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&Xeadas -- finalblow
This is Xeadas. Not Ex-ee-dahs or whatever it looks like. Ze-ah-dahsGet it right. It means frost, because that’s just what I am, frosty. Got a problem with me? Say it to my face. Otherwise, I’d be happy to rip your eye out. Meet Xeadas, a not so friendly she-cat with an impressive attitude. But, before we even get into that, let’s talk about her looks. She’s what toms consider gorgeous. She’s the kind of cat they fawn over. They also consider her untouchable. Toms know not to chance telling her that’s she’s pretty. Toms know not to talk to her at all. Any ways Xeadas, sometimes referred to as Xe by her closest of friends, is a dainty, pure white she-cat. Or, well, maybe not pure white. She’s mostly white, with beautiful grey patches aligning her ears, shoulders and tail. Her fur is short, but falls on her body in one, cohesively thick patch that stretches from the tips of her nose to the pads of her toes. She’s tiny, though, barely the size of a…. what do you call them, trainee? Don’t underestimate her because of her size, though. Underneath her pelt is a mass of taut muscles, thick-stacked and strong. Power wells in her limbs, and she’s not afraid to show she’s willing to fight. Back to her appearance, though. Few get the chance to look in her eyes, as she doesn’t hover in one place too long. Those that came from the once-great CrowClan, though, are haunted by the ice blue gaze that stares back at them when you engage her in a conversation. Full bred Toxicity cats wouldn’t notice anything as the cats of the other, fallen clan would, other than her gaze is particularily piercing and frosty, par her namesake. There is never softness in that gaze.She’s seen too much, felt too much for softness. She won’t ever explain to you what she’s seen or heard, though. It’s a mystery you won’t ever figure out. Xeadas doesn’t trust. She believes she should be a self-contained unit, or no unit at all. She hunts for her own food, no one else’s. She doesn’t expect to be healed if she got injured, if she can’t live with injuries she got herself, then she’ll die. In fact, every once in a while, she’ll give herself a wound or two, just for the clarity of it all. Xeadas is often hateful, and she doesn’t like very many cats. If she doesn’t like you, you’ll know it. There are few ways to ignore the comments she’ll make just loud enough for you to hear, but soft enough so they won’t stay at the front of your attention for very long. There are few ways to make it past her sideways glares. Oh, yes. She’s not one of the cats that tries to hide that she doesn’t like anyone. If you irritate her, she’ll smile at you innocently, before reminding you that the only reason your mother loved you was that you kept your father from leaving her. Cats either admire her for her gut, or hate her right back. They think she cares. Each time another cat reminds her that her words hurt their pathetic hearts, she only smirks, rolls her eyes, and then utters something similar to “Tragic story; now scurry off and tell someone who cares, m’dear.” She isn’t some perfect cat, oh no. She scoffs at the Mary and Gary Sues she finds in the world, those are her first targets.The chipper ones that suck up to everyone? Oh, yes. Those are the ones that she can just picture dying in tragic accidents, like drowning in a local pond or river. For the limited few she can stand, there may be four or five that can be pleasured enough to fit into this category, she’s just as mean. But, if she can stand you, there’s less of a chance she’ll make sure you’ll be caught in a mudslide. She may even be a little more tolerable to you, maybe, if you’re lucky. If she can tolerate you, she tends to be more of a joking cat, one who’s wit extends her. She seems to enjoy amusing herself, at least, and sometimes it works on others too. She’s a very intelligent cat, one gifted in the arts of words, when she isn’t using her words to degrade others. She’s also gifted in persuasion, often getting what she wants. Out of her group of “friends”, she is also the leader, because she has a need for power.

&Remilla -- Peacockfortune27
Why hellooooo there sunshine, wanna' die today? Remilla has been called by many different names, and the most used is insane. A broken mind, twisted and corrupted. Her head is a dark maze, one with only an entrance, and no exit. What? Don't believe anyone could be this crazy or cruel? How do you explain the death of sixteen innocent and beaten kitty-pet who could barely put up a fight? Her mind is shattered, with only a tiny amount of sanity left. A devil such as this couldn't possibly hold beauty though, right? How could a black soul hold an innocent looking outside? It might seem impossible that there is anything that could count as pretty in this monstrosity, but her appearance is that of an angle. Shocking isn't it? Tiny, with a seemingly weak look. Long fur with a stunning mixture of ginger tabby patterned patches layered on white that cascades down her back and then to her sides. Her muzzle is blazed with white around her nose that looks like a pink jewel. And then her eyes, that look like jade carved out of the ground and placed perfectly on her face. In fact, the only imperfection in her whole look is the tip of her tail, which is completely missing. The only trade mark left of her gruesome past, one she's kept buried very well under the surface. No wonder. Who would want a former kitty-pet in their group? It would be a shock to almost anyone in Toxicity that Remilla once lived a pampered life as a house cat. They'd also be shocked to learn that's one of the reasons she got her physic so totally destroyed. It was the fact that Remilla was an out-door cat that got her taken away from her house folks by a bunch of kitty-pet hating rogues who forced her to steal her food for them. Well, her, and the other kitty-pets as well. It was an all out torture zone for kitty-pets who had never learned to fight, and then to have to take food from clans and rogues near by. Sometimes even far away, if things got too bad. And if you didn't obey the rogues? You were punished if front of every other kitty-pet in the organization to make an example of. And this tugged at Rimilla's humanity the whole time. It was only when they cut off her tail tip, however, when she snapped. The rogue, the kitty-pets. Anyone who put up a fight. The alley ways had never been soaked with so much blood. She left, and her sanity stayed behind. Of course, this was just an act of pure rage. Remilla gained some 'sense' back, after joining Toxicity. But the kitty-pet that had sat there shivering in fear at the rogues was gone now. Cockiness and a thirst for blood replaced her innocence. However, it isn't impossible to befriend her, if you prove your strong, and show her loyalty. But proving your strong to Remilla... Well it might be easier to jump off a cliff. Why don't you just stand for not being her enemy instead? Remilla, though despite her mirthless nature, has and will keep one thing unchanging. Her loyalty to Toxicity is unbreakable. Just, don't push it ok? No one wants to have a cat "Mysteriously" missing...






