Mitt Romney has accused President Obama of "a dangerous course" in wanting to cut $1 trillion from the defense budget - although the administration's actual proposal is a reduction of $487 billion over the next decade. " He has blamed Obama for "procrastination toward Iran" and advocates arming Syrian rebels. "Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who've been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement," the president shot back. enemies - a charge that drew a sharp Obama rebuttal. "We should not negotiate with the Taliban," the former Massachusetts governor contends. "We should defeat the Taliban. Romney, along with his primary rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, had also accused Obama of "appeasement" toward U.

These are the best jobs in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines that can prepare anyone to be highly competitive within the civilian job market and eventually lead to higher than average earnings over a lifetime. I am a firm believer that there is no better opportunity for a young person coming out of high school or college to gain valuable training and experience in a chosen career area.

Recruits must also be able to pass an in-depth physical which includes meeting each services height and weight requirements. A recent study done by the Pentagon revealed that only 3 out of every 7 people in the United States within the enlistment age range actually qualify to enlist in the military. Recruits must also be morally qualified, meaning a clean criminal history. One shocking statistic reveals that only 5 out of every 10 public high school students actually achieve an eligible score on the ASVAB. Although some services do grant waivers for minor offenses, they are becoming much more selective in their criteria.

They voted for Santorum.
Among them were Karen and Kelly Grafton, devout Southern Baptists who live in the small town of Prosperity, outside Columbia, and spend their vacations at Nascar races. "He stuck to his story about what he has done and what he will do. In exit polls, a quarter of voters in January's primary identified themselves as veterans. "He just came off a little bit better than the others," said Karen Grafton, 51, a real estate agent who served 20 years in the Air Force.

He has reproached GOP candidates: "Now is not the time for bluster. FADING COOL FACTOR
The GOP's heated rhetoric, aimed at the party's traditional hawks, might be expected to resonate with veterans. Yet in interviews in South Carolina, a military-friendly red state, many former soldiers expressed anger at the toll of a decade of war, questioned the legitimacy of George W. "
If the election were held today, Obama would win the veteran vote by as much as seven points over Romney, higher than his margin in the general population.

There are military occupations that teach advanced technical skills, and some that greatly increase vocational abilities. See all 2 photos Let me start out by stating that after 23 years as an enlisted Soldier in the military, every military job is vitally important to the well-being of our national security. All military jobs have the capability of developing leadership and decision-making skills that are in high demand by civilian employers, even in sluggish economic times.

3) Make sure you mention your level of interaction with patients. Most nursing are very patient-oriented so it's important for you to include information regarding the types of patients you've worked with in various clinical settings.

In a squat building on a rutted street in West Columbia, three dozen former soldiers gathered around hot dogs and sodas for the Disabled Veterans of America's monthly meeting. Could someone volunteer to help care for "a fellow living in a dilapidated roach-infested trailer? " asked Chapter Commander John Ashmore. Could people contribute funds to an ex-Marine whose hospital bills were "overwhelming"? Colorful military banners festooned the walls.

If a company, hospital, or hiring manager wants to see references from you they will ask. 4) You don't need to include references in your professional nursing resume. Typically, reference checks are made later in the hiring process, after a series of interviews, and they will let you know if/when you need to submit a list of reference.

Over the years I have worked with countless hiring managers as a recruiter and have wrote resumes professionally for an online medical university, so I believe I have some valuable information to share with nursing job seeker. Nursing resumes tips are everywhere if you do some searching online, but after reading many of those articles I decided to write my own. I found that the majority of these articles were fairly generic and didn't offer any real insight into the mind of employer.

The following is a list of what I consider the best military occupational specialties based on current civilian job trends. What may be considered the best for some may not necessarily be for others. Considering there are over 200 career fields within the military, these are no easy questions to answer.In South Carolina's January primary, the one-time Reagan supporter voted for Ron Paul "because of his unchanging stand against overseas involvement. But when it comes to the 2012 presidential election, Master Sergeant McDowell is no hawk. " In November, McDowell plans to vote for the candidate least likely to wage "knee-jerk reaction wars. Mack McDowell likes to spend time at the local knife and gun show "drooling over firearms," as he puts it. Army, he has lined his study with books on war, framed battalion patches from his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, a John Wayne poster, and an 1861 Springfield rifle from an ancestor who fought in the Civil War. Retired after 30 years in the U.

Professionals working for such a crucial and opportune sector are prepared to put in their best efforts to grow this sector from time to time. The healthcare industry works in a fully packed situation- 24 X 7. However, one has to agree that a right potential especially in his sector matters a lot for its development. Of course the advancements play a major role in enhancement of the image of doctors and economy of the nation.

Healthcare today is 50(! There is no free lunch in America -- the only way to save money on healthcare is to understand current trends and take appropriate action. ) times more expensive than it used to be in the 1960s and shows no sign of getting any cheaper.

For all his frustration over military interventions, Langston said the election issues for him are ҂healthcare, jobs and economic stability. "The economy is still faltering, the job rate has not gotten any better regardless of the hype, and the gas prices are killing us," he said. When we leave, these places go back to the way they've done everything for thousands of years. ӂ A lifelong Republican, he voted for Gingrich in the primary but now supports Romney. Looking back, Langston, a graduate of the Naval War College, sees "a failed policy.

Bush's Iraq invasion, and worried that the surge in Afghanistan won't make a difference in the long run. "But people lost their lives, and it made no sense. "I really don't like the direction we are going, how we seem to come closer daily towards a war with Iran. "
In Columbia, where McDowell lives in a leafy subdivision, the streets are named for American Revolutionary war heroes, and the Confederate battle flag still flies on the capitol grounds. Pizza parlors offer a 10 percent discount to uniformed soldiers from nearby Fort Jackson, one of eight military bases that pump $13 billion a year into the state's economy. "We looked real cool going into Iraq waving our guns," said McDowell, 50, who retired from the 82d Airborne Division in November with a Legion of Merit and two Bronze Stars.

