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The Regime List

The regime is a very close group. Every cat knows one another, and they consider themselves a family. Outsiders are untrusted, hated, and shunned here. The Regime is very hostile to any cat not from inside the family lines.

Joining is open.
If you wish to join The Regime please post to the joining thread, and our staff will happily add you to the team!

If you have any questions about The Regime our higher command team is always here to answer them.

High Command

// Largo roleplayed by valiance.

Dark, silky black-colored fur clings delicately to her body, and a light green array of color fills her eyes. Her chest is a fluffy white along with her ear tufts. This is Largo in plain simplicity. She seems to be just another pretty she-cat, but inside, she has a personality that is irreplaceable. She's a weird one. She's the type of cat with a million perspectives, all collected within the same pair of eyes. She dances in the rain, and smiles at grey skies. She doesn't even cry over sad goodbyes. Instead, she keeps the good attitude that has been bestowed upon her, and moves along, because there is simply no time to waste on a day that can be filled with so much sunshine. She is a cheerful spirit, and only wishes the best... However, Largo is only kind to her group-mates. Any outsider is bound to get their pelt torn up. It is best to not mistake her soft loving side for her clan as a weak point. Essentially, it makes her stronger.

// none

Mercenary Superior
// Zona roleplayed by ArizonaTea
He has brilliant green eyes that never fail to betray his emotions and thoughts, making him a rather readable cat. Zona was taken into the Regime after he was caught wandering in the territory at the age of five moons. He has no memory of his family, having been hit in the head at four moons of age, awakening alone in an unknown area. When the tunnels first engulfed him with a shade of darkness that put his black pelt to shame, he came to a sort of agreement with his new home. It was where he would stay and grow to the extent that all of the soldiers reached, perhaps even more. The beautiful order in the regime was inviting to him, and it took him little time to set high hopes for himself. It's safe to say, Zona is quite a curious and driven cat, and bright positivity often shines in his emerald-glass eyes. He enjoys practicing his combat skills, working to an excessive degree for improvement. He is rather aggressive, and often uses physical contact to solve various problems and situations. New things always fascinate him, and he never misses a chance to learn, regardless of how much experience he already has. Zona isn't complicated, and yet he is a tom that is hard to reach emotionally. Loyalty and respect has always been something that he valued and offered, but often that is as far as he will feel for another individual. He is good-spirited, and simply aims to spend each day improving his own skill, sparking up ideas, and protecting those he cares about.

Guider Superior
// none

Scout Superior
// Puzzle roleplayed by *Twinkle.Twinkle*
Not born of Renegade Regime, Puzzle has always felt out of place in the tunnels. She feels like a lost piece, one that once wet to a puzzle that has been long forgotten ad thrown away. Sometimes she misses her fellow pieces, but the only thing she can do is sit in the darkness underneath a dresser or desk. Other things that get shoved under give her some company, but those things are sometimes needed, and get dragged away from her. Having joined the ranks of Renegade regime at a young age, she’s become quite familiar with the way of her home. Her hunting skills have also become one to match. Possibly that is why she became Scout Head Cadet when one was needed. Her small stature makes her a fantastic hunter, and her soft, turquoise eyes always find something to pounce on. She loves going outside of the tunnels, not that she hates the tunnels either. It’s just that her light brown fur, with its dark spots, loves to feel the warmth penetrate her thick fur and spread happiness through her body. But then again, there’s nothing like the cold darkness of the tunnels that poisons your soul, makes you feel like you need blood between your claws. Not that Puzzle feels like killing 24/7. It just brings some form of sick satisfaction to you when you know you can survive, But never doubt that she has a softer side underneath her scars, it’s just she feels vulnerable when it comes outm so it’s reserved for her mate and closer than close friends. Maybe someday, she’ll be feel like she can fit into the grand tunnel puzzle. You never know. If you cut up that puzzle piece, you may be able to fit it into another puzzle.

Raiser Superior
// none

Mercenary Head Cadet
// Curtis roleplayed by Spottedfire54
Maybe it's his fox smile, maybe it's the daring glint in his exotic gaze, but something certainly is unique about this feline. Golden tabby fur coats his average frame, and unlike many cats of Renegade Regime, he doesn't have much of a particular build. Slightly on the muscular side yet also on the slim side, it's hard to decipher at first glance whether he's a scout or mercenary. His eyes are one of his more prominent details - near his pupil is a soft goldenrod color, and near the outer edges of the iris it is a mantis green. A golden color is flecked throughout both of his irises, finishing off the entire look. Many would expect him to be arrogant and self-indulgent, and though he is, it is only to a certain extent. Usually carefree and flamboyant around his friends, he's always looking for a challenge, and overall, he's dauntless. Enjoying time with his friends, he's affable to nearly everyone unless they've deemed themselves untrustworthy. Impish at times, it's not uncommon for him to play a trick on his fellow clanmates and watch as havoc unfolds. Usually relaxed and happy-go-lucky, it's rare to find him in a frustrated mood. Not much of a sentimental type, he doesn't reminisce on what could have been and is constantly changing with the world. If someone were to compare him to his brother, Christophe, they would find that Curtis is much more flirtatious and easy going than his studious sibling is, and thus it is a rather simple task telling them apart just by asking a mere question.