curandera novice





Matrix -- -Celticmelody-
A swirl of black and dark grey dances across his pelt. A flicker of white here and there but mostly stains as dark as night capture your focus as he makes his way across camp. His eyes, such a different shade of green, very pale and soft, the rest of him is so sharp that they are a shock but then a buffer to the eyes. His movements are strong, purposeful for one that is so young. This cat, even as a kit, knew what he wanted. His persona was one of darkness. He had seen more evil that what half the elder cats had seen in their long lives. Because of this, he shows no compassion and very little emotion, but his sense of duty is spot on. Matrix. He had come from the clan of the Crows. He had been aspiring to be a See’r there before the great disaster had driven him out of the land and driven him right into the paws of the cold winter. The tiny kit had barely made it out thanks to the help of an unknown cat, one that had just left him on the border of Toxicity and taken off. He doubted he would ever find out who that cat had been, but he really didn’t care. Now as you might expect, a cat of the crows will be just a bit different from the cats that you find in your everyday clan. Most cats would call him mean, touchy and maybe just a little bit disturbed. He admits to being all of the things willingly. He would even add reserved and slightly twisted that that list. Now going back to the beginning of him to explain why he is the way he is. His parents, he never knew their names as he was only a quarter moon old when the disaster struck, had tried to kill him for being the runt. They tried many ways, leaving to him die by the bog, putting him by a fox den, even throwing him in a river. None worked obviously, somehow he always managed to be found, or save himself. Evil. This was what he thought his parents to be. Every time he would make it back to camp they would play as if he had run off, even when he told everyone that they were trying to get rid of him. Of course, no one believed a 10 day old kit. Finally the last time, the day before the disaster, had been hurt getting back to camp from being dropped from a ledge and he was sent to see the See’r. This changed his whole outlook on life. He padded into that den and thought that he had found a purpose. A purpose that included herbs, wounds, and blood but a purpose none the less. He had believed maybe he could convince his parents that he could become see’r one day and that killing him would be going against their ambition for power. But, per his luck life, even his crappy one, changed. At the crack of dawn a loud explosion woke his as fire rained down. He ran. That was all he could think to do. The smell of smoldering fur trailed his the whole way before he felt the pain of the burn on his back. He let out a sound of pain and collapsed. He was pretty sure he blacked out for a while until her pelt something grasp his scruff and pick him up. The pain as the teeth hit the burn made his pass out again. When he woke up, he was no longer in the smoke and chaos. He was in a wet forest like land and the burns no longer hurt so much. He was unable to get to his paws as his pads were burnt. Lucky for him a passing patrol came by around them and brought him back to the group. He had made his home here ever since. Healing well, only a patch of missing hair, which the Toxicity Medicine team thinks will grow back in time, is evidence of his ordeal. So his past is not a pretty one, but what of the present. He has lost his wish to work with medicine because he no longer has anyone to impress, he’s still the stoic cat he had always been, and he’s might be the most annoying cat you will ever meet but you might just have to get over it. He’s dangerous when annoyed, but loyal to what he believes in to a T. He might be the perfect cat for any job, if only you can get by the layer of frost he puts forward to ward off anyone and everyone. He’s a cat of many sides, what side you get all depends on you…
&Tokyo -- Emberwish

Pretty as a picture and deadly as a cobra.Stunning.Angelic.Bewitching.Innocent eyes like a gem, sparkling and have a rich sapphire color.Groomed creamy beige fur, with jet black flecks and stripes.How can a cat as delicate looking as a doll be so purely wicked? A mellifluous voice like dripping honey that can pull you in and control your mind.How? The flame of revenge can twist your mind like no other and so can pure insanity.She never knew her mother, she was left alone as a kit.Alone in the cruel world.How she survived was pure luck, a loner found her and took care of her.The thing is.. The loner was very much insane.Tokyo was being taught by an insane cat for moons and moons filling her head with lies.The loner said things like "At night zombie badgers attack cats" and other nonsense ideas.Tokyo loved the loner, she treated her like her own mother.Until one day in the harsh, cold winter the loner's mind filled with so much insanity and hunger that she decided that she should eat Tokyo.Tokyo barely escaped with her life, kicked out of thewarm den and yet again transported in the cruel world in which she had no knowledge of.Surviving the winter with pure instinct, she became strong and a little insane for not have talking with any cats for moons.Newleaf soon came and she taught herself how to hunt and live a solitary life with getting more insane.Soon she met up with some other cats, she told then about the insane ideas that loner had told her about.They laughed at her and called her crazy.Getting mad, she killed them with one strike of her powerful claws.She swore on her life that she would find that loner and send her to her deathbed.She soon forgot about getting her revenge, when she met the love of her life, Neon.He fell in love with her too, an then soon forgot about her when he saw an even prettier cat than Tokyo.Furious that he had only fallen in love with her just because of her beauty, she waited until Neon and the other she-cat had kits and she killed every single kit and killed the she-cat.She didn't kill Neon, she wanted to see him in pain and bow down to her, this is what he deserved for betraying her.Then pretending to be sorry for him and begging for forgiveness and promised to never do so again.It was a false promise, she had not gotten her full revenge yet.They fell back into love, except that Tokyo was not really in love with him.She gave him a mouse filled with venomous deathberries and watched him suffer in pain yet again.She cackled creepily as he died, and soon went out to find the loner who had mislead her.Finding the insane loner, she drowned her in a river, watching her die.Feeling satisfied she decided to join the all-powerful Toxicity. There she was able to use her skill, which eventually led her to a powerful position, overseer.Tokyo has an personality like no other.Loyal to Toxicity, yet trusts no cat there a hundred percent.Well except maybe, Xeada.Clever and cunning as fox and has a higher intelligence then most cats.Sarcastic, and has a low-tolerance for irritating cats.Arrogant, proud, stubborn all thoses traits that could annoy the hairballs out of you.Her mood swings are like a storm, one minute she's as happy as a lark another moments she glares at you like she wants to kill you.No matter what, Tokyo will always remain loyal to Toxcity.Always.That is the one thing you cannot doubt about her.