Jobs in healthcare will require you to have a certain background, but they will also require you to be a certain kind of person. It has to show that you are committed and passionate about quality care and general health education. Not only must your resume accurately convey your professional potential, it must also reflect your ability to empathize with patients, families, and clinical colleagues.

Instead, as with any effective marketing tool, you want to give the reader just enough info to leave them wanting to know more. The best advice I can give you is keep it short, keep it succinct, and keep it real. After all, you don't want to intimidate a hiring manager by giving them Tolstoy to read. Too many people have a tendency to write a 3 page novel and pass it off as a resume. That's when they call you for an interview and THAT's when you really sell yourself.

And far more of them would pull out of Afghanistan than continue military operations there. Only 32 percent think the war in Iraq ended successfully, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Disaffection with the politics of shock and awe runs deep among men and women who have served in the military during the past decade of conflict.

Many companies are big enough to have their own advertising and marketing division, and others subcontract their advertising and marketing needs to agencies. Another common need for organizations of any size is advertising. Master of business administration graduates in marketing and advertising are found with job titles such as marketing manager, branding specialist, advertising executive, public relations specialist, and marketing analyst. Such needs include branding advertising, promotions, and public relations.

Also, most of the medical jobs require a recruit to furnish high school or college transcripts that reflect some type of biology or chemistry courses. The military has millions of computers and IT equipment that must be monitored and maintained. The military also develops much of its own software applications giving programmers the opportunity to hone their skills. Computer SpecialistThe information technology field is huge in the civilian job market, and it is just as big within the military.

4) You don't need to include references in your entry-level nursing resume. If a company, hospital, or hiring manager wants to see references from you they will ask. Typically, reference checks are made later in the hiring process, after a series of interviews, and they will let you know if/when you need to submit a list of references.In the past few years, it has become possible to obtain medical degrees and nursing certifications from accredited online academies and this type of education, in conjunction with clinical internships and preceptorships, has become a popular method of pursuing a career in the field. Lots of people are jumping on the bandwagon. And niche healthcare universities are popping up everywhere, making it much easier for the average Joe or Jane to acquire a degree. The downside to those statistics is that they are readily accessible.

With his direct gaze, erect posture and fondness for war mementos, he may seem to fit the stereotype of a battle-hardened sergeant. The soldier tried to commit suicide by shoving a pencil up his nose into his brain. Within weeks he suffered a mental breakdown. For combat veterans such as McDowell, who enlisted at 19, the statistics are starkly personal. The young man, with no combat training, was sent into the field to hack into terrorists' laptops. Returning stateside, he shot his two children to death and killed himself. But this father of five shudders at the memory of the young Vietnamese-American at Fort Jackson, whose fear of deployment was brushed off by an officer. He chokes up when he recalls "the geek-faced kid" from Oklahoma who was brought in to fix office computers in McDowell's Iraq bomb dismantling unit.

" And on top of that, the markets' "extremely low" volatility during "mediocre" global conditions is "notable. Wellington Management Company warns "that the buoyant effects of the central bank liquidity on global markets will not be followed by significantly better economic and business conditions in the near term. Market valuation therefore seems disconnected from fundamentals.

Your current staff can play a huge role in spreading the word on your behalf. See all 5 photos Get Your Team On Boardn order to successfully embark on any Facebook endeavor, you must build up a following. Asking them to take action - such as "liking" your job posting - is one way to maintain their focus.

In reality, quite a few MBA programs only offer the management option. A great number of MBA students never specialize. They focus totally on business management for their career. It is not a limited choice, as all business ventures larger than a few people need managers.

Michael Langston, a Baptist minister who served as commander of 110 military chaplains in Afghanistan, didn't carry a weapon but often visited the front lines. Always a mild-mannered man, he began yelling at his kids. " He was diagnosed with PTSD. , Langston, 57, suffered nightmares and sweats. "We'd roll into villages where every man, woman and child had been massacred, and the Taliban had cut off heads and feet. "I would go to trauma centers where they worked on soldiers who were burned and disfigured," he said. When a vehicle backfired in a supermarket parking lot, "I hit the ground and rolled under a car.

Emergency Services - Military Police and FirefighterEver since the tragedy of 9/11, emergency services have never been more in demand than now. Military Police continues to be one of the most popular career choices for recruits. Becoming a civilian police officer is often a goal for many MPԒs after military service.

You'd be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity. See all 5 photos Make Them Want To Work For YouYour corporate Facebook page can use covert methods to attract new talent as well as the more obvious ways. Imagine the audience you could achieve if each employee shared your postings with all their Facebook friends. One important function of your company page is to create a corporate image - to showcase the personality behind the brand. Encourage your employees to "like" and "share" company job postings. And to make this method even more attractive, this massive word-of-mouth campaign would not cost you a single dime.

He recalled their ages, how many children they had, and how they died. In his study, below a movie poster of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," McDowell, the Ron Paul supporter, flipped through pages of an 82nd Airborne Division yearbook, lingering on photographs of dead comrades. Asked about Obama's handling of his job, 27 percent of veterans approved, and 37 percent disapproved, with the rest undecided.

Having stated all of that, most young people want to know what the bestӔ jobs in the military are. By that, they actually mean one of two things - what are the easiest jobs or what jobs will land me a great high-paying job in the civilian world when I get out of the military?

Partly for their sake, he avidly follows the campaign. "My concern is who will do right for the soldier. "If no one else can get their act together, I'll vote for that Democrat," he said. He was turned off by mudslinging among Republican candidates, he said.