Guider Head Cadet
// none

Scout Head Cadet
// Delilah roleplayed by Syncopation♪
Haunting. Her mocha eyes are like quicksand, pulling you in farther and the more you struggle, the faster you sink. Ethereal. Her form is slight and obviously feminine, covered in gossamer ivory fur. Invisible. Despite being plunged in darkness for most of her life, Delilah’s speed given to her by her toned muscles and small paws allow her to disappear before there’s any chance for you to catch her. Mysterious. Born and raised in the Regime, many should know such a striking young she-cat, though, just as she wanted it, Delilah was noticed only by those she wanted to. Halcyon. Many cats go through life troubled by things like guilt or making the “right choice”. Delilah suffers no such conflicts. She knows what she is and she likes it. Magnificent. With all of these skills combined, Delilah has been shaped into the perfect hunter, able to kill without her prey being aware of her presence until it was too late. Her loyalty to the Regime is unequaled, though with such blind loyalty comes a harsh price. Her days have taxed this young she-cat far beyond what one her age should have to bear, taking the burdens of those too weak and placing them upon her own frail shoulders instead. Those seductive eyes that lure you in are – if you look close enough – lackluster and dull from too many sleepless nights above-ground, alternately gazing longingly up at the sapphire sky and killing prey to feed the large group. Delilah’s knowledge is unparalleled, on par with the commander herself. Blessed – or cursed as she sees it – with photographic memory and an uncanny ability to find the fattest prey, Delilah makes a superb huntress, able to swiftly kill her prey with a single flick of her wickedly sharp claws. Her sense of direction is always correct, no matter how dark or hidden the place might be. Her life is lived for the Regime, but is it worth it? Those that know her well can only hope that she finds a mate before she kills herself attempting to assist others. Living life as hard as she does is dangerous, but as long as she finds someone she trusts, someone she loves, she can recover from all of the everyday strain and lead the Regime to its full potential.

Raiser Head Cadet
// none

// none

// none

Spiritual Soldiers & Cadets

Raisers //

Kimora // Roleplayed by Masqueradetrick

A black and white she cat with a fluffy pelt. Her fur is feathery and like down of a baby bird. She has dark amber eyes the glow like an evening firefly. She is really skinny, more than the average cat. But its easily hidden by her large amount of fur. Her nose is a soft pink with a small black dot on it, which makes her look adorable. But isn't she already? A cat born to the light of the surface, Kimora never knew that there was life underground. She lived with plants and understood them well. To her, such a notion as living in tunnels was silly. But one day when she stumbled across cat scent leading down what seemed like a rabbit hole, this she cat was beyond tempted into adventure. She soon found herself in a world of dusty cats. The cats of Renegade Regime. Valuing her strength in herbs and kindness towards others, they offered her to be a Raiser. While she knew she would miss daylight, she took the job willingly.And there she will stay.

Arielle // Roleplayed by Syncopation♪

Hope. Healing. Guidance. Arielle's benevolent nature makes her a perfect candidate to be a Raiser. If patience is a virtue, then this docile she-cat is indeed very virtuous. Soft spoken and even-tempered, Arielle is every bit as her name makes her out to be. Her pelt is like a silken waterfall, sliding over her toned muscles when she moves. Onyx, it gleams in the faintest of light, yet her nose and head are painted a shimmering alabaster. Viridian eyes dominate her face, giving her a wide-eyed innocent look that causes cats of all ages to open up to her. She always seems to find herself at Post Kilo, even when she's off duty, drawn by the happy laughter and chatter of those younger than herself. She's very protective by nature, and if she ever sees a tyke under duress, she's instantly there helping out. She cannot stand to see an older cat pick on a younger cat, so as a tyke and even as a cadet she got into fights protecting the younger cats. As she aged, however, she mellowed out and become more laid back and pliant, finding that words can often solve much more than fighting. She places her full trust in the Blind Protector, knowing that whatever happens is what was meant to be.

Eli // Roleplayed by Snowybreeze
A golden she-cat. She has beautiful amber eyes. Her father, Ed, is a Veteran Mercenary and one of the most respected cats in camp. Her Mom, Jan, is a Mercenary. When she grow up she wants to be a Mercenary. Maybe one day she will even be a Veteran Mercenary like her Daddy. She has a lot of siblings, including her older brother, Aaron, and older sister Faith.

Guiders //

IIlia // Roleplayed by Snowybreeze
A white-gray she cat with a brown-red tail. She is very rowdy and sometimes didn't listen to her mentor but always listened to Nero. Her sister is Roes, but they are complete opposites. She hates battles and argues against them. Her only dream is to become Chaman. She doesn't look forward to having kits. Even though she might be allowed to have them one day, today is not that day.

