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== Do boldly what is righteous man injured recipients with the ==

■ do boldly what is righteousA Bin wound after surgical operation but also from time to time .Leave a fake phone number away ,caused numerous netizen heat to discuss Ye Yixian of reporter of new wall bulletin recently,, one named looking for the micro-blog is 1000 netizens spontaneously reproduced ,and this from a micro-blog do boldly what is righteous deeds : on the night of July 14th ten thirty Xu ,Dongguan town of Humen City, new Nuevo Hotel next to a case knife robbery ,holding a dagger robbery by two women on the neck of the gold necklace ,one of the women who are pregnant, aside a few barber shop employees that help after seeing this and chased the robbers ,a robber employee A Bin (a pseudonym ) was ambushed from behind the dark .
The robbers fled after the stabbing ,pregnant women ,and then said, I have nothing to do with and leave a false phone number after hurriedly left the scene .Boy meets rob courageously hunt in July 18th, the reporter in Humen new people to find just out of danger ,but still need to stay in hospital for observation .
Do boldly what is righteous A Bin .Although the operation after the state is stable ,but A Bin is pale ,the wound but also from time to time .Lying on the bed, A Bin tells a reporter ,that evening about ten thirty ,louboutin,he and fellow workers at the store entrance to rest .
Two years of about 35 women (including a pregnant woman) with two small boy was walking by the road ,when they go to an abandoned the telephone booth ,a man suddenly to maternal side, with the hand in pregnant women with the neck of the gold necklace robbed ,then to Humen City boutique escape direction .
Grab the necklace ! Being pregnant gives a help .A Bin said ,I heard the cry for help ,he and 4 other workers immediately rushed out ,struggling to catch the robbers escape direction .
After more than 10 meters ,physically better A Bin was the first to catch robbers robbers and struggled ,fishing out dagger scarify wavin ,says : you dare come ,death . A Bin is not so timid ,also picked up the bench and threw the past ,are A Bin and the robber ,the robber associates from a bin behind came out ,will be a dagger inserted deep into a bin in the right chest .
A Bin was injured to fight again ,only watched the two robbers escape . You are injured and has nothing to do with me had been robbed and get A Bin to help the two women in where ?According to A Bin uncle Wei said ,A Bin was injured, A Bin Shaw had to find workers rush to leave the looted gold necklace pregnant ,tell her ,Ben was the robber stabbed ,hope she can cooperate with the police investigation ,louboutin pas cher,the do boldly what is righteous deeds .
But this name was robbed of the pregnant woman on Mr. Shaw said : I know you are good ,but you are injured and has nothing to do with me ,responsibility is not on my side . He also left a telephone number he went .
When Shaw post dial the number, the number was not found . He ( Ben ) follow to help people ,but to get results like this, can not make a person feel ? Witness the robbery he said .
When a reporter asked is there to feel regret ,a weak and said firmly : no ,I have no regrets, even back in time I will hand ,just I did not see the attack on my people .I also hope that she ( the women ) to testify ,the capture of criminals ! At present, Humen police said ,for A Bin to the Dongguan authorities to declare do boldly what is righteous Fund Award ,and the case for further investigation .
Small survey will you do boldly what is righteous ? A incident caused thousands of people search online action ,most netizens feel sorry for A Bin ,whether this affected citizens to do boldly what is righteous view ?In July 18th, the reporter in 61 randomly selected residents of Dongguan ,including 17 disapproval do boldly what is righteous ,21 in favour ,while 23 said it depends on the situation .
Welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN028 ) the newspaper Xiangtan news yesterday morning 11 when ,the Xiangtan People ,a comb with pigtails girl lying in bed watching cartoons ,issued from time to time, giggle ,chubby little face bailitouhong .
The little girl named Han Han ,5 years old this year ,the evening of March 2nd ,Han Han ,the house mother locked her in order to find her mother ,who ,,from his 5 floor ledge fell off the floor ,fortunately suffered only minor injuries .