You will find yourself swamped by potential new hires, enabling you to pick the cream of the crop. As a result, top-notch talents and new graduates will clamor for a job at your company. By consistently offering high quality, entertaining, and informative content, your business will develop a positive online reputation and corporate identity. Facebook is, by far, the most popular Social Networking platform in the world, boasting a massive audience - many of which are actively seeking new employment. Professional health care workers are in great demand, so your company needs to make itself as visible as possible."Believe in what you are building," Floroiu said. He offered two main pieces of advice: "Be open and communicate and learn from people using your product" and "listen to them and add those features that are missing.

Kaplan ASVAB Premier 2015 with 6 Practice Tests: Book + DVD + Online + Mobile (Kaplan Test Prep) Buy Now Qualifications and RequirementsJoining the military to get one of these prime jobs is not as easy as it was when your dad or grandfather joined. Enlistment requirements reflect the services increasing selectivity in recruiting personnel that can contribute to making the armed forces more professional than ever. All recruits must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) which is a battery of ten tests that determine if they are academically eligible to enlist, and what career areas they are best suited for.

Ideally, IT teams should just facilitate the process and should not function as a primary stakeholder. Across most organizations, recent trends have unraveled certain mistakes that top level executives make while selecting the healthcare software solutions for their organization.
Here are some of the top mistakes as highlighted by our probe:1. IT department is seen as the primary entity for selecting a health care software solution Most firms feel that IT teams would be best predisposed to find a solution that integrates with the entire organization.

It is a fact that nurses receive poor compensation plans. What is wrong with that? A lot of nurses leave the profession only after a year of serving because even if they are health care professionals and work for health care facilities, they have the worst health care plan. The shift is tight most days and yet they receive a lowly salary. They work so hard every day and literally their bodies suffer so much.

Demos will allow you to get a good idea of the look and feel of the final product and base your decision on overall functionality and alignment with your requirements. Shortlist 3 Vendors and Request Demo Functionalities Once you have shared requirements and received proposals, shortlist top 3 vendors and ask them to conduct demos.

I n 2013, they hit $5 million in recurring revenue. "If you're doing something without scale, it will die when you lose interest," tikley says. "It you're doing something with scale, perhaps it should grow into a bootstrapped startup. " But it transformed from side project to full-time job in 2009 after it began pulling in $20,000 a year. com was founded by user tikley in 2005 as nothing more than a "hobby" and a "learning opportunity. Self-scheduling website inquicker. comA healthcare website for scheduling medical visits.

Thus, the best tip to search the right job opportunity in overseas healthcare industry is to consult an expert staffing consultant in this field. It helps you come up to the right doctor when you are in urgent need. For this one has to approach the right candidates, fix nominations as per the preference of the candidate as well as the employer and then carry forward the process of recruitment.

" Plus, the Chinese economy is still growing at a "decent" pace, and "government officials seem committed to growth of around 7%. Right now, EM Asia valuations are "currently largely in line with their historical average, providing some room for future multiple expansion should EM fundamentals continue to improve.

The Graftons' votes, however, like many veterans', can't be taken as evidence of a hard-line military stance. "
Karen Grafton, a retired Air Force recruiter, said she'll be "glad when we're out of Afghanistan. Registered Republicans, they cast their ballots for Obama in 2008 because he promised to bring the troops home from Iraq. "I went to war for George Bush," said Grafton, 48, a retired Army master sergeant who served in special operations units in Somalia and Iraq. "But we can't keep policing the world. " The military budget? "I'm sure it can be cut," she said. " Still, many former soldiers worry that Pentagon cuts could mean stingier salaries, pensions, and education and housing benefits. "Everyone has to make concessions.

After all, health care workers are in high demand and your company needs an ace up its sleeve - and Facebook may give you the winning hand. Not only is a corporate Facebook page a valuable marketing tool, but it can also prove to be a top-notch recruiter. Facebook, therefore, should play an integral part of your Human Resource Department's recruiting campaign. See all 5 photos Create a Company PageIf your company doesn't already have its own Facebook page - and has been living under a social media rock - it is time to snap to it.

With these tips I֒m sure you have a greater understanding on the give and take relationship between you and the recruiter and can clearly see the many benefits of using them to pursue your next dream job. If you arent interested, tell them as soon as possible so they donҒt waste man-hours on you.Here is what Ben had to say: "I got a job while I was still in school at a place that I thought would be willing to add a practitioner when I was done. I think that students need to be thinking about that as soon as they decide a specialty.

Whether you are looking to work on a short-term basis as a locum tenens physician or want to get placed permanently, competent healthcare recruitment firms can help you in this regard. Industry research makes it very clear that the best physician executive jobs can be found using healthcare recruiting firms. One of the best advantages of getting associated with reputable staffing medical agencies is the work flexibility.

This would mean that the people will not buy health insurance only after they get sick. The insurance costs are the main target that the healthcare reforms are trying to bring down. It is expected that if the insurance costs could decrease, more of the 23 million people who remain uninsured will be able to afford coverage.

Try to find out (in a phone conversation or in person) what some of their interests are. In the long-term though, you don't want job searching to be the only reason you're in touch with a recruiter. This gives you an opportunity to have something else to mention when you email them.

No one likes to be spied on, and most email programs will cause a warning message to show up if a read receipt will be generated. First, make sure you are sending your resume to someone it's relevant for. If the recruiter specializes in accounting, don't send them an engineering resume. Standing Out from the Crowd
Once you are reasonably sure your resume isn't getting dismissed by spam filters, the next step is to get the recruiter to want to open and read your resume. For example, if you were a programmer sending your resume to a pharmaceuticals company, you could use "C++ Programmer with Pharmaceutical Industry Experience" as your subject (assuming that you really did have experience in the industry). There are several things to keep in mind when persuing this goal. Do a little research about the recruiter or employer first and come up with a subject line that is targeted to their situation.

"So, much of the time, getting approached by recruiters is nothing but a distraction and a waste of your time. Matt Mickiewicz, cofounder and CEO of Hired, says in the vast majority of cases, recruiters have no way of knowing if someone is open to changing jobs, and they're often way off the mark or frustratingly vague in the initial job descriptions they share.