Ziano // Roleplayed by ArizonaTea
A dusty brown marble pattern makes for the image of his pelt, giving him an endearing and interesting appearance. His eyes are a faint golden color, often containing a dancing light of joy and innocence. Ziano is a rather flamboyant tom, and is noticeably the only male spiritual soldier at the present moment. Most males seek the path demanding physical abilities and cunning, it would seem, but this tom is happy to spend his days studying the herbs and being accompanied by his friends. He has no ambitions, and really seems to live with whatever the present moment presents. Cheery, and innocent, this tom wouldn't last in the battlefield for even a heartbeat. Though he's useless under command, he is a good face to see in troubled times when one simply needs a friendly soul to be around.

Roza // Roleplayed by *Twinkle.Twinkle*
Her parents were imported from Russia long before she was born. They were pure Russian Blues, and so Roza became a part of that heritage as well as a thick, beautiful accent. She was pampered in her home of birth, so she thought she was invincible. One day, as an older kit, she went exploring outside, only to get lost. Nightfall was coming, so she looked for shelter, and soon found some tunnels. Her scent gave her off as not being of Renegade Regime. But the cat who had eventually found her, took her in, and made her a Regime cat. She barely remembers her parents, but her new life makes her feel welcome, so she never really minds. Since she's a purebred, her fur is thick and soft. It's grey-blue appearance makes it easy for her to hide among shadows, and her eyes are the deep, vivid green. She is also very intelligent, and did not prefer fighting, so she was perfect for being a guider. She took much interest in the herb aspect of the job. Now, she just tries to keep those around her happy. But, again....she is a tunnel cat. So never underestimate her sharp claws, always as quick as her tongue.

Aurora // Roleplayed by Syncopation♪
Quiet and startling, this she-cat is what many cats would call mysterious. Ironically, her parents gave her the moniker Aurora, name of the goddess of dawn, something the she-cat has never seen, and never hopes to either. Though introverted, few can accuse Aurora of lacking a commanding presence. When this she-cat enters the room, all eyes snap to her, unconsciously, it seems. Born not to fight but to heal, Aurora has a lithe, small frame with tiny curved claws, much better for tearing up cobwebs into strips than other cat’s pelts. Few have heard her speak before, but it is well known that her voice almost mimics the Stardrip’s serene qualities, weaving a spell of peace and calm over you. Very few things can escape Aurora, having been brought up to be observant and vigilant, as if you miss even the smallest hint, a mere cut can escalate into a full-blown infection, risking a life. And that – risking a life – is something she will never do. Cold is one of the only words able to describe Aurora’s eye color, yet there is nothing cold about her. In fact, she exudes a warmth, inviting you to allow her to bear some of your burden. Her pelt, in stark contrast to her eyes, is a rich crimson, streaked with a creamy white, as though all of the blood she’d seen in her lifetime had accumulated on the ethereal strands of fur. However, Aurora doesn’t suffer the sad sense of morbidity that might come with her vocation. No, instead she keeps as optimistic an outlook as she can, though very few know her well enough to see her warm heart. Though demure and quick to submit to someone else’s idea, Aurora will become an indomitable force if anyone threatens anything dear to her. Her loyalty to the Regime is unwavering, and her faith in the Blind Protector is even more sacred. Bright and able to think on the spot, Aurora is adept at emergency aid, but this she-cat can only do so much. When even she can’t heal the wound or treat the illness, she turns to the Blind Protector and asks for his help. Though few know her, many are saved by her, making Aurora the Regime’s silent aide.

Raiser Cadets //

Cadet Clue // Roleplayed by whiteswift
Partner: Arielle // Roleplayed by Syncopation
Eyes so large in size they take up half of her face on their own, though it is not their size, nor their glowing amber rimmed with cool teal that catches so much attention, but the intelligence that shines from them. Marked off as an outcast, she always has a solution if anyone gave her the time of day. She thinks she is nothing special, just an average looking invisible. Though she is strikingly beautiful with white fur and rare silver tabby stripes that bring out the golden amber of her eyes, which rivals so well with the rim of teal to give her enormous eyes a stunning effect on others. Her movements are soft and delicate and she walks with the grace of a princess upon delicate tiny paws. With a rare bell-like laugh, she is more alone than ever. Who would feel anything but lonely being surrounded by cats but still invisible. A true fallen angel, once great and pure, but now curled in on herself. Her voice is soft and smooth and would be a perfect storyteller voice. She doesn't like fighting because she doesn't see the point in it, though she would be extremely good at it due to her extraordinary skills with strategizing.

Guider Cadets //

Cadet Paige // Roleplayedby Syncopation♪
Partner: Ziano // Roleplayed by ArizonaTea

There's always a cat that hangs back. One that never speaks, that never draws attention to themselves. Paige is one of such cats. Her personality, much like her friend and colleague Aurora, is demure and timid. Innocent in every form of the word, Paige has been exposed to very little of the evil in the world, leaving her shamefully unprepared. Emotions skitter across her face like wind over water, giving away her every thought and feeling as though she were speaking them. Deep in the aquamarine depths that are her eyes, however, lays a need, no, desire to know more. Unhappy with her sheltered life, Paige is always searching for information to feed her curious brain, as knowledge is to her as food is to the body. And what a body she has. Her pelt is like rays of the sun cast on water, liquid and moving as the dapples of crimson, mahogany, and black dance across her lithe form. Small by nature, the she-cat learned early in like she wasn’t going to be a fighter, and instead, while attending an herbal training session from the Guiders and Raisers, found that she had a knack for the art of healing. Her patience is as ample as her worry for her wounded group-mates, and is known for never blowing up, never breaking down and yelling or screaming. Serenity followed Paige around wherever she goes, passing on to anyone near her. Calm, quiet,
reserved. This is Paige.