On the evening of March 2nd, Han Han came home from school, sitting in the living room watch tv .The mother about people in the building space to play table tennis ,and the door locked ,leaving Han Han alone at home .
After watching TV, Han Han couldn door can not be opened ,and climbed up to the height and their almost windowsill looking .Outside the window without the installation of protective bar ,christian louboutin shoes,Han Han accidentally fell from the window sill .
Han Han was downstairs mounted awning broke ,fall on the floor of a wooden shed on the air ,and then falls into the dirt .Shed an Youtie fence gate ,Louboutin Outlet,is locked, Han Han lie in the iron gate with cries of mother .
Han Han cry alerted neighbors ,they called the Han Han ,get the door open .Mother quickly picked up the Han Han ,Han Han clothes found has been ripped off ,christian louboutin outlet,but there was no obvious trauma .
Was informed that the children out of trouble ,Han Han father hurried from units and come back ,heard her cries ,,the heart of the stone to the colony .Han Han family rushed to the hospital inspection, the town of stone flower hospital examination showed ,Han Han in addition to back some abrasions ,not found any abnormal .
Due to the town of stone flower hospital medical conditions, not CT scan culvert culvert head is injured ,and her family will be transferred to the Xiangtan People .Upon further examination ,doctors found a small girl ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the body is okay ,just head has a slight blood stasis and soft tissue injury .
At present, Han Han has been stable ,being hospitalized for observation of treatment .Xiangtan People neurosurgeon Liu Guochun analysis ,Han Han so lucky ,the key is not seriously injured head .
In addition ,Han Han fall in the process ,from one to four building shelters ,finally fell on the wooden shed ,body buffer .Floor space and soft soil ,and not the hard cement pavement ,but also protect the culvert culvert .
Doctors advise parents ,go out to bring the best baby ,don alone in the house .If it is not convenient to take the children out ,home to do protective measures ,live in high-rise buildings to install the best protective fence ,so as not to make the child accident .

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== Dr. published the woodpecker not concussion reason dog will ==

Why woodpeckersmay not be cerebral concussion? Talking about this problem ,many people stay in childhood memory read one hundred thousand on why ,but I could explain the secret ,but not a few people .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;however ,last month, Beihang University doctoral student Wang Lizhen papers published in international famous academic journals Plos&nbsp ;one ( the United States National Public Library Edition ) ,on this issue from the academic perspective is analysed ,causing dozens of overseas media attention .
Wang Lizhen from the woodpecker beak ,the hyoid bone and skull structure 3 respects undertook elaborating to this ,and the future application was prospected .The reporter for she was interviewed ,the experimental process .
Origin of the woodpecker &nbsp ;&nbsp ;reducing human injury of biological science and medical engineering, Beihang University doctoral student Wang Lizhen told reporters today ,because their research direction is the biomechanical and mechanical biology ,early in 2008 ,she will doctoral thesis in research field of human body injury .
Wang Lizhen ,Beihang biological and medical engineering Dean Fan Yubo suggested : in the brain frequently subjected to impact the woodpecker ,why not put on its research and human body injury combined? In Fan Yubo ,woodpeckers tree gives it a head impact ,far more than in all kinds of accidents in the human head by the impact ,and this process it every day to repeat 10000 times .
Woodpecker safe and sound should have brought great enlightenment ,through the internal cause research, also can better understand the human body injury biomechanics mechanism ,improve the protection measures .
Wang Lizhen adopted the suggestion of the tutor , why woodpeckers may concussion primary school will encounter problems ,Louboutin Outlet,eventually became her doctoral thesis topic .But Wang Lizhen did not think of, from which followed two years of much time, his life will be completely surrounds the woodpecker when that moment start .
