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Please note --
nearly ALL of my designs are unique --
however this is my second LIMITED turnkey
offerings. Times are hard and I know
there are many individuals out there that
cannot afford one of my unique developments
that are priced in the $2,500-$10,000 mark
-- so I will be offering a very limited
number of the Link Jacket site like this
one. Currently, I only plan to release
a handful of these sites and no more. You
will notice that the price of this auction
reflects that and you will receive all the
benefits of my exclusive clients. I am
hoping this will help get a few individuals
started into the business and I can help
them establish their startup company and
move them on to bigger things.

I've always been
very upfront and honest with my clients so I
just want to make sure that everyone
understands that there will be a handful of
these sites being created and in exchange I
am drastically lowering the price (this site
exclusively would cost near $3,000) and also
adding some very coop interesting marketing
benefits. So this is your chance to
own a very expensive site and design at a
fraction of the cost, and more importantly,
still have my support and help along the way
which is worth far more then the price of
the site. By 'limited' I mean that
this site isn't going to get sold over and
over -- ONLY a handful because I'm using
this to find new and dedicated clients that
will learn intellectual properties and
purchase larger pieces from me in the
future. With that out of the wa -- read on :)

This is a very cool viral website
that has wings and will do a lot of flying -- and for
the price its hard to pass up. The site is
positioned to do some very great things and I will
explain to you what makes Link Jacket a great
starter website to own.

Everything is automated, there is no technical
aspects to worry about, and you can auto-pilot a strong
income with this site without being technically savvy --
plus I'm going to help you.

You will notice that this site has a very attractive price
tag. Don't let the low price fool you -- its a
great value. The reason for the low price is that
we completed the site in record time -- making
development costs far less then expected, and we will be
offering a limited release on it. On
starter sites I always try to pass those savings onto my
new client -- thus the reason for the great price.

Partial Screen Shot Of Homepage

What Link-Jacket Does Is Impressive

Link-Jacket delivers a very unique
way for people to make money online. Traffic, banner
impressions, and links are all worth a great deal of money to
advertisers and webmasters -- and Link-Jacket is going to open
the doors for a new advertising opportunity out there that is
finally going to let people kind of 'work from home' and build
themselves an income from it without having to have a website
or deal with the complexities of trying to start a true blue
Internet business. This is a great opportunity for
people seeking to promote as well because now they can reach a
new audience at a discounted rate -- and deliver ads into
places they were unable to deliver them before.

strongly encourage you to visit the site to get a full idea of
what Link-Jacket does but for the purpose of this auction I
will give a very short and direct explanation.

Link-Jacket utilities "Intermission" pages to deliver
ads and links. Individuals earning money on Link-Jacket
can create an account, and take any link they choose and
"wrap" it with Link-Jacket. When a user clicks on this
link they will be taken to the Link-Jacket Intermission Page
where they will see ads, and then they are carried to the
actual link that was wrapped.

Link-Jacket users are recommend to post these wrapped
links in forums and other social sites that will help guide
people to the answers they seek. For example, if someone
posts on or a forum asking "What Is The Best Place
To Eat In New York?" then a Link-Jacket user can 'wrap' the
URL of" and make a reply to the
forum saying "Pizza Boys is a great place to eat, you can see
their menu by [Clicking Here].". When they 'click here'
they will be taken to the Link-Jacket Intermission Site,
displayed ads about places to eat In New York, and then
carried on to the PizzaBoys website. This answers the
individuals question as well as earns the Link-Jacket user
money. Thousands of individuals will read the forum post
in the future, follow the link, and contribute to the users
income over time.

Dedicated users will post thousands of these links and
earn a growing and viral income over time just by being a part
of Link-Jacket. The site has additional technology to
help the users that is gone over on the website.

How You Make Money With Link-Jacket

Now that you know how the users
make money -- here is how the site owner makes money (you!).
I currently have the Signup free on the website -- so anyone
can signup and get started at no cost. If you desire, we
can change this to charge $29 per signup and you can bring in
revenues on this. However, I have implemented a better
and more profitable way of earning revenues.

Here is what an "Intermission"
page looks like..

You will see that on the upper
left hand of the screen you see a "Webmasters -- Boost Your
PageRank" section. Below this you will see links and a
"Boost Your PageRank" link. These links are shown across
EVERY intermission page on the network. Over time this
will grow to include millions of impressions each week -- and
a source of income for the site owner.

Webmasters can click on this link
and add their website to this list -- up to 5 listed sites at
a time. When a new site is added, the oldest site is
removed from the list, and the newest site is added to the
top. The site currently charges a FLAT-FEE for inclusion
into the network.

As your network grows over time
you can start to charge more and more for each inclusion based
on the traffic your intermission pages receive.

Daily Inclusions

Inclusion Price

Weekly Income







Once your website reaches a significant amount
of traffic then you will be able to bring on 5 or more
inclusions a day and charge $49 or more each. Due
to the viral nature of the site -- building a strong following
can be done quickly and without a large promotion budget.

Daily Inclusions

Inclusion Price

Weekly Income







As you can see -- traffic is very profitable. You
can also utilize these links for yourself and point them to
affiliate programs and earn a great deal of income via
commissions which is effortlessly.

