By Merilee Kern, ‘The Luxe List’ Executive Editor

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you’re sure to run into your fair share of challenges. Since gallivanting by land, air or sea can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, why not give yourself a break and bring along items that’ll ease and expedite your journey, and even alleviate some common concerns?  Consider this roundup of practical products that solve problems and make traveling a more treasured experience.

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Artemis & Praetorian His & Her Hoodies (www.TripleAughtDesign.com) — $169-$175

Comfort while traveling always make the experience easier. Offering style, coziness and durability, these sweaters are made from 100% Merino wool and offer the most versatility for performance wear for today’s urban traveler. Toss it in your pack for a trip to the mountains or even wear it out for a night on the town, Because Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant, you do not have to worry about washing it for days. The Merino wool also effortlessly wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry while also helping to regulate body temperature by trapping heat for insulation when you are cold.

6 Pack Fitness Voyager Backpack (www.SixPackBags.com) — $249.99

The Voyager backpack is designed to keep your nutrition and fitness on track no matter where the day takes you. Whether you’re jetting off on a business trip, packing for a long travel day, or heading on a long road trip, this backpack takes care of all your dietary needs. The Voyager features compartments to pack up to 5 meals alongside your travel gear, laptop, and daily accessories. Its extra large main compartment contains organizational pockets for wallet, keys, and phone as well as an expandable mesh bottom to store clothing. Available in Black, Red, Black/Red, Green/Tan, the Voyager offers comprehensive meal management capabilities while storing gear for the gym and technology for the office. Comes pre-loaded with 5 Sure Seal Containers, 1 Sports Nutrition Container, and 3 Gel Packs (2 small, 1 large). It features an expandable bottom for damp workout clothing and fleece-lined laptop/tablet compartment.

110% Compression Blitz Knee Sleeve and Flat Out Sox (www.110PlayHarder.com) — $55-$60

Whether you are camping or on traveling outside of civilization, it helps to have some convenient care gear to alleviate any pain from all that walking and climbing you may have planned. The Blitz Knee Compression Sleeve combines the benefits of compression and the power of an ice bath in one product. With 360-degtree pockets, reusable ice inserts, and a thermal carrying bag, these sleeves transition from high-performance compression gear to an active recovery system. The sleeve also stabilizes joints and decreases the muscle vibration that leaves your knee sore while the ice therapy helps reduce inflammation and swelling. The Flat out Compression Sox boosts circulation and stabilizes muscles for optimal performance and recovery. It has targeted compression zones with a bold graphic design that works a lot like kinesiology tape, supporting major muscles to reduce fatigue, enhance endurance, and speed recovery. These are great for reducing ankle swelling and jet lag.

Three Lollies Queasy Pops (www.ThreeLollies.com) — $3.95/lollipops and $5.50/drops

Not everyone travels well by car or plane. To help those who suffer motion sickness, Three Lollies Queasy Pops have lollipops and lozenge drops that were designed to help people deal with a queasy stomach, nausea, and overall motion sickness. The unique delivery method, along with a special formulation of essential oils and aromatherapy, including peppermint, sour lemon, and ginger to name a few, create this natural remedy that also helps with dry mouth. There is also Queasy Pop for Kids that has kid-friendly flavors like Cola but delivers the same benefits.

Prince Lionheart Backseat Organizer (www.PrinceLionheart.com) — $25

Keeping babies and toddlers occupied while on a road trip can be challenging let alone difficult to keep the car organized. However, Prince Lionheart’s Backseat Organizer was designed by parents to maximize functionality and restore sanity. It rises above other backset organizers as it was made to offer the most distraction and entertainment for baby, helping to keep those meltdowns at bay. The top left and right pockets have distraction toys to hold their interest while other pockets can hold wipes, toys, books and snacks. Look forward to a peaceful journey with this travel organizer for the car.

MOGA ACE POWER Gaming Control (www.MogaAnywhere.com) — $79.99

Now you can take gaming on the road with you. MOGA ACE POWER device that provides the most advanced set of precision console-quality gaming controls available, including dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, triggers, a D-Pad and four action buttons that give you the edge in mobile gaming. MOGA can also extend your gaming time and keep your battery topped off while you play thanks to exclusive battery-boosting technology. With a built-in 188 mAh internal batter, MOGA ACE POWER makes mobile gaming truly mobile and is compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th generation).

Zip Buds Pro Mic (www.ZipBuds.com) — $39.99

On the road, you may be looking to tune out the noise around you while also staying connected. Zip Buds Pro Mic offers noise-cancelling, in-line microphone/remote for hands-free calls and control that offers immersive, high-end audio powered by ultra-premium drivers. The ComfortFit2 ear bud shape is angled for a secure and comfortable fit as well as minimizes ear pressure and ensures optimal driver positioning. The ear buds feature rubberized, non-slip coating and chromed aluminum accents as well as offer a never tangle zippered design.

PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer (www.PhoneSoap.com) — $49.95

Did you know that your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet? The PhoneSoap charger is the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizers your phone in less than five minutes while it charges, and it is the safest and most complete way to kill all the bacteria that is growing on your phone. Using UV light to safety get rid of bacteria, PhoneSoap does not use heat, liquid, or chemicals. PhoneSoap is designed to work with every cell phone, including the largest smartphone. Don’t worry about charging and cleaning your phone overnight because it has unique acoustic outlets that are designed to let you hear your notifications and alarms you even when your phone is inside.