9/9 lives. Past strategos



Savannah-- Masquardetrick
Her eyes penetrate you, flashing in a purple amber glow. A thought crosses your mind. Am I going to die? The legendary Savannah is standing before me, her massive size shadowing mine. I surely won't make it out alive. And that... is accurate. Usually any cat to face the legend that is Savannah doesn't come out without a major wound or death. Savannah is a savannah cat. Catchy for her name huh? She is dark amber in color, simply stunning with her beauty. Savannah was born in Crowclan with two brothers, Pawstep and Jumper. Pawstep was the pick of the litter, by her mother Rosestar, to become the sucessor. Savannah happened to be the co-successor. This postion was given to them practically at birth. Cobrastrike, her aunt, had held it only for a short time before she was gone, forcing Pawstep to take the position at a young age of a moon old. But, he barely was able to handle it, and so at a moon and a half, Savannah took over the postion. Later, at about her 3rd moon alive, Savannah became Savannahstar. Youngest leader in history perhaps. She was still big in size, appearing to be an apprentice thanks to her genes. And the thing about it was... she was a force to not mess with. She was deadly. Because of her Crowclan was feared. They never lost. They never retreated. Crowclan was on top. As soon as she was able to have kits, she did. Over the course of 2 years she had 15 kits. Only Blitz, Rose, Zap, and Haze are alive. The rest died either in their kit years or fighting for Crowclan. When she stepped down from her position, a new group had been formed. Primal Instinct was their name. Curiousity took over her, and she went to the new group, knowing Crowclan would frown on their leader after her unexpected resignment. Metra, the Primal Instinct founder, and Savannah didn't get along right from the start. In all honesty, they hated each other. Savannah was cocky and arrogant in Metra's eyes. Metra was mouse brained and pointless to Savannah. They found no use in each other. And the one thing that crossed a line for Savannah was the fact that Metra stole away the cat she loved, Mace. Savannah bore his two kits, who died in their first moon. But she would never forgive Metra for not only taking her choice of mate, but breaking her son Blitz's heart in the process. One morning a Crowclan patrol invaded Primal Instinct. Savannah and Blitz were defending them, fighting their group mates. Savannah was kicked out, Blitz was allowed to stay. And during this time, Venomclan had risen. Now Savannah, as much as she wished to return to her birthclan, she really was intrigued by Venomclan. She joined, but again, the leader, Strategostar, didn't like her presence. Who would though? She is to be feared and very smart. She could take a leadership over with a single speak to the group. That charm got her no where with the Venomclan creator. And eventually when Primal Instinct fell into a pit of bad leadership, she went back and claimed the Warden position, aiding Raven in the leadership. She would've taken over, except a fire swept their territory, leaving the already small group destroyed. Savannah knew that Primal Instinct could not rise back up. She made sure that none of the cats tried to do so. But again Venomclan called her back. And this time... will she stay?

Haze-- Masqueradetrick
A rare white savannah tom cat with icy, critical blue eyes. He is bigger than most cats, his stature proud and confident. But with his cocky smile, some might say he is nothing but a show off. Haze is the youngest of all Savannah's kits. He is not quiet a year old yet like his elder siblings. He is most definately the trouble maker of the group though. He has lived his whole life as a rouge, spying on all the clans and pointing out their weaknesses. They never know that he is there either. Haze is careful to never be seen unless he wants to. And that works. Most cats outside of his family don't know his name, unlike Blitz and Rose. Being Savannah's unexpected kit that ran away, nobody had known his name long enough. He is fine not to be in the spotlight, which is different compared to like his older sister Rose who craves cats acknowledgement. He lives in the shadows, and it suits him. Haze was born to Savannah right before she left Primal Instinct. His father is unknown even to Savannah. Most cats say he was a dark forest cats gift to Savannah. Maybe thats true. But he didn't want to be tied down to Primal Instinct and their leader who wouldn't even glance at him. He left, fending for himself as a young kit. Savannah's trait of being a young tyrant must have passed on to him. But as he grew older, he began to long for company.... and he had found his way to Venomclan.

Chaos-- Silverclaw101
The Greeks described the universe beginning as chaos. A swirling mass of nothing, a universe of emptiness. Out of chaos, the sky and the earth were born. But chaos is everlasting, always lurking in the darkest corners of the universe. Chaos lives on in many things. It lives on in a cat of Crowclan. A silver tom with electric blue eyes. A tom filled with nothing but emptiness. Most cats weren't born evil, weren't born with a indifference that made one able to kill. Most cats. Chaos was born not caring, he was born indifferent. Before his eyes opened for the first time. He loved his mother, of course, but who wouldn't love the cat that gave him food and shelter? His littermates? Bah. He only would need them for support, for help in fighting. Even though he was pretty sure he could take care of himself. Always good to have insurance. Of course, that didn't last forever. Silence, his mother, turned on her kittens, almost killing them. Reason, the brother of Chaos, was in the Seeker den, training with Mousy. Miracle, the only female of the litter, was with Chaos when it happened, they escaped together and watched as their mother was thrown into the Prison. This lead to resentment towards Reason. Then Miracle, was torn away from Chaos. The blind little mewler had decided to go for a stroll in the rain, and found herself drowning in an enlarged river. Chaos heard the screams, but was to late to save her. Reason vanished, no one quite knew where to, but he always had a few screws loose. Then Crowclan perished, and the elder prowler had to move on with the rest. He traveled to Venomclan, became a gladiator. Chaos lives on in a cat. A cat that is a swirling mass of nothing, a universe of emptiness. A cat that is Chaos.

