Today we have collected an awesome collection of ASP .NET add ons, plugins and extensions of 2013 for you. The ASP .NET is a powerful server-side web application framework designed for web design and we development to produce unique and dynamic website pages, web applications. The ASP .NET was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web applications and sites and unique web services. If you are looking a custom and premium add-ons for your ASP projects, you are in right place today. You can see 100 top best and powerful ASP .NET add ons in this article. Here are we will collected custom design ASP .NET calendar modules, membership or authentication tools, unique rating and chart modules, communication tools, sweet polls modules, limitless add-ons, content management systems and much more. This is our first article about ASP .NET add ons and we will share more ASP tools in the next articles. Please follow our ASP category for more add-ons collection like this.

In this post, we’ve collected a big collection of the most popular ASP .NET add-ons to make it easy for you to get started building your own online websites or web applications. Please drop a comment, share your opinion, experience about this kind of add-ons, and let us know if we missed one or more great premium ASP modules. Also, please take the time to share this article with your friends and bookmark it. Enjoy.

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PDF to HTML Flipbook

This is WinForms application takes a PDF file and generates a responsive HTML Flipbook. The user can choose the type of images generated (png, jpeg, bmp, etc).

Member Role Admin Tool

Member Role Admin Tool helps to support Single Sign On (SSO) concept for your ASP.NET MVC3 applications.

Smart .NET

It uses just 1 file to validate, process and send the completed contact form to your e-mail address.

Simple User Account

Quickly integrate a complete user management system into your asp.net mvc application. Install this component using a nuget package and you are pretty much good to go, saving you a lot of boilerplate code you’d have to write otherwise.


ASP .NET MVC 3 Web Application template with branding functionality that allows you to easily create a nice looking website in minutes.

Easy QR Code

Qr Code is type of Barcode that you use on your website. This type of barcode you can read by mobile phones like iphone or all with Android system.


ImageHandler is .NET library that allows you to manipulate images on the fly.

Feed Back Form

This is simple feedback form with reCAPTCHA. Which is more secure from spam. reCAPTCHA is world wide use spam protector. Now you can use it in your asp.net project.

Web Cam Capture

Capture image from web cam.

Dynamic Email

Generate Dynamic Email Form from Xml file.

Customer Support

Easily customizable Customer Support Request and Feedback Forms created as User Controls which can be easily dragged and dropped into your existing ASP .NET page. Supports all versions of ASP .NET starting from 2.0 up to version 4.0.

Asp.Net PayPal

With this script you can integrate papal payment system in your asp.net project. It is easy to integrate.And extend. There is sample code in the each file commented. Which you can use as a guide to use any eCommerce system or any kind of payment system.

XML to Excel

This item will make it easy to export your XML or database table to Microsoft Excel.

Smart Timer Newsletter

This system allows to send news with delay, in 2 steps only.

Asp.net Newsletter

This is a nice and easy newsletter manager. You can send all user by selecting there email address. You can make custom html template to mail them. You can send html mail to the mail address with the template.

Smart Social Share

Smart Social Share Control is a simple control to integrate in your asp.net application. You can easily integrate this control in your application by our help file.

Asp.Net Multi Image

Easily upload multiple high quality images. Create thumbnail images and unique file names for your images. Set your custom upload asp.net button.

Google Picasa Gallery

An easy-to-use controller for accessing Google Picasa web albums. A complete gallery demo is also provided that is usable out-of-the-box!

License Generator

License Generator it’s a .Net library that lets you to add a License System on your .Net Application.

Auto Image Gallery

The Auto Image Gallery is a ASP .NET user control which can be inserted into your web site and provide automatic thumbnail generation for a image gallery based on whatever files exist in your defined image gallery folder.


The zServer and zClient are both included in this package. zServer allows users to use the Server or the Client as a standalone system.

.Net Health Monitoring

Do you need the solution for tracking different events which happen to your .Net applications? The firts option should be to use ASP .NET Health Monitoring!


The BackgroundScheduler component provides you with a simple and robust method to get your web application to perform regular tasks in the background without any interference with your visitors.

Fast Ajax XML Viewer

You can use this viewer to read xml documents quickly!


Very simple easy to use email class for ASP .NET developers.


ExcelReader component can be used to read and convert the content of Excel 97-2003 format files into DataTables, that can easily be used in your applications.


jQueryUIConfirm is the simplest way to integrate jQuery UI dialog as confirmation window on an Asp.Net website. No more hugly javascript confirm!

Google Calendar

This project contains an example of how to use the Google Calendar API togeder with ASP .net.

Aj Facebook Like

It indicates the visitor has an interest in your business and wants to hear from you.


NiceButton is a customizable button control for Asp.Net that provides very nice buttons made with sliding door technique.


The Parallel.NET component provides you with a simple and robust way of getting your .NET applications to perform regular tasks at configurable intervals. There is no interference to other aspects of the application including the UI or users.


