Steam Name: BiWx Voorhees

Steam Profile Link: Here

Time Spent at ZARP: Like 6-7 months (I played a lot when I wasn't on Forums)(First server I ever joined on Gmod)

Age: 14 (Gonna be 15 in February)

My Story at ZARP:
I am a member of ZARP since June when I got Gmod... The first server where I jpned that was Deathrun 2...

I really liked TTT and I joined an other Community for 1 month and Became Head Admin there but the Community ended and I found TTT really boring.

And this is how I got to Zarp Gaming Community (when the other Community's servers were down I came to Zarp a lot). A good friend and me decided to apply for Moderator on Deathrun.

We both got accepted and we got promoted to admin later. We are admins right now too! I started playing SSRP too and later became mod, got demoted, became mod again and Now....I am an admin there too! And this is when I am applying for CM, becouse I spend my freetime over here

My positions at ZARP:

Deathrun- Admin(oldest admin on STAFF list!)

SSRP- Admin
I know they are not that Big ranks but I really love them.

That is why I am STAFF! I would like (It is very good now too) a very good STAFF team that are working together!

Without team work there is no STAFF team!

WE have to work together, be better! Do more! And enjoy our work's reward

I got some help when I started my carrier on Deathrun and I want to give my experiances back to new STAFF and anyone who asks me.

These helps became TEAMWORK!

I am studying in a Chemistry Specialized school in Budapest and I am the student who does 3 PowerPoints a week to get better maarks and making education more interactive.

I started doing PowerPoints when I was 11, that means I almost do PowerPoints for 4 years.

I like talking when I can.

English PowerPoints are not problem, becouse I do once a week and enjoy it. I am gonna learn Chemistry in English next School year I am learning it now Hungarian.

My favourite English one was About Hygrogen-Cloride (HCl) and the students enjoyed it pretty well

In April I am going to do a presentation in Germany about The Periodic Table.

Why me?:

In my applications I always got Friendly support in it

Always help out people who recently joined, became mod, new admins!

I can't say no for somebody who is asking for help.

My real life friends like me.

I like telling jokes and bantz...

I mentioned I can't say no for asking somebody for help.

I always listen them what happened and put so much effort in admins sits too.

Active on Forums too and helping people, doing Graphics (some of them are here: John Cena Intros)
As a user on all of the ZARP servers I help to new people becouse I know the rules, what to do. And report players on Forums when they dserve punishment and no STAFF online.

I am a trusted admin on Deathrun (the oldest in STAFF list) for 4 months of STAFF activity on Deathrun.

Recently became admin on SSRP.

I haven't abuse anything in my life.

Haven't got any warnings on any servers.

My only warn was when I warned myself for testing in the training.

What is going on with people?
As an SSRP admin your people skills should be pretty high!

Doing sits, Tell the rulebreaker what happened, asking out the victims and the accused people.

Tell new players how to do basics (like crouch jump)

I get good rep for that.
Give another chance...

My works:
fix a very common Steam problem
How to apply
Reported some glitches
New icons on TS (not accepted yet )

Make the meetings more interactive!

More anti-Cheat programs!

Make ZARP better! (it is the best but we can do better!)

Clear all terrorism threats on Zarp!

More Staff who deserves position!

Report systems on all servers!

Exciting booster packs!

Make VIP more sick!

Why me for CM?
I would use my Powers correctly and help out members!

Use CM ban system correctly!

Do turorials for new users!

Host meetings if no Owners online or they can't get on!

Previous experiance as a Head Admin!

I am an not abusive STAFF!

I am spending my Freetime on ZARP!

If I can get CM I will help making this Community better, Bigger and the best Gmod Community ever!

Have experiance of the Power point program!

I can see who is a STAFF material!

Thank YOU for Reading my application for CM! It took my like an hour to do it!

I will be away for 23th of December to the 30th of December. I will go on a holiday

Good luck for everyone who applied for CM!

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