Huntur -- Silverclaw101
That’s how she spells it. H-U-N-T-U-R. Two "U"s, no "E". Don’t correct her. In fact, don’t speak to her. Unless you’re feeling suicidal. Because all she needs is an excuse. One tiny little excuse to slit your throat, to slice open your belly. And that’s if you’re lucky. That’s if you’re on her side. Because usually she doesn’t give you the courtesy of waiting for you mess up. She lashes out as soon as there is a target. Preemptive strike is her motto. If you want to take your chances, however, she could be a useful ally. Although Huntur is a bit of a spitfire, she can usually keep a level head. After all, how would killing be enjoyable if you weren’t yourself to observe it? So if you have her as an ally, you’re quite a lucky cat. A lucky, lucky cat. Most keep their distance, they don’t take the chance. Because Huntur doesn’t believe in second chances. Heck, she doesn’t believe in first chances. Just look at her wrong and she’ll be at your throat faster than you can blink. Her pelt is a perfect combination of black, grey, and brown. Perfect for lurking in the undergrowth undetected. Her eyes are something out of a nightmare. A dangerous green, they sparkle with a murderous haze. Not something you would like to greet you when you awake. And if those are the circumstances, then those eyes will probably be the last things you see.

Virtue -- Emberwish
How in the name of everything, did this cat get here? Because of her brother.She's strong, and talented at fighting but---- she's afraid of everything dangerous, including the concept of love, or friendship.Born a coward.Always a coward.She doesn't want to admit that she is a coward. She will always deny it everytime and just say that she is just jumpy".When Virtue was still a rogue unafraid of the world she met a tom named Pierrot. She f"ell in love at first sight, of course other she-cats were competing for his love.For her it was like she was a joker and he was the prince not the princess he would fall in love with she was just simply pushed aside as a friend. Not even a good friend. Just simply a friend.Angered that he had chosen the "princess" or shall I say the one he was basically in love with.One summer day, she was so furious that she approached both of them and killed them with one swipe of her paw.No regret was in her eyes when she killed them, later that night she dreamed of their last words and their terrified screams as her sharp claws met their soft flesh.Guilt fell through her head she cried terribly the next day because she missed him so much she had forgotton what life was like without him.Soon her brother found her in the forest one day and he decided for the better health of both of them that they should join Toxicity.And that my dear friends is the never ending story of Virtue.

Ace -- Emberwish
You know those songs which are sung in a happy tone but if you listen to the lyrics you realize how depressing the matters in which they are singing of? That is what is called insanity. Never a dull moment around Ace, happy as lark I should say. Well, I guess at little bit too happy.He's a hyper as a suckling, no no no that's not truly enough hyper to describe him. Well I guess you could call that irritating, but ah, if you insult him he will snap back into "normal" mode and agrue with him until you give in or never give in.But in all honesty Ace's true personality is nothing of that sort. Oh sure it's creepy, but let's causally say his "true" personality is rather maddening? Sad? irritating? Or just down-right twisted? All of the above. No one's quite sure about how he got so .......odd. Born into enslavement as soon as he could walk, some two-legs put him into what they called a "cat-mill" It was where cats mated against their will and if they were incapable to breed they were killed brutally.Ace barely escaped with his life and he became insane basically as soon as he ran out of there. He had been stuffed in a cage with different she-cats like every single week, no room to move, and disgusting kittypet slop.Could it be any worse? Yes it can be, He only got water everytime he "mated" with a she-cat.Dance, dance dance, until you are no more then you will understand the feelings of Ace.

**Alala-- Ashenfate
A dark little thing. Her pelt is a pitch black, like the midnight skies. Her eyes are a light green, almost like a clear-ish green. Her appearance is nothing special at all. She is the daughter of the ex-strategos. Her attitude is like most cats in VenomClan. Short, and quick to snap. Typical, really. It doesn't seem as if VenomClan shall ever have a large variety

Split -- Emberwish

Fame -- Emberwish
Fame is a tricky thing, those famous can become easily corrupted and evil.He used to have been quite popular with the ladies and every tom's friend.Then he started wanting more and more power he wished to become leader so he sent his leader to his deathbed and became Famestar.Lust in his eyes and a thirst for blood and power, he left the clan with a smirk on his face. His old clan was just simply to him a group of hopeless, idiotic, kittypets! with no desire to kill and live by the dumb warrior code. He has a large muscular frame, strong, slender leg that could run faster then most. Memerizing sapphire blue eyes that could charm the secrets of you, and beautifully groomed golden fur, radiant like the sun. Flirty, charming, and vain he only goes for the "hot" cats. Bi and never trying to hide it, and Fame despises Toxicity and wants to destroy Tokyo. He is Fame, he will be a celeb everywhere he travels.

