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A silver savannah she cat with silver tabby markings on her forehead. She has a gaze like blue fire, warm, yet icy at times. She has a short limbed body, but not like a munchkin cat. She is rather average to be honest. Her frame is skinny, but well built with powerful toned muscle that ripples in the heat of her battles. Valkyrie was the lost sister of Haze. The one Savannah even forgot was born. See, during the two kits birth, Savannah passed out. She birthed them in Primal Instincts territory. A she cat from Crowclan stole Valkyrie away. Her name was Otter, one of the very original she cats in Crowclan. Together they were exiled from Crowclan due to Otters rebel ways against them. Valkyrie during this time found Rose. This was before Rose decided to join Venomclan. The two she cats hated each other from the start. But when Valkyrie left Crowclan, she was told the truth of her family and mother. This only fueled Valkyrie's anger. She vowed to destroy Rose and take everything she loved. So here we are... in Venomclan. Will kin destroy kin? Will she take Rosestars beloved position right under her nose? The answer to that is yes. And now she lives a life of leadership. Exactly what she wanted. But drama has arose. Breaking the truce with the clans has proven difficult... and with Primal Instinct on the rise, a test has come.

Lives : 9/9


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You look upon she and you see, only what she wants you to see. Filippa puts on a good front. She is intelligent, beautiful, and many times even sweet. She has the body of an arctic fox. Mater fact she resembles one with ease. Her sister Vixunwish of WinterClan A she-cat herself of a fox like resemblance is by far her opposite. Born into WinterClan through two rogues. Once old enough to travel the parents traveled south for greener land where they separated. Each taking a she-cat with them. Quickly after the age of apprenticeship was achieved both parents died. Fate? Or two forces working in two different directions from the same point? Like old legend the Dark Forest has picked its prey, and StarClan has chosen its default. But what is odd of this is the choice they made. Filippa is lean. Beautiful, Dainty. A flower. She sticks out even among other flowers. Her pelt is of snow. Long and fluffy. Soft like the coat of a fox. Her tail is long and fluffy. Her ears are thin and the soft pink of a springs prim rose, her nose of equal pink and soft to the touch. At the tips of her ears are tufts of silky pelt. Her chest fur is thick like a cloud making her look tall and majestic. Bold like the lions of the ancient clans. Her muzzle is strong but round and soft tinted with a soft pink as her under skin shows through the thin pelt of her muzzle. Her eyes are round and light. A pale sky blue. Beautiful and alluring. Her back dips with the grace of a wave of a northern sea. She is the the image of an angle of the two sisters but with a heart that has been mentored by the Dark Forest itself since apprenticeship. None could doubt her love of battle.Her desire for the thrill of a race. Her obsession with the rush of adrenaline through her veins. She is proud of her roots. Like the first leader of VenomClan she holds the reckless heart of a rogue. And what's most interesting of the sisters? They don't know the other exists.


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The only way to describe the unique coloring of this male is to say he is as bright as the sun. Flecked across his fur lays a brilliant display of dark brown spots that seem to shimmer and flit across the golden pelt like fish beneath the ocean waves despite how they resemble the spots of leopards. Framed in a jet black outline, his eyes start out as a lilac shade of amethyst but thin to an icy blue closer towards the middle of his irises. They say eyes are the windows into the very soul or essence of a cat and with Rowan, you would be dead wrong. His eyes are merely a mask of what lies beneath by way of shielding his innermost emotions with the cold hardness that he keeps around himself. Although within his icy depths lays a cold flame that flickers softly beneath his very core to keep his sanity alive. He doesn’t take himself for an evil cat but yet he seems to act like one. His very thoughts are cynical and grotesque but his mind is alive with a cruel sanity that seeks to find the meaning of the world. Strategic reality weaves and twists throughout his very soul changing it and melding it into the tom he is today. Why is he like this you ask? As a kit he was born alone with a mother who could barely take care of herself. His two other siblings died early due to their stupidity. Rowan vowed to live despite his young size and as soon as he could, he left his mother and began his own life. His mother died shortly after his leaving her and when he came back to find out, he merely thought that she deserved it. Although not always evil, he led a life of cruel solitude until deciding to embark on a quest to find the fabled Venomclan with their cats of poisoned teeth and blood-stained claws. Just hitting the age of a Gladiator, Rowan is an intelligent mind with the outwards mask of a cat of ancient breed.


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Built up just to be burned down as Tobei likes to consider herself. But strength can rise from the ashes and so it has in this little ma'am. Her body is decidedly smaller than average for her age, though her anatomy has a more structured, powerful build to it. A round, heavy bulk set atop stem-like legs that wrap around tendons used to sprinting long distances. Downy grey ripples cascade over her roguish topography and set alight a fading bronze near her chest, paws and tail which are layered to be plumy rather than coarse and short like the rest of her coat. Her right ear, dipped in a lucid silver, flops in a cute fashion, peculiar for a feline so rough and tough. Settling the score would be her cropped off tail, which sets itself in an obtuse angle from her haunches. Tobei is the image of guns and roses, a spitfire whenever the time calls for it but a sweetheart at any other time. She's open and secure but has a fault line of spreading secrets meant to be kept to herself. Being secretive and stealthy have never been her saving graces in any match-up which is often the cause of the many rebukes she receives from her superiors - and, it has to be said, group mates. There aren't many who see her as an apt candidate for being a VenomClanner. Quips and unrevised spite are often the case for her and are reasons why she often has breakdowns that dissolve into a barrage of whimsical retorts and sour bruises inflicted by her. Not so sweet anymore. Cut at the seams, damaged and left in tatters, she feels her life was written on brittle lines, the ink scored by the stain of betrayal. Causing her to be more reliant on company and give her group mates grief about the meaning of family. Something she longs for once more after hers disbanded, too consumed by their own fears to be good role models. But the brain of a child is all impressionable and their actions have left her with wounds that won't heal. However, there has been some fruitfulness in that she wants to prove herself a betterment and thus won't bow to any phobia or ghoul of the past. There's no shade that can dim out the light of her embellished silver-blue gaze. She's not going to let the ruins of her past affect what can grow from her futures, sprouted from the ashes that consumed the flames of destruction.

