The Way Station Events
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

All events are a strongly suggested $5 donation unless indicated otherwise.

8pm-12am- Tasmericana Night
An evening of music by Australian and New Zealand bands influenced by indie, folk and Americana music. MC'd by New York City's favorite Kiwi musician Stanley John Mitchell.

8pm- Ben R. Mackie

Genre: folk, country, Americana
For fans of: Neil Young, Whiskeytown, Townes Van Zandt, Big Star

Melbourne, Australia songwriter Ben R. Mackie “mixes folk and country inspired sounds with a distinctively Melbournian soul” (Beat Magazine) to create music that is stripped back, delicate but rough-around-the-edges: An outsider’s slant on the Americana genre.

No stranger to the world of live music, Mackie has been performing in bands since he was just a kid, along the way taking out many of Australia’s finest music prizes (including the country’s largest alternative radio station Triple J’s “Top Song” competition). Recording deals followed, as did tours with some of the nation’s finest musical acts.

In late 2013, Mackie decided it was time for a change of scenery. Armed with his Hummingbird, harmonica and a deep love for the rich history of American music, he left behind the comforts of his band and city for a new beginning in Brooklyn, New York.


9pm- City Walls Autumn Falls

Genre: Folk
For fans of: Simon and Garfunkel, Ryan Adams

Led by brothers Anthony and David Gill, City Walls Autumn Falls represents a fresh force in the Folk music world. Together they write the kind of songs that take residence in the head and heart, mixing raw emotion with powerful, almost Viking-like guitar playing. Valhalla meets Big Pink.

From their earliest days, Anthony and David dedicated themselves to their music, playing and practicing until their fingers bled. After extensive touring in their home country of Australia, they traversed ocean after ocean to make Brooklyn their home. There, they carved out a cult-like following among New York natives and transplants alike.


10pm- The Hookey Brothers

Genre: Folk-rock-blues
For fans of: Ryan Adams, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, MGMT

Rooted in folk, with a slathering of 90s alt rock, old school Hank country and cooked in the harsh Australian desert.

On his debut album Misdiagnosed, “The misdiagnosis could be in trying to find just one pigeonhole for what our man Harry Hookey does. But whatever it is, he does it very well.” – Ross Clelland – themusic.com.au

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HarryHookey
Website - http://www.harryhookey.com/
“Sometimes” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZrUTWOD0rs
“Man on fire” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc1Hph8BeT4
“Where I’ll be found” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3Egwf9lhjg

11pm- Stanley John Mitchell and His Band of Buddies

Genre: Americana/singer -songwriter
For fans of: Mumford and Sons, Neil Finn, Chuck berry

Native New Zealander Stanley John Mitchell is a veteran of the New York alternative scene. After arriving here with legendary Kiwi band ‘The Drongos’ Stanley J soon established himself as a songwriting force. His current band ‘Stanley John Mitchell and his Band of Buddies’ plays original material inspired by the Americana/Roots American style he loves so much. These influence’s, along with Stan’s own South Pacific background make for a delightfully original sound.

“A delightful mélange of funk rhythms, country harmonies, precisely layered guitar counterpoint and airy folk-rock sounds, with many influences, old and new, absorbed into a delightfully original sound”. - Robert Palmer. New York Times


5pm- Crimson Pirates

Genre: Folk, shanties, songs of the sea
For fans of: Irish folk music

The Crimson Pirates take Celtic and folk classics and originals, update them, fuel them with percussion and wrap them in five part harmonies. Lately we’ve been obsessed with songs about drinking, dying, love gone horribly wrong and squid. Pirate rule: Everyone sings. Plus, Robin Flanagan plays concertina, Ann Alford mans the mando, Kelly Kilcoyne rocks the six-string uke and Dan O’Driscoll and Don Kilcoyne make things go shaka-shaka-boom. If you know the song, sing along.


8pm- Goddess Lakshmi

Genre: Indy Rock
For fans of: Elvis Costello, Squeeze, B-52s, Talking Heads, Rubblebucket,

Named for the Hindu goddess of abundance The Goddess Lakshmi cut their teeth playing weekly shows at the rough and tumble Paris Blues bar in Harlem. A confluence of diverse influences from blues, blues rock, blue grass and reggae with hints of Jazz and German metal.