Susannah -- Emberwish
Popular, sweet, and pretty, mean when intimidated.Chestnut dappled brown fur, with emerald green eyes. She had an ugly past of many boyfriends and arguements. She has one suckling named Radioactive-kedi

Viktor -- Silverclaw101
Viktor. Victor. Victorious. Story of his life. Viktor always wins. Well, that’s his perfect world, anyway. A better thing to say is that in the rare cases he doesn’t win, he gets a little moody. Even his little brother, Vladimir, can be subject to his mood swings. One might say that he is good at heart, but that is a lie. Viktor’s heart is corrupt and vile, if he still has one that is. The truth is, he is a killer if there ever was one. Viktor and Vladimir were the surviving kits of a destructive fire in their homeland of Russia. The two lost their mother and father in the blaze, and quickly grew a strong hatred of the world for leaving them as helpless little orphans. Their hatred made them strong, and Viktor led the two through their crisis, bringing them to a boat that in turn led them to America. Or so he thinks. Vladimir is the real brains behind the pair, but he is content to sit back and let his brother think he’s in charge. And though Viktor may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is definitely big, strong, and a formidable opponent that you would not want to see lined up against you. Muscles ripple under his glossy brown pelt, and his green eyes shimmer with a fiery passion whenever he is enraged. Which is almost always whenever he loses. The simple solution to keeping you pelt on your back? Let Viktor win. Because Viktor always wins, in the end.

Taz -- *Jaypaw*
Tabby fur flow's over a petite frame. Yellow eye's shine out from a striped face. Knowing, Seeing, Sneaking, Evil she-cat sharp teeth peirce your skin , long claw's rip your pelt. Fast, lithe, Strong, fast as the wind that blow's over the moor's. As strong as the badger's that litter through territories. With her dark tabby pelt she can sneak, without anyone knowing. She was born from the darkness she rose and built herself out of the Evil, Danger in the world. Dark and evil, bad tempered can kill a cat in seconds. She had forgotten who her parent's where and before that she didn't even know who her parent's were. She doesn't care now they probably abandoned her. Whatever the weather is , that is her mood and the weather around Toxicity territory is always dark . Quick at Dodging she can dodge more blow's then prey you've eaten. With her lithe body she can dodge quickly, with her strength she can take down any enemy, A great hunter and a great fighter. As a kit alone in the world she found her way to Toxicity and showed she was loyal, and proved her worthy to join. Her eyes are dotted with spot's of grey. Cat's say they are the spot's of black in her eyes, some cat's say it is the cat's souls that she has killed She has extraordinary hearing and the sharpest of claw's and teeth, don't underestimate this she-cat or you'll end up with a scarred pelt.

Drago -- * Jaypaw*
Black pelt, black soul, black mind, black eye's, no not the eye's they're blue. Long curved claw's slide out of delicate but big paws. Big and muscular, strong, Strong willed. Don't get under this tom's pelt or you'll be skinned and flayed. He has always thought he was the better gladiator, better tom. He is strong and a good hunter, almost like every other cat. His face is always emotionless, just so you can't tell what he is thinking. Any thoughts, or feelings, anything that has to do with him in the inside, is hidden behind locked doors. No one will get past that door unless they have a key, and that key was lost a long time ago. As a kit he joined with Pheonix and went across the word together, there was nothing they couldn't do, they were best friends, and so they joined Toxicity together.

So some might say that it's hard to be in Venomclan unless you're full blooded killer. This is probably true. But there are those few cats who choose to own their strength and not use it until needed. The few that still have their honor. Well Elijah happens to be one of these cats. With dark smokey black fur, he looks like he's been climbing through soot in a chimney. His eyes are emerald green, much like his aunt Rose's eyes. However he didn't obtain the mean streak his family seems to have. He is close to many of his siblings, all except Elton who seems to distance himself more than others. His other siblings include his sisters Elizabeth, Ebony and Emberlynn. And his other brother Ethan. Even with being rather timid he is still a cat of great skill. He's not afraid to show off his muscular build and intriguing strength. He just doesn't waste it. He figures that just because his mother is Strategos doesn't mean he has the right to do whatever he wants. He often looks to his father Cobra for advice, but rarely takes it. See, the two are much polar opposites, all except for the love they share for their family. His most favorite cat is Savannah, his grandmother. He is drawn to the story of her life. The drama, the bravery, the leadership. All of it. He wishes that someday his own life will be a legend to tell.

Nathanial -- Masqueradetrick

**Elizabeth --Ashenfate
The hiss of the cobra, the venom of one, and the strike of one. This brown savannah mix will bite your head off without hesitation. Her violent eyes mesmerizing, and as you see her, you cringe with fear. Lizzy's attitude is rather laconic and quite frankly, scary. This she-cat is not just any cat, you see. She's the daughter of Valkyriestar, and one hard cat too. Just because she is the leader's daughter doesn't mean she's pampered. If anything, she has it harder than any of the cats in the clan. Her mother never seemed to have time for her, yet she did when Elijah went into a coma. That is, she had time for him. Elizabeth began to feel alone. She no longer felt as if she had a mother, as if she never mattered. Elizabeth became quiet, and no longer a roudy little kit she had once been. Hurt and rage boiled inside her. It's still boiling now, slowly reaching the brim. It doesn't seem long before this depressed and angered she-cat may snap.

Obssesed -- Emberwish
Pure, tempting irresistible voice like sweet dripping sugar-coated venom. Eyes like the moon, sliver with a hint of navy blue.Ragged cinnamon brown fur, with ink black stripes running down.Long slender figure, a broad frame, and legs like sticks. Don't go falling in love with her, you'll you regret it. She obsessed with every Tom, even occasionally she-cats. Yes, she's bi.. So what? There's nothing wrong with that. When she's obsessed with one Tom she'll want to be with him everywhere, and give him fresh-kill.If she finds out that he cheated on her,she'll rip his other lover to pieces. Any she-cat besides her that she see him with she would automatically be jealous.If he doesn't obey her, she kills him in such a painful way he would rather prefer the fast death.Flirty, nice, and seems sane, but in reality she's very.... What some may say crazy in the head.

