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==Social Capital in Online Social Networks==

Once you enter the sector of social networking, no one knows who you are, so part of the technique is to build your internet personality, engage with other folks regularly, i.e. Be companionable. You cannot mix your personal life with your business life, when beginning social networking on Facebook you should make a page for your business, and keep this fully separate. Footage of you at a party with a beer in your hand, and comments from your friends about how great the party was, isn't going to impress anyone if they're jumbled in with your business promotions. Do you understand this? Few people will purchase something from you, if they suspect that all you do is party constantly. The key is, keep your business and personal life separate, brand yourself, although you will end up looking like a schizophrenic.

Although it is a good opportunity, in some [http://buyrealfacebooklikes32.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/make-a-facebook-fan-web-page-in-five-easy-actions/ organization]still a vague attitude toward utilization of social networks exists. Through social networks a salesperson can achieve benefit of having access to profiles before the commencement of communication.

Advances in communication technology, such as texting, blogging, emailing, media sharing and gaming, have created new social norms and revolutionized the way people communicate. It is no wonder, then, that the financial services industry is beginning to use various forms of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) to enhance customer service and improve current products and services. The most popular form of CMC are social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, which are used primarily to maintain or build connections among users.

These Online facilities (SNSs) have improved the movements of individuals on online tasks, especially in the mentioned social networks for the purpose of maintaining friendships regardless of distance (geographical limitation). Not only that but also it enables people to find better jobs and partners.

What is the goal? You might ask. Social marketing is not about the content itself sometimes, but a way to get connected and to observe the results of the conversations themselves. These various social networking strategies and activities are weaved together to use as business tools and entertainment. It allows people involved in Web 2.0 networking the capacity to become not only content readers, but also, if they wish, content creators and publishers.

==What Is Social Networking? ==

Along with advertising revenue being generated for the social networks, a new opportunity presents itself for the charity community. Business owners and internet marketers, who wish to assist charities by donating a portion of proceeds to charity from their earned advertising revenue, will allow charities to also benefit from their new found successes. More and more internet marketers and businesses are beginning to realize that they have the greatest ability to assist charities through this means, either on their own or through the efforts of the marketing and business opportunity representatives within the charity community. Thus, the number of charity aware advertisers within social networks are growing each and every day. At the beginning of 2007, within Facebook, the social network which put applications or widgets on the "social networking map", had charity awareness applications numbering in the tens. Now, in 2008, you can find hundreds of applications within Facebook which either raise charity awareness, allow users to donate directly to charity, or utilize online advertising for money-saving products which donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

Originally dominated by teens, there are reports of the "graying of myspace" as older people and businesses are also networking on the site. It may be worth your while to spend some time there to see if your target customers hang out there.

YouTube is an awesome opportunity to earn income, there are uncountable billions of hits on videos each day, so if you would like to become part of the social networking scene, learn how to make wonderful videos and brand yourself by being in them. Get over being camera shy ; video making just involves some learning and practice. Video has become a vital component of marketing nowadays ; you find them everywhere in emails, on websites, in blogs and on other social media sites.

The word of mouth characteristic of sales and marketing has not gone away, however. The speaking and listening over the phone or in person has lessened quite a lot, but now a consumer wanting to obtain more information or wanting to share more information can have much more impact through having social networking strategies in place. Instead of talking to one or two people, the potential is to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of consumers. For consumers to cut through the clutter of marketing is much easier now with “search” selections and a huge array of categories to choose from and disect powerful and targeted word of mouth reviews and recommendations. Social networking from the business perspective is a strategy to sell a product or service by getting connected with thousands and most likely millions of individuals who engage in social networking.