Soldiers & Cadets

Mercenaries //
Sateenkaari // Roleplayed by Masqueradetrick
To find her.... to seek her... she only appears on a rainy day. Thats how it used to be. Through all that gray... the darkness, a narrow band of light shone through in bright reds, oranges,yellows, greens, blues and purples. This was the Sateenkaari that everyone knew. This was the only side she allowed them to see. It was her natural defense. She is a black cat with white paws and a white chest. Around her eyes, she is masked by gray, along with little gray spots on her cheeks and muzzle. Her eyes change color, but are most commonly hazel. They never change to an extremely noticable color, but depending on her mood, little hues stick out more than the others, giving the optical illusion of color change. Sateenkaari stands tall compared to most cats, but she has a very lean figure that makes her seem frail rather than strong. This is another illusion produced by her features. In fact, she is very, very strong. Sateenkaari is a graceful fighter, swift and silent. You never see her coming, and during a battle she is so fast, its hard to keep track of her. She likes to confuse her enemies. Like most cats, she has a weakness of course. Hers is that since she is a very skinny cat, its easy to overpower her if you are able to overcome her swiftness. This makes her very vulnerable against muscular cats. No doubt, she has muscles as well, but hers are more lean, enabling her flexibility. But Sateenkaari isn't just a skilled fighter. That is no where close to who she is. Sateenkaari was raised in a very far away place. She was born in a group that valued ones abilities in the arts of fighting. They weren't a bloodthirsty group in any sort of way, but they were highly confident in their skills. The group didn't really have a specific name or leader, or any sort of organization. Usually a cat would take charge as a type of leader, but never was in complete total charge. Sateenkaari was born to a cat from a Finland background. Her mother had once been a kittypet, but escaped one day after her twolegs began to ignore her. Sateenkaari's father had died due to being run over, but she knew him briefly as a young kitten. She was named by her mother. Her name means 'rainbow'. She had a sister that was named Sinfonia. Sinfonia was a more artistic type of cat, unlike Sateenkaari who was more keen to her fighting skills. The two couldn't be more different. While Sinfonia was a subtle, gentle cat who would have tiny spurts of irritation, Sateenkaari was an outgoing, more fun loving type of cat who would find trouble around every corner. Sinfonia and her also shared another major difference. Sinfonia was very close to their mother, however Sateenkaari was not. In fact, the two never got along. Being closer to her father, Sateenkaari was devastated by his death. Sinfonia was also, but she handled it much better than her sister. Sateenkaari was driven to a point of insanity. She grew reckless and uncaring. Her mother became nothing to her, and so did her sister. As soon as she could, she left. Not even bothering to tell her family of her departure, she traveled to the mountains. There Sateenkaari became a hardened cat. She closed her heart up. But it wasn't that way for long. She met a cat, a tom to be exact. His name was Ostenio. The two were lovers at first sight, to be honest. She fell in love from the moment he said hello. But Ostenio didn't want commitment. He was a flirt. The tom left her one day, and once again, she was alone. She couldn't bare staying in that area anymore. Every place they had set foot was a painful place for her. Eventually, she wandered into the territory of city cats. She was scared at first, but trusted them. Her mother had been a tame cat, after all. This group was none other than Renegade Regime. They welcomed her graciously, noting her for her great strength. She was introduced to the underground system and placed there. These cats were so kind to her, she almost didn't believe this could be happening. But she embraced the new home with open arms. Sateenkaari is a naturally loyal cat. As mentioned, she is a very outgoing and hyper cat. Once she breaks out of her shy and cold shell, she shines with her bright attitude. Everyone who becomes close to her is taken back by her hidden personality. When asked why she was so shy, she simply laughs with her brilliant smile and says "Well, I guess I was just a little nervous to talk to you.". That statement is true. Half the time she is never sure of herself and has a low confidence level. Everyday though, she grows to be more open with the cats of Renegade Regime. They notice her leadership skills and they way she will help anyone in need. Of course, she has her faults. She can be incredibly selfish at times and has a habit of getting in trouble. And she is beyond stubborn. Even so, the good out weighs the bad. So come watch the clouds, and if you're lucky a rainbow will appear.

Sylosis // Roleplayed by ArizonaTea
Rather tall and scruffy, this tom isn't much to look at. His muscles are fashioned by a faded gray pelt, with the occasional white spot, and his eyes are, in appearance, two spheres of glass- painted with the watery color of mint green. However plain his appearance may be, his claws- longer than the norm, give off an intimidating touch to his overall structure. His eyes never fail to have that look of vacancy that pauses you for a moment- wondering if there is even a soul to be found inside of him. For the greatest stretch of his life, this tom had gone without uttering a single word. He had no voice, even at the first moment that he entered the tunnels that proved to be his new home. His past is unknown to the Regime- as he finds it to be an irrelevant story to tell. All that is known is that he joined alone, and he hasn't posed a threat to the group since. Sylosis is quite addicted on carrying out his duties. It's what occupies his time, and banishes unwanted thoughts. He enjoys filling his time with responsibilities, and serving for a bigger purpose than himself.