Curandera Novice

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A young black tom with, gray-white tabby stripes, and a soft blanket of white is the image of his underbelly, chest, and muzzle. The white tabby lines seem to streak out from the big white patch on his body, and stop right before his spine, which is black all the way down to just around the base of the tail. His eyes are two shards of an almost silvery grey, they are like ice, and never move from their serious position unless told...The young tom was born into the clan, and grew up, his parents died of natural causes, and he saw his path when he first set eyes on VenomClan's previous curandera, he knew inside, as a kit, that he would one day become the curandera, there was no reason he wanted to heal cats, but he kept a kind heart in the midst of VenomClan, and that was what drove him forward. The tom had always had a kind heart, from the moment he could talk, he handed out praise and kind words freely, but was looked down upon because of the generally mean way his parents acted, so the kit stayed silent, and to this day is silent, but on the occasion when he does speak, he has a glorious melodious voice that is very relaxing, he hums all his patients to sleep instead of using poppy seeds, it will usually work, and that is when he smiles his golden smile, it is like a ray of sunshine... When, you get on his nerves though, it's a different story, you can see his eyes change to just shards of silvery gray ice, and he will burn through your eyes right to your soul with that one look, it is truly frightening in a sense, and only happens on occasion... But, all in all, he is just a simple cat with simple feelings, and he loves his job, and he loves to work, he wakes up every day with a golden smile, and a shining heart...


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Strategostar is the original Strategos and creator of VenomClan. When he was a kitten, he was shunned by his parents from the clans. From that day, he vowed revenge on cats, including his own parents. When he was abandoned, he found a group of rogues that welcomed him to their Group. Eventually, the Group expanded it's influence throughout the forest with the help of Strategostar. However, he was not satisfied. When he gained enough strength, he murdered the Group Leader and proclaimed himself the rightful leader of Poison Venom. After gaining more and more ranks, Strategostar declared Poison Venom a clan, renaming the entire group VenomClan. He changed all the clan positions to match his own image and likeness. Now, he leads VenomClan through fear and power. He is a ruthless leader, cunning and witty in battle. His fierce fighting skills and filthy tactics are a lethal combination you don't want to mess with. He is guarded by the Overseer and loves to accept a challenge. If a VenomClan Cat would like to challenge him for his position, he'd be willing to accept. However, just know the chances are you will be killed. He is ruthless and selfish, caring about himself and the well-being of the clan. He's not the cat to mess with. Strategostar will defend his friends, family, and clanmates until the end. He would die just to save the lives of his loved ones and clanmates. If you get in his way, be prepared to die. Weak fools that cross Strategostar will be slaughtered. VenomClan follows a harsh set of guidelines created by Strategostar. If a VenomClan Cat is found violating one of the rules, they will be punished by Strategostar. Strategostar's fierce punishments can include physical torture, a mental challenge, or the guilt trick. Strategostar's cruel methods of torture and cunning eye prove to serve VenomClan.

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Fur as soft as lace, sweet-smelling, like a laceflower from the Nile River Valley in a distant land. So beautiful with billowing white petals. But, did you know that laceflower is poisonous? One bite and you will be asphyxiated. Well Lacey is a living laceflower. Beautiful, graceful, deadly. She is intelligent, clever, and has the capability to outsmart any creature. And she uses this to her absolute advantage. She's sly, very deceiving. She has moved on from the art of murder. It's too easy. She now lives in the beauty of torture. Long, drawn-out screams of a dying cat are music to her ears. She has mercy for nothing. It is said she has no heart, and indeed she doesn't. She has steely grey silver eyes that can pin you down, so intense, it'll steal your breath. She has a cream off-white pelt with black paws and muzzle. She's very clean with her work, nobody ever finds a body. She was born and raised to be an alleged assassin, trained in the dark arts. When she was a younger she-cat, her twin sister, Adonis, was killed. Since then, she has devoted her life to finding her sister's killer, even if that means dying in the process. Some days she'll feel so close to the truth, and others it'll be as if she had just started. She knows he's still out there. She remembers every detail of him, even his name. His location, however, is still missing. She remembered how he smelled of blood and smoke. His husky build, his gruff voice. How it smoothed out, cooing Adonis with soft, silky words before he slaughtereher. And the worst thing? She saw it happen from afar. And she didn't help. She now lives with the guilt of her sister's death every day, but masks her emotions well.

