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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA  – November 13 2016


Donald J Trump has been elected President of the United States with at least 278 electoral votes, defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton and defying nearly every prediction outside of the country’s most liberal media outlets.  The Republican Party retains the Senate and the House, and will likely select the next few justices of the Supreme Court.

On the liberal side and in the  leftist media propaganda machines his victory validates the feelings of millions of  socialist-indoctrinated  Americans that “theirs”  is a country slipping away from their grasp, and gives hope to a conservative elite willing to tolerate the bile that Trump’s campaign has brought forth in order to use his presidency as a springboard from which to launch a full-on assault on the left-of-centre godless domestic legacy of  the pro-Marxist President Barack Obama.  To these poor pathetic howlers it is a mandate to extol the kind of xenophobic nativism and riots that has been fueled by the likes of  media moguls like George Soros against his campaign since its inception. George Soros said that he funded the Black Lives Matter movement because he wanted to ‘bring down the United States’ and ‘the black community is the easiest to manipulate.'”  Then again Liberal film-maker Michael Moore made it to the fourth floor of Manhattan’s Trump Tower in his bid to confront President-elect Trump and call on him to step down, before he was stopped by Secret Service guards. Moore, who had been a vocal critic of Trump during the election, joined thousands of people in protesters in New York on Saturday morning, before he managed to get inside Trump Tower.(Link)



This is yet another proof that a liberal is a despicable creature that simply cannot accept defeat. They want to rule all- posess all- and control all. They are power-mad creatures straight from Grimm’s island – and will destroy whatever prevents them from sitting at the top. A liberal is a two-faced back-stabbing demonic psychopath that will utilize any trick from the devil’s cookbook to try and clinch victory. The term “honesty” simply does not appear in their vocabulary. They are a vile specie that now invented themselves a “smart term” – DEMOCRATS. BUT you can clearly see all their invented “democratic” countries are in deep financial trouble, mostly the masses are impoverished-  controlled by the Zionist corporations and anti-white media propaganda,- and are ruled through insidious taxes , oppression- and especially white people are discriminated against-  like in South Africa.

Liberals are the most selfish destroyers of human societies. This is why liberalism is an incurable  certified psychopathic condition that borders close to schizophrenia. Unfortunately this characteristic fits nicely into positions of power like politics, business and the  judiciary- and here is where the most psychopaths come to their own right. For this reasons they reject the results of the presidential election- and for this reason they despise the fact that a conservative-minded WHITE man now are CIC of the most powerful Western country in the world. (Link) He defied all odds- irrespective of all their skunk media slandering, back-door sneaking of illegals, vote machine rigging and God knows what else they have tried. NOW they move into 2nd gear – and want to try and destabilize the country to force down a Marshall law so-that Trump cannot take his seat in the Oval office. And it is here where the Soros-thuggery are activated to incite riots and violence across the country. Mostly these damn vile liberal reptiles organize all the assassinations as well. If Trump takes the Oval office- George Soros must be the first criminal that must be tried for high treason against the free people of the world- and his empire frozen and destroyed. Then you get the liberal twerps that are down-right p*ssed off and vent there frustrations on innocent people that exercised their rights. This one girl lost her job because she voted for Trump: (Link)  Was it Hillary that won- I am sure NO conservative would have acted close to what these liberal vermin is doing. BUT that is the liberal psychopathic sickness.


Communist lapdog Jeremy Corbyn has told Donald Trump to “grow up” over his treatment of immigrants in the US. Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, the Labour leader criticized the President-elect’s stance on Mexico and his “absurd and abusive” language towards Muslims.  Corbyn described the “absolute anger and outrage” felt by his Mexican wife Laura Alvarez and her family at President-elect Trump’s proposals to build a wall at the US-Mexican border. “Donald Trump should grow up and recognize the American economy actually depends on migrant labor,” he said. (Link) IF I may repeat  Jack Sen’s words- Jeremy Corbyn should shut up! Corbyn has no concept of reality, he doesn’t care about Labor voters who are so opposed to more immigration in the UK. Also, he has no right to be meddling in US affairs, it isn’t his business. If he wanted to saddle and in-breed with a Mexican horse- that is his business. We rather would keep to our pure races.

IN  CALIFORNIA -Parents of a student at Woodside High School are outraged after their daughter was viciously attacked for supporting Donald Trump. Sophomore Jade Armenio explained to ABC 7’s Katie Marzullo exactly what happened before she was attacked: “This girl comes up to me and she said, ‘Do you hate Mexicans?’ and I was like, ‘no,’ and she said, ‘You support Trump. You hate Mexicans’.” The girls mother was completely distraught and worried about her daughter’s safety: “My husband and I don’t put our political views on social media. Kids still do it. That’s their life. We tell them don’t do it, but even if she does she should never be hit like that.”  The attack took place on school property and entire incident was captured on cell phone video. The victim says she is now being targeted on social media even though her parents have removed her from school.