Requiem -- finalblow.
bio tba

Kluer -- finalblow.
When he was a his mother gave birth to him, she was shocked. The kitten was a tom, but he contained a very feminine quality. He was a tortoishell. His mother, and father, thought it was impossible for a tom to be such a color. Theoretically, it is. Kluer is a mutant, if you want to say it cruelly. He was a tom gifted with two X chromosomes and one Y. Because of this, Kluer is more feminine. His ways of life are more similar to that of a she-cat than a tom. He is also a tom who could not have kittens, even if he tried. His second X chromosome has rendered him infertile and without the ability to reproduce. When cats ask about his orientation, he blames it on his girly genetics. Kluer is a homosexual, otherwise known as gay, tom, meaning he is exclusively attracted to other male cats. He is a cat that doesn't take any appeal to she-cats, and socializing with them, yet growing completely shy around toms. He is easy to fall in love, even if the other tom is straight or otherwise uninterested. He tends to gravitate towards the things he cannot have, apart from kittens. Kluer would not be a parent, even if he could. He is a pretty-go-with-the-flow sort of cat, although if you mess with him, he does get an edge to him. tba

Penumbra -- AvalonSoul567
Quiet. Shy. Outspoken. This is Penumbra, quiet as the shadows. She often keeps to herself, not out of hatred for others, but out of her intense shyness. She has a soft voice, smooth and light as silk. Her slate-gray pelt is rather dark, dark enough to almost be an ebony. But for now, it remains gray. She has bright green eyes, with a playful light to them. They're the main reason for the few friendships she has, since the brightness of her gaze seems to attract a few felines. She enjoys pointless conversations, as they give her a unique insight on a cat's persona. Do they try to avoid the one-sided chatters, or do they accept them? Do they leave after an exchange or two, or do they return for more? Penumbra learns a lot from her quick chats, and seperates each of her clan mates into mental groups because of them. She rarely uses her words to tear others down, but rarely uses them to build others up either. She usually just asks questions and demands answers, never one to interfere too much with anyone. Speak to the shadows, they'll speak back. You just have to open up first

Eight -- roleplayed by Emberwish
Fiery burnt red fur, with hues of other shades of red. Flecks of pitch black cover her pelt.Burning eyes, that seem like there is a flame dancing in there waiting to consume you.Eyes that some cats say can burn straight through your soul.This is Eight. She's always been that cat lurking behind the shadows, easily forgotten to most cats.If you actually meet her...Then that's another case.You can't forget her once you meet her, she's simply unforgettable in that situation. Aggressive, arrogant, and extremely over-the-top hostile. Even if she does agree with you she'll argue with you until you give in.Her bark is equal to her bite.Vicious, a talented fighter that has never lost a single battle.So I'll answer the question that we've been all wanting to know the answer to. How did a cat like this end up in Toxicity?Simple.Even though she's aggressive, vicious, and hostile she's loyal to Toxicity.She would rather go to the StarClan, then to betray Toxicity, and let me tell you that is some dedication. Now if good fortune allows you to somehow get to actually know her, then that yet again is another story. Get to know her and you'll find out that she's quite different from the hostile cat she seems to be. Crazy fun, has a wicked sense of humor, and is quite the prankster. But of course she'll never allow you to find out her true personality. Usually.She's put of a barricade, so that only the strong and willing to get to know her will break the wall. Never underestimate eight, never or you will soon learn to regret it.

Puppetmaster -- roleplayed by Emberwish
He is the master, you are the puppet. Toying with you in every way, tricking, deceiving you with his lies. Weaving his way into your brain making you believe the craziest things, and do things you never do. He holds you by strings, playing you predicting your every action and making sure it profits him in some way. He is a master of illusion, or as most say deception. Become "friends" or "mates" with him, and you'll never see the end of him controlling you. Love? Friends? Bah. Thoses are meaningless concepts to him that he deems unreal and an illusion. Ironic isn't it? that he say things like love are a deception, when he himself is a magician of lies. No one has gotten out his maze of vilification and his web of deceit. You his actor and he is your director planning your very move. False emotions appear in his cobalt blue eyes, deceiving you yet again. His fur a very sunset color, a vibrant orange with hues of a very fresh golden color. Strong, muscular build, a powerful claws that could kill a cat in one blow. Sharp, piercing emerald eyes that can see right through your soul. He will always be the cat that controls every cat.

Dance -- roleplayed by Emberwish
Pure silver fur, flawless. Thick, pine-green eyes, emotionless. Timberdance is a she-cat who has found a way to eliminate weakness from her. She's found a way to become so disconnected, she doesn't really feel anything. Not to anything, not about anything. She's put up a wall, large and undestroyable. She doesn't trust anyone, doesn't love anyone, only looks after herself. Some call her self-absorbed. Perhaps she is. She is so wrapped around herself, that's all some people see. They don't see the pain that brought her to this point. Dance was a victim, and being victimized made it so she was sharp, unwilling to let anyone in. Why? She doesn't say, but she remembers. She remembers the cold night her mother told her she was worthless, that the next time she saw her, she would die. She remembers meeting Pinefall. She remembers falling in love, only to see him being wripped away from her. She remembers all these things, and she wants to ensure she doesn't go through anything else. Because of that, she just blocks out the rest of the world most of the time. Dance is a very delicate she-cat, with that silver fur refferenced to earlier. The only thing that makes her different from the normal cat, though, is that she only has a stump of a tail. Strange, right? Even if it isn't, it's a quirk she has.

