Are you worried about the global stock market in year 2017, especially with the controversial new US President, Donald Trump?  Political analysts thought Trump has slim chance of winning, will this surprise outcome become the next black swan event to correct the global stock market?

Fresh from oven: Dr Tee has just written an eBook on “Global Market Outlook 2017” (bonus for Dr Tee investment course attendee) to provide solutions with comprehensive coverage of various investment topics in major global stock markets (US, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Europe).  Readers have benefited from the past Market Outlook reports. Let’s learn the current global investment market risks and opportunities.

Dr Tee eBook (Market Outlook 2017):

Bonus eBook will be given for attendee of free investment course by Dr Tee: Register Free Course Here.

Table of Contents (eBook: Global Stock Market Outlook 2017)

1. Mass Market Sentiment Survey

2. Review of Global Stock Markets

3. US Market Outlook

3.1  US President & Government

3.2  Effect of QE

3.3  US Interest Rate Hike

3.4  US Job Market

3.5  US Property Market

3.6  US Bond Market

3.7  US Dollar vs Commodity (Gold / Silver / Crude Oil)

4. Regional Market Outlook

4.1  Europe Market

4.2  China Market

4.3  Hong Kong Market

5. Singapore Market Outlook

5.1  Singapore Stock Market

5.2  Singapore Property Market

6. Conclusions and Recommendations


The safest time to buy a stock is when everyone is afraid the sky will fall down while the business is still operating normally with consistent performance. This could be a rare opportunity to buy during a crisis, we should learn how to take this advantage to truly buy low sell high.

When Optimism Strategies are combined with Fundamental Analysis (value investing & growth investing), Technical Analysis (support / resistance / trends), and Personal Analysis (mind control of greed and fear), it is very powerful when one is able to take the right action (Buy, Hold, Sell, Wait or Short) at the right time aligning with own personality.

The unique Optimism Strategy developed by Dr Tee provides a special advantage to know which investment (stock, forex, property, commodity, bond, etc) to buy safely, when to buy, when to sell, including option of long term holding.  So far over 10,000 audience have benefited from Dr Tee high quality free courses to the public.  Take action now to invest in your financial knowledge, starting your journey towards financial freedom.

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