Hot News:

Penmanship Workshop (on Thursday in Chicago!) (via Behind The Curtain)

Nock Co. Reviews and Previews:

The Nock Co. Hightower 3+1 (via The Clicky Post)

The Nock Co. Sassafras (via From The Pen Cup)

The Nock Co. Lookout Pen Case (via Ed Jelley)

Postal Enthusiasm:

William H. Gross Stamp Gallery Opening (via Smithsonian Postal Museum)

A Personal Account of the Gross Stamp Gallery Opening (via Letter Writers Alliance)

Ex Postal Facto Mail Art Call (via Letter Writers Alliance)


The Pencil by Staedtler (via Pencil Talk)

The Sonic Rachetta Pencil Sharpener (via Pencil Revolution)

Les Crayons de la Maison Caran d’Ache Edition #2 (via Pencil Talk)

Hi-Uni Mixed Grade Pencils (via Pencil Revolution)

Pentel Sharp Carbon Black 0.5 mm Drafting Pencil Review (via Pen Addict)

Helix Pencil Top Sharpener Combo (via Pencil Revolution)

Bullet Pencils (via Woodclinched)

KUM Tip Top Sharpener and Pencil Cap (via Pencil Revolution)

Faber- Castell Castell 9000 4H Pencil Review (via A Penchant for Paper)

New Pencil Blog (via My Pencil Draws Worlds)

Vintage Pedigree 600 Red/Blue Pencils (via Economy Pens)


Esterbrook Collection (via Fountain of Pens)

Esterbrook 2314F Nib (via Fountain Pen Quest)

Pelikan M450 Fountain Pen Review (via Write to Me Often)

Pilot Acroball 1.0 black (via Economy Pens)

Kaweco Fountain Pens (via Postcrossing)

Lamy Vista F Fountain Pen (via Clicky Post)

Sailor Fude de Mannen (brush style nib) (via Ink Of Me Fondly)

Franklin-Christoph Model 27 Diamondline Fountain Pen (via From The Pen Cup)

Pilot G2 0.38mm vs. Uni-ball Signo 207 Ultra Micro (via No Pen Intended)

Care and Maintenance of Fountain Pens (via Rhodia Drive)

Pilot Petit Pens (via From The Pen Cup)

Kaweco AL-Sport (via Ed Jelley)

Morning Glory Mach3 Rollerball 0.38mm (via Pen Addict)

Pentel Slicci Metallic Violet 0.8 (via Economy Pens)


Lamy Turquoise Ink (via The Pencil Case blog)

Noodlers X-Feather (via Fountain Pen Quest)

Noodlers Baystate Blue Ink Review (via Ed Jelley)

Diamine/Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue Ink Review (via Informal Scribble)

Private Reserve Invincible Black (via Fountain Pen Quest)

Paper and Notebooks:

Carta Pura Notebooks (via These Beautiful Pens)

Rhodia R Premium Notepad (via Pen Addict)

Monologue Notebooks (via No Pen Intended)

Raymay DaVinci Tomoe River Paper Refills (via Pen Addict)

New goodies for mail and paper lovers (via Paper Pastries)

Field Nuts: The Official Field Notes Appreciation Society (via Field Notes)

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