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As a young cat there are many horror stories told to keep you from getting into trouble. This she-cat comes right out of one. Born to a lone female, she grew up deep in a mountainous cave close to the heat of the Earth. Her mother named her Cynder for the reddish brown coloring that streaked across her fur. When she finally opened her eyes they were alight with an ethereal flame that seemed to burn in their amber depths. Her life started out harsh and foreboding but she learned to truly love it. Every bit of the cave was hers to explore and her mother allowed her to do just that until she succumbed to her madness. Cynder knew deep down it wouldn’t take long for her mother to completely lose herself but she hadn’t expected it to happen so suddenly. She was barely seven moons old when her mother rushed into the cave talking of terrors beyond her wildest imaginations. Dark shadows that growled and spat harsh words into the ears of many and giant half-cat beasts with sunken eyes and claws the size of a bears teeth. Cynder was utterly horrified at the things her mother told her but she refused to believe they were true and really they actually weren’t real for her but for her mother, they would whisper things to her and tell her horrid thoughts. It was only a matter of time before those thoughts were directed towards her only child. A few moons after her mother’s outburst she did just that. Cynder had padded from the shadows at the back of the caves with food clutched in her jaws planning on giving the food to her mother when the black she-cat leaped from a rocky outcropping and pinned her daughter to the ground. Her eyes were wild and blank holes of emptiness as Cynder soon realize she wasn’t looking at her anymore but yet looking at one of the mothers she lived with frequently. No matter how hard Cynder tried she couldn’t get her mother to see that she was who she said she was and in the end, Cynder murdered her mother and fled from the cave seeking a new life. Those events changed the once kind she-cat forever since she no longer felt she deserved the feeling of love to sweep through her soul. Tainted and abused, Cynder allowed the dark feeling of a fire long put out to seep into her heart and wash through her body. Soon her heart had turned completely black and she killed what little bit of herself she had kept. Murder and death soon became two things she was completely good at. Hunting was a bore to her compared to the killings she inflicted on others. Her favorite prey became the other helpless cats she found on her journeys but she soon tired of that as well. Words began to float to her on the wind of a clan full of vicious and deranged cats like herself and she knew too well that she belonged in that clan more than anywhere else on this Earth. Setting off too find it, Cynder was just barely at a Gladiator’s age when she came upon the territory of Venomclan. By this point, her battle skills were sharp and her trainer beyond compare but she easily accepted that others in this clan were to be her equals. She didn't ever believe she could love again but she did believe greatly in respect and all of these cats gained her respect almost instantly.


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As well centered as the ground beneath her, unbreakable in her beliefs, and as stubborn as a mule, this she cat is a symbol of what VenomClan looks for in its Gladiators. There are ways into this unyielding she-cat’s heart, but few and far between actually come close enough to know the real Tayler, for she hides herself well. Lion-like at times, this she cat is easy to anger and is determined to push the limits of VenomClan's members. Brutal when the time calls for it, her aggressive fighting skills set her above most cats, showing that she is not afraid to kill another to either prove she is stronger or stand up for her beliefs and ideals. Cooperation and negotiation make up the largest two elements of her policies though, just because she prefers to talk things out before plunging into a battle. If she cannot get a cat to see her way, she attempts a different angle, compromising to keep both sides content. Now, Tayler doesn’t have a heart of stone, inside that mastermind of hers is a doubtful cat that feels all alone. A complex that she has had since her mother gave birth to her and her five siblings, keeping three and leaving her and her youngest sister to die. Tayler somehow survived, landing herself in the middle of VenomClan territory. Not many cats pay any mind to her, and with Matt’s constant rude comments and clashes, she feels like nobody could possibly love her, but those times are coming to an end. Since Matt and her have both grown out of their childlike behaviors and into strong, well preserved adults. When she gets angry, she lashes out at the closest cat to her, claws unsheathed, teeth bared, no questions until later. Other than that, this care free spirit prefers the balance of nature to life in camp. Tayler isn’t hard on the eyes, her dainty appearance often fools cats into thinking she is not meant to be in VenomClan, but really, the gentle curls of her long golden fur are nothing but a decoy. Broad shoulders and a strong muscled body are a great advantage for her in combat, especially when her stamina and speed come to play. Her pelt is dusted with darker orange flecks, giving her pelt a slightly spotted look, though the flecks are so light that they can’t really be seen well unless the sun is directly shining down on her pelt. Large metallic blue eyes give her an airy appearance. With claws are black as night, If you annoy her, she will leave a mark you will never forget. After becoming overseer, Tayler has been working harder than ever to ensure she is doing all she can to take care of VenomClan. She is a hard working, dedicated cat that will stay up late into the night to ensure her clan is well taken care of. There are rumors that the she cat is actually the daughter of Strategostar, which was why her mother left her on VenomClan's territory, but if that is true, only Strategostar, and possibly Tayler, would be able to give the true answer. Many just don't bother to ask....

