Www 2 Abaconline. ABAC is the sole non-governmental entity that has an official role in the APEC Economic Leaders Summit through a formal dialogue.


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  • At Georgetown University, Gaston Hall Washington, D.C. Wednesday November 20, 2013 “America’s Future in Asia” Thank you, Victor, for all your exceptional work to advance American policy toward Asia -- from your time on the NSC staff...

  • Social News 22/9
    via vietnamcolors

    Vietnam promotes tourism in France A performance at the tourism promotion event in Paris. A programme with the theme of “Hanoi – the cradle of cultural heritage” has been held in Paris in an effort to introduce Hanoi’s and Vietnam’s cultural essence...

  • India has just voted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) into power in a big way, putting Narendra Modi in office as prime minister. Modi is a pragmatist, focused on economic growth and good governance. But he’s also a polarizing figure, under whose...

  • Editor's Note : Some may remember Putin’s 2007 Munich speech. It was a tour de force, marvelous, and stuff you don’t hear politicians say. Once again Putin scores. We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation and open dialogue with...

  • The prime minister tells parliament both attorney general George Brandis and the solicitor general Justin Gleeson have his full confidence. 6.08am BST There is still the regular matter of public importance going on in the house: Labor’s motion regarding...

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  • Home | APEC Business Advisory Council

    Monday, 02-Aug-2021 01:02:47 UTC 30, July 2023 - Meeting in Cebu, the Philippines, this week, the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) stressed the ...

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