Cyro // Roleplayed by Secretkit
The male counterpart to the Siamese twins that live within the Regime. Black with a slender build, Cyro can slink through the hardest of tunnels, and blend in with the shadows as though one of them himself. Both his sister Cyra and himself have a reputation for being wilder and less predictable than most other cats in the Regime, but he's the better at hiding it within himself. If allowed out into the territory, he tends to roam, often running over large expanses of territory and finding new tunnels. His muzzle is narrow and pointed, and his eyes are of a vivid green shade, ringed with the palest blue. Himself, Cyro isn't an easy cat to control, but even he must kneel to the leader of the Renegade Regime, having sworn loyalty to the leader and the Regime staff. He enjoys going off by himself or with his sister, but for the most part, it's with Cyra, as they are linked both in mind and soul and prefer to live and walk together. He's very protective of his beautiful sister, jealous of any tom she turns her attention to, but he tries to understand that she is her own self, as he is his own. She isn't as protective as he is of her as she is feminine, he feels, but he really doesn't know, in truth. He's eternally devoted to his littermate, and would protect her to his last breath, his last drop of blood, if it came to that.

Cyra // Roleplayed by Secretkit
The female counterpart to the Siamese twins that live within the Regime. Both friendly and stubborn like her brother, Cyra is sociable with other cats, and insists upon maintaining independence, although she spends the majority of her time with Cyro, and has sworn loyalty to the leader of the Regime. Beautiful, Cyra is owner to bright jade green eyes, and if you look closely, you can see that they're rimmed with the palest shade of blue. She is half-lame in her back left paw, due to some malformity that occurred while she was in her mother's womb, but she does absolutely fine while hunting and patrolling. She loves to run; it's been a part of her recovery that she started as a kit, and she's never been able to let go of it since. She loves her brother dearly, but sometimes wishes that he'd leave her some time to herself once in a while. It's not that she feels smothered, it's just that sometimes, it hurts her to see so many couples together, and her at her age not having a mate. Loving kits the way she does, she wishes and hopes that she'll have some of her own one day, but doesn't see that happening too soon. She thinks, walks, and sleeps with her brother and her Clanmates, but it is her brother who truly knows her heart; although someday, she hopes that another will know her even deeper, love her in a way she's never been loved. Cyra doesn't care for the darkness, but has grown used to it since the day of her and Cyro's birth in the tunnels. A loyal she-cat, she will stay true to the Regime forever, and ever.

Ed // Roleplayed by Snowybreeze
A red brown tom cat with patches of gray fur. He loves young cats and loves teach them how to defend Renegade Regime. He loves his mate Jan and would defend her with his life. He takes pride in his work and is respected by most cadets. When he can't sleep he wanders the tunnels late at night and watches for intruders. He has fathered many tykes. His mate often accuses him of loving Todd-tyke the most because he misses him so much.

Orion // Roleplayed by Syncopation♪
Muscles flex and bunch under his ashen pelt, causing him to outwardly appear daunting and frightful. Emerald eyes take in your every expression, even the most subtle nuances that might slip past many. On his right shoulder he has four dots, set in the shape of the stars above them in what his mother called a "constellation". Orion is a quiet cat, despite his large form and calculating gaze, and rarely speaks to anyone. When he does, however, his voice rolls like thunder in the distance, deep and ominous as though warning of things to come. What’s so special about him, then? Nothing, really. Orion is a mundane cat, large in stature, yes, but not exceedingly so. Having been raised by a loner mother, he has had survival drilled into him every day, making him an unwilling participant. He knows to keep his eyes down, his words soft, his fighting capabilities hidden. That’s why in the darkness of the tunnels he keeps to the walls and the shadows, not drawing attention to himself. Having been trained to become a mercenary because of his build, Orion became the expert fighter he knew he could be yet knew he shouldn’t be, earning the respect of his peers, even as he tried to hide from their prying gazes. Ambivalent feelings clash about behind his emotionless eyes, unsure if he should stay true to his mother’s teachings or to himself. Orion does, however, have a soft spot for she-cats, and will fight to protect every one of them, feeling that, as a cat of his size, he has an obligation to do so. However, awkward doesn’t begin to describe him when he approaches one for a chat. A small flame of hope flicks inside his chest, waiting for the day when he can find the right she-cat for him to call his mate, and, one day, give his tykes something he never had: A choice in their lives.

Obsidian // Roleplayed by *Twinkle.Twinkle*
Gnarly is not even a word that can begin to describe Obsidian. Seriously. If you're under his claws, don't be begging for mercy. His title doesn't ensure you're pardoned from a fight. He was born to fight, trained to fight, and will die fighting. It's said his ginger fur is the color it is form the blood he's shed out of many others through his life. And he's definitely not one to be underestimated. He is bulky, and his muscles knot and churn under his short fur. His eyes, are a deep grey, almost mistaken for black sometimes, are said to show no emotion as you shiver and his weight, as you die slowly, while he watches, secretly content. Experience? You know he has it. Scars don't come from talking. no. They come from bitter fights, one's that leave you blind in one eye, and one of your ears half missing. Yeah, and that scar all the way down your flank? That sure didn't come from hunting mice. The Regime is his home, and always has been. The tunnels may practically be a straight walkways in his mind. So....don't get lost as he runs around and around and you chase after him. And if you try to run, well....I think you get the point.