"The Goddess Lakshmi is a prime example of the thriving jazz and folk sounds that came together during the Harlem Renaissance with nods to the beatnik cool of the early '60s. Harlem is the birthplace of the band and its honed musical style, most evident in the swinging notes carrying the band’s front-woman Kosi through tracks like, “I Want You For My Man”. The Goddess Lakshmi has harnessed a sound that is all their own and with a wealth of experience upon which to attribute it to...

...The new album, LOVE, is the product of one exhausting, yet rewarding journey complete with ‘cuts, scratches, and cigarette burns’. The recording and mixing process ended with a flow of sound amplified by more textural qualities: close-knit rhythm sections, soul-drenched vocals, and story-lines about love: both wanting and losing it." — Adrienne Bess, JOONBUG


Photo Credit: Michael Baumann

9pm- Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs

Genre: Experimental Folk Blues
For fans of: Tom Waits, John Cale, Ernest Tubb, The Mississippi Sheiks

New York Music Daily writes that, "Pete Lanctot personifies pretty much everything good about New York's most happening music scene." His songs are surreal and mysterious narratives featuring sordid casts of characters who’s origins are vague, and seem equally likely to be found in present day New York City, a Memphis juke joint of the 1920s or hitchhiking a depression era plains state highway. Steeped in American traditions of blues, folk and country. Backed by The Stray Dogs, a talented and versatile cast of musicians and improvisers Lanctot’s music is original, rabble rousing, heartbreaking and soul searching, always exploring the non-traditional without relying on reproduction.


10pm- Dawn Drake & ZapOte

Genre: Afro-Latin Funk
For fans of: Antibalas, Budos Band, ESG, Jamiroquoi, Chico Mann, Cumbiagra, English Beat, Police

Taking its name from a luscious fruit in Cuba known as "ZapOte", this band is an original Funk Latin Afro-Beat band lead by Dawn Drake, bassist/conguera/singer/songwriter and composer, who manages to wear several hats while setting the scene with her own brand of cool. Her original music takes the listener and dancer into a zone where House, Funk, Afro-beat, Samba, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Jazz are right at home. Poetic lyrics spread messages of universal consciousness, delivered with heartfelt vocals, and are joined with the irresistible grooves of Latin percussion, funky bass, swinging horn lines and improvisation.

BAM CAFE LIVE  –Darrell McNeill
"Dawn Drake and her band ZapOte are at the beginnings of a fascinating journey to enthusiastically bridge chasms of cultural and gender disconnect that plagues so much of pop music's body politic. To hear them is to imagine early period jam sessions between Laura Nyro and Carole King with Sly Stone and Sergio Mendes sitting in. Theirs is a playfully intense dynamic that needs to be seen more."

-Darrell McNeill, Black Rock Coalition Director of Operations & CURATOR of BAM Café LIVE, Brooklyn Academy of Music GO MAGAZINE  –Jenny Lazar
"Dawn contributes heavy Afro-Caribbean licks on congas, bongós and Brazilian caixa as a partial list...and it's no amateur hour..."

Dawn Drake  –Meewsic Records
"Cuban, African & South American styles mesh together into delicious jazz/pop fusion; a wonderful backdrop for Dawn's sassy vocals. She also arranged the horns (excellent job), played bass and did all the percussion; a truly multi-talented performer!" Brian Fox, Meewsic Records

Jules Bistro Presents Dawn Drake  –Jules Bistro
"This saucy debut by soul sistah Dawn Drake is an incredible gift to the world of world music! She skillfully weaves together her bold poetic lyrics, melodic vocals, and a fusion of danceable rhythms performed by herself and a very talented band of musicianados. You'll love the horns, the deep bass, the compelling percussion..."

Luis Da Silva, Jules Bistro, NYC Third Street Music Concert Series Presents Dawn Drake & ZapOte Salsa -
"[They] were the hit of the season!"  Beth Flusser, Talent Booker for Music in Abe Lebewohl Park.