Woodpecker not concussion reason schematic diagram and 1: application causes bill unequal lower beak bearing part than the upper beak length 1.2 mm and more hard reason 2 :special in the rostral side began the hyoid bone hyoid bone ,left and right fork around the skull back ,and in the forehead front cross again cavernous structure change the role of stress points :impact stress can be concentrated on the lower jaw, avoiding the impact force transmitted to the brain causes brain damage according to the woodpecker hyoid bone structure design of car seat :special hyoid bone seems to be safety belt ,effectively avoids the risk of injuries to the cervical spine :&nbsp ;by changing the collision traffic facilities of the point ,to avoid impact force is transmitted to the driving cab and other personnel location :application to design traffic facilities to protect the neck of a passenger seat ,and the head of the action in the event of a collision ,avoid injuries to the cervical spine 3 reasons: the skull Micro-CT scan display ,woodpecker skull is different from other birds of spongy bone Beam ,the skull more elastic application :&nbsp ;woodpecker skull special density structure ,can be applied to the material design ,make traffic facilities material to absorb impact force :can effectively buffer the bump mapping / Li Ming &nbsp ;&nbsp &nbsp ;around the market ;to find a injured woodpecker follow Wang Lizhen and teacher idea ,experiment first by a high speed camera to record a woodpecker that moment ,after the data analysis ,and then enter the computer mathematical model .
Based on the parameters and response analysis ,to study the woodpecker not concussion the real mystery .Such a scheme ,main task is to find a real woodpecker .Let Wang Lizhen ,this finding is the first half of the year .
woodpecker ?Sorry ,I am not here . From 2008 October to 2009 March, Wang Lizhen visited nearly all of Beijing bird .Finally, or have to do not know how many times the official Park ,found a wounded rescued after woodpecker .
The woodpecker back to the lab, new problems arise .Because do not adapt to the new environment ,let alone the experimental needs peck wood ,little guy in the cage to even bother to move .
Experimental building to the woodpecker ,upstairs and downstair classmates look fresh .But Wang Lizhen could not keep this mood, she every day in the cage ,for fear that something unexpected .
12 at night to leave ,at 6 in the morning ,Wang Lizhen became the latest experiment building ,the earliest arrival from the man .Until two weeks after ,the woodpecker to restore vitality ,pacing back and forth in the beginning in the cage .
Two camera &nbsp ;&nbsp ;a second take 2000 photos into experimental operation stage ,the Wang Lizhen test continues .Two high-speed video cameras ,from different angles to shoot a woodpecker moment ,a second was decomposed into 2000 photos .
But a woodpecker speed same day tomorrow ,Wang Lizhen inadvertently ,button slightly slower ,she needed picture transient moment .In this way, the time of nearly three months ,Wang Lizhen in the laboratory to repeat button ,button ,then shoot ,shoot it again .
Eventually ,Wang Lizhen use of sports biomechanics ,anatomy observation of morphological method a comprehensive analysis of the woodpecker impact trunk process after the discovery, woodpeckers, head of the special structure and material effectively help it alleviated the woodpecker to head impact .
Specifically ,the bill than the long beak ,the hyoid bone ,skull presents special cavernous this three big characteristics that woodpecker from concussion of brain injury .Results published in &nbsp ;&nbsp ;Reuters interview letter received this year in April ,louboutin,after more than 10 revisions, Wang Lizhen will eventually paper cast well-known foreign academic journals in Plos&nbsp ;one ( the United States National Public Library Edition ) ,7 at the beginning of the month ,the preliminary examination opinion feedback magazine : this is an industry of flash point ,louboutin pas cher,will cause a lot of interesting work .
At the end of 9, the magazine for Wang Lizhen to notice ,the thesis has been adopted .A few days later ,another message ,hope Wang Lizhen can provide some pictures of her experiments ,this paper has been selected as the current magazine cover .
Wang Lizhen tells a reporter ,October 26th papers published, her mailbox was filled with including Reuters ,BBC , New York Times and other dozens of media to interview letter ,Wang Lizhen and her woodpecker has taken the world each layout of big media .