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Soft brown fur and milky, chocolate brown eyes; average-sized with average looks; short-furred pelt with streaks of darker and lighter brown; this description forms the appearance of Claudia. It’s hard to describe her, as she hasn’t anything special or profound that stands out from the crowd. Indeed, she prefers to blend into her Clan, an obvious yet ignored fish out of water. When she is spoken to she will freeze, pupils dilating into thin slits, the fur around her hackles lifting nervously until she is forgotten once more and slips back into the shadows. It’s sad really, that this young cat cannot fit in to her society, that she prefers the company of silence and knowledge to the company of others. If she had at least made an effort then she may have found her place; granted, it wouldn’t probably be a big place in her Clan – but at least she would be accepted. But Claudia did not make an effort to fit in. Why? Because she knew even if she did ‘fit in’ and be accepted into society that she would have to give up all she was and become like her Clanmates. And that just wasn’t Claudia. She didn’t want to hide behind a mask, even if the loneliness could become unbearable at times. Claudia often wondered why, out of all the places, she had been born into VenomClan. She was not at all like her Clanmates; she was…different. She didn’t know how or why – only that difference was a part of her, and acceptance was nothing but a wisp of a dream. A dream that was just out of her reach. But it didn’t stop her dreaming of such a dream, right? So Claudia dreamed; though she preferred her loneliness, she dreamed of acceptance too. Even though it occurred to her it may never come. When she was a kitten Claudia was already marked out from the rest; not just because of her appearance, but because of her vulnerability too. Back then she did not melt into the shadows, was not ignored – in fact, it was quite the opposite. Teased and taunted for being different, though not even she knew how she was different, Claudia became shy and introverted, keeping her head low and avoiding eye contact as much as possible. Her confidence low, Claudia trudged through her kithood slowly; it was only when she reached six moons of age that she realized the root cause of her problems – it was her. She showed weakness and vulnerability, and her Clanmates sensed that, thus making her an easy target. And VenomClan wasn’t known well for accepting weak cats. If she wanted to survive to adulthood then she had to change. No more weakness. No more vulnerability. No more hanging her head and avoiding eye contact, all of which made her a target. She had to become cold. She had to meet the eyes of her persecutors and stare straight into their souls; she had to become unfriendly, cruel, hard, uncaring…What she was she had to betray, if she were to survive in her Clan. So Claudia changed; while she was once vulnerable she became cold and supposedly heartless, glaring at those who stared at her, curling her lips back and giving a vicious snarl when they tried to taunt her. Her tormentors soon got bored of not getting a reaction from her and began ignoring her, thus leaving Claudia to melt into the background, unnoticed, unloved; just the way she wanted it. With a case of ice set around her soul, the she-cat waited out her days; she soon transitioned into adulthood and with it her appearance and new personality didn’t change. She still was a dark, chocolate-brown, and her eyes had gone from the soft kitten-blue to a matching, muddy brown color. With nothing striking or beautiful about her it became even easier for her to fade into the background and go on forgotten. And it also became hard for others to talk to her. Trapped with her thoughts as her conversational companion she became a loyal cat of VenomClan, even though she hated her Clanmates with all her heart; they were, after all, the ones who had did this to her. It was their entire fault. Their fault! Angry at herself and those around her, it soon occurred to the she-cat that she had become just like the cats she hated with all her heart.

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Kaatje is a cat like no other. Her eyes like a luminous light waiting to engulf you. A pine tree green, rimmed with black specks following throughout the colors. Following perfectly, a gray pelt matches her eyes, sketched with dark black stripes each hair tipped white throughout her pelt. Kaatje's ears are pointed, and her muzzle almost flat and rounded. Long whiskers rim her muzzle, matching her long furred pelt as well. Her tiny white paws seem to be silent, moving throughout the shadows of the forest, most cats don't know she is there.. Until it's to late. Piercing green eyes seems to be the last thing they see before an unfaithful death. Kaatje tends to take no mercy, fore where she comes from, it is not needed. Her long razor sharp claws seem like blades when they hit the flesh of an innocent, but she doesn't care. She thrives off of the pain of others, but don't worry, she has a soft spot as well. Not many cats can find that tiny spot, not many at all. In fact, she thinks it makes you weak, and she doesn't like being the weak one of anything. That is why she made Kitsune promise to never tell of the day he had found her, hopeless, and ready to give up. Now when she looks back on that day, she thinks that she owes Kitsune, forever in his debt. This might explain as to why she is so loyal to him. Just as she has loyalty so also has lust. Lust for power, but doesn't every cat? Born a long way away from VenomClan, held where cats thought that she-cats were nothing more than a breeding tool. She was considered the most beautiful in the rogue group, held in waiting for the leader, fore the leader wanted her kits, where she came from, it was thought that the most beautiful cat would give strong warriors for fighting. But Kaatje would not be used. Before the tom even had a chance, before she was old enough to have kits, she secretly taught herself to fight. Fighting for she-cats was forbidden within the group, thought only that the males could do the fighting. So training in secret, she thought that she could fight her way out. In a way.. she did. Caught by a group of cats, she was sent to the leader to be killed. They held her down, thought it would be an easy kill. Let's just say that the leader no longer lives, and the group split. Then she ran, no longer afraid of any cat, or anything. Then attacked by a fox, not even her could take on a fox alone. That's where Kitsune came in, and her destiny had just begun.

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Sly as a fox, slippery as an eel, with no consciousness to speak of. Absolutely lethal but often underestimated due to his slender stature. That's the biggest mistake a cat can make and in most cases it costs them their lives. Handsome and charming, but underneath his cunning swagger is a feral killer whose ruthlessness knows no bounds. He's the smoothest talker you'll ever meet. With his silver tongue he can talk his way into or out of almost anything. Famous for his Cheshire grin, he's always up to something and it usually doesn't end well for anyone involved. His striking coat is unusual in its coloring, but completely natural. His long dark brown fur, streaked through with golden brown, is almost always unkempt, giving him an alley cat appearance. His eyes are dark brown and seem to pierce right into your soul. He is small and lean, with long slender limbs. His features are angular and exotic, like that of an Angora, including a slightly longer muzzle and large elegantly tapered ears. Don't be fooled into thinking he is weak simply because he is small. Under his thick pelt lies great hidden strength and deadly speed. He strikes with his sharp claws before you have time to blink. He is unnervingly calm most of the time and he attacks with no warning. Unpredictable and uncontrollable, with a fiery temper that can flare up in a split second. His arrogance is perhaps his biggest weakness, for he has a tendency to strut around like he owns the place, landing him into trouble quite a bit. He is extremely mistrusting and he never forgets anything said to him. His memory is photographic and he can recall any encounter at any time, both what he sees and hears. He doesn't always like to remember every face he sees and every word he hears, but it is something beyond his control. He makes a great spy because of this, but it also means he holds grudges to the grave. Some say he has been driven mad because of it. It may seem like this is an unfair blessing, but it is really a curse that he wishes someone else could be burdened with. Has no patience for hunting whatsoever, at least not for food, but will do it to stay in the Stratego's good graces. He has a fondness for toying with his prey, whether food or another cat. If he doesn't destroy you physically, he'll destroy you mentally and emotionally. He gets into your head and plays on your insecurities and fears until you are left a whimpering shell of your former self. This is true evil and he wouldn't have it any other way. He knows he isn't liked by most, but he doesn't let this deter him. He is fiercely loyal to whomever holds the position of Stratego, but to no one else, something that he has made very clear to anyone who has crossed his path.

