UC Baby fetal imaging centre that offers parents-to-be an opportunity to view their baby using exciting 3D/4D ultrasound!


UC BABY is the first and the leading 3D ultrasound company directed and founded by a Medical Doctor who has more than 20 years of experience in ultrasound. She set the highest standards that made UC BABY the most trusted company in 3D ultrasound service.

UC BABY opened its doors in 2003 and was the first 3D/4D ultrasound provider for parents in Canada. With 29 clinics throughout Canada and 1 clin...ic in Trinidad and Tobago and over 20,000 clients annually, there are many solid reasons that make UC BABY the leader of 3D and 4D ultrasound. There is no other company with anywhere near the experience or unique services that UC BABY offers. You and your baby deserve the best.

UC BABY has earned the respect of many obstetricians, family physicians and other health care professionals. We are proud of our reputation in the 3D Ultrasound field.

UC BABY provides excellent imaging performance and high quality pregnancy ultrasounds. Our goal is to ensure unique and satisfying experience for all expecting families. With our different 3D ultrasound packages, our clients can start the bonding experience with the highest quality 3D ultrasound service in compliance with all professional and high tech standards. Our live broadcasting service gives loved ones around the world the opportunity to join your 3D Ultrasound session.


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