Midnight Special- Hambone Relay

Genre: Soul Jazz/Funk
For fans of: Soulive, The New Mastersounds, Lettuce, Galactic, Medeski Martin & Wood, Robert Walter

Hambone Relay is a soul jazz organ trio based in Philadelphia, PA. HR3 shrewdly explores the genres of soul, jazz, funk, R&B, blues, and rock. Their live performances deliver brazen jams and contagious grooves with a familiar yet altogether refreshing sonic palette, tipping a hat to such artists as Soulive, Grant Green, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and The New Mastersounds.


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

The Way Back Machine: Dirty Dancing

A 1960’s movie with 1980’s music. With Patrick Swayze acting. And singing. And dancing. With sloppy love and perfect moves. Take Baby out of the corner and join us as we have the “Time Of Our Life”.

9pm- Nerd Karaoke

DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monday Movie Madness: The Black Hole

8pm- Wool & Grant

Genre: Singer/songwriter acoustic
For fans of: Indigo Girls, Dixie Chicks

They come from different places -- Ina May Wool as a character-driven singer-songwriter and Bev Grant as a topical songwriter. WOOL&GRANT’s songs tell their life stories. They celebrate South African grandmothers on a soccer team, and they shine a powerful light on the short, spectacular life of Janis Joplin. WOOL&GRANT remind us with grace and power that wild women don't have the blues.

“My favorite duo since Thelma and Louise. They got chops, heart, and soul-stirring harmonies.”  David Massengill

“Woody Guthrie meets Laura Nyro.” -Mary Sue Twohy, Program Director at Sirius XM Radio


9pm- Kyle Taylor

Genre: Folk/Rock
For fans of: Damien Rice, Noah Gundersen

Acoustic folk/rock, with a pop edge. Mostly melancholy and usually catchy.


10pm- Walking Tree

Genre: Progressive Folk
For fans of: Nick Drake, Paul Simon, Jim O’Rourke, Jane’s Addiction, Kurt Vile, Tortoise

Cascades of fingerpicked guitar arpeggios of abnormal chords and soaring, ethereal vocal melodies characterize WalkingTree’s unique sound. Lyrics of a personal nature accent the moody atmosphere created by their performance. When he performs as a solo act, lead singer Charlie Kessenich brings the vulnerability he attempts to create in his music out to the forefront. The end product is an experience of a unique perspective on the world, one that all attendees will surely feel a part of by the end of the show.


11pm- Richard Bryant

Genre: Singer/songwriter
For fans of: Cash/Dylan/Waits/Earle/Hank

Richard Bryant drives his guitar down found highways, through lost hedges and back alleys, even straying way over in the Territory prowling for the odd chord or dying note that might give shape to some musical notion he’s taken. He found a minor sixth chord in Arkansas once, but traded it for a flat fiver on Staten Island. Prying ears might hear a Luther Perkins lick leaning into a jazz cliché, all propped up by Howlin’ Wolf’s kickstand, replete with rack harmonica chugging nervously like a Hummer waiting for a tune-up. For all that, the tunes are hummable. Bryant takes leave of the ordinary, except when the ordinary serves his purpose.

“#197 with a bullet!” according to Dave Miller’s ranking of “The Waltz of the Blue Devils” at nothingbutgoodthings.blogspot.com – top 300 songs of the 1990s – a tune Bryant created (seems like only) yesterday.


7:45pm- Art Talks Brooklyn

An informal speaker series highlighting the importance of Brooklyn art initiatives and how they positively impact our community. Monthly, we invite three speakers, each allotted 15 minutes, to talk about their organization's history, mission and creative public programming.

StoryCorps, Christina Stanton, Door-to-Door Facilitator

StoryCorps is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. Since 2003, tens of thousands of everyday people have shared life stories with family and friends through StoryCorps. Each conversation is recorded on a free CD to share, and is preserved at the American Folklife Center at the LIbrary of Congress. StoryCorps is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind, and millions listen to our broadcasts on NPR's Morning Edition and on storycorps.org.

Textile Arts Center, Nicole Asselin, Sewing Seeds Coordinator

Textile Arts Center (TAC) is a NYC-based 501(c)3 resource facility dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of textiles through creative educational programs for children and adults. At TAC, we aspire to unify the textile community and advocate for the handmade by providing accessible, skills-based classes that reinvigorate engagement with traditional crafts. Techniques like weaving, sewing, and dyeing are practical, connective, and process-driven -- common denominators for designers, artists, and creative practitioners around the world. Because these activities are so widely used, they help to foster community and bring creativity back into our daily lives. They are part of our collective history and vital to our ongoing expressions of design, art, and culture.

