Incomplete Items

These items are not fully working as they were. They may be missing functionality, may not be fully animated, or may not place properly in the room. We will be aggressively fixing these items over the next few weeks. With each batch of fixes, we will update this page so you can see when the items that you own are working 100%.

10 Year Celebration Sink

Abracadabra Candelabra

Acorn Stash Slide

After Party DJ Booth

Alchemist’s Stove

Alchemy TV

Alpine Evergreen Trees

Alps Gondola Ride

Amazing Acorn Armoire

Amazing World Cannon

Anchor Down Arrow

Anchor Side Arrow

Ancient Wading Pool

Antique Carved Wood Desk

Antique Iron Stove

Antique Produce Scale

Antique Toilet

Anything Is Possible Wardrobe

Aquamarine Floor Lamp


Aquarium Castle Toy Box

Arctic Ice Spa

Artist’s Bookshelf

Artist’s Desk

Artist’s Pallet

Astral Dreams Bed

Athletic Soaking Tub

Atomic Armchair

Atomic Beaker

Atomic Couch

Autumn Acorn Cottage

Autumn Gazebo

Autumn Swing

Autumn Tree Slide

Autumn Tree Swing

Awesome Arctic Television

Aztec Pool

Aztec Temple Slide

Backyard Buckeye Tree

Backyard Dig Site

Backyard Tiki Sparkler

Bagpiper’s Trampoline

Ball Pit Slide

Ballerina Bed

Ballerina Bookcase

Ballerina Dresser

Ballerina Side Table

Ballerina Sofa

Ballerina Toy Box

Ballet Chair

Ballet Coffee Table

Ballet Dining Table

Ballet Study Desk

Balloon Blower

Bamboo Chute Swing

Bamboo Desk

Bamboo Dining Chair

Bamboo Dining Table

Bamboo Shelving

Banana Hammock

Banana Peel

Barrel Hot Tub

Barrel Of Berries Fridge

Baseball Desk

Baseball Toy Box

Be Mine Heart Chair

Beach Blanket Bed

Beach Towel

Beachside Gazebo

Beanstalk Climbing Tree

Beat the Heat Hammock

Beautiful Bows Lamp

Beauty Class Vanity

Beaver Lodge Bed

Bed of the Pharaoh

Beehive Honey Geyser

Beetle Bee Table

Bejeweled Coffee Table

Berry Farm Scarecrow

Berry Market Fridge

Berry Season Coat Hook

Berry Season Wardrobe

Best of the Beach Podium

Big City Barrier

Big City Bus Stop

Big City Fire Hydrant

Big City Movie Screen

Big City Parking Meter

Big Pile of KinzCash Slide

Billiards Table

Birthday Candle Pillar

Birthday Fling Swing

Black and Gold Guitar Chair

Black and Gold Snare Side Table

Black and Gold Tambourine Chair

Black and White Cat Paperweight

Black Hole Fridge

Blazing Wardrobe

Bloom’s Amazing Tree

Blooming Dandelion

Blue Bean Bag Chair

Blue Hanging Ornament Chair

Blue Moon Lagoon

Blue Striped Chair

Blue Striped Dining Table

Bluebell Bed

Blustery Day Vanity

Bobbin’ Robin Jukebox

Bone Couch

Bone Side Table

Bongo Trampoline

Book Nook Sofa

Bouncy Banana Bed

Boxing Ring Trampoline

Boys Only Treehouse

Branch Light

Bright Light Sea Lamp

Bright Uprights Lamp

Bright Yellow Dresser

Brilliant Brainstorm Chair

Brontosaurus Slide

Brushed Metal Dining Chair

Bubble Trampoline

Bubblegum Bouncer

Build-a-Haunted-Castle Pumpkin Launcher

Build-a-Haunted-Castle Slide

Build-A-Snow-Fort Slide

