Wire Mock. WireMock is a flexible API mocking tool for fast, robust and comprehensive testing.


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  • Rollbar vs Raygun vs Sentry vs Airbrake vs Bugsnag vs OverOps We all want our application to run as smoothly as possible, but that’s not always the case. Once the application is up and running, we need to know if and when errors or exceptions are thrown...

  • Guest post by Behsaad Ramez, a software engineer @ Toptal Social network APIs have come a long way since Google released the first version of its YouTube API in May 2008 and Facebook released the first version of the Graph API in April 2010. Today,...

  • By Fabio After a first post about HTTP clients, to which I redirect you for an introduction about efficient HTTP on the JVM, let’s now talk about HTTPservers. There are several benchmarks about HTTP servers out there but they’re often hindered by shortcomings...

  • ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 Code Venture - Part 1
    via proudmonkey.azurewebsites

    Introduction If you stumble upon this article, then I presume you are new to Angular 2 and would like to get your hands dirty with the practical examples. Just like you, I am also pretty much new to Angular 2 and that’s why I am writing this series...

  • Yesterday I blogged a list of some of my favourite open source projects. I thought it was also worth blogging some of my favourite services/software with free offerings for open source projects that make it much easier or cheaper for open source projects...

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