Boy, this move to Florida just keeps getting better and better. My daughter, Kelsey, has been hired by the Walt Disney Company! She is so thrilled, she is actually driving me crazy. I cannot wait for her to start. Kelsey was actually hired last month, but due to circumstances she wasn’t able to start at that time. The recruiter called her back last week, and the ball has been rolling really fast since then. The on-boarding process is no different than any other employer, it’s just a little more fun. So here is the sequence of events..

 Kelsey applied on line. She received an email and did an on line interview.

 A recruiter called her and set up a time for her to come in for a face to face interview.

 She was informed at that time that she had a job.

 They scheduled her for her on-boarding. This included the background check, fingerprint, picture and paperwork.

 The next and final portion of the on-boarding will be Traditions. This is going to be when it is final for her.

That’s basically it. They called her to let her know that she would be working in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That is our favorite park. She will be rotating between Tower of Terror, Rockin Roller Coaster, and Beauty and the Beast Live Stage Show. Talk about primo spot in DHS to work; right?! Wow, we could not be more thrilled. So, I asked her, “Kelsey, do you think you’ll lose any of the magic since you’ll now be working for Disney?” Her answer was an emphatic NO! I sure hope not, because I would hate to have to find another running partner in the parks.

When Kelsey was going through the interview process, she told the recruiter that she is a little annoying because she knew a lot of facts about Disney. So the recruiter decided to test her. She asked Kelsey a series of trivia questions and she knew the answer to all of them. She’s so smart and such a Disney nerd. She gets it from her mama, no doubt!

In the next article I will have her Traditions experience and her experience in working in the park. She’s looking forward to Christmas time in the parks. I’m looking forward to hearing good, bad or otherwise, because it’s going to be CROWDED during that time. Thank goodness she’s a people person. She did tell me that there are certain things that she cannot tell me…really!


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