Now well established in the British smart home market, courtesy of its Hive Active Heating thermostat (see our review), Hive is extending its range of home controllers with the launch of the Hive Active Plug, Hive Motion Sensor and the Hive Window or Door Sensor.

The £39 Hive Active Plug allows you to turn appliances on and off remotely, working in conjunction with the same Hive Hub and app used with the Hive Active Heating system. Users can also set a schedule, with up to six time slots a day, for powering devices connected to the plug – handy for switching on table or floor lamps in the evening when you’re out, or ensuring devices are powered off overnight.

For enhanced home security, the £29 Hive Window or Door Sensor is a wireless contact sensor that can be fitted to windows, door frames, cupboard doors and drawers.

Once installed, you can opt to receive mobile notifications when the associated window, door or drawer is opened and, like the Hive Active Plug, the sensor communicated via the Hive Hub.

Meanwhile, the Hive Motion Sensor is a wireless passive infra-red detector that senses motion in the home. Alerts will be triggered should the sensor detect movement, with notifications hitting your mobile, tablet or laptop. Like the Hive Window or Door Sensor, the Motion Sensor is priced at £29.

If you do not have Hive Active Heating installed, you can still take advantage of the new smart home devices, but you’ll need to purchase the Hive Hub – it costs £80.

In terms of availability, the Hive Active Plug is available to purchase online now at hivehome.com, and will begin shipping immediately. The Hive Window or Door Sensor can also be ordered now, with shipping set to commence around 8th February. The Hive Motion Sensor can be purchased from 9th February with stocks set to ship from 22nd February.

Hive told us that existing Hive customers will receive a 10% discount on the new connected home range until the 31st March 2016 when they buy via www.hivehome.com or the Hive Hub.

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