AND ALSO ANOTHER INCIDENT: http://9502-presscdn-0-95.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/14983961_669174193231953_4153111342326218752_n.mp4.mp4?_=2

Trump backers were filled with vindication and hope, while liberals had nervous breakdowns; some threw temper tantrums in the streets and burned American flags; some displayed their notorious tolerance by assaulting Trump supporters; and others, like those on the campus of Cornell University, staged “cry ins.”   As reported by The Cornell Sun on Wednesday, over 50 fragile pathetic liberal students gathered together on campus to “mourn” the Trump win with a “cry in,” “braving the cold, wind and occasional rain,” the Sun unironically notes.   Said “cry in” apparently included Cornellians sitting “in a circle to share stories and console each other” while organizers encouraged “attendees to gather closer together and ‘include each other.'””Willard Straight Hall Resource Center employees gave out blankets, tissues and hot chocolate to keep participants warm, while students signed posters with words of encouragement and protest, including ‘Donald Trump is not my president,'” reports the Sun.  Presumably, there were also coloring books and puppies passed out to advance their healing over the results of the peaceful democratic election. (Link)

In New Orleans Louisiana black ( Soros instigated) riots erupted in resentment against the election of Trump.

Students from the University of Oregon shouted ‘f*** Trump’ as they staged angry riots. Dramatic video also showed hundreds marching through university campuses and sparking fires in California.

What started as a protest against President-Elect Donald Trump soon turned to violent riots where one of New Orleans’ most famous monuments was covered in graffiti and glass windows were shattered out of a nearby bank. Hundreds of black racists showed up to denounce the election of Trump–but despite media reports of a peaceful gathering, the rowdy crowd grew increasingly hostile and violent, according to Breitbart Texas sources on the ground. Black Students holding signs reading “End white supremacy” originally gathered on the steps of the Lee Circle monument before the demonstrations turned destructive. Lee Circle was fully covered in graffiti with phrases like “Black Power” and “Dismantle White Supremacy”. Later, an effigy of Trump was burned while glass windows at a nearby bank were shattered. THIS is typical the pinnacle of the black racist nature across the globe to reject any notion of a white leading a country. Under the Obama regime whites were made out to be the demons in the world- and a culture among the already racist blacks were nurtured that all whites are evil. Yet MILLIONS of blacks and Hispanics conveniently flee to WHITE countries to seek “refuge” from their own war-torn countries. BUT that is the black hegemony- first you seek shelter and protection in a white country- then you get arrogant , start “demanding” rights- and destroy the infrastructure of your host country because you feel “offended” – and try to overthrow the host government. This is the characteristics of modern global parasitism. (https://twitter.com/itsmikebivins/status/796270092522688512)


IN another liberal display about 2,000 misdirected protesters have been marching along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan shouting “not my president” and other slogans. The protesters rallied at New York’s Union Square on Saturday before picking up steam and taking their cause into the street and toward Trump Tower. Fifth Avenue was crowded with protesters for blocks. Police lined both sides, following along on foot and on motorcycle, but the group remained peaceful. There were protests in other parts of the country as well, with the largest taking place in Los Angeles, where several thousands marched. (Link)

At the same time, Clinton’s loss crushes the hopes of millions of liberal-brain washed local and illegal alien Americans – that already lived in a make-believed dreamworld that “theirs “ was a country where “all ” would be welcomed in their diversity , ethnic polluted Sodomitic and Gommorahn cultures- and where the tired and the poor illegal alien might find some refuge – given the Republican nominee’s persistent actions or dismissal of  illegal Muslim-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, LGBTQ Americans, immigrant Americans, Jewish-Americans,  Americans who “fled “  their own government created wars and famine. They lived in a Hollywood -created utopia where all the ungodly sins are “permissible” because the Zionist cultivated harlots such as Miley Cirus, Madonna , Britney Spears et al promoted this Satanic evil from the mountains of the American Record Corporations and movie studios. They lived a life of misdirected dissolution – created by the leftist media that “democracy” was the ultimate one-way ticket to create sinful and demonic environments – legalized and protected under hoax “human rights” banners.


