Escambia County officers assisted by SWAT team corned Mary Rice and William Boyette.

David Morgan, a law enforcement officer, working at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, recently declared during a news conference that the notorious serial killer was found dead inside a motel room and that his accomplice in crime has been taken into custody. Escambia County authorities were assisted by a SWAT team when taking Mary Rice into custody.

There’s been a development in the case of statewide serial killer William Boyette and Mary Rice, his accomplice. According to David Morgan, after mounting a statewide manhunt, the authorities tracked down the criminal couple to the West Point Motel in Virginia.

The law enforcement officers managed to corner the two suspects after a citizen dialed 911 and told them that he has seen the two individuals trying to book a room at the West Point Motel. At approximately 2:30 pm, Mary Rice, the woman who helped William Boyette commit at least three crimes, surrendered to the authorities, while Boyette remained inside.

Shortly after the SWAT team decided to storm the motel’s room in an attempt to arrest the man, a gunshot was heard. Upon entering the room, the SWAT team discovered Boyette dead on the floor, with his handgun beside him.

Morgan declared that it was unfortunate that things played out this way in Boyette’s case, but he’s relieved about ending the man’s reign of terror. William Boyette’s criminal activity spans over 14 years. Before killing his first victims, the man served prison time for rape, assault, and battery.

However, each time he was imprisoned, the authorities released him after a very short interval. Boyette’s criminal career took a turn for the worst when he murdered Alicia Ann Greer and Jacqueline Jeanette Moore in later January. The authorities discovered their lifeless bodies near Highway 90.

After shooting his victims, Boyette would steal their vehicles, which he would use in order to stage his getaway. Authorities have determined that during his multistate killing spree, William Boyette was assisted by Mary Rice.

The couple’s recent victim was Kayla Crocker, a 28-year-old mother. Boyette entered the woman’s house, shot her once and left her to die. Crocker was discovered by her mother who called the authorities. Unfortunately, the woman died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

After shooting the woman, the couple stole her car and used it to drive to the local Shell gas station, where they were seen eating breakfast.

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