Building Blocks Toy Box


Bunny Ski Hill

Burrowing Cliffside Slide

Bursting Birthday Gift

Butterfly Conservatory Swing

Butterfly Dreams Bed

Cabana Widescreen TV

Caesar’s Chair

Cake Trampoline

Caketop Chair


Camping BBQ

Camping Chair

CampKinz Picnic Blanket

CampKinz Picnic Table

CampKinz Pool

CampKinz Pup Tent

Campkinz Sign Swing

Candy Cane Lane Fireplace

Candy Cane Slide

Candy Cane Throne

CandyKinz Clock Tower

Canoe Couch

Captain’s Dubloon Dresser

Captain Dogbeard’s Sleeper

Captured Criminal Chamber

Card Collector Dresser

Carefree Cushion

Caring Vanity Sink

Carnival Carousel

Carnival Kissing Booth

Carousel Peacock Bench

Castle on the Hill

Castle Tower Slide

Cat’s Meow Garden

Cat Ottoman

Cat Sofa

Cave Bed

Celestial Swing

Changing Seasons Tree

Charm Forest Dining Table

Charm Forest Lollipop Flowers

Charming Charcoal Easel

Check in Desk

Cheerful Trampoline

Cheerleader Locker Wardrobe

Cheery Chimney Fireplace

Chef Gazpacho Mega Stove

Chef Gazpacho Stove

Cherry Swing

Chic Black Couch

Chic Counter

Chic Cupboard Sink

Chili Dog Cart

Chocolate Bar Couch

Chocolate Spa Waterfall

Christmas Cabinet Fridge

Christmas Caroler Gazebo

Circle of Friends Topiary

Circus Ball Trampoline

Circus Organ Grinder

City Street Slide

Classic Christmas Tree

Clock of the Future

Cloud Chair

Cloud Control Station

Cloud Machine

Cocoa Basket Bed

Coffee Table Tomb

Cold Flames Cauldron

Collegiate Chair

Comfy Classic Recliner

Comfy Paw Fireplace

Conceal-Appeal Lounger

Conch Coffee Table

Confetti Launcher

Conservatory Pond

Constellation Cruiser Passenger Seats

Cool Breeze Plumage Fan

Cool Colorful Fridge

Coral Clambake Dining Table

Cornucopia Chair

Cosmic Couch

Cottage Life Dock

Cotton Candy Sofa

Cotton Crafted Dresser

Country Banjo Stage

Country Home Dining Chair

Country Moon Chair

Country Sensation Stage

Countryside Gazebo

Covers of Coral Bed

Cozy Collapsible Tent

Cozy Log Hideaway

Cranberry Juice Press

Crater Fountain

Cream Soda Sprinkler

Cream-colored Toy Box

Cruise Ship Water Slide

Crushing Wave Vase Fridge

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls Kit

Cucumber Clock

Cup of Cocoa Tub

Cute Quilted Tent

Daffodil Toilet

Dance Fever Dragon Statue

Daring Den Slide

Daring Den Slide

Daring High Dive

Daring High Dive Kit

Dark Pine Grove Tent

Daydreamer’s Stool

Deck of Stone Bench

Decorate Your Festive Fireplace

Deep End Diving Board

Deep Sea Driving Submarine

Deep Sea Locker

Delicate Swan Bed

Depths of Demeter Dresser

Desert Drive In

Desert Tree Sunning Station

Dino Slide

Dizzy Roundabout

Dog Bone Fountain

Dog Bone Grandfather Clock

Dog Bone Sofa

Dog Side Table

Down with the Ship Cello

Downtown Movie Screen

Dr. Quack Side Table Lamp

Dragon Adventure Rollercoaster

Dragon Egg Music Box

Dragonfly Bench

Dreadful Drop Ride

Dream in Pink Piano

Dream-o-Meter Bed

Dressing Room Vanity

Drinking Fountain

Drum Set

Dunk the Zingoz Clock