Social network sites marketing has grown to become quite the fad between entrepreneurs interested in promoting their products online. Social sites like Facebook, Orkut, and Youtube are making it simple for willing business people to hop on the inter[http://blogs.rediff.com/buyfbfans/2013/03/14/corporations-can-learn-from-how-politicians-use-facebook-fan-pages/ net]as well as connect with individuals from throughout the world. Expressions such as tweeting, sharing, and voting have created quite the buzz amongst those who want to hop aboard the viral marketing craze.There's a right way and a wrong way to apply social media marketing and turning into known as a "pitcher" is the inappropriate way. It is okay to promote your products and / or services on social networks providing it is done in moderation. The key to success in social network sites marketing would be to to increase awareness. For anyone who is fun, light-hearted, and aren't recognized as an multilevel marketing pusher then individuals will start to become curious about what you are all about. These people may reach you and ask what you do.Below are some explanations why social media marketing is significant for your online business.1) Social marketing is an simple and inexpensive technique of driving as well as maintaining website visitors. As opposed to conventional marketing, social networking does not require a massive promoting team or a too high budget. To illustrate, take into account the recent weblog tools. It only takes minutes to setup a WordPress blog and promptly bookmark top directories.2) Social network sites marketing makes it possible for you to establish a customer relationship. Developing interactive relationships with clients is crucial to any business' success. Prior to the birth of social network sites, a large number of online marketers had no trusted way of contacting clients either to confirm their credentials or to conduct consumer research.3) Yahoo, Google and other search engines adore "social marketing". Whenever you write around keyword-rich topics, you attract the �eye of the spider�, which happens to be looking out for fresh, relevant and high-quality content regularly.Facebook marketing and advertising is only a part of your social [http://blogs.rediff.com/buyfbfans65/2013/03/14/facebook-fan-pages-crucial-to-social-media-advertising/ network]marketing strategies and is still quite definitely in the �wild west� period as its expansion carries on to astonish the most ambitious analysts. If you are debating on whether you should get your business into the social networking realm, The massive community of Facebook should raze your concerns. If you are not ready to invest in FaceBook advertising and want to explore its potential as a medium for free marketing, there are a number of techniques you can use as well.Social network marketing operates in the identical style, but individuals opt to provide your website link without being asked to do so, and spots just like del.ici.ous, Digg, Blogpulse, and Technorati supply them with the opportunity to do that. In offline terms, that means flipping towards your friends and relations to request for their thoughts. Online, it indicates turning towards a group of trusted people whose opinions and suggestions you value.

==Why Social Networking Templates are Important to Start Your Own Social Network? ==

Once you take the leap into social networking, you begin by creating a profile for your page. This normally includes a photo, a bio, and interest section. Some social networks allow you to post videos, blogs etc. Use these to your advantage without spamming others. This is a big turn off in the social networking arena. Do not use your profile strictly to promote your business. Join the fun, add some value, teach and learn. Social networking users can smell a fake business ploy a mile away. Be careful of how you interact with others via your profile page.

It can be quite tedious and time consuming to create profiles, upload content, manage friends requests, and everything else that goes along with participating and marketing on social networks. If you have the financial means to do so, you may want to consider outsourcing the tasks of signing up on social networks and maintaining the day to day activities that go with it. If your just starting out, and have more time on your hands than money in your pocket to burn, you'll probably want to manage your social profiles yourself. On the other hand, only you can determine what your time is worth. You may just find that its worth spending X amount of dollars per month to outsource your social networking efforts so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

From a conceptual standpoint, online social networking is no different than traditional networking and socializing. You meet people and get to know them by sharing information about each other. Those you like and/or share interests with become part of your "network." The marketing magic kicks in when those in your network start talking about you. Your reputation spreads by word-of-mouth.

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Orkut - Orkut is an online social community designed by Google and named after its creator. Yes even Google is in the social network design game! Similar to most social networking websites, Orkut allows you to send messages to friends, share photos and videos. It also features a Srapbook and Communities where one can create a community of his own of whatever topic he likes. This is the most popular social networking site and Brazil.

Digg - This is a social networking website that allows its users to share and look for content from anywhere on the Internet. Digg in my opinion is the best social networking website ever designed.

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