Prospect of detailed research on the &nbsp ;&nbsp ;finally into actual products for the woodpecker impact biomechanics research will contribute to traffic accidents ,aviation survival of human head impact injury mechanisms of recognition and protection measures ,equipment improvement .
Fan Yubo says .Wang Lizhen said ,in the next one or two years ,she will also continue to research in the field .The ultimate goal is to be the woodpecker the formation of specific protective product design solutions ,and enterprise cooperation ,put into actual production .
Article / Liu Mi intern reporter Lan Yiyun to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today show after the success of canned ,will enjoy the milk 1 + 2 ! Wang Wang wang ! 64 ! Bark ! .
.. ... The hostess Ms. Fu every problem ,puppies can accurately answer .In April 16th, Jilin City, under the Jilin bridge ,the puppy canned to be struck dumb show .The poor dog sick and abandoned on the evening of September 23, 2008, the citizens of Jilin to pay her daughter in Huiyang as usual to walk out, is not the same, every day she goes out to the left ,that day doings of ghosts and gods to the right .
Don go far ,Huiyang found a dog lying in the shop door carpet shivering . dog !Around on a piece of carpet also let it accounted for ! Huiyang gently call a baby ,the dog should stand up ,wagging his tail, rub over, curled up on her feet .
Huiyang picked it up ,the Ottomans cool ,or at least outside for 1 hours . Owners do not care how so ? Huiyang for a long time, also nobody came to claim .She also to the surrounding businesses to inquire about ,everybody says don ,Huiyang put the puppy hold back home .
Ms. Fu to be thrown into a panic puppy ,very distressed ,to feed a little food ,and gave it a hot bath .Mother and daughter made the night a few claim notice posted in the area ,significant position .
One day later ,no one to claim it, but the dog is ill ,not eating ,breath ,nose to drain pus, mother and daughter get a puppy at pet hospital . Born two months ,,canine distemper ,had had history ,mortality from 80% to 90% .
It is found, it will not cure ! The doctor let the mother and daughter sank ,then they know ,this dog is likely to be abandoned . It can ,how to say is a life ,spends the how much money saved it ! Spent 1360 yuan, puppy cured .
Although it doesn bones ,but especially love to eat canned ,christian louboutin shoes,canned master simply call it .Later ,whenever someone asks canned spend much money, Ms. Fu always escape one : 1360 yuan ! Super dog to add,Christian Louboutin Outlet, subtract, multiply and divide the opening is canned just come to a new family, and there is no clear dog ,learn to count derived from the TV series went to the Northeast .
In February of this year, Huiyang and canned watch TV together ,has two lines: the his mother : this big daughter-in-law ,don is great lady well ,but a bit two ,but also happy people .
From the outside Nawen popped his head and asked : Mom ,what is the two ? Huiyang to canned made a V shape and gesture ,said : two ! Canned don ,as a response to a call .
However ,,when it is revealed that the two will get milk ,it suddenly becomes better .This new discovery that Huiyang is very curious ,after two days of intense training ,as long as Huiyang held up two fingers , canned will be called twice .
Reading education graduates Huiyang simply de novo teaching .Did not think of to learn 1 took some twists and turns ,christian louboutin outlet,although very hard and are very complex ,but it is very difficult to call after you stop .
After a few days of training , canned to 1 .Huiyang after school, teach canned counting task falls to pay on woman .Things exceeding one of smooth ,Ms. Fu teaching canned two figures ,when taught to 7 she had a mouth , canned will appreciate sb.
to call 7 .Later, canned no use to teach ,teach 8 , 9 , 10 ,Ms. Fu on canned talent very surprised . Count ,can you count ? Ms. Fu whim . 1 + 1 = 2 , 12 = 3 , that two and two make 4 , 23 = 5 .