Tech21 Protective iPhone Case (www.Tech21.com) — $29.99

Your iPhone travels everywhere with you so you want to make sure that it is stays protected. The iconic Band design of the Tech21 Protective iPhone Case features a transparent bumper, which provides intelligent protection for your iPhone without concealing any of its original beauty. Lined with scientifically-proven, shock-absorbing D30 impact material and created with an advanced TBU formula renowned for its excellent resistance and flexibility, the Impact Band protects without adding any bulk, which makes it the perfect travel companion when you take your iPhone on the road.

Loop Mummy iPad Case (www.MobileGear.com) — $29.95

The “mummy” strap composition of this enveloping, protective silicone case for the iPad 4th Generation preserves your device’s identity. Hidden magnetic anchor points hold your cover down when it is folded back. Textured, coated silicone provides grip and impact resistance, ensuring your device is safe on the go. The case allows for full access to all ports, controls, and the camera.

PocketPlug iPhone Case and Prong Wall Charger (www.GoProng.com) — $59.95-$69.95

The PocketPlug is a very useful smartphone case with a built-in wall charger. It enables smartphones to plug directly into any standard electrical outlet for immediate charging, using two retractable charging prongs that are part of the case. When not in use, the two prongs fold flat inside the PocketPlug for maximum portability. When needed, the prongs easily deploy with one finger, allowing users to charge their phones in any outlet without the use of a charging cord. Other design features include a micro USB port and micro USB cable for power, enhanced studio engineering, quick charging technology, and worldwide voltage compatibility for 100-240V and 50-60Hz so travelers can use it anywhere.

Tripp-Lite 2-Outlet Surge Suppressor (www.MobileGear.com) — $24.95

Protect your laptop, electronic notepad, or personal organizer from surges and line noises while working on the road with this three-outlet surge suppressor. Its compact size and concealable power cord make it extremely portable. Two USB ports keep your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player and other devices charged at full power and at the ready. It features a diagnostic LED that confirms surge suppression status. It even comes with a connected equipment guarantee/warranty up to $25,000.

CamelBak Purifying Water Bottles (www.CamelBak.com) – Starting at $20

On the road, you want to make sure you always have purified water within reach. With CamelBak All Clear design, you can feel confident. It’s a water bottle and a purification system in one that utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminates to EPA standards. With a built-in LCE to confirm your results, purification has never been easier to turn nearly any tap or clear natural water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds. CAmelbak’s Groove design is a sustainable, plant-based filter that lasts about 3 months or 48 gallons, turning fountain and tap water into fresh, great tasting water anywhere you go.


Happy Hour Timepieces – “The Ish” Watch (www.HappyHourTimepieces.com) — $174.99

Even traveling, especially for leisure, Happy Hour is an important part of the day so celebrate it with this special timepiece. It offers a bottle opening bucket and visible 5 on the display denoting it’s time for Happy Hour so rest assured you’ll never miss another Happy Hour special again! This whimsical watch also has a mineral crystal lens and an hour and minute disc with printed splash graphic for easy tracking. It includes a calf-skin strap with genuine leather lining while the case is constructed form 316L stainless steel and is water resistant up to 100m. It is available in three colors: timeless, orange crush, and night.

Shelves On-the-Go (www.CleverContainer.com) — $43

Packing and unpacking on a trip is probably one of the least favorite parts of travel, but thanks to these Shelves On-the-Go you can actually enjoy this aspect of the experience. This handy portable packaging system will allow you to unpack within seconds. Only 24 ounces, it will still hold up to 35 pounds. It features adjustable straps that allow you to hang it from a closet rod or top of the door. It also fits perfectly into carry-on luggage for easy transport.

Hamilton Beach Travel Iron and Steamer (www.Wayfair.com) — $31.99

You want to look great while traveling but do not necessarily want to bring all the heavy supplies with you to do it, and you can’t always count on your hotel to help out. This travel-sized iron/steamer combination is perfect for bringing with you on trips. Its compact size allows you to store it easily in any suitcase. It packs a 1500-watt punch with an extra long cord and fine mist spray. This item is great for steaming items while they are still on hangers or for ironing while flat.

Scrubba Wash Bag (www.TheScrubba.com) — $64.95

The Scrubba Wash Bag is the world’s first pocket-sized washing machine and is designed to allow travelers the convenience of cleaning their clothes anywhere and anytime for free. The secret to the patent-pending six-ounce Scrubba Wash Bag is on the inside. Hundreds of resilient nodules act as a flexible washboard in a bag. To wash cloths, simply add cleaning liquid and 0.5-1 gallon of water, seal the bag, expel the air and rub for as little as 30-seconds. Three minutes of this action is the equivalent to a machine quality wash. Rinsing can be done in the bag or in the shower and then it is simply a matter of hanging the clothes to dry. This means traveling lighter and cleaner.

Travelon Toiletries Refillable Toothbrush (www.Wayfair.com) — $8-$9

This refillable toothbrush is perfect for the frequent traveler. You can fill the Travelon Toiletries toothbrush with your favorite toothpaste. This saves you buying costly travel-size toothpastes and means one less item to pack. It is a 3-1-1 carry-on compliant item so you also do not have to worry about getting through security at the airport with it.

Shh All-In-One Soap (www.3WayBeauty.com) – Starting at $5

If you are looking for a great all-natural beauty product to take with you while traveling, Shh is a great brand. It is a line of natural, plant-based skin and hair products that was developed on the belief that the healthiest solutions for our skin and hair are those that are pure. This is an all-in-one shampoo, shower, and shaving bar for both men and women that is free of synthetics, preservatives, artificial fragrances and coloring. The package is also 100% compostable and recyclable. As an all-in-one product, it is a space saver for the luggage and also meets TSA regulations.


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