is a daily deals website just like Groupon or Living Socials. HOW IT WORKSVisitors visit your site, and they are enforced to subscribe to your site's deals newsletter. Visitors receive daily deals email directly from their Inbox. They can purchase any available deals with just a click. Once their payment goes through, they will receive an email containing the purchased deal voucher which will enable them to redeem the deal from the merchant who owns the actual deal. They can also login to their account and print the voucher anytime. This voucher can be printed out and shown to the attendant wherever you want to redeem the deal.This is a simple site built on Wordpress. You will never find an awesome website like this elsewhere. Semantically designed and maintained.WHO HANDLES THE PAYMENT.The payment processing is run and handled by Paypal secure. Whatever agreement you have with the merchant, you may decide to pay the merchant that owns the actual Deal directly when the deal ends or you can set up the payment option from the control panel to let buyers pay the merchant directly, whichever works best for you.HOW ARE DEALS FEATURED a featured deal on your website costs $20, and the merchant is ready to offer 100 quantities of the deal, if your commission on this item or product is $5 per each deal sold from your site, this means you have the tendency of making $5 multiplied by 100 quantities. The net profit is going to be $500 on that particular deal. Imagine you have 20 different deals featured on your site, you can make so much cash.Take a look at this link for a live deal can filter deals by location, cities, and States.You can list as many deals as you like. There is no limit to deals listing.We are currently offering deals from various cities around the USA.SUBSCRIBERSThis site currently has more than 3000 Deals newsletter subscribers in the USA. Which means, these subscribers receive emails containing daily deals whenever any is available.INCOMEDue to the success of the site, income keeps flowing. Sometimes, the site generates $1000 weekly, depending on the amount of deals sold daily.TRAFFICThe best way to sell deals is by sharing the deals on Facebook and twitter, google Adwords, words of mouth. All featured deals come with social media integration which makes it easy for you to share the deals on your Facebook and twitter account. Tell friends and families about the deals featured on your site and keep making money. So simple and easy. This would also increase the amount of daily deals subscribers you will get. You may never know who would buy the deal you share on your Facebook wall.Terms:Get in touch with me for any more info like reports or proof.I will accept an offer

Date Listed: 04/17/13

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