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Price $0.00 -- FREE

Must be a QUALITY entrepreneur with a heart to make this
company grow.  I've put a lot of work into this site and I want to
find someone that will do right by it and see it thru to the end. 
This offer is not for the exclusive rights of the technology as I will
continue to operate EMT and manage my own client base but it does
include everything else.

The Website


This is a great opportunity for you to be able to own and operate
your own Website Builder that allows any small business and individual
the ability to build their own website direct from their browser with
no web experience at all.

If you are a novice web designer
looking to vastly increase the value you can provide to your
clients then this website is perfect for you. 
This company can also be marketed purely as a 'do it
yourself' system without doing ANY web design or development
at all for individuals that want to be 'hands off'
operators.  If you already providing webmaster services
this platform can be upsold to your current client base and
bring you in more then $60k a year in extra income into your

Our innovative platform gives users the
ability to fully developed a website with powerful features such as
mobile, email, and search engine optimization already integrated and
'ready to go' out of the box. 


How I Started This Company

Before I designed this technology I found websites were
hard to build, time consuming and required a high level of
technical hurdles to get one started.  Even worse --
they are expensive -- hosting fees, domain costs, mobile
marketing subscriptions, certificates, shopping carts.. the
list goes on and on.  I could be days into a project by
the time I setup hosting, pointed nameservers, installed
templates, modules, plug-ins, did configuration and tried to
make it all work together.  So I designed this system
to eliminate all of the frustration and make things simple. 
To setup a website I just create an account and get started
directly with the content.. no themes, plug-ins, hosting, or
anything to configure.  Within half an hour I can have
a site fully ready for a client to see.  This platform
has everything I need already integrated and client ready
such as mobile marketing, newsletter subscription, reporting
and tracking, calendars, appointment systems, form
builders.. you name it and these were all things I was
having to build our separately before.  This technology
not only eliminates the time involved in building out
websites but eliminates the extra costs involved in having
to use third party applications.    
Below is an example screen shot of a website built on this

Example if live website built with our platform..


What makes the website builder really user friendly is
its extensive backend panel.  Every site comes with a
control panel that gives the small business owner a huge
array of tools.  They can build image galleries,
calendars, form builders, appointment systems, landing
pages, lead systems, ecommerce stores, restaurant menus, and
so much more. 

Advanced Admin Panels

Our website is also comes with 'corporate quality'
backend panels for managing customers, sales and revenues, reporting,
and advanced controls to accomplish virtually any task required on the

The quality of our Website builder far exceeds what you
will see on the market today and has been in development for well over 2
years with thousands of development hours dedicated to the project. 
This is a 'corporate' quality web application with numerous
administrative and reporting panels designed for midsized companies.

You can view customer billing patterns, change billing
dates, create packages, change things such as bandwidth, disk space, and
email/mobile blasts, change user domains, create courtesy or demo
accounts, and so much more.

Custom & Internal Broker & Affiliate Network

The system also supports an advanced Broker & Affiliate
setup allowing you to recruit others to not only sell the platform for a
commission that you define but also reward individuals for recruiting
and building sales teams.  This means you can post on places like
craigslist to recruit an entire commission based sales team for your new
business and even hold weekly local meetings for training and growth.

How It Makes Money
This platform makes money by charging each user a flat-monthly
rate for their website.  Every client you bring on board you
secure their business and earnings for years to come.  Businesses,
as well as individuals, tend to 'build and forget' their website on the
same platform with the same hosting for years on end which translates to
a stable and lucrative client base. 

Has Been Tested At A $99, $49, and $25 Per User Price Point With

This platform has a HISTORICAL 89% Client RETENTION RATE!

Converted 1 in 3 paid seo leads to free trial accounts via sales

Extremely designed revenue traffic and reporting system

The system comes with a fully reporting tracking system that allows
you to completely manage payments, users, features, and customizations
all from your web browser.

Income Calculator

In your spare time you can build more then $60,000 a
year in

extra income with 100 paying clients a month!

Time Table

Total Members

Monthly Reoccurring

Month 1



Month 2



Month 3



Month 4



Month 5



Month 6



Its NOT unreasonable to bring on a large base of paying
customers.  Last year we brought on over 120 new clients paying
$99/month in June while closing SEO leads from a paid source.  That
is 4 new clients a day -- $12,000 a month in new reoccurring revenue and
we had less then $1500 in lead cost.  There is no limit to how fast
you want to grow this company and the above figures are just examples to
help you calculate your own efforts.