.. ... Fu made a lot of cards ,but she did not think of ,was able to teach the four addition equation , canned can be separated from the card ,audible count ,and subtraction ,multiplication ,division learned without teacher .
Star dog intelligence is equivalent to the third grade primary school at the beginning of 4 ,Ms. Fu belt canned at the riverside to play ,just an old man with a primary school the third grade girl looking on ,they persuaded the little girl and canned bibi .
240 80. The old man voice just fell , canned called 3 sound ,the little girl had recovered . Canned spring into fame ,after that ,people say it is equivalent to the third grade elementary school students .
Another show that canned fame .A lot of people together to see canned acting as the acme of perfection ,all the time ,don to ask : 5050 ! When landing ,in perfect silence .
5050 ? Canned or trismus .Pay a lady is hanging out . 50 minus 50 is equal to 0 ?Of course it is called ! Don a word to let everyone see light suddenly .Learn to count , canned love the Chinese characters .
Fu said : this is out of the question ,even people learn Chinese characters are hard !But can know Braille better . Jilin City :American zoologist Tang Jingwen said MSNBC had announced the world 10 most intelligent animal ,human being top dog ,with its understanding of the way with human similarity ranking eighth .
( canned count the video ,please log on the new culture view ,URL :■linkswhy dogs count? Austria biologist ,Nobel Prize Zhelancitaina said ,dogs or horses in certain aspects of the feeling is more sensitive than human beings ,through observation and testing ,can detect the inadvertently reveals information -- the answer to the question .
But for the vast majority of people, no matter how strong self-control ,,always be imperceptibly exudes a certain information .In fact ,some circus has puppies count program ,mainly trained dog produced a conditioned reflex ,does not mean that the dog is so high iq .

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== The husband has Internet dependency on computer at home with ==

A typical case of&gt ;network addiction severity and dialogue by the network in a company as a copywriter planning MS Leung ,as commonly used in computer ,go to work every day the first thing is to open the computer ,returning home after work the first thing is to open the computer ,louboutin pas cher,every day at least 9 hours spent on the computer screen .
MS Leung admits that ,in addition to daily work in some clerical needs the help of computer processing ,she spent most of her time at the computer to do nothing . .Now like Miss Liang everyday so addicted to the Internet are more and more workers .
Friends ,colleagues communicate mostly through a network of contacts .According to reports ,there are couple under one roof ,husband suffering from network addiction , at home with wife greets also wants have the aid of computer or SMS ,finally the two sides to divorce .
Many netizens said ,facing the computer for a long time ,eyesight is getting worse ;what problems they find such as Baidu search engine ,a long time feel not thinking ;computer typing habits ,often writes the word forget ;friends through online contact ,face-to-face communication is less and less ;some commuters just off net one or two days ,will be anxious .
During the Dragon Boat Festival this year ,do in company of a magazine editor Mr. Wang and my family to play in the field ,just two days without the Internet ,his mind becomes restless fears ,always think of my blog has no comment on ,oneself in the forum posts have no .
The manuscript except signed comprehensive Xinhua Daily , communication information sharing :welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot miracle happens in a stair corner station .
Small shops are very lively .Chen Jinshan video lottery attention please !On the right side of the picture,, the in Nanjing Xinjiekou Cheng Ge old lane ,only two or three square meters ,the main station can only turn small betting station ,may soon be a national lottery holy land why ?Because of this unusual places ,in less than half the time ,appeared two times ,including first prize ,louboutin,a multiple lottery 8568 note the jackpot super miracle !Even more frightening is designed ,this two 8568 note the extremely likely is the same color people wrote !To surprise you :or the Lin ,in January 4th, or in the station ,there are 5456 note winning record -- again, he only played a double lottery .
! calculate probability is the myth of the myth you in the same place two times by the meteorite hit what astronomers tell us ,a person is meteorite hit probability only about 1/100000000 .