America- as with South Africa- was hi-jacked by the evil Zionist corporations. We hope the Americans can now unite and cleanse their country from the devious liberal abomination. The white South Africans- sadly- have lost their patriotism and became secondary slaves of the 3rd world bottom-dwellers due to their own nonconformity and inability to unite and help each other. Their kingdom was divided- and conquered. Their careless attitudes only are over-shadowed by their own arrogance and inability to unite and help each other. They rather opted either to flee their land of birth- or hide behind their high security fences and burglar proofing. Uniting and reaching out to uplift their own economic dilemma by starting their own micro-economy, share land and induce programs to re-instate their more than 500 000 impoverished brethren in squatter camps- is not on their agendas yet. Selfish survival and ignorance of their struggling white neighbors seems to be their counter-measure for their diminishing race in that country.

NOW  It appears that the misdirected liberals in America  have walked into a wall of resentment by a new government that now puts homogeneous Americans , moral values and law and order  first before illegal infestations, rebellions, chaos, “democratic” fornications and the lawless destruction of the American value system brought forth and legalized by deceptive con-artists such as Barak Obama . Bringing home  on the same few themes – law-and-order, build-a-wall to keep out the alien infestation, discarding terrible-trade-deals by the Obama regime, taking back American jobs, exposing a crooked-Hillary – restoring American values and putting true Americans first – Trump and running mate Mike Pence carved a path to victory through the American rust belt, relying on high turnout among rural and blue-collar white voters to shatter the deceptive Democratic Party’s “blue wall” of supposedly safe states. In the days and weeks ahead, countless words will pour forth from especially leftist analysts and writers struggling to grapple with the immediate implications of a Trump presidency – the makeup of his cabinet, the first 100 days, executive orders to be signed, and so on.The leftist fraternity was caught unawares, they have been check-mated- left disillusioned- and now are looking more like a pathetic pack of cornered Hyenas – snarling at the hands of defeat.

Instead, I wish to speak to those for whom Trump’s victory – and Hillary Clinton’s defeat – represents a startling and indeed panic-inducing rebuke to many leftist conventicles to an environment they created through the years to suit their own sinful and selfish agendas. Despite reports of high turnout among many an illegal sneaked-in Latino and many other non-white communities, the Democratic candidate was unable to secure victory in North Carolina, Ohio, or Florida, and proceeded to lose Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well. Maybe the homogeneous conservative American just had about enough of the leftist demonization, slandering in the pro-Marxist media as “white supremacists”, funding wars through taxes they were not responsible for, sending their young people into wars to die needlessly in conflicts created by the leftist “elite” to plunder other innocent governments- and the total destruction of the American values by the rampaging liberal abomination. Maybe the true patriotic American decided enough is enough of the Sodomites in Hollywood, maybe they decided patriotic Americans just had about enough Gamorrahn “executive” orders being signed which ultimately will lead to the destruction of American values.

Maybe the patriotic American had about his fill of secretly signed orders and actions that will disarm innocent citizens – preventing them from protecting themselves while the a”elite” are turning America into a police state and a looming civil war where normal citizens will be arrested and thrown into FEMA constructed camps. AND maybe the patriotic American decided the International Marxists believe they can use and manipulate Islam in order to bring down and fully conquer the Western World.  They maybe saw the  leaders of Western Europe for what they are-  made up of traitors, idiots, Marxist and so on -and somehow  they must be stopped. (Link)  For nearly 1500 years the Jews and Muslims have worked together to destroy the white race. ( Link)

Yea.. maybe the normal American citizen came to a point where  he decided liberalism is the most destructive force ever released onto the American dream-that whites and conservatives have been demonized and ignored for too long-  and now is the time to take action, stand up-  and smash the leftist Democrat demon that was cleverly sneaked into America by the likes of Johnson, Kissinger et al through  his back-yard. NOW they want their country their forefathers fought hard and died for back. The British showed this urge in their Brexit exercise- and France showed it by dumping their liberal despots in the previous election. Maybe the German and South African whites also must try to stand up and follow  suit. NOTHING will be gained by sitting on your back-side and wait for better days. White Europe and America  want to address the injustices inflicted on them by the liberal harlots through the years and crush the alien abomination. (Link)