Easter Basket Fridge

Eclectic Pool Table

Eggplant Sink

Egyptian Television

Egyptian Vanity Chair

Electric Purple Drum Set

Elegant Egyptian Vanity

Elegant Settee

Elegant Victorian Fountain

Elegant White Dining Chair

Elephant Fountain

Enchanted Cottage Well

Enchanted Elven Pipe Organ

Enchanted Entree Dining Table

Enchanted Loch

Enchanting Winter Tower

Exalted Armoire

Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk

Fabled Grand Table

Fabulous Staircase Slide

Fairy Den Tent

Fairy Den Toadstool Trampoline

Fairy Den Tree Swing

Fairy Den Windmill

Fairy High Council Throne

Fall Leaf Patio Table

Fantasy Stable Fireplace

Fantasy Stable Hayloft Slide

Fantasy Stable Sofa

Fantasy Stable Wheelbarrow Bathtub

Farmer’s Porch Chair

Fashion Sewing Machine

Fear Filled Fridge

Festive Feast Dining Table

Festive Fireplace

Festive Fountain

Fictional Fireplace

Field Couch

Fifteen Minutes Mic

Fine Dining Table

Fine Foliage Dining Table

Fins of Stone Punching Bag

Fire Fawn Hot Tub

Fire Sign Carousel

Flashing Sign

Float Away Fantasy Fridge

Floating Island Ride

Flower Garden

Flower Power Bed

Flowered Stone Well

Flyin’ High Hideaway Chair

Flying Cozy Carpet

Flying Pet Circus Cannon

Football Dining Chair

Football Fridge

Football Room Divider

Football Sofa

Force Field Pouffe

Force Field Trampoline

Forest Ranger Tower

Four Seasons Tree

Freaky Forest Tree Perch

Fresh Berry Stand Fridge

Fresh Lemonade Stand

Friends 4 Ever Heart Chair

Frosty Fireplace

Frosty Playground Floating Lanterns

Frosty Playground Set

Frosty Snowbox

Frozen Pond

Funky Girl Sofa

Game Piece Poster Bed

Game Piece Poster Bed Replica

Garden Gnome Fortune Teller

Gargoyle Book Shelf

Gargoyle Desk

Gargoyle Sofa

Gas Pump

Gear Up For Bed

Gem Carved Slide

Geographic Globe

Ghostly Urn

Giant Sofa

Giant Spider Dining Table

Giggly Zum Fine Dining Table

Gingerbread Bench

Gingerbread Bridge

Gingerbread Slide

Gingerbread TV

Girls Only Treehouse

Gleaming Green Table

Glitz ‘n’ Glamour Disco Ball

Glorious Garden Patch

Glowing Cupboard Countertop

Glowing Depths Floor Lamp

Go Go Laundry Basket

Gold Leaf Wardrobe

Gold Safe

Golden Glide Water Slide

Golden Gorilla Slide

Golden Hippo Fridge

Golden Mahogany Dining Chair

Golden Sink

Golden Tiered Tub

Golden Toilet

Golf Cart

Gooey Marshmallow Roaster

Goofy Snowball Hill

Gourd Sofa

Grand Charmling Tree

Grand Estate Bedroom Bench

Grand Estate Chaise

Grand Estate Side Table

Grand Staircase Slide

Granite-Topped Purple Cabinet

Great Gorilla Hanging Chair

Great White North Throne

Green Apple Counter

Green Apple Counter with Drawers

Green Apple Cupboard Sink

Green Leaf Toy Box

Green Salon Reception Chair

Green Spring Swing

Gum Fall Slide

Gumball Pit

Half a Webkinz Illusion


Happy Birthday Bouncy Bed

Happy Hoppy Tulip Patch

Happy Troll Bridge

Haunted Hearth

Haunted Hickory Tree

Haunted Toilet

Hay Bales Bed