We appreciate the unique values of textile arts and want to expand opportunities for new practitioners to engage with the medium. Participatory learning is the foundation of our model and enables students from all backgrounds to make meaningful contributions to a growing community of fiber artists. Workshops, courses, events, and special programs at TAC allow professionals and novices alike to explore their creative ingenuity through handcraft processes. By engaging with groups ranging from newcomers to experts, we increase the positive social impact of textile arts and nurture innovations and leadership in the field.


Downtown Brooklyn Arts Alliance, Terry Greiss, Irondale

DBAA is a coalition of more than 30 cultural groups organized to connect and serve Downtown Brooklyn cultural organizations, to communicate their impact on Downtown Brooklyn and to actively mobilize in the best interests of artist communities.

DBAA works to connect Downtown Brooklyn cultural organizations to enable collaboration, share information and provide an effective voice that can speak to business, political and community leaders about economic benefits and service of cultural organizations to Downtown Brooklyn.

DBAA also works to discuss and address issues affecting artist communities and cultural organizations in Downtown Brooklyn.

9pm- Tripeg Lobo

It’s 10 days after Valentine’s Day, and the dead of winter in NY…a perfect time for Murderous Love Songs. Nothing but murderous love songs.

Performers do one cover of a murder ballad, and one original ballad using either a story from traditional murder ballad or based on a more contemporary story.

11pm- The Woodland Conference

Genre: Folk Rock & Roll
For fans of: Okkervil River, Wilco, The National, That Band You Heard in the Basement of that Party Once But You Had A Lot to Drink and What Was Their Name Again?

A rotating group of folk, rock and Broadway musical folks strumming some strings for at least 45 minutes. In fact exactly 45 mintues. If you think about time travel, or bourbon (or time traveling while drinking bourbon), or were hoping to hear a (slightly homo-erotic) love song about a fighting robot—then The Woodland Conference just might be the band for you!


4th Anniversary Party

Join The Way Station as we celebrate FOUR YEARS of award winning drinks and “a truly intimate musical experience” (Yelp.com). Free Jameson shots at 8pm. Jameson Black Barrel drink special all night long!

9pm- Eric Vitoff

Genre: looping/acoustic/house/dance
For fans of: Daft Punk, James Blake, Reggie Watts, John Mayer, Bag Raiders

Long Island born and raised and now Brooklyn based, Eric Vitoff's tunes toe the imaginary line between the genres of house/dance and acoustic singer-songwriter. Equipped just with an acoustic guitar and some effects pedals, he builds pulsing, colorful beats that make your feet move and your mind wonder just where all those sounds are coming from.


10pm- Joe Benjamin & a Mighty Handful

Genre: Rock/Pop/Jazz
For fans of: Banda Magda, Queen, Jamie Cullum, Jessica Hernandez, Frank Sinatra

"Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful" is a collective of 11 musicians from New York City. With the help of the arranger Martin Seiler, this bands' vision is to give Swing Music a new and more 'a la mode' meaning. Influenced by and built on the musical styles of Freddie Mercury, Frank Sinatra and Roger Cicero, Joe Benjamin brings contemporary music styles and themes of modern life together in an entertaining live show. Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful - America's New Swing!


8pm-  Kenny Young and the Eggplants

Genre: Intergalactic folk-and-roll
For fans of: Fountains of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, Warren Zevon, The Kinks, Robyn Hitchcock, the Ramones, the Flaming Lips, Devo, the B-52s, Jonathan Richman, Violent Femmes, Ian Dury, Nick Lowe, and Life in a Blender

Brooklyn’s inimitable Kenny Young and the Eggplants play intergalactic folk-and-roll songs about giant squirrels, scary bits of cheese, aliens, time travel, inebriated crime-solving birds, and malevolent washing machines, among other important topics. Their spaceship has frequently landed in the UK, where they won a prestigious Herald Angel Award for their performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and where one of their live radio sessions was selected for a Best of the BBC Archives series. In NYC, the Eggplants received an Honorable Mention from Pop Matters for their performance at the CMJ Festival, and they were recognized with a Special Mention in a BMI songwriting competition for their monsterpiece, "The House at Creepy Lake." The most improbable honor for the band so far occurred in the pages of Time Magazine, where the author Alexander McCall Smith included the Eggplants in his "Short List" of favorite artistic discoveries. The Eggplants have recorded five albums, which have been played profusely on local station WFMU, and which have careened onto the Top 30 charts at various other college radio stations across North America.