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Fire, the depths of his eyes smolder hotter than the summer sun, which are a deep and handsome amber/orange color that calls upon the true fire of his spirit. Draco is far from quiet, subdued, or even submissive, and never takes no for an answer, unless, of course, it is coming from a cat of higher rank. His pelt is completely black with white paws and a white splotch by his left eye. Strong, powerful muscles are seen under his short furred pelt, and is a great hunter and fighter. He is larger then most cats his age. Easily angered and uncontrollable, Draco tries to prove to himself and others that he isn't the way he portrays himself, but even he knows that he can't do so. He's a handsome tom, but most cats can't see past his anger. He has dreams of becoming a great cat and hopes to help out his clan in as many ways as possible. His sleek fur is often ruffled and unkempt because Draco is too busy playing or hunting to pay attention to his pelt. Born and left for dead at 2 weeks old, Draco was sure to be fresh kill for any other animals that live out in the forest. Luckily, he was found by a VenomClan patrol. He feels like an outcast since he has no relatives.

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“Beware the Darkness, the heartless are coming” is a phrase that often haunts this young tom cat in his dreams. He doesn’t understand what or who the heartless are, and he believes he will never understand until he pads into the dark depths of the Dark Forest and asks the cats of evil himself. Sora’s eyes are dark sapphire blue orbs that go on forever like a dark abyss, swallowing up all thoughts of darkness. This cat is far from mean spirited, and his heroic attitude sometimes rubs off on others. His spiky dark brown and black tinted fur juts out along his jaw line and around his ears, giving him the appearance of a lion’s mane, even though it’s just an excess of fur. Sora’s wit is as sharp as any tooth or claw in battle, and even without that, he is still a brilliant fighter. He is almost always one step ahead of his opponent, and when he isn’t, he normally has a counter attacked already planned out. Due to his bright personality, Sora feels like an outcast among the cats of VenomClan, yet he refuses to leave because of his friend, Darnassus. He follows orders closely and tries his hardest in almost anything he asked to do. For some reason he refuses to attack mice, but this is purely subconscious, he doesn't even truly understand why. He wants to travel the territories to learn more about the other clans, but knows that this dream will never come true.

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A night black she-cat with icy blue eyes that seem to shine a pale gray whilst reflecting the moon. Nazumi really enjoys taking midnight walks to just sit and simply stare at the moon. She likes to take note of all its seemingly minuscule craters, and is endlessly mesmerized by it. It never stops interesting her, the moon. Nazumi believes that kits should be strong and ready to fight, and that their innocence, their ignorance of cruelty, should be eliminated for their own good. She feels the need to make sure the young ones of the clan, including apprentices, are brought up "right" - aka brutally. Like the killing machine she became as a kit. She has a heart, it is just thinly veiled, like the glowing light that flows over the moon she so loves. She feels like wherever she is, as long as she can see the moon, that she is in a magical place.

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Lean pure white tom with bright blue eyes. He has battle scars all around his body from previous battles with other clans. He hates being left out of anything, especially Gatherings. He is smart and thinks before he acts, he likes to help Kovacs stay out of trouble, since he usually does. Obi respects all his leaders thoughts. He thought of Kovacs as a brother, even though they aren't related. But as soon as Kovacs dropped from his position as leader, Obi lost all respect for his "best friend." He tended to stear Kovacs away from situations that could get him into trouble, but at times it didn't help his friends fiery temper. When he was just a small kit, Obi was taught to kill his fellow littermates by his father, who always hated living with weak cats. And since Obi was the oldest of his litter, his father thought he'd come to good use. He feels that his scars from his father still have not left him. Even to this day. Obi does not believe in selfish acts, he thinks its the selfless cats that make it far. His father was selfish. He used Obi as a scapegoat, providing a way at his own protection. Having a blood related cat that would protect himself. Because he was weak, and getting older by the day. Obi hopes at taking Kovacs place one day, and being a strong leader. To be selfless and only think of what is best for his clan

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What do you see when you look at this dark brown tabby she-cat? Not a warrior, nor a healer, nor even a talker. Many don't know what to call her. Those closest to her call her "loyal till the end", others would call her annoying, some still would call her smart beyond her seasons. Which is right? Probably all of them. Justice is one of those cats that is loyal to a fault, not even caring about her own well-being if another is even vaguely at stake, but when she is comfortable with her surroundings, she is energetic and has trouble knowing when enough is enough. She will work to the point of exhaustion, and still try to push on, if it will help a friend. But if she is the only one benefiting from the work, it's hard to get her motivated. Born of unknown parents, she traveled the world, learning everything from friends and on her own. She is a rather small cat, with the widest green eyes that can change depending on the emotion that she feels at the time. When she is hurt, sick, or tired, they become glazed over, and get a moss like color. When she is excited, they look like you are looking at a forest. When she is angry or sad, they look like they are almost a blue-green color, and all the light from them seems to fade, showing the true power that such a tiny cat

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Mysterious. Strong. Swift. No normal Clan cat can watch her without being mesmerized. Who knew a cat could have so much beauty. Which makes her deadly in the heat of battle. She looks weak and is given pity. To their utter dismay they were wrong. She is not weak. She is strong and swift. With a pelt the color of the moon and eyes as bright as sapphires no cat can resist her. She wants revenge on the clans and only wants to fight them. But if you know her as a VenomClan cat your are very lucky. She will be kind to you and you will be a friend. Her pelt and eyes glow and she is lithe but not tiny. Her ears catch every sound and she can go anywhere under a cats radar. One minute you are walking along the next your flat on your back pinned. She is kind to her clanmates but to enemies not so much. Unless you have a death wish make sure to keep her happy. This unique she-cat is not to be reckoned with.


