Math Professor Anthony Macula joined Tucker Carlson to talk about his letter he sent to about 600 staff members but it was directed to Donald Trump supporters. When Tucker was reading out the bad part of the letter, Macula didn’t like the way it sounded and tried to fix it during the interview but it takes a lot to fix that type of evil.

“Professor” Claims Trump Legitimized White… by dgraphics2009

Here is Mucula’s letter in its entirety:

Throughout his campaign, Trump channeled the white power ethos. Despite his token comments about unity, that disturbing ethos has continued post-election. In reading Mr. Waddy’s article, I sense more of the same white nationalistic theme.

Mr. Trump’s post-election appointments are very much in line his misogyny, xenophobia, and deceit throughout his campaign. His recent agreement to pay the enrollees of his fraudulent Trump University $25 million in damages is further proof that he can’t he trusted and makes his call for unity ring hollow.

One particularly troubling Trump appointment is that of Stephen Bannon as senior policy advisor. Until recently, Bannon managed Briebart News, the white ethno-nationalist platform of the alt-right. The alt-right is a loosely organized group of people who believe in white supremacy, oppose immigration, feminism, and multiculturalism. Bannon is quoted as advising folks’ “to turn on the hate” and labeling progressive women “as a bunch of dykes.”

Mr. Waddy’s article angered me and cemented my concern that some members of our community have irresponsibly voted for Trump. I would like to know why. Why have many of our local business, civic and political figures supported Trump? Who are you? Please explain your vote because this is not the same thing as voting for Romney, Bush, Dole or Reagan. In my mind, the aid and comfort that Trump has given to the white power movement is a grave and existential threat to our democracy. I just don’t see putting that aside for an economic policy position or some other social or personal affirmation found in a vote for Trump.

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If you voted for Trump, my default opinion is that you abandoned your civic responsibility. Maybe you could convince me otherwise; I am open to talking. Feel free to let me know you voted for Trump. I will in turn ask you the questions below and we can go from there.

I understand an unwillingness to vote for Clinton, but there were other options. I get folks down on their luck voting to blow up the system. That is act of desperation—civically irresponsible—but understandable. However, for all other Trump voters, I favor accountability first and understanding second.

So, to Mr. Waddy and others like him: You voted for a candidate who embodies the white power movement and was enthusiastically endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and other white supremacy groups. I think it perfectly reasonable to ask you the following questions:

Do you believe in white nationalism and the supremacy of the white race?

Do you believe that a multiethnic and multicultural democracy can succeed?

“Yes” or “No,” I will respond accordingly.

Anthony J. Macula is a resident of Geneseo. Mr. Macula invites readers to respond to him at tonymacula@gmail.com.

Will you write Mr. Macula back anytime soon?

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