Marketing And

I am sure your scared to death of
marketing if this is your first site -- don't be. It is
not as hard as it seems and these sites can establish

My Consulting Is Included In This Auction

I'm not just going to hand you the site and
wave from the shore as your boat floats into the distance --
I'm going to help you establish this site. In exchange
for doing this I hope that you will purchase sites from me in
the future because this helps me build a long term and
prosperous living out of my line of work.

The first thing to be done with this
auction is to take out broad impression campaigns and an
aggressive SEO stance to ensure its long term success.
I've already started this for you and you only need to pickup
where I left off -- and of course -- I'm going to show you
how. Its actually easy to do; surprisingly enough.
Most sites (but not this one) that I build are not so easy --
in fact -- most are pain staking -- but this one site is going
to be pretty easy. You do need to reserve a small advertising budget to get this thing off the ground --
that's just good business and common sense. Expect to
reserve about 5 hours for me (and more) until you learn what
your doing and can handle everything on your own. If you
get busy -- its no problem -- just keep in touch because
communication is the key with these things. Please -- if
your considering buying this auction -- call me, my number is
at the bottom of this auction, and you can get an idea of
where I believe this site is headed.

In addition -- I will be providing to you
all marketing materials. This means you won't
have to spend any money building banners or what not -- I will
handle it for you. I know this stuff can be
expensive to build so that's why I'm going to take care of it
now and in the future. This will ensure that if you need
something; its here for you and it will turn out as
professional as the rest of the site.

Why I Believe This Site Will Be A

I have a lot of faith in this site because
people want to make money online and they know how to answer
questions. Everyone has free time and they answer
questions and post on forums anyway -- so why not make money
doing it in the meantime? The reason I believe the site
will be a success is because you are going to have THOUSANDS
of people 'working' for you -- to make you money and expand
your network. This is a snowball effect of promotion and
viral growth that in the end is going to give you HUGE
promotional abilities that can yield a pretty good paycheck in
the end. Another reason I believe this will be a success
is because, like all of my sites, they have me behind them and
I'm a successful guy. It is important to me, and my
reputation, that my developments do well and because of this
I'm dedicated to making sure you don't fall flat on your face.

You won't find any other sites offering you
the kind of business and technical assistance that I am
offering and I strongly advise you to consider that when
looking at other sites. I can tell you where to promote,
write your ad copy, and show you how to track and manage sales
and conversion -- while these other guys will be waving at you
from the distance after they get your money. If this is
your first site then its a no brain choice -- you might want
to buy something from someone that (a) is willing to pickup
the phone and talk to you, and someone that has done this
before and willing to hold your hand at times.

Hosting & Domains

There are no other fees. I'm
going to host the site for you -- at no cost -- for two years
or longer. I say two years because I have to give it
some kind of limit -- but I have been hosting sites for 7
years without charging a penny to anyone; so I don't expect to
ever change that. There are NO other fees outside of the auction price -- just
have some money on the side that you can use to run your first
promotion campaigns. I am a very reasonable person and I
want you to be successful so everything will be straight
forward and as fair as possible so that way we both always win
and can conduct business together for a long time. Don't
look at this as me trying to sell you a site; I'm just trying
to gain you as a business partner to help you get involved in
this line of business.

I have also integrated numerous
tools to get you along -- for example the 'quick view' sales
tracker, which shows you signups and sales, and scripts to
help you manage and track campaigns and conversions.
I've built this site owning that whoever owns it most likely
is going to need some help to keep things manageable and also
to get around doing some of the technical operations of it --
so I've kind of built 'Running a Website For Dummies' Tools
around just about everything. I know how to do
everything the hard way but it even makes it easier for me to
handle the operations when I have these tools in place and I
believe they will be a great benefit to you.

Auction Terms & Conditions

You will not receive the
domain name. This is just an example version -- I will
customize a version to fit your domain name. So, for
example, I would register something like "PRJacket".

Included in this auction is the
registration of the domain
name, 2 years hosting, scripts, and technology behind the website.
This is a limited release so you will not have very much
competition to deal with -- it will be rare that you ever see
any at all. If you need certain
things changed about the site then just let me know the
desired changes within the first few weeks of owning the site
and I will make any and all changes for FREE or at the
absolutely lowest possible price to you. I won't make a
penny for changes made to the site to get this thing the way
you want it. Down the road, when your ready to make a
2.0 version then maybe I can make a few dollars on it -- but
not now until your making money.

Contact Me With Questions or Just To
Talk Business

I'm sure you
have lots of questions about
this site you can call or email
me at anytime and I will be glad
to discuss it with you.
Purchasing an intellectual
property is a big step and
sometimes it helps to talk about
it. Never purchase a site
from someone that you can't
pickup the phone can call so
please feel free to contact me
at anytime. I am also
available weekends and late

I always consider 'offers' on
any of my developments.
Please contact
me if your interested in making
an offer or if you would like to
discuss this site or any of my
other works.

Contact By
Email With Questions

Matt @


I sincerely thank you for viewing my listing and I hope that we can contact
business in the future. I also want to invite you just to say, meet me,
and talk about Internet business anytime. I enjoy making new business
contacts and maybe I can help you along your path of being involved with
projects and Internet business as a whole. So please ask me a question --
or at least tell me that my auction looks terrible -- anything :) I just
want to hear back from you and maybe you can tell me what I can do in the future
to improve my design or just tell me that its looking good :)

Date Listed: 02/10/14

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