As offline and online commerce converges, the intent and behavior of consumers and businesses is reflected in the digital media in addition to their offline spending. Online data is sparse, noisy and dominated by textual / multimedia content, but contains very granular signal of intent and behavior. Offline transaction data, on the other hand, contains strong, stable signal for aggregate behavior, but may fall short in capturing immediate intent. Web companies have been perfecting the techniques to analyze large scale online data for many years. Understanding user intent and behavior by combining offline and online data, which are of very disparate nature, would require developing new techniques in machine learning, information retrieval and large scale data mining. That too, for very large scale data that combines offline and online information for hundreds of millions of consumers and millions of businesses. To address this, American Express has created “Big Data Labs”, which will be composed of world class research scientists and engineers focused on developing novel ML / IR / data mining techniques along with large scale optimization. Located in Bangalore, our research scientists have the opportunity to work on real, large scale, offline online data that is unique in the world. Big Data Labs offers one-of-a-kind opportunity which includes coming up with imaginative ways of correlating and combining the two disparate data & inventing new techniques for prediction, targeting, personalization, risk & fraud modeling on a powerful distributed computing platform (Hadoop). Responsibilities: • Work with research scientists to develop, prototype and test novel machine learning and information retrieval methods that work effectively on online and offline data

• Conduct experimentation and analysis to determine effectiveness of techniques and devise improvements

• Design and develop modeling tools for large scale data mining that can become software platforms to be used by others

• Engage in prototyping of novel ideas that are guided by business and relevant to the payment industry. This role may be subject to additional background verification checks.

M.S. or B.S. (with relevant work experience) in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Operations Research / Statistics

• Prior experience in machine learning, information retrieval and data mining would be a plus. Prior expertise in large scale data analysis, visualization will also be valued, especially hands on experience in using Hadoop and related tools would be a plus.

• Demonstrated proficiency in one of Java / C / C and / or in a scripting language Perl / Python is required.

• Must be highly motivated and energetic, with strong verbal and written communication skills
Language: English

**Job** *Risk*

**Title:** *Research Manager*

**Location:** *India-Karnataka-Bangalore*

**Requisition ID:** *16008689*

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