Today I am reviewing how easy it is to work with the Webs.com Website Builder page creation, page layout, and navigation features.

Funny thing, when I started this process I thought I would be able to do all that and add text into each page (not formatted, just an initial placement of text) in 10 minutes. I am so so silly. After 16 minutes I got my pages properly named, got the layout properly set on each page, and figured out the best solution for my navigation.

In other words, things weren’t as intuitive as I would’ve liked them to be. Boo. I’ll elaborate a bit more on what went well and not so well with Webs.com as I did all this, but first, here’s the video for those who prefer to watch.

Things that went well

Renaming pages

Creating drop-down menus

Creating a new page and choosing its initial layout

Using the help documentation.

These things all went super well. By “well” I mean that I didn’t have to hunt around to figure out how to do any of them.

Things I found confusing

If your layout doesn’t support as many pages as you’d like in your main navigation, it automatically makes a “more” link and adds the remaining pages as sub-navigation to “more.” A warning about this would’ve been nice. So I was in the correct place to change the order all along, but I didn’t understand what was happening. I had to search for help to find out.

Changing the order of the pages in the navigation bar.

Once I figured out where to change order, dragging the pages to the order I wanted them to be was super easy. The confusing part was after I changed the order, there was no “commit” or “save” button. The nav bar didn’t dynamically update, either, so I didn’t know if there was supposed to be a “save” button that I somehow wasn’t finding. I actually read in the help documentation that it would automatically save, but it was so disorientating to not see something change upon dragging a navigation item to a new location, I was seriously questioning if I was doing things correctly.

Changing a page’s layout after it has been created.

If you want to see what I mean by confusing, watch the video. I left all the confusion in the video for your entertainment :)

This was an okay experience. I was hoping to get a lot more done in ten minutes and I spent a lot of time wondering about the items that confused me. But I DID figure everything out and I did so in under 20 minutes. So Webs.com’ website builder gets a 15/20 for this portion of my website building experience.

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