Healthful Hearth Stove

Heated Hound Hot Tub

Hickory Clock

Hidden Clover Den

High Circus Bleachers

High Heel Bed

High Heel Chair

High Noon Chair

Hockey Coffee Table

Hockey Couch

Hockey Cushion

Hockey Socks Bouncy Bed

Holiday Balcony Tower

Holiday Cheer Bookshelf

Holiday House Bed

Holiday Spirit Slide

Hologram Projector

Home for the Holidays Fireplace

Home Gym

Homemade Hot Air Balloon

Honeycomb Hot Tub

Hoops of Fire

Hoppity Sofa

Hot Chocolate Machine

Hot Springs Bath

Hot Springs Geyser

Hot Springs Mega Stove

Hover Swing

Iceberg Slider

Icing on the Cake Bed

Icy Castle Slide

Icy Ocean Bathtub

Imperial Head Chair

Incubation Chamber

Inflatable Pool Toy

Inflatable Slide

Inspired Incantations Dresser

Jack O’Chair

Jack O’Side Table

Jam Maker’s Stove

Jasmine Tea Serving Station

Jewelry Box Bed

Judge’s Choice Comedy Stage

Jumbleberry Tractor

Jungle Cat Perch

Jungle Climber

Jungle Gym Chair

Jungle Gym Slider

Kid’s Bed

Kid’s Play TV

Kid’s Refrigerator

Kid’s Sofa

Kid’s Toy Box

King’s Crown Trampoline

Kinz Air Moving Sidewalk

Kinz Air Traffic Control Tower

Kinzville Academy Sand Box

Kinzville Academy Swing

Kinzville Centre Tree

Kinzville Parade Chair

Kinzvision Plasma TV

Lake Lifeguard Chair

Landing Mat Trampoline

Lap It Up Pool

Large Mahogany Dining Table

Laser Light Show

Lavender Flair Desk

Lazy Muddy River

Leather Sofa

Lemon Lime Counter with Drawers

Lemonade Stand

Life Boat Bouncer

Lighthouse Wooden Bench

Lighthouse Wooden Coffee Table

Lightning Lagoon

Lil’ Darling Dresser

Lily Pad Trampoline

Lily Pad Water Bed

Lime Desk Chair

Lollipop Slide

Lollipop Swing

Lots of Chocolate Booth

Lots of Dots Floor Lamp

Lots of Dots Sink

Lounging Pool

Love Bird Lake

Love Pond

Lovely Iridescent Fireplace

Lovely Iridescent Tub

Lovely Tree Swing

Low Circus Bleachers

Lucky Leprechaun Coin Pond

Lucky Lilac Tree

Lucky Shamrock Trampoline

Luminorb Floor Lamp

Luscious Lip Leather Sofa

Luxury Hot Tub

Luxury Lounge Chair

Mad Hatter Slide

Magic Mire Marsh

Magical Feast Dining Table

Magical Meadow Bed

Manicure Chair

Masterful Wardrobe

Mausoleum Television

Medieval Chest

Medieval Dining Chair

Medieval Dresser

Mega Stove

Melted Mud Bath

Melting Chocolate Table

Mermaid Princess Slide

Middle Circus Bleachers

Midnight Magnolia

Midnight Snack Fridge

Milestone Throne

Millie’s Sandbox

Millie’s Slide

Minnow Cove

Modern Salon Reception Desk

Modern Salon Side Table

Modern Salon Styling Station

Monkey Business Sofa

Monster (Under The) Bed

Moon Rising Ride

Moonberry Marmalade Machine

Mosh Ball Pit

Mountain Mine Cart Ride

Movie Theater Row Seating

Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair

Mud Bathtub

Mysterious Marsh

Mysterious Mirror Dresser

Mystical Ottoman

Nafaria’s Potions Table

Nafaria Pedestal

Neo Gothic Coffee Table

Neo Gothic Piano

Neon Futon

Neon Lights Fridge

Neon Lights Sink

New Model Drafting Table

Newton’s Giant Cradle