How To Make Money Giving It Away For Free

Lets say you don't want to sell the website builder
but rather give it away for free -- no problem!  There is a way to
make money a few ways doing so.

Trial Pay Solution

You can provide the website builder to your clients for absolutely FREE
when they engage in an online offer thru Trialpay or any incentive based
program you want.  For example.. if they signup and purchase their
name at Godaddy then they could get the website builder for free.. and
then Godaddy would pay you a small commission on the purchase. 
Trial pay commissions range from $3-10 per action and you could require
your client base to perform the monthly to maintain their website.

Adsense / Ad Driven Solution

I have also built in Google Adsense / ad driven solution that will allow
you to stream targeted ads to every website built using the website
builder.  This provides daily impressions and you are paid per
click to the ads.. sometimes as much as $2 each.

Signing up free users is a breeze.. sites like Wix have signed up
over 50 million free users since they started up and this website
builder is of higher quality.

The idea behind ad driven revenues is simple:  offer the builder
for free and attract 20-30 signups a day until you are growing your a
user base by +1,000 active sites a month.  Targeted ads have very
high impression to click rates so a single site can yield you $2-3 a
month in revenues if not substantially more.  In this situation you
can grow your monthly ad revenues by $1000-2000 a month with ease and
grow a substantial income for your family with 3-4 months.

Website Builder Features

This is a quick overview of a quick feature list of our website builder
platform.  You can watch a complete Product Tour Video at the link

Complete EMT Product Tour (YouTube)

So Why Market & Own A Website Builder

There are a lot of types of websites you can buy online but a website
builder is a very unique and smart choice because of its business
structure.  Your providing a product online that you can give free
trials away for, that builds reoccurring income, and most importantly --
that no one else can copy or 'share' with others that would hurt the
market.  Owning a website builder is owning a solid product that
can last the test of time, unlike an eBook or service that anyone can
do.  There are very few software companies that have the talent and
finance to attempt to build a platform of this size so your competition
for something of this quality will is extremely minimal and will be so for years to come. 
If you compare the quality of our builder compared to that of Yahoo's or Godaddy's you will find that we far exceed them in almost every aspect.

The Swiss Army Knife of Web Technologies

One thing that makes this website building so appealing is because of
its extensive cost savings to the user.  They can now own a website
that everything they used to have to pay for separately is included such
as mobile marketing, web hosting, access to email newsletters, and
custom components like stores, applications, forms, galleries, and
testimonial systems.  Best of all they no longer have to hire a web
designer to help maintain their website and make changes such as adding
new content or even entire specialized pages.  Users could
go elsewhere but they pay hundreds of dollars a month more and receive this kind
of value.

Support & Guidance

Taking over this company will give you an opportunity to
learn new things and I will be providing guidance and
assistance along the way if you so desire.  I will also
be available to provide a high level of technical assistance
with the platform.  If the site runs into any type of
scripting issue or malfunctions you can rest assured my team
will be there to fix things up and get your customers back
on track -- free of charge of course.  I'm also
available to advice on marketing methods used to attract new
clients and more of the business side of things as you see

The Fine Print Terms And Conditions

In this paragraph is everything you need to know before
buying this website.

a) You will be accepting a license of
my technology to be setup on the domain name of your choice. 
I still own and retain the rights to my platform to build
upon and utilize as I see fit.  You will not be the
sole owner of this technology.  If you purchase
this website then I will ask you for a domain name to build
out your website.  I will customize you a logo for your
website and ensure all branding takes place.  Just to
be clear -- I will continue to operate my company, EMT, into
the future and take care of my established clients.  If
you have any questions about what the license includes
please contact me prior to accepting this offer.

b) This site requires a dedicated server to
operate.  It cannot operate on shared hosting. 
You will be required to cover monthly hosting costs of
$124/month until you grow enough to move to a larger server
configuration.  When the day comes I will be glad to
setup and move your setup for you as well.

c) I will provide ongoing technical support at no cost
which covers the platform having technical difficulties or
other issues that come up.

d) Other Costs:  The fee for the dedicated server is
the only costs associated with the business that you will be
responsible for.  There are no other subscriptions or
services you will need to cover that have not already been
paid for.  Technical support is also all inclusive with
no ongoing cost.


I hope you like my website and offer and hope to hear
from you soon. 

You can contact me on skype under the username SEORulebook or email me
at Support@SEORulebook.com

I'm more then happy to call you to discuss the site as well.


Date Listed: 01/11/14

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