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A gray tom with black raccoon markings, meaning his tail is run by black, he has black legs, and a
black mask. His eyes are an amazing gold that even shine and glint in the light. He makes others feel
frightened just by his presence. He does everything to get attention. He is extremely good with she cats, but he fears breaking their hearts. He once had been a healer for Venomclan back when males were allowed to hold the job. He left though after he became mates with a Primal Instinct cat. After long thought though, hes back and ready to fight.


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A brown she cat with one orange eye and one yellow eye. She is outspoken and hyper, usually
making others mad. She can be very annoying and like she's been rolling in cat nip. She is easily fooled and can be a ditz. Is often mistaken for a softie who can't fight, but she's the complete opposite. She actually is very strong and likes to fight, working on her battle skills every chance she gets, but being the ditz she is,sometimes forgets to train. Hates being ignored and works to be in the spot light. She is often a great actress, making others believe she is sad, mad, happy, or even suicidal when she isn't really feeling that way. She uses her good acting skills in battle sometimes, playing and messing with her opponent, toying with their minds and emotions. Not only is she a good actress, but she has a pretty voice, which you can sometimes hear her singing at night. Her voice is her biggest attraction that toms find in her. They love to hear her melodic voice and they purr at the very sound of it. She of course loves this attention, so that explains why she talks a lot. Plays and messes with toms, getting them to believe she's in love with them before she shred them to pieces. That is where she is often hated, by she cats. They see her getting the toms of their dreams just to make them feel heartbroken. Her past isn't as nice of a story. She was born to a wild she cat, never knowing her father. She had a brother, named Trumpet, but he was carried off and killed by a Great Horned Owl. After that, her mother went into deep shock, committing suicide. That left Kahlua alone and to fend for herself. That's when she met a Venomclan she cat, who took her back to be raised a killer. Though she isn't as 'bad or evil' as some of the Venomclan cats, she's not afraid to kill. Being raised in a evil clan has made her everything her mother and brother would have feared, and she knows it to.


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A deep ginger bengal tom cat with bright red eyes. He is a very quiet cat, but he has a tendency to lash out in anger when he gets frustrated. He finds that Venomclan is a good clan for him because they let him kill and be dangerously bloody when he's mad. He can't control himself at all. He is bi-sexual, but he won't admit it. He likes she cats a little more than toms, but sometimes he gets attracted to a few toms. Korosu was born to a loner and a clan cat. The tom was a clan cat, while his mother was a loner. He hates cold weather, and loves green leaf. It's very easy for him to say that he wishes he could die. He hates life. But he won't ever commit suicide. Korosu wants to be in charge of Venomclan someday, but he keeps his ambitions to himself. Because he isn't talkative, most cats ignore him, but this doesn't bother him at all. In fact he prefers to be left alone. And its easy to tell to. Cats only bother him when they can tell he wants a conversation. He has fallen in love six times before, and every time they either died or left him. He's been with five she cats and one tom. This may be one reason he hates life, because of his lack of love. Korosu is claimed to be insane by most cats, but he could care less what they think. He never really had cared what cats thought of him since he was born. Korosu hopes to have a daughter someday, someone he can protect and raise to be a proper young lady. Amazingly he doesn't want any sons, because they are more rebellious than she cats are. If someone is worthy, he will be close to them, but it is rare that anyone becomes that close
to him.


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A blondish gold tom with blue eyes.His fur is spiky.He is a confident and lovable cat. When angry though, watch out. He has no fear. Roxas has emotional issues though.He never fights unless he is pushed go the edge.He cares deeply for his friends, loyal and prktective ,even if it meant risking his life.When he's angry,he doesn't think much about his actions.He has little patience and is not easily confused.Beong strong and quick, he plays offensive in battle. He has never considered having a mate. Yet part of him yearns for something special in his life, though what could that possibly be? His heart feels empty and he can hardly stand it.