Night & Day Bed

Nightmare Stairs

Nocturnal Night Lamp

Noisy Cushion Trampoline

Northern Lights Lamp

Northern Trails Drum

Nothern Nights Fireplace

Nursery Gym Playpen

Nursery Reading Nook

Oak Leaf Chair

Oak Paneled Pool

On the Farm Alarm Clock

One Step Picnic

OneWebkinzWorld Trampoline

Ornate Oriental Spa

Outback Elevator

Outback Slide

Painted Egg Choir

Painted Rose Bush

Palatial Platform

Palm Tree Swing

Party Machine

Party Noisemaker Slide

Party Palm Tree

Past Dusk Desk

Patchwork Sofa

Patriotic Fireworks Cannon

Patriotic Picnic Blanket

Paw Print Diving Pool

Pawprint Dining Table

Peaceful Park Bridge

Pearls of Wisdom

Penthouse Windsor chair

Peppermint Candy Cane Wardrobe

Peppermint Swirl Slide

Persian Swing

Picnic Bench

Pie in the Sky Trampoline

Pinata Rocking Horse

Pine Cone Cottage

Pink Change Table

Pink Cozy Playpen

Pink Dex Superfan Vanity

Pink Googles Stage

Pink Music Notes

Pink Racc-liner

Pink Sprinkles Tree

Pioneer Bucket Tub

Pioneer Dry Sink

Pioneer Loveseat

Pioneer Rocking Chair

Pioneer Spinning Wheel

Pioneer Wood Stove

Pirate’s Rub-a-Dub Washtub

Pirate Ship

Plasma Plush TV

Playful Flower Pot

Playful Pond

Playful Pot of Gold

Playful Pup Bed

Playful Water Fountain

Playground Slide

Playground Swing

Playland Ball Pool

Playpen Trampoline

Plumpy’s Writing Desk

Plush Red Bleacher Upper Seating

Poco Fiesta Throne

Polar Bear Dip Pond

Polka Dot Couch

Polka Dot Counter

Polka Dot Drum Set

Polka Dot Fireplace

Polka Dot Sink

Pool Cabana

Pool Retreat

Pool Water Slide

Poolside Sunning Chair

Porcupine Sculpture

Poseidon’s Pillow Bed

Posh Penthouse Blue Armchair

Posh Penthouse Sofa

Pot of Gold Slide

Precious Purse Swing

Pretty Patterns Sewing Machine

Pretty Peppermint Swing

Princess and the Pea Bed

Princess Bouncy Castle

Princess Television

Prize Klaw Machine

Propeller Platform Table

Psychedelic Circles Counter

Puffy Purple Coffee Table

Punk Stunt Stage

Puppy Patrol Command Station

Puppy Picnic Table

Purple Christmas Tree

Purple Glass Top Table

Purple Leather Armchair

Purple Leather Sofa

Purple Satin Flower Seat

Purple Spring Swing

Quizzy’s Contestant Podium

Quizzy’s Host Podium

Rainbow Hologram

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Rainbow Slide

Rainbow Spiderweb Trampoline

Rainforest Retreat

Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Toy Box

Reach the Stars Trampoline

Red Antique Dining Chair

Red Antique Dining Table

Red Antique Harp

Red Rose Bed

Red Side Table

Red Velvet Rose Couch

Red Velvet Sink

Red Velvet Sofa

Relax and Recharge Lounger

Relaxing Rainbow Hot Tub

Ribbon Candy Chair

Rickety Rotten Staircase

Rising Platform

Roasted Chestnuts Cart

Roasted Corn Stand

Rock Garden Perch

Rock Star Wardrobe

Rockerz Festival Stage

Rockerz Fireworks

Rockerz Red Carpet

Rockerz Ticket Booth

Rocket Drop Ride

Rocket Swing

Rockin’ Diner Booth

Rockin’ Diner Table