"The Eggplants mix brainy, funny lyrics with a fine sense of what makes pop music wonderful." -- Dr. Demento

"Gentle insanity with irresistible tunes" -- The Herald

“They mix the wit of Jonathan Richman with the sound of the Nico-era Velvets to create a surreal and satirical gumbo.” -- Sunday Herald


9pm- Jim Petrie Band

Genre: Folk/Country Rock, Americana
For fans of: Gram Parsons, Jackson Browne, Ollabelle, Donna the Buffalo

Great musicianship, melodies you remember, songs you want to dance to, lyrics that say something, hearts that beat.


10pm- The Jacks of Kings County

A Brooklyn-based country/americana/folk/rock band that will BLOW YOUR MIND with their original songs, tight arrangements, and angelic vocal harmonies.


11pm- Tenterhooks

Genre: Power Pop
For fans of: Guided By Voices, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Fountains of Wayne

Tenterhooks are a fantastic guitar-driven band that’s had its roots in the NYC underground dating back to the 90s East Village noise-pop scene. The band’s bristling sound is equaled only by its melody, tight, veteran group of punks blasting out heavy doses of sugar, just the way we like it. Mix in a slight tinge of late ’70s skinny tie new wave, and you’ve got a winner.


8pm- Kosi

Genre: jazz
For fans of: Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Tracy Chapman

She's got piercing eyes and a voice that's larger than her body. But, small as she is, she won't fit in a box. She switches styles more quickly than you can follow. First she's jazz, then she's blues, then she's rock, but always powerful. You definitely want to hear this girl sing... if you can handle it.

"Her music is authentic, from the heart, and her voice is blissful to listen to. She is fulfilling the early promise she showed. She has the range and tone of an angel yet the throatiness and devilment of a banshee." -- Sammy Stein [http://somethingelsereviews.com/2014/08/28/kosi-pictures-of-us-2014/]

"Can a person be bold and polite? Can their music supersede what traditional blues emanate, and go deeper, with universal appeal? Yeah…Kosi can." -- Pete Carma [http://streetcredmusic.blogspot.com/2014/07/pictures-of-usthe-follow-up-cd-by-kosi.html]

"From jazz to blues to neo-soul: it’s all there, pre-tapped and ready to be heard, but with such freshness of vision that it could be from no other singer. This is Kosi’s strength, a raw yet elegant presentation that explodes with originality…" -- Tyron Grillo [http://ecmreviews.com/2014/04/14/kosi/]


9pm- Arun Ramamurthy Trio

Genre: Carnatic Jazz
For fans of: Ravi Shankar, Shakti, Cross-over Jazz

The Arun Ramamurthy Trio (ART) performs Jazz Carnatica. Rooted in the style of the virtuoso violinist Dr. Mysore Manjunath, Arun brings a fresh approach to the age-old South Indian classical repertoire. The trio’s collaborative sound is driven by the propulsive rhythm section of drummer Sameer Gupta & and bassist Perry Wortman. The Carnatic canon is remixed in this seamless integration of styles as the group expands on the traditional compositions in explosive, improvisational flights of fancy. Arun’s original compositions pay homage to Carnatic rhythmic structures and rich tonalities while expanding the music with a modern jazz backbeat.

