Hi duddeesss, I apologise in advance for the whiny nature of this post but I'm currently rather pissed off.


So, I've been applying for web developer/designer jobs non-stop for four months as some people here know. I've applied for a few jobs that are slightly out of my reach (for example: PHP experience needed) with fingers crossed that something may become of them, but mostly I've applied for jobs that are definitely within my skill set. We're talking basic front-end developer and junior developer/designer roles with low-end salaries, I haven't been unrealistic and gone for jobs out of my reach with skills, experience and salary.


I've only had one interview out of around 20 - 30 jobs I've applied for and I never heard anything whatsoever regarding 90% of those vacancies. I've been in-touch with recruitment agencies recently whom have been advertising junior web developer roles and they come back with the same response I got a few months ago: you don't have enough commercial experience. 


These are junior roles. If I've understood these right, they're for people looking for their first web roles, have good experience with the relevant languages/skills and a decent portfolio to boot. That's me in a nutshell, yet apparently even junior roles require experience from similar (or better?) job roles. How does that even work? How can these roles still be classed as junior roles if worthy candidates need past job experience? 


What's more annoying is that, a fair amount of these vacancies have a tiny number of applications, which boosts my chances right? Less competition and whatnot. Well apparently not - the companies in question all put the vacancies on hold, sweeping my candidacy to the side, hoping better applicants come along presumably with commercial experience (you know, not 'junior' developers...). So it's not like the competition is fierce where I live - we're talking 2/3 applications usually, 5/6 at most.


I could spruce up my portfolio and do loads more freelance work, but I still wouldn't have past job experience. So, my question is simple: how the hell do I get a job? Anybody in web developer/designer jobs got any advice?


Thanks guys, I'm really annoyed, hope you can sympathise. 

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