In this post you will have new version of popular 50+ flat Icons Set for Designers/Developers, however for this version, it  includes many useful and stylist icons which seem to be a web trend, Im a big fan of icons because it helps avoid too much textual clutter. You can grab the HD files from the download button below, and take a look at the HD preview by clicking on the large thumbnail.

Flat Design icons has been continuing virtually unchallenged for some time now, and it’s started to develop sub styles. These can have a retina ready display quality that can stretch or shrink in size with no loss of quality. This makes them perfect for higher resolution devices like the iPad 3 & 4, and smartphones with smaller displays too. If this list of icons are not enough then don’t worry we will update it very often . Get more flat social media icons as well as flat vector icons by visiting our pages. Please share the pages with your friends if you like or find any part of our website useful. Stay with us for more updates.

Please don’t forget to send in your feedback/comments using the comments section below.

Flat Illustrations Pack by DesignShock( Download )

a delicious pack of 500 individual compositions in the same style of our Flat Icons, geometrically built, expressive and colorful, orderly arranged to be displayed in any of five different shapes each; all combinable, resizable and fully editable, delivered as vector AI files so you can make the most out of it.

Flat Icons ( Download )

4 Flat icons ( Download )

It’s a very useful set of 4 flat icon in Adobe Illustrator totally free to use.

20 Flat Icons (PSD) ( Download )

It’s a set of 20 colorful flat icons in vector  (size 128×128 pixels) PSD file. These icons are inspired by the Google icons and the flat design trend.

20 Free  Ballicons ( Download )

These icons were created using Photoshop vector shapes, size is 128×128 pixels.Click the free download form the page.

24 Flat Icons (PSD) ( Download )

24 flat style icons contributed by super-talented Jan Dvořák. The PSD includes all 24 icons which are fully layered for easy customization.

Circle Icons Pack Add-on 2 ( Download )

48 Free Vector Icons ( Download )

A set of forty eight free vector icons, created in Photoshop using vector shapes. These icons area easy to customize and you can scale it at any size to suit your project.

200 Beautiful Flat Icons ( Download )

collection of 200 symbols compiled together in a “Flat Icon Set” for you to download. You can use them freely for any type of project. Powered by freepik and noupe.

Android Icons | JB Graphene ( Download )

These icons are stunning for android . download ans use it for your great project.

Angry Birds Flat Colors ( Download )

well, is there any one who don’t know about angry bird ? i think answer is no. use these icons to impress your client.

Blue Flat Icons (PSD) ( Download )

Blue Flat Icon set includes 6 beautifully designed icons by Best PSD Freebies. These icons are fully scalable and the colours can be altered to fit your need.

Camera Icon Freebie ( Download )

A camera icon make in some free time grab the psd! Yeah it is yours Please keep it shared so people who maybe need this can have it!

Flat – Expansion Pack 1 ( Download )

They are primarily made for the Windows Superbar, that’s why they are of that size.

Cool Freebie PSD – Flat Icons ( Download )

You’ll here find 5 beautifully designed E-Commerce & Analytic icons which can be used in your Website, App, Video or any thing else you can imagine.

Fairy Tail Guilds Volume VI ( Download )

Anime fans will love this set of flat icons based on fairy tail guilds.

Flat Browser Icons ( Download )

This package includes 5 flat browser icons saved as .PSD file. All icons are fully vectorized in two sizes. You should download the developer icons package to get more than 100 different flat icons.

Flat Browser Icons set ( Download )

Flat Icon designs for my favorite web browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Enjoy!

Vector Flat ( Download )

They follow the flat style perfectly, with great use of bright colors among others.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol1 ( Download )

Our flat icons set is inspired by the new flat design UI trend. The icons are minimalist with a few distinctive details to bring life to them. We provide those icons in their psd vector shape file.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol2 ( Download )

Volume 2 of our flat icons set inspired by the flat design UI trend. Our new icons bring more diversity to our minimalist but distinctive flat design icons set. Those icons are provided in a psd file.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol3 ( Download )

Volume 3 of our useful flat icons set with a minimalist and clean style inspired by the flat design UI trend.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol4 ( Download )

Volume 4 of our flat icons set with a minimalist and clean style inspired by the flat design UI trend. Note that this icons set is provided in a psd file.