This web application tool helps to generate a flipbook from any PDF files and manage those books by web interface.

SQL Helper

Though we will never discourage users from developing solutions that solve their needs, the goals of the SQL Helper are very focused.

.NET UPS Shipping

Get UPS live shipping rates up and running quickly! The UPS Shipping Rates Integration Framework allows developers to get started on integrating with UPS or other API providers.


A powerful ASP .NET CMS written in C#/ASP.NET. It approaches content management with the underlying goals of simplicity and openness.

HTML to Word

This component will make it easy to export your HTML code to Microsoft Word.

Simple Stock Manager

This is very simple stock management software written in C# for managing product list, purchase orders and sales orders. You can also generate sales order and purchase order in PDF format

BS Update Wizard

BS Update Wizard is Visual Basic .NET project, it can check for update for any of your programs and download the new updates automatically, with download speed, downloaded size and total size.

K Events Calendar

Asp.Net MVC 3 events calendar with admin panel and users management.

K Personal File Hosting

Sample File Hosting ASP .NET MVC3 Application.

Error Handling Class

This project contains an error handling class capable of handle errors that can occur on your website and send email with error info to the administrator.


Net Rating is Simple, easy to use star rating system based on JQuery, Ajax and ASP .net. You can Integrate yours asp.net based web apllications. You can customize star count and messages easily. You can also find documentation in source code.

Parser and Data Loader

This code allows any windows/web application running the .net framework 3.5+ to parse and recover YouTube or Vimeo video data such as Title, Player URL and Images in a simple and easy way. Allows the remote images to be processed and saved and is fully customizable in case any other information available about the video may be necessary.


Google custom search is a powerful, yet simple search engine. It allows the searching and presentation of search results on you website with the minimum of fuss.

Image Adaptivezr

Image Adaptivezr.NET is a useful class to give your website users a great surfing experience letting them to download only optimized images. It’s very useful for any ASP .NET site, responsive or not, browsed both from a Desktop or a mobile device.


a simple html grab utility that takes a url, downloads all the markup from the url, then runs it through a cleanup utility that strips the HTML out so you are left with mainly text. Very useful for text analysis apps.

zPanel for WindowsForms

The zPanel is a high quality high functional WindowsForms panel component. The zPanel can have modern like Emboss and DropShadow as well as High quality gradient themes with Alpha-Opacity Transparencies. The zPanel is great for making a completely modern User Interface.

Easy Email For Mandrill

Easy Email For Mandrill is a simple to use ASP.NET C# / VB plug-in developed by Andrew Jones Software that allows you to send emails from your website or program with ease.


No gimmicks… just great coding, great design and a smooth user experience from both sides (yours and the viewers).


NH•Finder is a file manager the offering basic file management functions for web applications. Especially, successful performs the which is an indispensable needs of file management for content management system (CMS).

Sitemap Generator

The SitemapGenerator is a .NET component for ASP .NET that allows to developers adding urls to a sitemap their sites, including location, last modification, change frequency and priority.

Fluent.NET Mail

Fluent.NET Mail takes advantage of the built in .NET API and provides the ability to construct and send emails very easily.


AML stands for Any Markup Language – it’s purpose is to aggregate XML DOM and HTML DOM functionality, leaving XML restrictive document treatment and replacing it with smooth use of HTML .


HardwareLib is a .NET Library that offers a set of functions to get information about your hardware such as motherboard, CPU , RAM ,Graphics Card, Network Adapter, CD/DVD Drives and Hard Drives…

My Reviews Ratings

A complete solution for define and manage questionnaires , user reviews , ratings and pools.

Data Validation

Data validation acts as the first step of defense against the bugs. To maintain a solution it is important to have validations to prevent the invalid data creeping into the database.

Multiple Recipient

Multiple Recipient Contact Form allows you to dynamically add contact recipients to your form with validation on each field.

ASP.Net MVC Image Resizer

— Auto resize large images. — Applies watermark on the fly while displaying image. — Maintain image quality while resizing and applying watermark. — Upload multiple image files with jQuery File Uploader. — Also uploads file using URL .


CacheFabric is a powerful and easy to use component that brings the power of flexible caching to your .NET applications.


An eye-catching theme to use for your windows forms. This theme contains a dark shade of colors that is not only calming and easy on the eye, but very unique.


A simple asp.net custom web control which is used to add comments section in any asp.net page of your web site to start new discussion by using disqus blog/forum features.

Easy Email

Easy Email is a simple to use ASP .NET C# / VB plugin developed by Andrew Jones Software that allows you to send emails from your website or program with ease. Easy Email is easy to use and super flexible.

Net Comment Like

Net Comment Like 1.0.0 is Simple, easy to use Like/Dislike system based on JQuery, Ajax and ASP .net. You can Integrate your website, your products, your comments and asp.net apllications.


Converts HTML websites to PDF instantly using an ASP.NET Class Library and a command-line tool in the background.