Breaker // Roleplayed by Emberwish
Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun, but baby when you're done, you gotta be the first to run. Rule number two, just don't get attached to somebody you could lose.So let me tell you, this is how to be a heartbreaker. Boys they like a little danger, we'll get him falling for a stranger. A player, singing I lo-lo-love you.How to be a heartbreaker.Heartbreaker. Big ego, cares about no one except herself. She's an greedy, selfish pig always wanting more. She never does the dirty work, that's for people "below" her. An high-pitched slightly-squeaky-slightly-alluring voice. Thin as an stick, and always grabs the juicest mouse from the pile, never thinking about Origins, or tykes. She hates the tunnels and always complains about how her fur is always dirty.Silky creamy white fur, with a hint of cinnamon. Dappled ink black splotches cover her pelt. Pink nose, paws, and her sapphire eyes have a pinkish glow to them.Fur always groomed, duties always skipped. She's just an Heartbreaker

Glory // Roleplayed by Emberwish
Glory comes in many forms, wether through fighting, accomplishments, or purely just winning. He himself looks like glory as an cat. Pure sunset colored golden fur, that even gleams in the dark tunnel. Rich deep sapphire eyes, with flecks of metallic gold. Strong, muscular frame, and silky deep voice. Booming laughter that echoes through the tunnels.Perfect? Oh, no not perfect. He's Achille's heels is like many other heros.Loyalty.He trusts people too easily. Silent pawsteps, even with his rippling muscles. Speaks what on his mind, he's been in Renegade Regime for a long time. He eyes are tinged with a certain sadness. His mate and kits died a year ago. He still can't get over it, so he just pushes she-cats away. He's the lady's Prince Charming of course, though Glory is not proud of it. He constantly strives to be a better person.His voice is like the crashing waves, the booming thunder, his voices sounds glorious you could listen to it all day. When will he lose his sadness and find another lover? Or Willie never find one?

Kazami // Roleplayed by cefurst1
Kazami was born with fire in her veins. Her father trained her in the ways of the regime ever since she was merely four moons old. Fighting is her life, she has never been much of a hunter, and prefers to have a cat under her claws than prey. Her loyalty is to the regime, and the regime only. Anything else that has crossed her path and threatened her loyalty has been quickly destroyed. Trustworthy is an understatement. Secrets are kept well hidden behind her deep amber eyes. Her fur is as black as the night and littered with scars, the most prominent being the three scars running across her face. When she was young, she overestimated her strength, gaining scars that would push her to make sure that she was never overtaken by the enemy like that again. The only thing she loves is her family, and she is extremely over protective of them. Needless to say, do not cross her path.

Moth // Roleplayed by Emberwish
Flitting. Fluttering. Attract to the burning light, even though that will cause her end. No one can recall a time without Moth. If you take even just a quick glance at her she seems fragile, weak like she could collapse at any moment. Ragged chestnut brown with a hint of an cinnamon color. Scrawny bones, every pawsteps seems to take more energy then needed. Dare to ask if she needs assistance? She'll start scolding you furiously and refuse all help saying that she's not a helpless kit. Sharp tongue, snaps back at you if you start arguing with her. Raging, amber eyes that seem to have a flame a passion ready to take down all who dare mess with her. Burning, blazing with so much power that you must back down. Grumpy? Are you kidding me? She's grumpy 24/7. Despite that she's a pain, she truely does have sweet side. Every cat would miss her if she died. No cat would dare disrespect her. No once. Sarcastic, but has this humor that could make any cat smile. Her ancient eyes only grow soft when discussing or playing with kits. She's so friendly it's hard to believe that she would every argue with any cat. Moth has this lovable personality that either irritates the heck out of cats or makes you automatically take a liking to her.

Solstice // Roleplayed by Syncopation♪
The harder you look at this she-cat, the more you realize you don't know. On the outside, she looks like any other she-cat of the Regime: toned muscles, sharp claws, and sturdy build. Her pelt is a light cream color, her eyes a simple mahogany. Why, then, is she so impossible to read? Her eyes glow like luminescent orbs in the dim light of the tunnels, cutting through the shadows like beams of light. She's light on her paws and quick to dodge, a born fighter. This is a she-cat that says little, believing firmly int he saying "Actions speak louder than words". Her past remains shrouded in mystery, and she intends to keep it that way. When she does speak, it's with the practices diplomatic skills she picked up hanging around the Garden for so long, watching the Guiders work. It was her dream, in fact, to be a Guider or Raiser, but her muscular form was too good for the Regime to let waste doing anything other than fighting. That's why, when the time came, she became a Mercenary Cadet, and with due training, a Mercenary herself. She doesn't mind bloodshed, but is bothered when fights break out over things that could have just easily been solved with words. At first, Solstice is hard to get along with, but as you become close, you'll find that there's no better, more loyal friend to have.