This concept is like an IRA for healthcare. As a solution to rising costs consider a MEDICAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Instead of sending ever-increasing premiums to a black hole called insurance company, you buy a high deductible "catastrophe" plan and pay for the everyday health maintenance and routine medical procedures out of pocket with the help of your tax-free medical savings account.

Falsifying a company's contract conversion rates to make it seem more likely you'll become full-time within a year. Neglecting to tell you the job at hand is a contract position until final negotiations, when you're informed that while the employer loves you, they're not entirely sure they want to commit to full-time before testing you out.

An e-book on online payment systems. Side projects don't need to be websites to be profitable. User zrail capitalised on an expertise in online payments to write an e-book on the subject: A year and a half later, it's surpassed $42,000 in revenue, requiring only occasional updates to reflect software developments.

Consequently, the region has been and will probably continue to be resilient to higher US yields and "any potential" of interruption of capital inflows. And even in the case of India and Indonesia, both countries have posted significant improvements in their current accounts," Koesterich adds. "With the exception of Indonesia and India, the major countries in Asia have generally sizeable current account surpluses.

It is undeniable that healthcare centers such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and the likes spend a considerable amount of money in efforts to find the best healthcare professionals possible. Even after spending a significant amount of time and money in recruitment procedures, you still can never be sure about the proficiency of the hired candidates. This is where Health care recruiters or otherwise known as a Nurse staffing agencies can be of great assistance.

Nurses make up the largest percentage of all healthcare workers, thus there is a bit more competition out there. alone and that's not including Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and various other specialized nursing professionals. Currently there are over 3 million Registered Nurses (RNs) in the U.

Only a specialized staffing agency can put in such a hard work to recruit best fit healthcare professionals or a right medical staff or doctor in this field. Having industry knowledge and knowing special types of doctors and related profiles is helpful for any employment firm or related company.Different spam filters work in different ways. Avoiding the Spam Trap
There is no one single rule or maxim for keeping your resume from being misclassified as a spam message. First, many recruiters are busy and won't take the time to open your document file when other resumes in their inbox are pasted right into the message. It's generally better to copy and paste your resume into the body of the message instead of attaching a document file. However, there are some general things you can look out for.

When they retire, no one is there to fill up the job post. So, with this problem, the healthcare industry is at peril. As explained, the country is experiencing shortage of healthcare professionals. Hospitals turn to healthcare staffing recruiters and recruiters find health professionals like you. The average age of a nurse these days is 45 years old!

The above 3 are the general mistakes people make while choosing a solution for their requirements.
Here are some tips which can help you when you are sorting through heaps of proposals for a healthcare IT solution. Clear requirement distribution allows you to focus on the essentials and reduce the scope of the software, thereby weeding out unnecessary functionalities and reducing costs. Spend Ample Time during Requirement Discussion Phase While you are engaging in solution shortlisting, clear understanding and communication of requirements is of prime importance. Other than these selection mistakes, head honchos at decision making positions in top corporates also lack a strategy to make most out of their time and money.

Agencies specializing in healthcare staffing can adequately provide the right professional for a medical job vacancy. For example if they need medical professionals who has done the Bay Area PALS Course, using the services of healthcare staffing providers can bring them the right results. Medical organizations that make use of their services gain expert medical professionals who can perform their job with diligence and confidence, bring in their knowledgeable expertise wherever needed for patient health care. They have the necessary expertise to check their medical qualifications and screen them for the available position.

He suggested my name to the group and one of the MD's came to speak to me and invited me to the practice. I have been accepted readily into this practice and thank God daily for this opportunity. And here is Sue's experience: "I did many, many online searches and placed many online resumes without any reply or return emails. I have to agree with Ben that students need to be planning while in school and actively pursue them prior to graduation. I had plans to work in a local ED fast track as I had been working as a nurse there while I was in school. I found a job in the most unexpected place in internal medicine through an MD with whom I was currently working.

Ample amount of money is spent in creating advertisements that draw the most interest. Recruiters handle many details associated with the recruitment process. Successfully completing the recruitment process often involves agencies spending extra effort and time in completing their tasks. Apart from fulfilling specific recruitment requirements, there are several reasons as to why employers should engage the services of these healthcare agencies. The first is advertising the job vacancy.

Simply put, you need a good resume. So, what we're left with is a growing medical industry with a growing number of employees in the field, all of them with similar educational backgrounds. And if you are one of the many job seekers trying to find a job, you need to find a way to make yourself stand out amongst the pack.

134(Reporting by David Brett; Editing by Sudip Kar-Gupta) TODAY'S UK PAPERS
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> Other business headlines Multimedia versions of Reuters Top News are now available for: * 3000 Xtra : visit* BridgeStation: view story .

Hacker News user robinhood sells relatively obscure resources that can be used by designers to prototype the look of apps and websites, such as Facebook page layouts, online shopping checkout designs, and website formatting tools. It's been so successful that in 2015, he's quitting his job to run the website full time.
Selling "libraries" for app prototyping. "If I make that much money while doing practically nothing, I can surely make a ton more by actually working on it every day for a year. Like dynofuz's site, this site is based on using a simple tool to solve a common problem. Robinhood claims to have created a source of "100% passive income," making $45,000 in 2014 while devoting just 30 hours to the site over the year.

Here is a look at what you need to check when considering any organizations for your medical recruitment purposes: In order to get the best qualified professionals for your healthcare organization, it is vital to find professional healthcare staffing providers.

