwards book offer and Meet the Legend himself in Sydney next week!] How were you drawn into the World of Fragrance? How then were you able to make...

  • Classic Fragrances
    via nuvomagazine

    My nose was utterly underwhelmed by a lack of creative innovation. Current hot note, I noticed, was frosted pear. Miserable, I sought comfort in memories of my grandmother, a former 1920s flapper, who had insisted I appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake...

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