Agenta-- Roleplayed by Raeka*
A heart? You really think someone whose name means “pure” has a heart? What’s a heart? Is it something that allows someone to feel or is it something that is needed to live? This cat has no heart- or so it seems- she shows almost no emotions. The only time she showed anything other than hate or discust was when she was kitting. Her once-pure-heart was no longer pure it was black as night. Her once warm heart was as cold as ice. Agenta is small light brown she-cat with darker brown stripes and deep , chocolate, brown eyes. She was born as a kitty-pet but when she was old enough to not need her mother’s milk, she left and never looked back. She trained herself to hunt and defend herself. She flirts with many toms and doesn’t care if she breaks their heart. They were going to break hers, first, right? Though there wasn’t anything to actually break. After a season or so of being a rogue, she came across Toxicity. She decided to join, even if it was just for a little while. Her eyes are always seem to be narrowed with an icy glare, even when it seems like she’s laughing. She rarely does anything besides long for battle, hunt, and flirt. She’s always itching for a battle. When she got pregnate, she almost spat with disgust and hate. How dare the unborn kits take her from her life? She didn’t scream in pain as she started to kit. It was only after a long time of kitting that her face started to show pain. Her cold brown eyes showed the pain she was feeling. After she was done kitting, she found her cold start to warm. That couldn’t happen, now could it? She had four kits, though after the first few nights of a bitter cold wind, only one lived. She could feel her heart breaking as she looked at the small bundles who hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. The living one, a small she-kit, would be the bane of her experience.
Her heart grew cold again. She didn’t show any emotion to the small Adar. She couldn’t show any emotion to her. If she could, she would have. But three of her kits where dead and only one was alive. She was bitter that three had died. She might not have wanted them in the beginning, but after a whole day of kitting, she didn’t want them to DIE. After small Adar became a Rookie, she was glad. She didn’t have to watch her ugly kit’s petty playing.

Raphael -- Bonsai.
Everything can be so overwhelming sometimes. The world can just leave you speechless these days. Raphael is one of those who is pretty disgusted with the world. He can’t stand most people, always flipping his lid. Well he is a bit stressed after all. The big MaineCoon cat can never catch a break sometimes. When he was a kitten, born to a litter of four in New York. He was taken from his father who had to take care of them when their mother died during the birthing. He thinks he must have hit his head or something because he can’t even remember his brother’s names or what they looked like. He was taken to an animal shelter and sat in a loud room just crawling with stray cats talking their heads off. It drove Raphael crazy. He got headaches and his ears rang a lot. He just hated how they all had to yell. He was basically saved by a little red-haired twoleg girl named Rosy. He can remember how gentle she was, how she cradled him in her coat to keep him warm, a warmth he hadn’t felt in a long time. He truly loved that girl. She took him home and played with him every day, which was more or less exercise to him. She named him Raphael after her favorite TV character. He never understood anything in the show but he would sit on the couch and watch it with her none the less. He grew and grew into the huge cat he is today. Everything seemed wonderful until Rosy’s twoleg parents started fighting. Rosy came crying into her room almost every night. Raphael tried everything he could to make her feel better, he’d stay close to her or try to make her laugh with silly antics. It worked at first, but her happiness soon faded. To this day he can remember seeing the towleg mother crying in the kitchen after a fight with the towleg dad. He rubbed against her leg to try and comfort her but all he had heard was, “Get Rosy.” The large tom cat understood the command and slowly walked to Rosy’s room. What he found was the twoleg dad advancing toward Rosy, Raphael could smell the alcohol on his breath even though he didn’t know what the substance was, he still thought it to be disgusting. He growled lowly to the twoleg once…twice…nothing worked so he was forced to lunge at his face, clawing a biting. Rosy ran out of her room and her and her mother ran out the door to their “monster.” Raphael sprang off the man and ran out of the house and jumped into Rosy’s arms before she closed the car door and they sped away. They ended up in another part of New York. But Raphael didn’t think it was far enough. He often sat on the window sill, just waiting for the twoleg dad to find them. He assumed he didn’t until one morning he awoke to crying from the mother. She was begging on the phone “Find my baby please!” He didn’t understand until she saw him watching her. She cradled his face in her hands and looked into his amber eyes, hers still swimming with tears. “Go find Rosy, Raphael.” She whispered to him, stepping away to the door to open it. He reluctantly left to find the girl he loved. He tried to search everywhere, he thought he had, and then he ended up here. He is lost within his thoughts and filled with the anger that he could not save his girl. Raphael is a giant sized MaineCoon-Manx mix. He has medium length hair like the Manx and the ear tufts. He also doesn’t have a tail, and his back arches slightly. He is still very good at balancing and lacking a tail hasn’t seemed to affect him. His coat has a base layer of beige and a center band of mocha brown with light auburn tips, called agouti. It makes him look flecked with mocha. He has a strong muscular build with large paws. His face is soft yet sharply featured. His eyes are a deep rich caramel or amber color. They catch fire in the sunlight, the color of whiskey. . Raphael’s upper canines hang out from under his jowls a bit and his claws are black and are almost too long to be completely sheathed. He is hardened and angry, seemingly bipolar as well because of his sudden mood swings. He can be irritated at first then take back everything he said with the softest most sincere look on his face. He is misunderstood really, he feels he has failed to protect the one he loved. But it was a different kind of love. The love a little girl and her guardian angel. Turned black, and seemingly forgotten.

Copper -- ƒarƒaraway
It's not hard to see from whence his name sprang. From head to toe, he is clothed in glowing red-orange. He is a flickering flame among the patchwork of ordinary browns and greys. His ruffled coat is thick and soft, an unusually plush covering for a cat with such a life in the wilderness. His body is small and compact and the lines of his face rounded off, giving him a kitlike first impression. But with a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, what Copper lacks in substance he more than makes up for in attitude. The phrases “attitude problem“, “issues with authority“, and a few rather more unpleasant ones have been thrown about in concern to the tom, and with sound reason. The characteristic note of sarcasm in his tone and the spark of challenge in his round amber eyes are his calling cards. Arrogant and reckless, Copper is a character who takes his orders from nobody. Most days, not even his conscience or common sense get their say. He is a law unto himself, and like fire he will burn any who gets too close.