- The average price of prescriptions is rising 4% per year;- The average senior citizen takes 3. 3 medications every day;- 60% Americans require corrective lenses;- Over 33 million need hearing aids -- yet only 6% can afford them;- 19 million Americans use chiropractic services that are not covered by insurance;- Approximately 10 million suffer from substance abuse -- the cost of treating this illness is often not covered by insurance;- Another 5 million are suffering from mental illness that again is often not covered.While applying with the healthcare recruiting agency you will see only a single interview conducted with the consultant in which your requirement and also the eligibilities for the job positions are considered. Maintaining contacts with the available health care staffing resources which can be dedicated about health care recruitment and keeping an individual informed concerning the status of the positions used and about the available opportunities. Then the consultant effectively matched the profile with all the available vacancies. Communication is probably the main advantages for this entire process. Once the actual consultant finds the career which suits your preferences on geographical locations as well as the skills that you possessed for your particular position is advised and considered to suit your needs.

However the particular assistance regarding relocating overseas will become offered only if you give you the necessary lawful documents for working in particular country. Additionally if you are applying to get a position within other country then your medical staffing agencies will help you by offering valuable home elevators relocating, housing and also transportation as well as whatever need you could expect there.

The recruiter will help the travel nurse with the interview process, obtain essential state licenses, assist with housing and travel, and arrange for the appropriate benefits and pay. Once a person is accepted into the travel nurse agency, the recruiter will match that person with the assignment. The recruiter receives a fee, but the travel nurse receives their knowledge and experience.

Along with all these benefits, the healthcare agency also saves employers precious time. These agencies are ever ready with their pool of qualified and talented healthcare professionals, and they always give excellent service in the hour of need. In the light of all these factors, it makes perfect sense to partner with a reliable healthcare agency. The healthcare staffing agency not only saves the employers from all these hassles, but also reduces the bottom-line expenses of the medical centers.

Typically, the recruiters you want to maintain a relationship with will have come to a good enough understanding of your background that they've submitted your resume for a position that you recognize is a very good fit for your background and interests. It is these recruiters who you want to stay in touch with.

Gimbel points to Schultz' 2011 book "Onward," which details Schultz's concern with high turnover of employees and the high cost of training as motivation for the decision. Starbucks will not require employees to stay with the company after they get their degree. For employees who work at least 20 hours each week, the company will pay full tuition for those finishing their final two years of a bachelor's degree and partial tuition for everyone else. Those who need additional assistance will be eligible for federal Pell grants.

Here are some tips about finding these opportunities. Many of the larger health care providers recruit their own travel nurses, but the simplest route to a travel nursing position is to sign up with an agency that specializes in recruiting travel nurses. The fees can take a bite out of your earnings but this is outweighed by several positives:

Internal Medicine Specialist 9. Infectious Disease Specialist 8. Surgeon If there is a requirement for an Opthalmologist for eye treatment of medical and surgical problems then the professional healthcare employment consultant would have to have an in-depth knowledge about the industry, its trends, role and responsibilities required and match it with the qualification, professional and personal skills of the aspirant professional.

Attitudes,(unless they are positive) don't belong in any NP school! A doctor, an office manager, another Nurse Practitioner student or anyone with whom you come in contact while at school may be your key to landing your first position.

Being the Candidate the Recruiter Calls First
In addition to the hassle associated with posting a job on a job site, there is another downside to a recruiter using this approach: since they don't know the people responding to a job posting, they have to take the time to review the resumes, talk to potential candidates, and try to get to a comfort level where they feel like they can recommend the person to a client.

For example a hospital in the Bay area can adequately find a Bay Area PALS medical professional for this specific staffing needs by using such services. By taking up the services of reliable healthcare providers, medical organizations can cater to their needs for medical professionals in the best possible manner.

Job Profile:
You need to understand the kind of job you need in the healthcare industry. Only when the independent healthcare recruiters understand your need they would be able to cater you. It is necessary that you clearly communicate your job profile to the health care recruiters. You might want a change in the profile or complete change in faculty.Business Business News
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Words to avoid include: "free," "mortgage," and "trial. Secondly, some email filtering systems reject messages with documents attached for fears the document could be infected with a virus. " If you use exclamation points in your resume, do so sparingly and don't use more than one exclamation point in succession (e. Although enthusiasm is generally better in a resume than using boring words and phrases, some words can set off spam filters.

So the time invested in getting to know each other often goes to waste. Does this mean you need to work hard at building a relationship with every recruiter you talk to? Rather, you may notice as you go about your job search that certain recruiters seem to understand you and your strengths better than others.

The agencies are very thorough in examining applicants before they give the appropriate jobs for them. As for health care facilities needing professionals, your best bet is going to a health care staff recruiter to find the most suitable candidate to fill up the vacant position in your facility. You will not have to worry about incompetent workers or unsatisfactory service.

Look at Sample Work and Similar Solutions Running for Other Clients Similar to You The true efficacy of a solution can be seen by finding an organization your vendor is working with and seeing the product in action. This will give you a firmer hold of the functionality of the product and help you make the final selection among the 3 shortlisted vendors.

Creating splashy-sounding Meetup and Eventbrite events at a major tech conference just to collect email addresses, then canceling them at the last minute. Using multiple Google Voice numbers to trick you into answering your cell phone, and calling incessantly. (And then not reimbursing you for the necessary repairs needed when, after finally picking up, you lob your phone clear across the room.

"I like the coolness and calmness of him," said Seawright, 46. Like other Americans, former soldiers are worried about jobs, the federal deficit, and the cost of living. He said, ֑No troops on the ground. "I like the way he handled Egypt and Libya. Terry Seawright, a Navy reservist who drives a Fedex truck, voted for Obama in 2008 and plans to do so again in 2012. '"
Unless a conflict with Iran or Syria pushes foreign policy out front, economic issues seem more likely to sway the veterans' vote than military concerns - as is true for the country generally.

If you demonstrate your willingness to help them, they will be much more open to maintaining a relationship with you, even if they do have a hefty workload and work schedule. In a recruiters case, they may have hard to fill positions that you could help them with by asking your friends if they know anyone who could be a good fit.