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Her eyes penetrate you, flashing in a purple amber glow. A thought crosses your mind. Am I going to die? The legendary Savannah is standing before me, her massive size shadowing mine. I surely won't make it out alive. And that... is accurate. Usually any cat to face the legend that is Savannah doesn't come out without a major wound or death. Savannah is a savannah cat. Catchy for her name huh? She is dark amber in color, simply stunning with her beauty. Savannah was born in Crowclan with two brothers, Pawstep and Jumper. Pawstep was the pick of the litter, by her mother Rosestar, to become the sucessor. Savannah happened to be the co-successor. This postion was given to them practically at birth. Cobrastrike, her aunt, had held it only for a short time before she was gone, forcing Pawstep to take the position at a young age of a moon old. But, he barely was able to handle it, and so at a moon and a half, Savannah took over the postion. Later, at about her 3rd moon alive, Savannah became Savannahstar. Youngest leader in history perhaps. She was still big in size, appearing to be an apprentice thanks to her genes. And the thing about it was... she was a force to not mess with. She was deadly. Because of her Crowclan was feared. They never lost. They never retreated. Crowclan was on top. As soon as she was able to have kits, she did. Over the course of 2 years she had 15 kits. Only Blitz, Rose, Zap, and Haze are alive. The rest died either in their kit years or fighting for Crowclan. When she stepped down from her position, a new group had been formed. Primal Instinct was their name. Curiousity took over her, and she went to the new group, knowing Crowclan would frown on their leader after her unexpected resignment. Metra, the Primal Instinct founder, and Savannah didn't get along right from the start. In all honesty, they hated each other. Savannah was cocky and arrogant in Metra's eyes. Metra was mouse brained and pointless to Savannah. They found no use in each other. And the one thing that crossed a line for Savannah was the fact that Metra stole away the cat she loved, Mace. Savannah bore his two kits, who died in their first moon. But she would never forgive Metra for not only taking her choice of mate, but breaking her son Blitz's heart in the process. One morning a Crowclan patrol invaded Primal Instinct. Savannah and Blitz were defending them, fighting their group mates. Savannah was kicked out, Blitz was allowed to stay. And during this time, Venomclan had risen. Now Savannah, as much as she wished to return to her birthclan, she really was intrigued by Venomclan. She joined, but again, the leader, Strategostar, didn't like her presence. Who would though? She is to be feared and very smart. She could take a leadership over with a single speak to the group. That charm got her no where with the Venomclan creator. And eventually when Primal Instinct fell into a pit of bad leadership, she went back and claimed the Warden position, aiding Raven in the leadership. She would've taken over, except a fire swept their territory, leaving the already small group destroyed. Savannah knew that Primal Instinct could not rise back up. She made sure that none of the cats tried to do so. But again Venomclan called her back. And this time... will she stay?


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A rare white savannah tom cat with icy, critical blue eyes. He is bigger than most cats, his stature proud and confident. But with his cocky smile, some might say he is nothing but a show off. Haze is the youngest of all Savannah's kits. He is not quiet a year old yet like his elder siblings. He is most definately the trouble maker of the group though. He has lived his whole life as a rouge, spying on all the clans and pointing out their weaknesses. They never know that he is there either. Haze is careful to never be seen unless he wants to. And that works. Most cats outside of his family don't know his name, unlike Blitz and Rose. Being Savannah's unexpected kit that ran away, nobody had known his name long enough. He is fine not to be in the spotlight, which is different compared to like his older sister Rose who craves cats acknowledgement. He lives in the shadows, and it suits him. Haze was born to Savannah right before she left Primal Instinct. His father is unknown even to Savannah. Most cats say he was a dark forest cats gift to Savannah. Maybe thats true. But he didn't want to be tied down to Primal Instinct and their leader who wouldn't even glance at him. He left, fending for himself as a young kit. Savannah's trait of being a young tyrant must have passed on to him. But as he grew older, he began to long for company.... and he had found his way to Venomclan.

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Madness and mayhem, destruction and chaos. Evil and demonic,death and misery. No mercy, no sympathy, just murders and maniacle laughter. All are traits of Deyanira, the devastating she-cat that is capable of so much destruction. Her pelt is charcoal gray, with barely noticeable black fur starting at her chin and traveling to her chest and underbelly, then stopping, only to start again on her hind legs to the tips of toes. Black fur takes place of gray on her front paws, remaining there, not traveling elsewhere. One gray dot marks the black on her right hind leg, and a black mark trails down her nose. Her eyes are two mixed hues, sort of a gray and green. Odd and peculiar, the she-cat is dangerous to be around. Evil from her wicked eyes to her black heart, she is bound to be murderous. Her ivory claws have torn through many cats, leaving unforgettable scars. Absolutely disastrous through and through, there is no way you can ever get close to her without being hurt, mentally and physically. But, being evil does have its advantages. No one really messes with you, leaving your thoughts and plans untouched by annoyance. There's no way to win with this she-cat, since no matter where you are she can still be hurting you. Her goal is to destroy hopes and dreams, and therefore, fulfilling her own. Some think her heart is pure evil; black to the core. Others think she doesn't have one, just an empty space that cannot be fulfilled, unless the perfect cat comes along. Perhaps some cat could fill the space one day, or maybe lighten up her heart a bit. That is, if they can take the pain. Master of destruction and mayhem, you can never escape from Deyanira, an inevitable problem that will always crush you.


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Riku is a broad-shouldered, silver-grey tom with sparkling turquoise eyes. He and Sora have been friends since they were little... until Riku let in the darkness. He was separated from Sora for a long, long time, and when he learned that his friend was part of VenomClan, he joined almost instantly. His claws are always unsheathed; sharp, deadly, sparkling things that can be used to a deadly effect in battle. Some of the fur on his head covers his eyes slightly, giving him an always-depressed looked, but he's really not. While searching for Sora, Riku fought many great battles, earning himself scars which are hidden under his soft silver-grey fur. In the event of a battle, Riku will throw himself in without looking back, without a second thought. Riku is a very watchful tom, sleeping with one eye open. He would do anything for Sora and the Clan, even if it kills him. He's not interested in having a mate; instead, the only satisfaction he needs is knowing that his friend Sora is okay.

