Shop online is now trending in other country like UK,USA,ASIA, mostly on that country, Generally Online Shopping is the easiest way to shop what you want and what you need. Shoppers are now looking for the sites who conduct some Auction Sale in the internet in any shopping categories. SiteAdWiki - Collect Top Internet Auction Websites who legit servicing costumers in online shopping in any products they have. 1 eBay.com 2 uBid.com 3 Bidz.com 4 Online Auction 5 WeBidz 6 WebStore 7 CQout 8 Auction-Warehouse 9 ePier 10 It's Gotta Go 11 Public Surplus Auctions 12 AuctionAddict 13 Auction.com 14 Bid Alot 15 Dell Auction 16 SkyAuction 17 GSA Auctions 18 Auctions.com 19 Auctionguide.com 20 AuctionFire

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping Deals.
Online auctions are popular because of their convenience, ease of use, and great deals. It’s so nice to be able to shop from the comfort of your own home. They’re also a great way to get rid of unwanted or unused items you may have at home white making a few extra bucks. For others who do a little research, you can even work from home selling items on these free online auction sites. With Christmas being just around the corner, one of the sites listed may be just what you need to get all of your Christmas shopping done. Feel free to share any other internet auction sites that you use or know about in the comments.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsBigDeal – One of the penny auctions that’s free to join but it costs you to bid. You can purchase bids at the following rates: $22.50 for 30 bids; $37.50 for 50 bids; $75.00 for 100 bids; $150 for 200 bids; $225.00 for 300 bids. A great thing about their bidding system is that “for every $1 spent on bids, you get a $1 discount on a gift card from a top retailer”. Each bid on an item increases the price by $.15 and increases the time by 30 seconds. Also, if you don’t win an auction, you can get 100% of the amount spent on bids if you choose to Buy It Now. So, the amount spent in bids will be subtracted from the retail price, giving you a discounted Buy It Now price. So as you can see, BidDeal.com is basically a win/win all around when it comes to bidding; you’ll get your money back one way or another. They also have unbelievable deals that are hard to find anywhere else.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealseBay – The top online auction site in the U.S. that’s free to join and free to bid. Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably at least heard of the site. Even though it’s very popular, they are known for their high seller fees. As far as browsing for items, you can search by category or use the search box to specify exactly what you’re looking for. The advanced search options lets you add filters and add more specifications pertaining to your preferences. For instance, you can search for items within a certain price range, only search for items with free shipping, and even search for items within a particular range of any zip code. The site is broken up into four sections: single auctions, motors, stores, daily deals. There are many tips out there for buying and selling on eBay; many people even make a living by running their own eBay store.

 Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsSwoopo- An online entertainment auction that’s free to join but it costs $.60 (equal to 1 credit) to place a bid. BidPacks are available if you’d like to buy your bids in bulk. Types of BidPacks: S (small) – $24 for 40 bids; M (medium) – $45 for 75 bids; L (large) – $90 for 150 bids; XL (extra large) – $240 for 400 bids; XXL (extra extra large) – $600 for 1000 bids. A great thing about their bidding systems is that if you win an item, you can then use your bids spent toward buying that item. For instance, if you spend $20 in bids, that $20 will be deducted from the item purchase price. They’re currently having a fall promo sale which will give new registrants $10 off their first purchase. You can mainly browse items by category. As you’re browsing, bids are updated in real time, so you can see which items are being bid on and how much they currently are. Customers can place single bids or use the “BidButler” to bid on their behalf. On average, most winning bids will save you a whopping 65% off recommended retail prices.

 Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealseBid – This online auction site is free to join and is very similar to eBay. You can browse items by category or use the search box to search all auctions, all wanted, descriptions, or usernames. There are also hundreds of eBid stores to browse through as well. If you enter a maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for an item, eBid will bid on your behalf until you are outbid. Just like eBay, auctions with reserve prices will end without a winner if the reserve price is not met. They even have a BuyNow feature that is basically the same as eBay’s BuyItNow feature. This, of course, allows you to buy an item at the listed BuyNow price without having to go through a bidding war. Their “Dutch” auctions are used to accommodate those sellers who are selling large quantities (more than 1) of the same exact item. Their forums also give the site a community feel, giving their users the opportunity to chat about numerous topics as well as plug their own options.

 Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsWeBidz – An internet auction site that’s is free to join. You can search by category or search box. Each category has a count right next to it in parenthesis of how many items are listed in it. The advanced search options will let you filter which type of items you’d like to see: buy out, reserve price, standard, direct payment, include photos, Dutch, regular payment. Aside from buying and selling items, they also have a wanted ads section. There are also hundreds of stores to browse through via the Stores tab. Just like the majority of the auction sites covered here, they offer automatic bidding and a Buy Now feature, which they call “Buy Out”. Their community features a highly active forum with various topics to chat about and a blogs section. Any user is welcome to post a blog.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsLiquidation – A wholesale and surplus auction website that’s free to join. You can search by category, keywords, location, lot size, condition or shipping options. Additionally, the advanced search options let you search by auction ID, seller username, and price range. Even though bidding is free, after placing a first bid on an auction, you’ll be asked to enter your shipping and credit card information. This is used for “protection and validation purposes” only. If you win an auction, you’ll still be required to choose a payment method and enter your payment information. Liquidation.com also utilizes automatic bidding based on your maximum bid amount. If you’re a frequent buyer on eBay, you’ll notice that many times right before an auction ends someone will jump in and make a bid, and then snatch the item right from underneath you. Liquidation.com tries to fix this problem by automatically extending an auction’s closing time by 3 minutes, but only if there is a bid submitted within the final 3 minutes of the auction. So, no more last minute snatching.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsBidz.com – A niche online auction website for brand name items and jewelry which is free to join. You can search all auctions, just jewelry, or just brand name items too. You can also search by product types or material type. Alternately, you can use the search box to be more specific. Bidz.com also has an autobid system, which is new and improved; it lets you “enter your maximum bid in the system directly from the search or category page”. They also have reserve price auctions with both visible and hidden minimum selling prices. In order to bid on reserve auctions, you account will need to be verified. In order to verify your account, you simply need to win an auction and pay for it. Bidz.com also offers ring sizing for a $25 fee on most of their ring auction. You’ll find a resizing icon within the auctions that do qualify for this service. You can also purchase any of their fancy jewelry boxes to go along with your jewelry items. Finally, if you’re looking for a way to protect your investments, Bidz.com also offers warranty service plans. These plans range from $9.99 to $249.99 every two years for jewelry and, $19.99 to $179.99 every two years for watches.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsuBid – A traditional online auction site that’s free to join. You can search by category or by using the search box. Categories are also broken down into subcategories which from there are broken down by the different features of the item type. Searches can also be sorted for by price, number of bids, units available, or alphabetically (ascending and descending), making it easier to find your preferred item. They have an “Overtime Policy” which simply states that if any auction receives a bid within the last 10 minutes, the ending time will be extended by 10 minutes. The auction will continue in this manner until there are no more bids within the last 10 minutes. They also have a Bid Butler that will automatically bid on your behalf, if you enter a maximum bid that you’re willing to pay.

online auction 
Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsOnlineAuction – This auction site is free to join for a basic account. If are interested in being a buyer, it will cost you $4/month. If you are interested in being a seller it will cost you $8/month. If you’re looking to have no limitations, you can become a “founding member” and for $196 for the first year and $96 thereafter. Founding members can bid without limitations, communicate with buys and sellers via a private mailing system, use chat rooms, and sell unlimited items without listing fees. You can search by category or by search box entry. There’s also a member search feature as well as advanced search options which will let you search by phrase, auction number, type and price range. They also have automatic bidding based on your maximum bid. Just like Liquidation.com, they also extend auction times when bids are made at the last minute. If a bid is made within the last 90 seconds of an auction, the ending time will then be extended by 90 seconds.

 Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsOZtion – A free online auction website that caters primarily to Australians, though they do have items from other countries. Features found at their new site will eventually be added to the regular site. Like eBay and eBid, they also have a BuyNow feature for those who want to purchase an item instantly at the given price. It is best to become a verified user so that you can send private message to other users, post in the forum and purchase items outside of Australia. There are five different verification methods: credit card, address, photo ID, phone, Australia Post. They also offer BuyNow items with the option to Make An Offer if you’re wanting a lower price. Sellers of course have the option to accept or decline your offers.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsShopGoodwill – This is actually the “first Internet auction site created” and it’s free to join. You can search by title, category, seller, price, or item number. They basically offer all of the same features as the majority of the aforementioned sites: automatic bidding, reserve auctions, Dutch auctions, buy now auctions. When looking through listings you can filter them to view all current auctions, those just listed, those ending on the current day, buy now auctions, and the hot 50. The site is very basic which makes it very easy to navigate.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsCQout – This auction site is not free to join; you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $3 in order to become a verified user. Without doing so, you will not be able to place any bids or sell items. There are a few sellers who will actually refund the $3 fee on your 1st purchase with them; this list can be found on the registration form. You can search for items by lot number, user ID, keyword(s), category, and/or subcategory. Their auctions run anywhere from 1 to 21 days and do include an autobid feature. Some auctions may have reserve prices that need to be met before the item will sell. They have a Buyer Protection program that offers 100% protection and peace of mind and helps protect you from frauds, scams, and damaged goods. Their rating system is also pretty strict; if any user receives 3 negative rating they’ll be suspended from CQout.

Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsePier – Online auction site that’s is free to join but also allows you to purchase an Advanced Storefront for $21.95/year that comes with a 6-month free trial. This is of course optional. An Advanced Storefront includes: search engine submission of your store, a management dashboard, no per item listing fee, a customer list creator, and a BuyNow feature. iPier has a search box and a search tab where you can search by keyword, username, seller, buyer, location, item number, or price. At ePier you can “buy and sell anything from personal items to automobiles”. They offer reserve price auctions, Dutch auctions and private auctions. Dutch auctions are for sellers who are selling more than one of the same exact item. Private auctions hide all bidder’s email addresses to everyone except the seller. auction warehouse Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsAuction Warehouse – This internet auction site first began as a private site but later switched to being public site free for everyone who wants to join. You can search by category or by using the search box. As far as auctions go, their features are pretty much like the rest: reserve auctions, buy it now auctions, etc. Sellers in the United States (only) will be happy to know that there are never any fees to list any item. There are not even any commission fees, so you get to keep all sales profits. There are, however, fees for option auction features. As a registered seller you will need to provide your credit card information for verification purposes; their sites is secured using SSL encryption. bid alot Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsBid-Alot – A free online auction site but there’s also four other paid account types to choose from: 1) Bronze for $2/month, 2) Gold for $5/every three months, 3) Platinum for $6.99/ every three months, and 5) Garage Sales which is also free. For a breakdown of individual fees associated with each account type, please check out the Membership Terms chart. You can search by title and description, in eStores, by zip code, by category, or by using the search box. The advanced search options lets you search by keyword, location, subcategories, item type, and price. They do utilize an autobidding system based on your maximum amount entered as well as Instant Purchases (same as buy it now). There is a private messaging system that you can use to communicate with other buyers and sellers. auction fire Best Online Auction Websites For Killer Shopping DealsAuction Fire – This auction website is not free to join; there are two account types to choose from. You can either choose a VIP account for $6 or basic account for $3. The VIP account lets you import your feedback ratings from another auction site and will then confirm your identity – a basic account only confirms your identity. Either way, you will need either a valid PayPal account or credit card for either. You can search by category or search box. Categories are then broken down into numerous subcategories along with the total number of items that are listed in each. They also do not have any listing fees but they do charge sellers a 2.5% commission. Auctions can run from 1 all the way up to 30 days. They have a message board dedicated to fraud alerts, so you know which users and scams to be on the lookout for. They also have a message board for site news so that you can stay in the know.

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