Recent improvements in Laser Diode technology have changed the working and service delivery in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. This is the case because unlike the earlier treatments, such as laser hair removal or IP, the current environment gives the customer the opportunity to choose the technique most preferred by them to be undertaken on their skin. This is mostly the case because information is readily available virtually for everything and for everybody. People have taken advantage of this, and are educating themselves of the available treatment procedure, and therefore make an informed decision. This certainly applies to the current diode laser hair removal technique, for which demand grows steadily.

The most effective wavelength for hair removal using Diode Lasers is 808nm on the electromagnetic scale. Whilst Diode Laser hair removal systems where iniitally expensive, having the knock on effect of driving up treatment prices, the cost of equipment has fallen dramatically of late, meaning access to treatments is no longer the reserve of more wealthy clients.

Diode laser hair removal has proven to be one of the reliable hair removal technologies in when compared with IPL and laser. This means that much has changed from the traditional hair removal technologies that were associated with wide side effects. Diode laser hair removal is gentle, but can penetrate and reach the root of the hair follicle. The fact that the wavelengths are long makes the treatment safe to use. Importanly, Diode laser hair removal does not cause damage to the surrounding tissues where the hair follicle has grown. It allows the practitioner to avoid the melanin pigment on the skin but only targets the base of the hair. At the same time, persons with dark hair or dark skin respond well with this kind of treatment. It therefore follows that dark skinned individuals are well placed to undertake hair removal treatments using this technology.

The process of diode laser hair removal involves the use of bipolar laser devices to provide regulated beams of light to the targeted areas. The beams of light produce heat energy that destroys the hair follicle. This technology ensures the safety of the surrounding tissues since the light targets melanin pigment on the active hair papilla only. It is also virtually painless,

As technology improves so does laser technology. The new version of the lasers can provide concentrated light for extended periods to the targeted area. It therefore follows that the shortcomings of the previous laser technology is solved.


Elliott Hayes is a technology evangelist in the field of lasers and LLLT, or Low Level laser Therapy.


Elliott promotes the use of lasers and LLLT devices in medicine and Aesthetics and provides research based analysis on the latest products and treatment protocols.

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