Interested in reducing your home energy bills?

Codema, in partnership with Dublin City Council, is launching Ireland’s first home energy saving kits this month. Each kit will contain six practical tools for use in your home – a thermal leak detector, energy monitor, temperature and humidity meter and a radiator key (along with a handy user manual).

You won’t have to fork out for one, however. As part of a pilot project the kits will be available to borrow, for a period of two weeks, in ten Dublin City libraries from March 15th: Ballymun, Cabra, Ilac Centre, Coolock, Pearse Street, Raheny, Rathmines, Ringsend, Terenure, Walkinstown

If you can’t get your hands on the kit just yet, we’ve also got a few tips to reduce your energy spend:

Power off

Switch off gadgets like laptops and televisions – leaving them on standby means they’re still consuming power (which could be anywhere between 10-60% of power used when in full use). Electricity is in greatest demand between 5pm and 7pm – consider using battery power until later in the evening if possible.

Keep it cool

In terms of specific appliances, fridges and freezers are some of the heaviest consumers of electricity. To prevent them from working extra hard to keep cool, keep them out of direct sunlight or away from warm appliances like your oven, and ensure the seals are airtight – check if they’ll hold a euro note in place when closed; if not then you might need a fix.

Hanging out

Spring is here and we’re bound to have at least a few dry and windy days. So switch off that dryer and make use of your clothesline!

Dodge the draughts

The wind whistling through your doors and windows could be costing you a lot when your heating bill comes in. Replace old or porous windows or doors with better insulated versions and you’ll immediately notice the difference. If that’s not within your budget, invest in some insulating tape, get a heavier set of curtains or purchase a draught excluder for the gap beneath your door.

Healthy heating

Be smart when it comes to your home heating routine. Switch off radiators in rooms that aren’t being used, and close the door. Use a timer to control your heating system – an hour or so should provide sufficient heat – and think about opting for a jacket first before turning up the dial!

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