But a person in the same place two times by the meteorite hit probability is a number ?Know a little probability are a quote :one trillion !We go back to the lottery .Sports lottery Super Lotto prize winning probability of approximately 1700 1/10000 people ,than the meteorite smashed six times the probability .
Of course ,realistically, the lottery is one of the most ,with the meteorite is not too same .But every time someone is not unusual, but the same person in the same station with the same technique in the same awards ,,and 8568 notes in the whole ?The experts tell us ,this probability is infinitely close to the same person in the same location by meteorite hit two times the probability of -- now ,please keep calm ,in the US,Louboutin Outlet, in Nanjing, the super myth is almost certain staged !Less than half two times !Create super miracle last fall had not changed ,and a new in the jackpot !It is this site !Or Super Lotto game !Late on January 23rd ,Super Lotto 10010 phase of drawing a lottery number ,15 ,22 ,24 ,32 ,35 + 2 ,9 ,Jiangsu in the two note first prize ,bonus of 5000000 yuan ,the winning site for Nanjing 51117 and Changzhou 04330 betting betting station .
When the sports lottery information published ,many people are surprised ,because Nanjing this jackpot address is located in Nanjing chenggelao Lane lottery 51117 site .Just 5 months ago ,the site was made a multiple lottery 8568 note in 7390000 ,the total prize money of the lottery Super Lotto jackpot !In the first half of the same site award twice falls ,is lucky ?Or coincidence ?Or lottery superb skill level ?Reporters yesterday morning 10 when come to winning site interview ,found this site last out lottery Super Lotto jackpot Xibao was still high on the top ,the writing is still bright, apparently new poster hasn hang up .
But how hanging shopkeepers are afraid to rack one ,because this site is not a separate store ,just on the stairs inside circle two or three square meters ,is basically a lottery machine ,is the main station Ni a turn .
Look ,it isn had two super miracle .Bet is Lotto ! 18+2 more magic :is a ticket 8568 note full lift chenggelao Lane lottery 51117 site ,a lot of people remain fresh in one ,in August 31, 2009, lottery Super Lotto 09101 period the lottery ,the winning numbers for :2 ,10 ,14 ,22 ,26+4 ,9 ,China only in a first prize ,but the flower falls Nanjing .
A national lottery in 17136 yuan huge bets in a multiple ticket ,that night he won lottery would include first prize of 6980000 yuan ,a total of $7390000 in bonuses !At the same time he bet that ticket won 8568 awards including first prize ,injection ,a domestic single lottery winning note number record ,created a miracle of Chinese color city !According to the provincial sports lottery center retrieval ,this time winning the bet and the last prize as 18+2 ,still adopt the double bets ,total betting note number reached 8568 notes ,betting amount to amount to 17136 yuan .
Because the rear two numbers fully selected ,according to super lotto game rules ,when the back numbers selected, even before the area a ,also in eight prize .If the back numbers selected, with the former district number of any permutation of all the winning ,it causes all 8568 note lottery betting all winning .
Although the 8568 note the researchers have not the prize, so he really is it right? Last year in September the sensation throughout the country most cow lottery Lin ?But from the betting techniques ,betting sites ,a variety of evidence, this time the winner ,has almost certainly is his ! Mr.
Lin ! cow is more than two times 20 days ago ,he was just a lottery in 5456 according to the Nanjing City Sports Center, introduced in January 4, 2010 ,the first day of the new year ,go to work ,a middle-aged people in Nanjing City Sports Center, the prize, he bought a $10912 Super Lotto entry ticket in 5456 note greatly small awards ,a total of 160000 yuan bonus sweep ,and the winning address is also located in the city of Nanjing chenggelao lane of this site .
The lottery is the last record of a lottery 8568 note all winning record expert Mr. lin !Mr. Lin January 2nd purchase of a $10912 Super Lotto entry tickets ,in 5456 note greatly small awards ,a total of 160000 yuan bonus win .