Radioactive // Roleplayed by ArizonaTea
A crimson color stains his pelt into a shocking hue, though often defused by the shadows of the tunnels, and his intelligent golden eyes give a warm glow to his demeanor. Radioactive has a fiery personality that sparks a light in the darkest of places, contagious to those who cross his path.The early moons had left him with a slightly rugged personality, as he woke alone to ash and dust,after his home clan's demise. Though the Regime is his second home, Radioactive's loyalty has never been questioned. He does what he can to provide for the league, and has yet to have a second thought about whether or not he belonged with the underground cats. Radioactive is the type to always have a purpose in whatever is done, seldom to idly lay about or take part in rash decisions.He has a can-do attitude, and as long as there's a spark of purpose or hope feeding his spirit, there's no telling what he can accomplish.

Panda // Roleplayed by .:Crimsons:.
Black and white the colors the world should be to a dog. To a cat on the other hand colors swam around them in a sense. Panda's are black and white and what do you know a panda like cat was born here. Panda was the largest of her litter when she was born then she grew less over time and is smaller than most of the older cats in Renegade Regime. She has white fur from her muzzle down and then black covers the rest of her body. Always wondering as a kit gave her more scars than could be counted though thankfully her fur covers the scars. She has no memories of her family seeing as they died when she was young. She has a very peppy personality and if you talk to her she will talk your ears off. She has light blue/green eyes and wishes to have a mate and kits of her own one day.

Xaya // Roleplayed by oxymoron.}
He has a sharp mind and a cutting tongue to match, making him to be an interesting character. This tom always has something to say about every situation, and often it's something rather pessimistic. His dapper gray marble pelt might have made him out to be attractive, if it wasn't for those pair of sharp blue eyes that always seem to be assessing every situation and being. His general rule is, nothing is good enough- as everything can be improved. Xaya constantly works to improve himself, living by this rule, and his hard work shows in his skills. Strict and a bit ruthless, Xaya isn't generally liked by many, especially the younger cats who he sees to be lesser. Rather cold-hearted, it would be unthinkable for him to warm up to anyone and consider another as a friend.

Jev // Roleplayed by Syncopation
Mystery clings to this tom as shadows do to the night. You cannot have one without the other. Jev is a reclusive tom, scary if you don't know him and witty to a point of annoyance if you do. Dry humor and obvious advances on she-cats are this tom's signature moves. His build doesn't hurt his chances either. Large, yet not to the point of obnoxious, Jev is perfect for a mercenary. His brown pelt is marked up with ebony stripes like clawmarks, giving him a rough and worn look. Completely out of character though, is the white patch down his chest His eyes, however, tell his story. Rarely does he show emotion, yet when he does, it's his eyes that become the windows to his soul. Amber and deep enough to drown in, if you catch this tom's eyes, watch out. Whether his attention is good or bad, once you have it you'll have a hard time getting out.

Rixon // Roleplayed by Syncopation
Joker, prankster, plotter. Rixon is overall a troublemaker. An ambitious, dangerous troublemaker. Mahogany eyes always laughing and joking, you rarely know when Rixon is about to blow up, but when he does, few dare to stand up to him. Cloaked in a shaggy tabby pelt, he has the bad-boy appearance that all she-cats love, yet beneath that is the anger and murderous intent that is Rixon. His build is large and welll muscled, making him the perfect candidate for a mercenary, yet few like to patrol with him, for when he finds an intruder, he tears it apart with reckless abandon. Everyone knows this tom isn't quite right in the mind, yet few can stay away from his devilish good looks and rich, deep voice. Loyalty doesn't exist in Rixon's vocabulary, so it isn't at all odd to find him eating prey before feeding the tykes and origins. The greatest worry that any cat should have is whether of not they can trust this tom to have their back when they need it.

Scouts //

Aaron // Roleplayed by Snowybreeze

A calico tom with blue eyes. When he was born a lot of people thought that he would butt heads with his Dad. He doesn't look like anyone else in his family. He wants to have lots of kits and a mate when he grows up. He and his siblings Todd-tyke, Carson-tyke, Cecile-tyke and Faith-tyke got into lots of mischief. He really loves his mom Jan, and one day wants to be Scout Superior, maybe commander. But he loves to wander around post Kilo. Now that Aaron's mate is expecting, Aaron goes to Head Quarters often to ask his Dad about being a father.

Leo // Roleplayed by valiance.

