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Casio G-Shock Gold Hammer Tone MRGG1000HG-9A Watch

How (positively?) incredible is this new, $6,200 Casio G-Shock Gold Hammer Tone MRGG1000HG-9A? That was my first (actually two) questions when I glimpsed at this freshly debuted watch by Casio. It is among the most expensive G-Shock watches sold today but to understand why that is and how that may be justified, we must take a closer look. You may remember that we went hands-on with the so-called “Hammer Tone” G-Shock first at BaselWorld 2016 – though in a different, even more restrained color combination. In case you have missed that one, be sure to check out our live images and thoughts on that debut piece right here. Okay now, let’s see what this late-2016 version has in store for us.

The most important element to any Hammer Tone G-Shock is of course the Tsuiki finishing of the case. Tsuiki is a technique that is based on using a hammer to create a relief design on metal sheets and something that, Casio say, “has been handed down from 1,200 years ago.” It is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that has been used to shape, decorate and harden pieces of metal used for armors, copper-ware and more.

A little bit of research into the matter reveals that there actually are literally hundreds of different types of hammers and nails that are used to shape a flat piece of bronze or other metal into the desired shape and/or to decorate them with the desired pattern. The Casio G-Shock Hammer Tone pieces are decorated by Bihou Asano, a master metalworker in Kyoto, Japan; needless to say, with all cases and metal bands being hand-made, no two will be alike.

The whopping 49.8 millimeter-wide and 16.9 millimeter-thick case of the new Casio G-Shock Gold Hammer Tone MRGG1000HG-9A is in fact identical to the Hammer Tone piece we covered hands-on, but this iteration features a fusion of Japanese colors with its deep, dark gold IP-coated case and bracelet and its indigo blue DLC-coated dial and case elements. To be clear, the base material of the watch and bracelet is “deep-layer hardened” titanium that was then gold-coated, saving the MRGG1000HG-9A from a mid-five-figure retail price. If anyone knows their way around metal surface treatments, it’s G-Shock, so you can bet all case and dial elements are going to be excellently executed.

There’s no way around it though, while the craftsmanship of each and every Hammer Tone G-Shock is genuinely incredible even by the high standards of fine watchmaking, the vibe (excuse my French) of this new, all-gold, $6,000+ G-Shock simply overshadows most all of that. Coated or not, an all-gold-colored, near-50 millimeter-wide, hefty watch is destined to be getting a lot of attention and, to my eyes at least, that renders this MR-G (casually and often referred to as Mister G.) version more of a Mr. T edition. Is that necessarily a bad thing though?

I think not. A G-Shock, save for some of the classic references of course, have in my mind always been about over-the-top styling and ruggedness, looks and features that you very clearly do not harness to their full potential as you go about your everyday life – and in that sense, this Casio G-Shock Gold Hammer Tone MRGG1000HG-9A is another true G-Shock, albeit infused with some steroids to highlight all that Casio is capable of (craftsmanship, technologies), without taking that “edge” of the G-Shock away.

Speaking of capabilities, mind you, the MRGG1000HG-9A is of course as feature-packed as they come, boasting GPS reception based time calibration, solar charging, a perpetual calendar, refined individual motors for the hands and a healthy selection of functions including world time indication, chronograph, alarm, perpetual calendar, latitude indicator and more.

Considering how strong the market has been for five- (and yes, six-) figure “beater” watches, this G-Shock – believe it or not – is not that out of place in today’s market… And yet, despite its crazy colorway, extremely high (for a G-Shock) pricing and remarkable craftsmanship, I feel this new Hammer Tone piece will still be a rare bird to see out in the wild. Which is too bad because, to answer my question from the opening paragraph, I think it’s absolutely and positively bonkers as well as a most, ahem, proper crowning of the huge family of G-Shock watches.

Price for the Casio G-Shock Gold Hammer Tone MRGG1000HG-9A is $6,200, same as that of the other version. Notably, there will be 300 made in total with Casio USA confirming that there will be only 10 coming to the US. gshock.com

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This is so balls-out ridiculous I can’t help but smile.

Santa baby, if you’re listening I think I’ll take an all-gold G-Shock instead of a Rolex this year.

I was deeply impressed by the first Hammertone and I still am. But this one is just the same but gold coated. I think some solid gold for a G-Shock woul be more of an achievement. Keep it solid but in gold.

Agree. Love the first Hammer Tone.

I pity the fool who buys this!

Mr T


The watch is not aimed at somebody like me in any way, shape, or form and is deliriously funny, so I can’t hate it. I look forward to seeing it on various idiots’ wrists in the future. We won’t be laughing with them, we will be laughing at them. And that’s a good thing. Thanks to Casio for finally making a watch I can appreciate — even if it is from afar.

You’d have to be hammered yourself to purchase this.

I dearly love G-Shock, and while my collection of them is always expanding, I don’t have any metal ones, nor do I have any desire for one. This one in particular is painfully garish, but not in the endearing brand of G-Shock garishness that I’ve grown to love.

In the tradition of Gs taking on informal, audience-generate nicknames, I dub this one the “Invicta Sphincta”.

In copper or bronze? Maybe.

In glittery yellow gold? I Don’t Think So .. !

But some people will no doubt go for it.

Good beater watch.

Geddit? “Beater” watch? I give up…

Stop… Hammer Tone!

Geddit? “Hammer Tone”? I give up…

Can’t touch that

He is probably about the only person who could get away with wearing it , and only look half stoopid

for ridiculous, i’ll stick to my orange f-91 thanks.

That’s a big ole’ hunk of gold coated awesomeness! I love it. And David, I like the Mr. T connection you worked in there. I think that some of the peanut gallery shenanigans are rubbing off on you.

make armor and harden metals? do you EVER just spend a moment looking up the claims you read in press releases David? I mean two seconds looking has me convinced that it refers pretty much exclusively to hand hammered copper/bronze work.

“During the 18th century, a technique called “Tsuiki” was brought by

artisans from the area which covers the current Sendai in Miyagi

Prefecture. It enables one to make kettles, flower vases or plateware

without any joint lines by beating out one bronze plate repeatedly. This

was the start of Tsubame-tsuki bronze ware, leading to what has

now become a world-famous craft. It has the practicality and artistry of

traditional craftwork created by highly-skilled artisans and its luster

more comes out after repeated use.”

” Oh Mr. Miyagi can you forge me one of these ? ”

” Ah, Daniel son, when you have white washed that picket fence then come over here and kiss my butt “

Wax on, wax off, Raymond-son

That’s what Ariel says when he’s doing his wrists.

One only wishes!

For the hundredth time, Ariel TRIMS his wrists. He does not shave them. He does not wax them. My boo goes to Los Angeles’s finest arm barber shop and asks for a level 2 clipper. Easy peasy Patrick Sweezy!
<img src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2/72x72/1f642.png" alt="

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