Rockin’ Recording Booth

Rocky Trail Zip Line

Rosy Rock Garden

Rosy Swing

Royal Banquet Table

Royal Cat Bed

Royal Cat Chair

Royal Red Marble Pool

Royal Red Room Divider

Royal Red Wardrobe

Rubber Ducky Ride

Ruby Steel Patio Chair

Sailboat Pond

Sailing Dock

Salon Styling Cabinet

Saltwater Sofa

Sand Castle Sofa

Sand Dune Sandbox

Santakinz’ Christmas Chair

Santakinz’ Helper Stool

SantaKinz Bouncy Castle

Santakinz Santa’s Chair

Santakinz Toy Train

Sapphire Bathtub

Saxophone Slide

School Yard Swing Set

Scientific Trophy Pedestal

Searing Stone Stove

Seaside Palace Sandcastle

Secluded Garden Pool

Secluded Garden Slide

Secluded Garden Sundial

Secluded Garden Swing

Secluded Garden Tree

Secluded Spa

Secluded Swing

Secret Garden Bench

Secret Spy Transporter

Series 2 Decorative Christmas Tree

Set and Rinse Shampoo Chair

Shamrocking Swing

Shock Rock Stage Flare

Shooting Star Slide

Shopaholic Mall Info Desk

Shopaholic W&K Storefront

Showman Snowman Kit

Shrubbery Sleeper Bed

Shrubbery Sleeper Bed Replica

Signature Sofa

Simplicity Lamp

Singing Snowmen

Ski Lodge Fireplace

Sleeping Dragon Bed

Sleepover Bouncy Bed

Sleepover Movie Machine

Sleepover Tent

Sleepy Robot Bed

Slippery Frozen Pond

Slippery Holiday Staircase

Slippery Slide

Slippery Water Slide

Sly Slide

Snack Stand Fridge

Snow Saucer Slide

Snowflake Pond

Snowflake Swing

Snowman Bouncy Castle

Snowy Globe Bed

Snuggle Puggle Playpen

Sofa of the Nile

Soft Cactus Couch

Solar Powered TV

Songbird Stereo

Sonic Sound Waves Set

Space Runner Treadmill

Space Sofa

Space Study Console

Space Viewing Screen

Sparkling Christmas Tree

Speedy Sleeper Bed

Spellbook Perch

Spider Web Trampoline

Spoiled Royal Side Table

Spooky Roller Coaster

Spooky Spindle Tree

Spot of Tea Slide

Spotted Prehistoric Plant

Spring Celebration Slide

Spring Fling Fun Slide

Spring Fling Strength Tester

Spring Flower Wardrobe

Spring Vine Fence Pillar

Springtime Tire Swing

Springtime Tree Perch

Sprinkles Donut Tree Swing

Spymaster Chair

Stadium Speakers

Stained Glass Gazebo

Star Dust Sandbox

Stardust Dreams Bed

Stardust Slider

Stargazing Deck

Starry Slumber Couch

Strategic Space Control Table

Stratospheric Tea Pot

Strawberry Cottage

Strawberry Jammin’ Jukebox

Strawberry Pot Table


Student Chair

Studio Loft Editing Suite

Stylish Siamese Settee

Stylish Stone Pond

Suits of Armor Exhibit

Summer Lemon Candy Tree

Summer Lounge Chair

Summer Strawberry Toy Box

Summer Strawberry Vanity

Summer Sumac Tree

Summer Watering Hole

Sundae Station

Sunday Sports Couch

Sunroom Bench Storage

Sunroom Swing

Super Deluxe Rollercoaster

Super Fan HotTub

Super Slime Pit

Sweet Sounds Harp

Sweet Stitched Trampoline

Sweet Stuff Sofa

Sweetheart Bridge

Sweetheart Pond

Sweetheart Slide

Swing in the Sky

Swiveling Study Seat

Tasty Bouncy Sofa

Tasty Treat Cart

Tea for Two Table

Teacup Tub

Terrifying Ticket Booth

The Amazing Escape!

