Jose Mourinho and stability aren't exactly terms that go hand in hand. Chelsea and stability (managerial stability, anyway) haven't really been good fits of late either. But apparently, that's exactly what the Special Happy Stable One wants these days. And don't just take it from me:

The moment I finished at Chelsea, I projected my new challenges – to win in Italy, to win in Spain and to win every title in all three countries. After that, I have moved on to another phase, where I know where I like and where I want to be and where I want to dedicate myself fully to a club.

So, in this moment of my career, my challenge is to give everything I have to one club and stay in that club for as long as that club wants because, from a personal point of view, there is no more motivation for adventures or for new experiences.

My motivation now is to build stability for this club and it is something new also for me that I want very much to do.

-Source: Mail.

I enjoyed the 'stay in that club for as long as that club wants' bit -- a sly dig at Roman Abramovich's infamous trigger-happiness if there ever was one -- but the message is clear. Mourinho feels like he's accomplished about as much as is possible as a journeyman and the next step, something he's never done, is turn a team in transition into a real dynasty. If true, that all sounds pretty tasty to me.

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