Flat Icons Pack Add on 1 ( Download )

Flat One ( Download )

Flat OS X Icons ( Download )

Slightly different Icon Pack. Let me know, if you like this Icon Pack in the comments.

Flat Style Icon Set ( Download )

Today we have a set of modern flat style icons; all are very useful for your projects.

Flatilicious – 48 Free Flat Icons (PSD) ( Download )

A fantastic collection of 48 free flat icons! The icons are multipurpose and can be pretty much used for anything – web design, apps, infographics, etc.

Free 195 Flat Flags ( Download )

I draw rest of the flags and completed the set. Don’t forget to check out the full size. Hope you guys can get some use from it.

Free AI Icon Set ( Download )

Flat Icons series, including the following categories – Portfolio, Soccer, Statistics and Music.

Free Flat Icons (PSD) ( Download )

A beautiful collection of 20 icons created using the flat design. The collection includes some unique icons including a web browser, iPhone, and iMac. Rendered in a different way although quite not flat its still fully free.

Free Flat Vector Icons ( Download )

A set of 50 free flat vector icons, framed and unframed (100 in total). included are all the most common icons used in apps and on the web.

Free iOS7 Icons PSD ( Download )

A set of flat and crisp  beautiful  iOS7 Icons . You can see the preview below, you can use it as an iOS7 Icons template as well . We  tried to build these Set of  Beautiful Flat Style Icons.

Hex Icons Pack ( Download )

170 icons + 45 games icons You can request additional icons for future additional packs in comments.

Hexicons ( Download )

IMPICONS Modern Flat style ( Download )

IMPICONS is a set of Modern Flat style Free Icons, see the Presentation below. This is a set of  30 essential icons, we tried to include the most common icons in this set such as delete icon, contact icon, protection icon, document icon, chat icon, shopping icon.

Android Icons | JB Graphene Traverse ( Download )

Android Icon set – 2,405 icons. The core Google icons are Jelly Bean styled. My Graphene set “viewed from over top”

Light Android Icons Set ( Download )

This is a personal concept following the flat design trend, with subtle shadows to add more detail. All icons are pixel perfect, fully scalable vector shapes combined with layer styles. They will look great on any colored background.

M Flat ( Download )

Metro UI Icon Set – 725 Icons ( Download )

This is not to miss pack and a must have  for every designer and enthusiast. This set is often updated with new trends and networks so its worth downloading without any thoughts and give the author credit.

Minimal File Format Icons ( Download )

This freebie includes 4 minimal file format icons. I designed them for psd, ai, jpg, and png icons but they would work great as download links for other file formats as.

MMII FLAT icons Vol.2 ( Download )

MMII FLAT icons Vol.1 ( Download )

Office Urbanized Version 2 ( Download )

An adaptation of my “Office Urbanized” icon set. Office Suite redone in a combination of the “Metro” (Modern UI) style and a popular “Flat” design style. a softer color palette, larger curves and rounded forms.

One Piece Jolly Roger Volume V ( Download )

Icons which are truly long shadow and flat made for one piece anime forums, blogs, desktops.

Retroflat icon – Adobe V1 ( Download )

Round icon set ( Download )

Had some time on my hand and decided to create this icon set. Its free for all to download, share and use however like to.

Simple Flat Icons ( Download )

Simple Flat icons that i created for fun packed with Social Media, cloud storage, players and many more.

Simple Icons ( Download )

Simple Icons by Dan Leech is a set of 125+ PNG icons for popular websites, apps and organizations, and it all comes in eleven sizes (16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels squared).

Simple Icons also maintains a list of official background colour values that can be used in conjunction with the icons and new icons are continually added.

Stylicons ( Download )

Stylicons are made from vector shapes at 48x48px and comes as an organised PSD and AI master file, along with separate EPS, SVG, and PNG’s in three handy sizes.

Super Heros and SUPER VILLAINS Volume VII ( Download )

Unnecessarily Flat v2- icon set ( Download )

Inspired with the iOS7 design, re-imagine how the original OS X icon will look like. Only without the boring grid system.512 * 512px icns files, please comment if you need a PNG version.

Unnecessarily Flat v2.1 – Autodesk Series ( Download )

Vecico Flat Icons ( Download )

100% free to use without attribution.

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