Dauntless, relaxed; this is how Leo never fails to carry himself. His dusty black pelt handsomely fashions his lean, yet toned frame. He has a cocky yet playful smile, a smile that could only be laughing at you, but he doesn't often have bad intentions when mocking other's. He has natural skills in combat, a strong will to survive, and simply an exotic essence that makes up his cunning and crafty mind. He has an imagination with no boundaries for the various ways one could go about killing or disabling a cat. He shows no mercy for a stranger that could only bring trouble to him, as he sees little reason to allow them to carry on. With his relaxed, almost lazy poise, you wouldn't think he was constantly aware of his surroundings. And yet he never fails to be. It's almost unnerving, how quick he is to know the identity of a cat who faces his back. How precisely accurate his senses are, and how well his body is tuned with his surroundings. But even this ability isn't the most interesting thing about him. This tom's eyes are a completely different image of their own. Contrasting frighteningly with his lopsided, playful smile. The colors of his two irises are of complete opposites; the right eye glinting with a cold shade of a brown-gold color, contrasting with the silvery grey of his left eye. They never fail to gleam with cat-like precision wherever there is even a hint of light. He'd make for intimidating company, if it weren't for his smile and poise. Inside this cat knows his limits, and works with his strengths for a better outcome of any situation. Whether it be a physical battle, debate, or even a spat. He has ambitions, goals to strive for, and the patience to let them be achieved in their own good time; a time that would suit him the most.

Waltz // Roleplayed by Emberwish

Dancing, spinning, prancing all in professional kind of order. Forming a stunning, breath-taking waltz.Glimmering amber eyes that seem like there is a flame inside waiting to consume you. Slender body, legs, even an long tail. Gracefully, not clumsy every pawsteps is a different dance, another story.No cat knows much about her except that's she's an non-stop daydreamer. She does what she likes, Has a patrol today? Doesn't fee like going? Skips it completely. Instead she goes wandering through the forest, waltzing like a goddess.Independent, and has a little bit of Amnesia problems. Ragged ink black pelt that is never groomed or looks stunning. Not a care in the world, she is so disconnected from society. Voice like the wind, soft and beautiful.Even though Waltz is an calm daydreamer, just because the wind is usually qet doesn't mean it's never loud and full of rage, When she gets angry you better watch your back.She's the most stunning, or some might say beautiful when she's furious she expresses so much passion when Waltz is mad. Never mistake this cat for what she seems to be.

Celeste // Roleplayed by Syncopation♪
Innocence. This she-cat is everything you should aspire to be. Bright blue eyes shine with strength gained only through terrible perils; her words are tempered with the knowledge that it can only take one whisper to hurt a cat. Her pelt, however, speaks a different story. Its crimson stain tells of death and betrayal and tragedy. Her carefully sharpened claws whisper of times long past when they were used freely. Celeste has learned that nothing is gained without first losing something. The more you gain, the more you lose. But she also recognizes that the deeper pain carves you out, the more love and bliss can rush in. She is the perfect example of loss can change someone, and an even better example of how it can sometimes be for the better. Soft, serene, and graceful, Celeste is much like the stars that hover over the ground, suspended in the sky by tethers thinner than cobwebs, so it's no surprise that one falls ever once in a while...

Briella // Roleplayed by *Twinkle.Twinkle*
Calm. Peace. Tranquility. All that and more openly shown in her leafy green eyes. A small figure, but hard muscles knot and twist under her grey tabby pelt. Her name means 'God is my might', and she's taken to believe it means the Blind Protector blessed her with such good hunting skills. The way she goes about the whole process has been described as both graceful and raw and sometimes neither. But she always gets what she wants when it comes to hunting for her beloved Regime. When she was young, her parents died by a rat attack. She helped bury them as a tyke, and prayed the Blind Protector would giver her strength to endure this horrible pain inside her And he answered. He gave her interest in the peaceful wind blowing above as she tracked down that juicy mouse. Some say she became great because she has suffered, but she believes that there are other things at work in her success.

Hughes // Roleplayed by Spottedfire54
Hughes is such an odd name for a female, is it not? In some cases, yes, but once someone were to meet this feline, they would think otherwise. Glossy, onyx black fur coats her petite frame while giving her a rather dark appearance. Affable and light golden orbs are placed upon her chiseled face, blessing her with an alluring charm. Her left ear is colored in white as if it were patched on and her whiskers are long and pure white, contrasting from her dark fur. Amiable one second and rude the next, many have trouble when it comes to figure out what she is thinking or what her emotions are. Truth be told, Hughes has never truly been able to decipher her own emotions from one another. Usually quickly to become angered or annoyed when being chastised, she certainly is not the ideal cat for a partner, and yet on rare occasion she will truly step up to the plate and work hard for whatever goal is to be accomplished while work with comrades. Though she may seem malicious and cruel at times, she can truly be a compassionate and amiable feline if someone would only take the time to actually try to befriend her

Archer // Roleplayed by desiderata.
A bengal printed pelt fashions a good set of lean muscles, giving off an exotic look to the tom. In contrast to his spectacular looking coat, Archer's hazy brown eyes are faded and dull, proving to be quite unreadable to those who peer into his gaze. His facial features are rather defined alone, only emphasized all the more by dark brown lines crossing his cheeks to stop right before his eyes, giving him a striking and endearing look. This tom is friendly enough to those he interacts with, though he always seems to prefer hunting alone, and he can carry an easy conversation when need be. Introverted, or Extroverted, this tom falls right in between, handling himself in different ways that adapt to his current mood or situation. At times he has a sharp tongue, and at other's- it would seem as if he had none at all, unwilling to speak for a number of days. Though Archer ultimately keeps himself collected on the ou

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