They have the knowledge of open travel nurse positions and they match the travel nurse with the staffing needs of the medical facility. There are a number steps to achieving a career as a travel nurse. These agencies are actively involved with hospitals across the country and with many International hospitals. First, one should apply to a travel nurse agency.

Wheeled Vehicle MechanicA vehicle mechanic is one of the highest paying vocational trades in the civilian sector. Wheeled vehicle mechanics in the military receive top-notch training on a variety of vehicle types. The top secret security clearance alone is worth its weight in gold for any corporation that is developing or supporting projects vital to the military and national security. Also, the militarys aggressive vehicle maintenance program ensures more practical experience than any civilian trade school could ever dream of providing.

Their candidates are carefully sourced and preliminary assessments and interviews are completed before they are selected for client presentation. Every effort is undertaken to identify dynamic, hard-working candidates who will perfectly meet the requirements of the specific position opening. In order to render invaluable recruiting solutions to medical centers, the staffing agencies maintain a panel of healthcare recruiters who are skilled in effective recruitment procedures.

If you haven't heard anything from one of the High Probability recruiters as described above for a couple weeks, go ahead and shoot them an email to let them know you're still on the market. Don't Be a Pest
While it's important to stay in touch, you also don't want to become a pest.

So when you set out to hire recruiters you have to question them about presentational skills. Ask them about the company's expectations from the candidate. If the recruiter is unable to answer your questions you should take it as a hint. Not many people know that the recruiters are the real insiders. Prefer to those recruiters who not only clears your doubts but also guides you through the entire process. They are not just briefed about the job profile but also the expectation from the candidate.Many students with full time day jobs place a high value in being able to do those classes online, or those students might not have a schedule which will let them take those classes in any other format. Other online schools can charge weighty amounts. Don't forget the expense of all the time spent writing papers and doing analysis. That Harvard MBA can run you up to $200,000 today, however the average program runs $60,000. Although, some low impact online schools offer the program for as low as $7,000.

There are also many traveler nurse blogs and forums where one can gain more insight into the pros and cons of travel nursing. The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers, a non-profit national organization representing nurse travelers in the US, is a great organization to consult with regarding a career in travel nursing. Most nurses enter the field of travel nursing so they can travel, experience different work environments, make a good living, and maintain a flexible work schedule. Travel nursing is also an excellent way for recent graduates to find out where they would like long-term employment.

The MOSs (Military Occupational Specialty) in medicine are virtually all exciting, and all prepare you for a great career in the growing field of healthcare in civilian life. Environmental Scientist. How do I write a resume? For more resume writing resources, visit the Job Search Support page. Here are just a few job titles: Nuclear Medical Science Officer.
To create a resume for civilian jobs that highlights the skills you gained in the military, use the Military Resume Writer from the Department of Defense Job Search site.

Most are bogus, but some really do pan out, according to a thread on discussion board Hacker News. 10MinuteMailThe Internet is awash with get-rich-quick schemes, which promise vast returns with almost no effort. Cezar Floroiu, a director at video game developer Ubisoft, started the thread because he wanted to hear from hackers and developers who were "making $1,000+/month on side projects". He wanted to know what those hacker side projects were, which ones worked and which ones didn't.

The MOSs (Military Occupational Specialty) in medicine are virtually all exciting, and all prepare you for a great career in the growing field of healthcare in civilian life. Clinical Psychologist. What are some of the most exciting job titles in the National Guard medical field? Military Spouse Career Center allows you to explore both private and public sector opportunities on USAJOBS and Monster. Civilian Federal job opportunities are announced through USAJOBS. Here are just a few job titles: Nuclear Medical Science Officer. Click here for details on those jobs, and to view others as well. Environmental Scientist.

Registered nurses have the advantage because their national board exam covers state requirements. Having a nursing agency recruiter can be helpful as they will assist you in securing your temporary license. Some temporary licenses can last up to a year. Although each state has its own nurse licensing requirements, they do provide temporary licenses.

Showing up at an event for a charity you actually care about and shoving a card into your hand within seconds of shaking it. Getting you on the line at work by telling your company's receptionist they're calling for a quick reference check on someone else. Talking up the few big-name companies they (supposedly) work with to get your attention, and then sending you out to sub-par companies with low bars for hiring.

The healthcare recruitment consultant has to undergo an extensive research to carry forward the entire employment process. The process is crucial and it takes quite some time to select the right candidate who should match up to the expectations of enterprises, hospitals or medical institutions.

Instead, as with any effective marketing tool, you want to give the reader just enough info to leave them wanting to know more. That's when they call you for an interview and THAT's when you really sell yourself. The best advice I can give you is keep it short, keep it succinct, and keep it real. After all, you don't want to intimidate a hiring manager by giving them Tolstoy to read. Too many people have a tendency to write a 3 page novel and pass it off as a resume, which is definitely a no-no for an entry-level candidate.

Enlisted members can choose from many different specialties like Lab Technician, X-Ray or Orthopedic Specialist, Operating Room Tech, Physical Therapy, Occupational Medicine and more. See all 2 photos Medical SpecialistThe medical field is one of the most diverse in the military.

Using multiple Google Voice numbers to trick you into answering your cell phone, and calling incessantly. Hired's team of talent advocates (the people who work with job candidates on Hired's platform who used to be traditional recruiters) and in-house engineers came up with a list of the underhanded tactics they've seen recruiters use. (And then not reimbursing you for the necessary repairs needed when, after finally picking up, you lob your phone clear across the room. Here are 16 of the slimiest ones:
1.* BANK OF ENGLAND POLICY DECISION: The Bank of England is expected to leave monetary policy unchanged on Thursday despite more signs of economic strength, as it sticks to its commitment to keep interest rates on hold while joblessness stays above target.

With the unpredictability of foreign involvements and the fragility of the domestic economy, it is too early to say who will eventually win the veteran vote. I'm not sure he is the person to do that. According to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, a majority of veterans now agree with him. Karen Grafton, who voted for Obama in 2008 based on his promise to end the Iraq war, now says, "I want someone to get us out of this economic turmoil. But I don't blame him.