Visitor Tracking

This module is used in order to keep a each request parameters in the database for analysis. The main feature is that: the http module creates the item queue and executes a thread to process those items, so incoming request creates queue item and adds that item to the queue and continue without a big delay.


zButton is a .NET themed button that can generate Adobe Photoshop like buttons. The zButton can lay on any image with high quality transparency.

K Rss Feeds Reader

Sample Rss Reader Application with ASP .NET MVC 3 and Twitter Bootstrap.


You can hold all your advertising codes into a single xml, then place this control (or many instance of this control) where you want on the page, link it to the xml and select what you want to show.

Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor is a simple, customizable .NET application for monitoring the size of a local directory or network share.


SocialLogin+ is a plugin or extension for a website which let user to login using their favourite social account .

Tell A Friend

The TellAFriend control is a simple ASP .NET user control that enables the end user to send a tip by e-mail to a friend with a link to the current page on your website. The control can easily be plugged into any ASP .NET page.

Virtual File Download

ASP .net virtual file download with Counter tool can be used to download files in programmatic way. We can not provide direct link to various extensions like- .txt, .pdf, .htm, .xml, etc. Because these files are supported by many browsers and are shown in browser directly.

K DragDrop

ASP .NET MVC 3 Application with Drag&Drop between many lists using JQuery.

Event Log Writer

The Event Log Writer .NET component provides you with a simple and robust method to write to the event log. One of the major highlight of this component is writing to the event log at defined intervals on a background thread.

Key Generator

The KeyGenerator is a .NET component for .NET applications that allows to developers generate random values using the combination of numbers, letters, characters and custom values.


The Pipeline.NET component provides you with a simple but powerful and robust way of funnelling tasks through a fixed number of pipelines (threads) in your .NET applications.

Affiliate Social Shopping

Sell anything you want with this turnkey Amazon Affiliate Social Shopping Script. The live demo is an actual application easily built with this template/script. Note*Open graph functionality has been added to the live demo application.

Voting Script

This jQuery AJAX powered voting script allows your users to vote on anything and everything on your website or application. The best part is the extreme ease of use.


Thus all the properties and events which are available with .Net GridView will also be available with ExtendedGridView.

SQL Comparer

Compare and synchronize two SQL database schemas and see the difference between them. A very helpful tool when dealing with different versions of a database.


As a game designer and developer i’ve come across many tips and tricks regarding the development of games.


The MetaGenerator is a .NET component for ASP .NET that allows to developers adding standard meta tags like authors, description, keywords. Also, you can add custom meta tags in programming time.


The purpose of this library is to help developers to build a media gallery website or extend an existing website.

Password Generation

The Generator can choose from roughly 45.000 words, obscure with l33t speak or simply produce complete gibberish. How words are obscured or how the gibberish is produced is highly customizable.


The zLabel is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop it into your project and with a simple “rebuild” you will have the zLabel in your toolbox!


This component builds on top of the regular .NET validation framework and addresses concerns that are not normally at the forefront of the average developer – stability and security.

DriveInfoEx class

DriveInfoEx is a .net class which purpose is to provide some extra data about every storage drive installed. You can get drive icon (large and small), device details (manufacturer, model, serial no etc.), partition details (disk index, offset, size etc).


FEVOR is an abbreviation for Fluent Extensible Validator and it’s a .NET validation library with lots of features that simplify the validation process in development by abstracting away the complex logic of conditional statements.

PDF Acrofields

Read and fill PDF Acrofields with ease! Fill PDF Acrofields with tabular data from an external source (e.g CSV)

Ajax Infinite Photo Gallery

This photo gallery contains the best of the modern photo gallery techniques including infinite scrolling, masonry, and lazy loading. All images are conveniently loaded from a simple XML file.

URL Short Generator

The URLShortGenerator is a .NET component for .NET that allows to developers using existing URL short services in their applications.

Windows Registry Classes

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores settings and configurations for applications, device drivers, services, the kernel and more.

Ajax Newsletter

Use this jQuery based AJAX newsletter signup form to quickly build an email newsletter sign up list, effortlesly.


Extension of ASP .NET GridView providing the possibility to set properties for a standard CommandField in skin files.


NDownloadCounter keep tracks of your downloads. Using a Sqlite database it doesn’t need a particular hosting neither a Microsoft Sql Server or a MySQL.

Public Data Navigation

Public data navigation is a template code with c-sharp language ADO.NET and SQL database that does procedures such as select, insert, update, delete and filter.

Simple Analytics Module

This module allows you to integrate easily and without redeployment of an existing web site three analytics sytems: – google analytics – piwik – owa and an user feedback system : uservoice.


Uses wkhtmltoimage windows binaries (running executables is a requirement)


This tabcontrol is very clear, and simple to use. It provides you simple but powerful way to make your applications gui nice, and easier to use. You can also import this to your current project!


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