Theater Bed

Thinking Chair

Ticket Booth

Tiger Print Sofa

Tiger Tiger Stone Slide

Tiki Hut Whirlpool

Toadstool Grill

Toadstool Table

Toadstool Trampoline

Tool Chest Dresser

Toothpaste Slide

Topaz Sink

Totem Pole

Trading Card 2.0 Dining Chair

Trading Card 2.0 Dresser

Trading Card 2.0 Fridge

Trading Card 2.0 Sofa

Trading Card Condo Coffee Table

Trading Card Condo Dresser

Trading Card Condo Sofa

Trading Card Condo TV


Tranquil Tree Swing

Tree Trestle Coffee Table

Tree Trestle Dresser

Treetop Lamp

Treetop Winding Waterslide

Tri-Mirror Mocha Dresser

Triassic Television

Triassic Toy Box

Tricky Magical Blackboard

Tricky Staircase Slide

Tricky Zum Rocker

Tropical Colors Water Fountain

True Blue Dining Chair

True Luv Wishing Well

Tube Television

Turtle Wading Pool

Twilight Toy Box

Twinkling Harp

Twinkling Poinsettia Arch

Twirly Slide

Tyrannical Rex Bouncy Castle

Tyrannical Rex Slide

Ultimate Fan Soccer Chair

Under the Sea TV

Underwater Fireplace

Unidentified Flying Bed

Vanity Laboratory

VIP Booth

Volcanic Spa

Wacky Mirrors

Wacky Zingoz Bopper

Wacky Zingoz Porch Swing

Wagon Wheel Sofa

Wallowing Tub

Warped Grandfather Clock

Water Balloon Cannon

Water Treadmill

Waterfall Hideaway

Waterfall Oasis

Watering Hole

Watermelon Sink

Webkinz Airship

Webkinz Bouncy Bed

Webkinz Newz Camera

Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Lamp

Webkinz Pull Out Couch

Webkinz Rockerz Name In Lights

Webkinz W Pond

Webkinz World Widescreen

Weightlifter’s Station

Whistling Wackys

White Silk Sofa

Wide Wheels Motorcycle

Wild Game Gourmet BBQ

Wild Waterslide

Wildflower Gazebo

Wilds of the Jungle Sofa

Willow Green Dining Chair

Window on the World Trunk

Winter Wonderland Fireplace

Wintery Bridge

Wobbly Snowman Chair

Wood-Paneled Whirlpool

Wooden Grandfather Clock

Work of Art Shrubbery

World Class Soccer Net

World of Zingoz Waterslide

WOW Soda Slide

Wraparound Computing Chamber

Yarn Ball Sofa

Yellow Spring Swing

Zangoz Water Sprayer

Zingoz Bounce Ball

Zum Cloud Car

Zum Hotel

Zum Scope

Zumwhere Cloud Machine

Zumwhere Wardrobe

2013 Jack O’Lantern

2014 Jack O’Lantern

4-Wheel ATV

Academy School Binder

Ballet Lamp

Blingin’ Accessories Box

CampKinz First Aid Kit

Chattering Toy Teeth

Colorful Characters Coloring Book

Colorful Menorah

Crystal Advisor Ball

Dragon’s Fire Candelabra

Drop the Beat Stereo

Elegant Menorah

Feels Like Spring Mood Lamp

Fishy Lamp

Glittering Gem Tree

Golden Menorah

Goober’s Bunsen Burner

Goober’s Lab[TM] Trophy

Hamlet Matching Pairs Globe

Happy Birthday Bouquet

Hovering Menorah

Laser Pyramid Decoration

Lollipop Lamp

Magnificent Menorah

Modern Lamp

Modern Menorah

Moon Lamp

Mother’s Day Light Bloom

Movie Slate

Premium Organic Juicer

Retro Plane

Rock Music Speakers

Shining Silver Menorah

Ship in a Bottle

Silver Menorah

Skater Kat’s Skateboard

Snowcat Snowglobe

Solar Powered Blender

Sounds of the City Boom Box

Steaming Volcano

The Deceptive Disappearing Zangoz

Wacky Performance Statue

Webkinz Theme Music Box

Wind Up Zingoz

Zap’s Plasma Ball


Ancient Monkey Mask

Ballerina Wall Mirror

Beach House Clock

Blossoming Hanging Plant

Blue and Green Curtains

Charm Forest Window

Classroom Clock

Clown Fish Album Cover

Colossal Movie Screen

Country Living Framed Print

Deluxe Tapestry

Dex’s Lugbot Lookout

Dogbeard’s Portrait

Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art

Entitled Tapestry

Football Banner

Football Jersey Decoration

Framed Adventure Park Map

Framed Fiery Dragon Scale

Framed Seashell Art

Frightening Lightning Window

Funky Lamp

Galactic Viewscreen

Garnet Poster

Giant Spider Web

Hanging at the Pad Poster

Haunted Painting

Heartwarming Holiday Wreath

Large Pane Window

Lighting Backdrop

Map of Kinzville

Medieval Drawbridge Window

Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

Open For Business Sign

Polka Dot Mirror

Pop Art Painting

Rainy Day Window

Rainy Rainbow Window

Red Striped Curtains

Ruby Window

School Whiteboard

Scoreboard Clock

Snug Bug Window

Spring Flower Curtains

Spring View Window

Sunny Savanna Window

Topsy-Turvy Window

Victorian Garden Fencing

Webkinz Day Countdown

Winter Wreath Window

Wizard’s Magic Mirror

Wizard Wall Scroll

Wonderful Winged Window

Horrifying Halloween Flooring

Night and Day Wallpaper

Posh Penthouse Wallpaper

Sweet 16 Flooring

Sweet 16 Wallpaper

Aquarium Floor

Crystal Sea Glass Flooring

Disco Dance Floor

Green Ooze Puddle

Keyboard Raised Stage

Mind Over Matter Illusion

Treetop Runway

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