The public image created by PR is essential in the advancement and development of an organization. Public relations (PR) bridge the gap between people and the organization by building favourable attitudes, trust and positive relations. An organizationҒs survival, existence and success depends on how much the public favours its products, mission and objectives. In order for products to be recognized and enter mainstream business, for new producers to position their products and gain market share and to represent the company in an appealing manner, PR is vital.

Keep the recruiter in loop every time you are being approached by the employer he introduced you to. When you hire the recruiters make sure you are open to their demands as well. Also it is better to clear out the charges that they will apply for their services. If you are not interested in job change or the profile does not impress you; communicate the same to the recruiter. Share correct and accurate details.

It is important to maintain a current resume with valid supporting documents. Because of the travel arrangements that need to be made for each assignment, travel nurses tend to prefer recruiting agencies. If traveling out of the country, one needs to secure a visa and have proof that they are a graduate of a reputable institution. These agencies are experienced and can make travel arrangements quickly and efficiently.

A general staffing agency might not be able to maintain such a huge pool of IT professionals. This helps them in finding candidates faster. Information technology staffing agencies maintain a pool of pre-screened IT talent. When they receive a job requirement, they send it to a recruiter to match the demand with the skills of one of these candidates.

If you want effective results you certainly have to look out for people with excellent understanding in the industry and experience in handling different job openings for different posts. Also it is extremely important the kind of job portal or the recruiters you choose to hire for your job.

It looks unprofessional and some email filters see colors as an indication of a spam message. Also, don't use multiple colors in your emails to recruiters. " would be safer than "Great!

You can present yourself with a recruiter. Your chances of getting work the way you want it is almost immediate. To dig in more, these recruiters and agencies have the time and the capacity to search for qualified professionals in the medical field. So, for example, you are a medical practitioner, a nurse, and you want a care giving position for the elderly at a private home.

7 pence per share, and announces it is to buy back an additional 50 million pounds worth of shares. * WH SMITH : The retailer says year profit rose 6 percent to 108 million pounds, its total dividend up 14 percent to 30.

The recruiter already knows what needs the companies have and if they contact you then you know that you are a cut above the rest of the potential candidates. Working with the recruiter is much different and more efficient and effective. If that werent the case they wouldnҒt be calling you. So shame on you for not returning their phone calls in a timely manner. You are doing yourself a disservice and hindering your search for a great position, if you dont utilize their FREE services. Do not ever submit your resume blindly! Once you are in contact with the recruiter, they should detail everything about the position and interview you to gauge your skill set and self-marketing abilities.

You need to deal with paperwork, government regulations, and many other things that pertain to the healthcare field. You have to handle the clients and the staff. By taking courses, you can learn to handle these aspects of your practice. It requires much in the way of work to get your practice to where you want it. The success of your practice will determine how well you know the many aspects of running a practice including the health and business side.

Finding a good position on your own would seem like a good idea, but when you actually set out to find suitable openings, then you quickly realize that it is not as simple as it appeared. Healthcare recruiting firms are basically the staffing agencies which come in very handy for clinics and hospitals especially when they are running short of qualified doctors for patient coverage. The trend today is to rely on healthcare recruiting firms for placement assistance. Interestingly, there is a widespread need for well-qualified physician executives.The requirements of the healthcare reforms demand that health insurance companies cannot sell policies with lifetime caps. At the same time, there will be reduction in government payments to Medicare Advantage plans. It goes without saying that the short-term changes will have a negative impact on insurer profits.

So they can easily select the candidate for their requirements that best fits for your particular position with their skills, eligibility and geographical areas. The distinct eligibility necessary for that healthcare position is among the main causes of this. But unlike the past days the health care staffing companies, medical boards and the hospitals are now regularly announced the accessible medical positions using the healthcare employment agencies, knowing how the agencies possess a database along with qualified personals. Several healthcare positions can be found and obtain filled with out proper statement or registration with the job boards traditionally.

I have received quality furnished accommodations in comfortable, pleasant neighborhoods, situated near my facility. Applicable airfare and travel arrangements have been taken care of. In addition, I have also received a per diem pay to supplement the cost of living expenses. The majority of recruiters offer free, private housing. A free rental car has been provided or a car allowance has been given if I brought my own car. So before you commit to anything, do your homework and research all the best placement agencies. Assignments can run from as short as 8 weeks to as long as a year. Finding the recruiting company that fits with your unique wants and needs will drastically increase your chances of success and happiness in your career. However be aware as there are some companies who do not offer some or all these fringe benefits. And Health and Dental plans (and more) have been available.

These include rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, physician's offices, acute care clinics, nursing homes, long term care centers, government organizations, home healthcare agencies and educational institutions. Healthcare recruiting agencies enable domestic and foreign trained physical therapy professionals to secure permanent, temporary, part-time, full-time, long-term, short-term or travel jobs in well-known healthcare facilities, and public and private organizations. Healthcare recruiting agencies provide physical therapists the opportunity to gain know-how and experience by placing them in challenging job environments. Successful candidates enjoy remuneration packages which include benefits like:

And people who visit your page for other reasons will come across it too, which could lead to them sharing it with other potential job candidates. By simply posting a job listing directly on your company page, you will reach a surprisingly large audience - particularly if your organization's Facebook page has nurtured a sizeable fan base. People visiting your page in search of employment will be able to find and respond to your job listing.

You should include information regarding the clinical facility you worked in, the dates you worked there, and your daily responsibilities in the position. 3) Go into detail about your required internships or preceptorships. Talk in detail about the nursing professionals you worked with and the level of patient interactions you had. If you utilized specialized medical equipment, it's a good time to bring that up as well. Don't be afraid to make this the most detailed part of your entry-level resume, especially since your don't have much professional experience in the field to draw from.