Further afield, this victory undoubtedly strikes a note of utmost concern for New World Order governments near and far, given Trump’s mercurial temperament and apparent disregard for any of the prevailing “ diversity” norms of international relations, from the uselessness  of NATO to the bunch of conspirators  in  the United Nations and European Union.   It still  remains to be seen whether Trump has any constructive plan how to grapple with the Western created chaos and conflicts he inherits from con-artists such as Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush, Blair ,Rumsfeld, Cheney and Cameron in the Middle East – as well as the other overseas concerns of the American enforced Empire – beyond leaving the region entirely to its own devices. The bourgeois “climate change” conspiracy of Bill Clinton, Al Gore and  Bill Gates is still unclear as what the decision would be  – as it was in the presidential campaign – entirely off the table. Then there is still lingering issues like the damaging Chem-Trailing, Monsanto poisoning of the crops, American oil company pollution, debt deficits – and many other jackals destroying the American vineyard. BUT new news from the grapevine say  Donald Trump has made yet another announcement that will dismay Democrats across the country, and that is his choice for Attorney General. Trump tweeted that his pick for Attorney General is South Carolina conservative Rep. Trey Gowdy, who currently chairs the U.S. House of Representative’s Select Committee on Benghazi. Gowdy has been a constant thorn in the Obama administration’s side, and has exposed the White House’s incompetence on everything from amnesty to IRS abuses to the illegal deletion of Clinton’s emails. Trump’s tweet read, “@HillaryClinton’s toast. Dems had better get the”B Team” off the bench. @TGowdySC for Attorney General under President Trump.” This tweet came right on the heels of an announcement that Trump would want Sarah Palin on his Cabinet.


Donald J. Trump


“@USARestoring: @HillaryClinton‘s toast. Dems had better get the”B Team” off the bench. @TGowdySC for Attorney General under President Trump

8:23 PM – 27 Jul 2015
· Manhattan, NY



Trump is looking to build a team of influential conservative leaders who have fought against the liberals. He and Gowdy share the same no-nonsense style.(Link)

O Boy- some REAL interesting times ahead for the liberal Zerks! Time for Hillary to head for Quatar!


As for all those disillusioned prophets, priests and harlots of Satan in that Hollywood temple of abomination that all snarled that they will “leave” America if Donald Trump gets president elect- well- believe you me only a very, very secluded minority may have the guts to do so. Do you recall several months ago when progressives believed that Trump had no real chance of becoming the next U.S. President? Recall how they arrogantly swore to leave the nation if he became their commander-in-chief? Well, it’s moving time folks. As for the rest- they are too comfortably nestled in their ungodly environment of Sodomite and Gomorran sins between the other capitalists in service of Satan- they will NEVER give up their luxurious sinful life-styles and positions next to the trough to actually cash in the cheques their big liberal foul mouths wrote. One example : The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday said a possible Donald Trump presidency signals that “maybe it’s time” for her to move out of the country. (Link)  BUT as I mentioned – these blood-sucking leeches will NEVER leave their host.  In that no doubt Donald Trump is very good for ratings and it seems that if one hooks their faltering careers to Trump they stay in the news…just think how many times Whoopi Goldberg has invoked Trump’s name on “The View”, now she’s not moving to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president. Stating on Wednesday’s show, “You know what, I’m not going anywhere, honey. This is my country. I’ve been here since the 1700s.” YEA RIGHT- and Abraham Lincoln was my aunt once removed!

GOOD SHOW– while Donald is  ” cleaning the sump”– just look at all the rubbish coming out of  the sump!

The list of celebrities that were supposedly set to lose after this election include liberal comedians like Jon Stewart and Amy Schumer. Stewart spent the majority of the election season calling Trump and his supporters racists, sexists, and bigots. “I would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet because clearly this planet’s gone bonkers,” he said in an interview with People magazine. The list also includes the ever-peachy Lena Dunham, who promised to stand by her threat no matter what. “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will,” Dunham said in April at an awards ceremony. “I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there.” Below is a list of at least 33 cocaine-sniffing useless celebrities who promised to leave if Trump won the election:

Comedian Jon Stewart

• Comedian Chelsea Handler

• Actress Neve Campbell

• IAC Interactive Founder Barry Diller

• Feminist Lena Dunham

• Comedian Keegan-Michael Key

• Actress Chloë Sevigny

• Race Hustler Al Sharpton

• Actress Natasha Lyonne

• Comedian Eddie Griffin

• Filmmaker Spike Lee

• Model Amber Rose

• Actor Samuel L. Jackson

• Singer Cher

• Comedian George Lopez

• Singer Barbra Streisand

• Actress Raven-Symoné

• TV Host Whoopi Goldberg

• Actor Omari Hardwick

• Plastic penis-riderMiley Cyrus

• Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

• Comedian Amy Schumer

• British Columnist Katie Hopkins

Will Smith

George Clooney

Morgan Freeman

Oprah Winfrey

Angela Jolie


Chloë Sevigny

Neve Campbell

Omari Hardwick

Kane West

THE whole Hollywood harlot’s nest  seems to be draining too!




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