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Sleek ginger fur. A small, wiry frame. Dainty, delicate paws. So how in the world did she end up in VenomClan? Nobody really knows for sure. She's not violent, which makes her an easy target to most. But no cat takes into consideration her two best friends, Sora and Riku, who always keep her protected. Sure, Kairi could fight if she had a mind to, but she finds it quite unpleasant. The feeling of blood running between her toes, stinging her eyes and burning her nostrils... she hates it. She hates it with every fiber of her being. But she is a good hunter, nobody can deny that. She has eyes of a beautiful sapphire blue, standing out against her red-colored pelt. If someone looks closely, it looks as though she actually has a few lighter streaks through her fur, but they're barely noticeable. Lithe, dainty, delicate... so how is it VenomClan let her in? Is it because of Darnassus? Or was it for some other reason? Kairi herself may never know. But one thing she does know is that Sora and Riku will keep her safe. And maybe the Clan will keep her around because of her amazing hunting skills. Light, dainty, delicate... this is Kairi. She may be weak, she may hate fighting, but she's just as loyal as any other cat in VenomClan. She's kind, accepting, and friendly, not at all quick to anger. Just don't underestimate her, because she has friends there to protect her.


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With a pair of midnight blue eyes, this she-cat will seem like she can see to your very core. Her eyes are narrowed and always seem to hold a calculating gleam within them. Her pelt is a dark tan, almost gray color that is speckled with spots and stripes. Her muzzle gleams with white and a permanent light pink scar that runs diagonally across it. Both ears are adorned with tears at the base and middle. Her claws are over grown, due to carelessness, adding to her rugged appearance. Her tail is tipped black; her paws bathed in white. Her personality is biting and sarcastic, making her not the most companionable cat. She loves to blow other cats' egos, and makes it a favorite pass time of hers. There are some redeeming qualities to her though, such as he being a loyal-to-the-end type of cat and a slightly caring cat underneath all of her rough exterior. Salavie was a former rouge before entering Venomclan, living on the outskirts of the clan's territory before ultimately joining. Her mother abandoned her when she was seven moons old, leaving her alone with her brother, who died a month after abandonment. Her life wasn't easy after her only companion left her, albeit unwillingly. She ran into countless fights and twolegs, which left her with all of her battle scars. She joined Venomclan at about 15 moons. Now she hopes for a slightly better life, but isn't fooling herself that it will get better.


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A slender feline with light paws and a dark heart. Mehrbano's fur is very dark blueish-grey in colour, sleek and short. There isn't so much as a white patch on her shining pelt. Her angular head is tilted very slightly to one side all the time, with an attentive air. Mehrbano's eyes are pale green in colour, wide, and filled with amusement. The most common sound this cat makes is laughter, quiet and sweet. When she's asked why, she replies: "I would love to say I have this wonderful philosophy of life that allows me to see the silver lining to absolutely everything, no matter how dark it gets. But that wouldn't be true - I just find everything funny", finishing with a laugh - this time chilling. Mehrbano is a good fighter, who anticipates the enemy's movements as much as she can, preferring to strike as little as possible to conserve her strength. She's not too big, and can be overwhelmed by bigger cats, which gives her a sense of almost claustrophobia. She likes open places, with big spaces between the trees, and a good amount of personal space when talking to other felines. You might call her a psychopath - it would only make her laugh. She is forever cracking cheesy jokes, and gesticulates more than necessary, perhaps. It's almost like she is treating life as a game - or a play, in which every cat has their part. But hers is most certainly not the sad one.

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Beauty. Brains. Brawn. What more could you ask for? Her fur, always sleek and well-groomed, is a mix of black, brown, and yellow. Her eyes... her eyes are something else. Each eye is a different shade of blue, and they are full of trust and understanding... or are they? Others often wonder why her eyes are two different colors, but even she doesn't know... She is completely devoted to VenomClan, but don't let her devotion fool you; she'll claw the fur off of an opposing cat if it's absolutely necessary. Her claws are a little longer than most, and can be put to deadly effect in battle. Along with her razor sharp claws, she has somewhat long fangs as well that tend to protrude slightly from under her upper lip. If she grips you with those sharp fangs in a strong grip, there's no escaping. She's a little argumentative, pushy, and a bit of a snob, but underneath is a loving and trustworthy cat. She can usually be found sitting at the edge of camp, enjoying the air, or following Sasuke and Naruto around like a lost kitten. In any case, Netaji can be quite dangerous, in or out of battle. Get on her bad side, and you might not live to see another day.

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Quiet, reserved, and cold. Demetri never really joined VenomClan. As a young tom in the ripe of his youth he ventured into VenomClan and hung to the shadows. No one ever asked him why he was there or where he came from. Truth be told few even know his name. When a cat offered to train him how to fight he accepted with reserve and became part of VenomClan with or without true acceptance. Once he was given the title of gladiator no one bothered to ask where he came from. Truth be told even if a cat he truly cared about asked, he wouldn't tell. Dimitri is dark pelted cat with tabby black, gray, and white markings. He has a long thick tail but not fluffy. His ears come to a sharp tip and his face is always relaxed. Many wonder if he even possesses emotions. Although this may be a valid question it is never a valid fact. Dimitri can love better than any cat. Especially when it comes to falling in love with his forever mate. What many cats miss about Dimitri is how he watches them. Many cats mistake him as bluntly rude but no. He's just lonely. Reaching out with silent pleas through his dancing blue, green smokey eyes. He is a prominent fighter balancing out his hearts desire to love and be loved. He has large black paws and long sharp black claws. He will protect. Its what he was born to do. It's what he loves to do.

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Snow isn't soft, it's cold right? Cold, seeing this white furred shecat makes you shiver, but you don't understand why. You think it's just because, the way she looks at you makes, you want to melt. She seems dangerous, and you just want to run that's because, she is, and

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