The healthcare reforms require that insurers provide a certain minimum level of benefits in the health insurance exchanges that individuals and small firms must use to buy coverage. The mandatory benefit package can cost more than the catastrophic plans, which will ensure that the insurance companies are not in loss.

There are many health care staffing recruitment agencies searching for medical professionals to be offered a job. Healthcare professionals are required immediately and if you are one and still jobless at this point, you can see what these agencies has in store for you. They need to offer qualified workers a job because the country is slowly losing its touch on efficient health care.

Emergency service personnel gain valuable experience handling the high pressure situations just like their civilian counterparts. A career in law enforcement or firefighting is a logical progression due to the paramilitary nature of the jobs. A military firefighter job is becoming much harder to obtain as a result of the Department of Defense utilizing more civilian contracted personnel. Military law enforcement also offers the opportunities to pursue more specialized training in areas like investigations, K-9, or physical security. However, those lucky enough to land this position will get all of the training and experience that all but guarantee a firefighter job in the civilian sector.Independent healthcare recruiters are the experts who help individuals get a job in health industry. All your expectations regarding an ideal job would be fulfilled by the recruiters. People looking out for new jobs or a job change can approach such recruiters for assistance.

Building a brand through PR is more important than advertising. Healthcare PR can not only help you buy the larger society as a whole. This allows interested investors to invest in your efforts and consumers to purchase your products. Accumulating future prospects, investors and consumers depend on the partnership you form with them and your company. PR builds a more firm, long-term established ground for your company in the target market. It is not just business but a responsibility too. The words should get out to the right people about your products and services.

Healthcare recruitment agencies plays a significant role simply by assisting the particular employers to get a set of potential as well as well certified professionals by giving interaction between the qualified person with all the health care agencies. If you are looking for a change over or for any new position inside the medical industry you are able to feel the trusted healthcare executive search firms and get registered together.

Incase you are trying to find a good medical job in the healthcare industries, you need to have knowledge about the various vacancies available out there and it can be possible by following the right search channel. Registering with a good medical job agency can be really helpful in this respect and it can help you to get connected with all leading healthcare recruiters in your city or country.

With the assistance of such recruiters it becomes easy to forward your resume on mass level. They can assist you in grooming session and can create confidence in you to attain particular job. You can seek their help from locating job to interviewing for it.

Negotiations between the European parliament and the Council of Ministers will need to take place over the next two months with the European parliament voting on the draft legislation on the 18th January 2011. The proposal could be adopted by the full Parliament next June

The challenge for healthcare IT companies is to analyze the situation and key areas where they need to change in order to make sure that their business does not suffer too much. With the creation of State insurance exchanges, the prices of health plans would become competitive. Administrative costs need to be driven down in order to save on the profits, for, the premiums are going to slide down and reduce as the implementation goes in full-swing. At the same time, technology compliance and implementation would require great amount of money to be spent.

Nurse staffing agency offers a win-win situation for both hirers and hires by saving them from the troubles involved in traditional way of hiring. However, before you sign up with any of the recruitment agencies, it is strongly recommended that you go through the reviews left by the agencies previous clients. If you are a recruiter for a healthcare center or a healthcare professional looking for a job change, these agencies are the ideal solution for meeting your requirement. You can easily find a number of such recruitment agencies using any web search engine.

You can read the reviews posted by the customers. It might be little difficult for you to find out the best agency in terms of its service quality and assistance provided to the job seekers. You can find out several job agencies present out there with few exclusive service offerings. The reputation of the healthcare recruiting agencies is an important consideration and you should always take this into account. Incase you are trying to connect with a recruiting agency online, it is important that you check the popularity level of that agency.

If you want that your future should look bright you have to choose the right partners to find jobs in the healthcare industry. Scan through all the job sites that are online. You can stumble upon openings however it is the recruiter who will hold the right indicators with heralding expansions in your career.

Some of these are given below. The Different Types of Doctors 1. For instance, national or overseas healthcare industry is bifurcated among various job profiles and types of doctors and practitioners.

Neglecting to tell you the job at hand is a contract position until final negotiations, when you're informed that while the employer loves you, they're not entirely sure they want to commit to full-time before testing you out. Falsifying a company's contract conversion rates to make it seem more likely you'll become full-time within a year. Creating splashy-sounding Meetup and Eventbrite events at a major tech conference just to collect email addresses, then canceling them at the last minute.

Competent healthcare recruitment agencies make hiring easier and better. With the use of advanced technology, targeted searches and experienced recruitment team, they are well-equipped to provide healthcare facilities with qualified and experienced physical therapy professionals.This will help you to get even more exciting offers that are available overseas. The recruiters will help you get hold of any exciting job offer that is available not only in the country but also outside. If you are willing to relocate, do mention it to the independent healthcare recruiters.

Don't decide on a specialization out of the gate, unless you're doing Board specialization such as peds or women's health, so as to obtain a well rounded real vs. academic intial work experience. Frank was willing to go anywhere for his first job. Here's his advice: "As a FNP I did loan repayment through Indian Health Service for 2 years then started back on the West coast doing rural clinics or working underserved populations.

It is not easy to adapt to change quickly but survival in the market demands swift action when a change is imposed on the business. Healthcare companies have been opposing the implementation of healthcare reforms, but there are many benefits that healthcare companies can accrue from these reforms.

These agencies undertake all the responsibilities involved in the hiring procedure which includes registering interested candidates, conducting interviews, evaluating candidates results, short-listing the candidates, salary negotiation, etc. By hiring professional recruitment assistance, you are sure to save a great deal of time as well as money. Healthcare recruiters are privately owned agencies specializing in finding candidates for the healthcare industry. The agencies maintain a database of the registered medical professionals with all details required for recruitments.

This is because the medical industry is one of the largest and one of the most important areas in every community. The agency is hoping that they are helping this ver

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