Mr. Lin betting is Dantuo form multiple ticket ,before the district bile as ,27 07 ,in addition to drag for 27 01 to 35 in the number ,area is singled out the 08 ,11 ,a total of 10912 yuan turnover ,and current results are only after a digital ,missed the first prize .
Although first pass, but the harvest is not small ,a total of 1 note 90 note two prize ,five prize ,seven prize ,1305 note 4060 note eight prize .So what decided the 8568 note all is Lin ?Because after less than half a year, is on the same site ,with a play, the same betting 17136 yuan ,as all 8568 note all winning -- so much coincidence only one interpretation ,christian louboutin shoes,is still Mr.
Lin quantity ! Mr. Lin has now become his regular sports lottery center .For reasons of confidentiality ,Center for lottery and betting is not convenient to disclose more information .Reporters yesterday rushed to the betting station saw a man suspected of Lin ,he is low-key to say ,he has a total of about 3000000 ,of course, to buy lottery tickets is about 1000000 .
Now ,such as Mr. Lin to collect the award was announced this miracle ! Mr. Lin cast Lin law secret lottery games seem to have a special insight .It is understood ,Mr. Lin was very good at playing 22 pick 5 lottery .
,had five times a month in the first prize of the brilliant record .Also had to Super Lotto prize two ,therefore ,he is not the Mongolian .According to the body color center sources said ,,he is an absolute technology lottery .
So how the hell he bets ?The fortune ,Mr. Lin certainly has its own copyright .We can only make him reveal give chapter and verse for technology ,presented to you, believe that this is only a small part ,so it can only be small secret .
Technology 1: adhering to the large input to play double Mr. Lin said ,in a Super Lotto 739 thousand yuan awards ,has few times in Super Lotto , 22 5 game awards ,has taken multiple ticket system, is because the compound is the winning rate high .
Super big lottery prizes of up to eight ,so it is very suitable for multiple bets ,he really benefit from it .It is a reminder ,play multiple ,money is very important !A ticket 10000 yuan ,not everyone play .
Technique 2: before the district pool area and alone big fish super big lottery numbers from the former district 35 anthology 5 plus 12 2 area .Mr. Lin like once upon a time zone 35 numbers often choose 18 numbers for multiple bets ,a pond full of net .
While the area has 12 number ,only two were unimodal betting ,fishing awards ,in general people it is completely throw the helve after the hatchet .The majority of people in multiple bets ,more on the front and back regions number two .
But Mr. Lin before the district number selection by net trap ,christian louboutin outlet,area is the use of hook fishing ,is the persistent betting ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,created Chinese color city miracle .Technology 3: created unique matching according to Mr.
Lin ,he in the posterior region of number selection also created a unique matching ,such as 2 and 10 , 1 and 8 with ... ... Two numbers are completely bound together ,forming a fixed routine .
Selection of back number are using this trick, and have proved effective every time .( reporter Song Juan correspondent Chen Jinshan ) 1 more sentences do not infatuated with him, he is just a legend which is the last reported: could not find a legend than the more appropriate word to describe Mr.
Lin -- he bought what is lottery ,it is the sky drops pasty !Please calm down ,please keep the formation -- can be studied ,but not obsession ;can be modeled ,but to do !A multiple lottery can 8568 note full ,can get about 7000000 bonus ,but don the ticket itself value is as high as 17136 yuan .
If the posterior region of the two figures not to return ,then you may only a few hundred yuan -- high risk high return this is good, but also at high risk may be a return at all .If reap millions, also called high risk ?Mr.
Lin is the two big behind ,he spent much of the cost ?In this two 8568 note in a complex lottery behind ,he bought many times only hundreds of note ,note ,or even a few dozens of injection are not in double lottery ?-- failure may be much more, because they didn have been reported and unknown .
Take the two lottery tickets when the news ,with their own hands the lottery when leisure bar .The network language used here very well -- don Mr. Lin ,he ,really just a legend !Editor

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