Lethe -- randomkitty333
Have you ever forgotten something but knew it really important. You would try so hard just to remember it because the fact that you couldn't scared you. That is the life of Lethe. She was born a loner, she assumes that. She probably had a family, she wouldn't know. When she was young, she lost her memories. She didn't know who she was, where she came from, and why she was there. The most suspected thing was that she ran away from home and knocked her head. The truth of the matter is that is very similar to what really happened. As a young kit, she lived with her parents and siblings. Her parents were a gray Tom cat named Luce and her mother a creamy she cat named Willow. Her siblings included her much older brother, Jace; Then her litter mates Birch, Chestnut, and Lucas. Lethe's born given name was not actually Lethe, but Dove. She is a beautiful cat, with a similar creamy orange pelt as her mother and chestnut brown eyes. They lived well until prey was becoming harder to find. Her father was resorted to ask the help of a rough gang. It started out fine, he would help them for the same of food for his starving family. He would spy on cats, find cats, collect catnip. All sorts of things just to get food. Luce knew well that what he was doing wasn't right, but when push comes to shove. His mate didn't approve of it, but she couldn't reject it either. So they tried to hide the truth from their kits. It all went wrong when one day Jace spotted his father sharing information on a cat that was a suspected enemy of this gang. He begged his father to stop, but Luce did not. Therefore Jace confronted the leaders later and in result, died. Dove's family found out that evening when his head was brought to him. Luce didn't care anymore, he attacked the cats and well... I'm sure you can guess the rest. Her family all died but her. She had hid behind the both of her fallen sibling just to avoid being killed. When she saw the results, she tried to kill herself. When she saw the devastating effects, and she put her life over her families. Out of grief and guilt she jumped off of a cliff. The Dove that was happy and honest and kind was dead at that moment. And thus was born Lethe. She had somehow survived the fall, but forgot everything. Even her name. She wondered around the rocks confused and hurt. But her wounds were patched up. A Tom cat came along to greet her. He was an old dark tabby with a long, corse, mangled pelt and his green eyes bluish with a sign of bad eyesight. He said his name was Palaver and nomad cat. When she asked him where she was, he explained to her a story. He stated that she was his granddaughter named Lethe, she had been playing on the rocks when she fell" and she believed him. So this new cat, named Lethe, began to travel with her So called "Grandfather" she was quiet and nervous, due to the lack of memory Palaver was kind to her at first, but he got meaner and meaner. They were always running about and he was always anxious. Then, she started to get nightmares about the past. The tiny piece of memory still left that screamed to her to notice it. She asked Palaver about it and why they were running. He lost it, he screamed and for the first time, beat her. That was when she found out the truth. Palaver had killed a cat. The cat was a member of a cat mafia thing, but a gang is a better word. The cats were enraged and trying to hunt him down. His reason for her was to persuade them that the cat had attacked Lethe and he protected her. Disgusted, she ran away from him. She never found out what happened to Palaver. Rumor was that he was dead. Again she felt guilty. He may have deceived and tricked her, but he made her feel wanted. But what she wanted to know, what was those dreams about!? But now, Lethe became distrusting of others. She ran around on her own trying to avoid other cats and her past. But she was caught by Toxicity. She wasn't the most cooperate cat ever. When they asked her name, she stopped. She hadn't called herself anything sense she left Palaver, she didn't want the name he gave her. But it was the only name she had. So she decided she would stay as Lethe. She would not forget her past again and she would keep Palaver's memory going by keeping the precious name of Lethe. She joined Toxicity, determined never to forget ever again so she wanted to make lots of memories. But she was still distrusting. That was her problem. It was so hard for her to mend her trust in others based on what has happened to her so far. She didn't want to be a Gladiator. She could handle hunting fine, it was a part of life, but she had to many bad experiences with violence. She refused to be a Gladiator. Her rebellion pressed on, despite the pleads of her fellow Rookies. But in there'd they persuaded to. She became a Gladiator. She loved it in the end. She found her bliss in Protecting others. even if she had a horror of a past. The nightmares still came, but not as often. She understood that she didn't need to know her past, so she forgot about the nightmares the next morning. She was happy, and that was all she needed. Even if it wasn't a happy-go-lucky place, she enjoyed it. Despite not remembering a thing.
Spade -- Emberwish
He's that winning card you need to get in order to win the game of life.Of course the winning card is always the trickiest and the most agonizingly difficult to retrieve
.Spade is his name. He doesn't play by the rules, she plays by his own set of rules.He knows how to cheat life, immortality? Oh no, even Spade the cheater and the master of life does not know how to cheat aging. Well... Not quite.Well as you already know Toxicity cats are purely evil.So say if Spade died he'dgo to the dark forest and you know be....reincarnated. You cannot outwit this cat, he is more cunning then a raccoon and a fox combined.TBA

Pheonix- -- * Jaypaw *
The Icy Eye's of this Fire Orange Tom melt you to nothing. His claw's will rip you so your nothing but shreds. His teeth will chase you out of the territory, so your nothing but a coward. A muscular structure, two shiny orbs stare at you make you melt , make you beg. On top of his ear's tiny tufts of flame. Feirce, strong, not Forgiving. Meet Pheonix. This orange tom is scarred from tail to nose tip and he's only 13 moons old. He is well built ,muscular body, Balanced paw's , a brilliant fighter, hunter, and the best , a strong warrior. His past, is bad worse than any cat in the forests and the forests beyond. His voice is deep but quiet, soothing. It'll will give you an edge that make's you go insane it'll twist you from inside out. It'll twist your soul make it seep out, it'll

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