“…a beautiful, exotic, ear-opening listening experience.” (All About Jazz)

“…..a captivating and inspirational listening experience, worthy of the highest recommendation for multicultural music collections.” (Midwest Book Review)

“Ramamurthy joins the successful few who have melded jazz and traditional Indian music” (RootsWorld)


10pm- Dahlia Dumont ~ The Blue Dahlia

Genre: World (Reggae, tango, ska, klezmer, and dub French and in English)
For fans of: Alpha Blondy meets Edith Piaf, Gotan Project, Goran Brehovic, Billie Holiday, Kana, Tiken Jah Fakoly, the Clash, Regina Spektor, Samiah Farah, Portishead

Brooklyn girl Dahlia Dumont, with a past in Senegal and France, brings her Francophone influences to her music, performing original reggae, ska and tango jams in French and in English. She also performs some old-time standards of the French "chanson," mixing them with grooving reggae rhythms and dub deflections. Singing and playing ukulele, Dahlia is accompanied by George Saenz from South Texas on button accordion and trombone, Yoshiki Yamada from Japan on bass, Chris Hansen from California on drums, and Diego Cebollero from Argentina on guitar. Collectively they are called The Blue Dahlia.

Main: www.dahliadumont.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Blue-Dahlia/136078126469513
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dahliadumont
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dahliadumont
Indiegogo campaign to make first album!!!: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/from-nurse-to-musician-dahlia-dumont-s-first-album

Midnight Special: Shirley Gnome

Genre: musical comedy/dirty country-folk
For fans of: Tenacious D, Garfunkel and Oats, Sarah Silverman

Chanteuse provocatrice Shirley Gnome takes you on a musical journey, with titillating tunes about the hilarious and profound ways that bodies collide. Smothered in explicit language and racy humor, yet sung like "an angel dry-humping a cloud."

Winner: People's Champ of Comedy 2012
"simply brilliant" -Three Weeks

Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Highlight Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lilYAG15H6A

8pm- Holler

Genre: country/folk
For fans of: gillian welch, woody guthrie, old crow medicine show

Holler. def: a shout, a loud cry, the space between mountains and valleys or traditional country, Appalachian song, and originals by Rachael Benjamin and Beth Soleimany that take you to your home up north or on a drive down south. Formed in 2009, Holler has performed throughout New York City, and toured the midwest and southeast, including a spot on the Blue Plate Special and the Covered Bridge Festival in eastern Kentucky. Rachael and Beth play as a duo and also with special guests.

“Layers of acoustic instrumentation derivative of traditional Appalachian songwriting blends seamlessly with well-crafted harmony vocalizations.” “I was instantly captivated by their beautiful harmonies and acoustic arrangements.” J.D. Duarte Brooklyn Country


9pm- Yeti

Genre: Indie-rock / dream-punk
For fans of: Sleater-Kinney, The Cranberries, Fugazi

Yeti is bass-driven philosophical dream-punk with cute killer harmonies. This New York-based trio reeks of feral femininity, fermenting in the forgotten woods of Staten Island. Their music fuses Sleater-Kinney sensibilities with The Cranberries’ emotional power. Yeti can be found playing at various venues throughout the New York City area, or in very cold, dark, remote caverns from which few have ever returned.


10pm- Robin Electric

Genre: Rock, Powerpop
For fans of: Badfinger, Supergrass, Wilco, The Who

Steeped in rock tradition, The Robin Electric churn out crunchy guitar hooks and memorable melodies with their alchemic brand of neo-classic rock. If Ryan Adams was assaulted by Badfinger while The Raspberries poured drinks, that scene would sound like The Robin Electric. The lush vocal harmonies of Eric Barlow (lead guitar), Jason Maksymilian (bass) and drummer John Melville, behind powerhouse Jesse Bryson will make fans of Humble Pie and Big Star rejoice. With a new EP out this year, The Robin Electric are setting the stage for a rock n' roll takeover.


11pm- The Morning Sea

Genre: Folk/Rock
For fans of: Rock n’ Roll, Whiskey, Night-time

The Morning Sea is an NYC-based indie-folk-blues-pop-rock n’ roll experience, founded by singer-songwriter Adam Cohen. Their debut EP, “Strange Captive”, was released in May 2014.

“A softly moving, seductive chamber-pop folk collective…one-half confessional late night crooner, and one-half whimsical wanderer…” –The Deli Magazine


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.


March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. We have Joss Whedon’s finest cancelled series EVER. Who says a Western space opera can’t work? Viewer’s choice, since they’re all so good!

9pm- Nerd Karaoke

DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monday Movie Madness: Legend

8pm- Martina Fiserova

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