Meelo E'Tan -- theoretically.

The best way to describe the feline would be as the grey between black and white. Meelo is a complicated male - at the very least - with a complicated past to boot. It was something he hated to be reminded of - until they returned. They say that, once you lose something, you'll never find it again. This only applied to Meelo a bit - whilst not all six - his siblings: Ness, Opal, Pexz, Raylie, and Qayzel and his mother: Belle - could return, two did. Ness and Belle. Although it's most likely to never find the other four again, Meelo knows to be grateful of what he has, regardless of the fact that he's never met his father, Chet, and that only one of the two remain, seeing as how Belle has joined Meelo's father. Time warps people, and it's evident in Meelo. As a member of the Clan of crows, he was rather solemn and serious, all his time devoted to his family. Now, as member of Primal Instinct, Meelo appears to be an absolute flirt - at the same time, though, he's an incredibly deep thinker with a realistic view on the world around him. It's quite obvious to see how he's popular among the opposite gender. Meelo is tall and lanky in stature, and has a roguish and rugged handsomeness to him. His dark, midnight blue eyes always seem to hold a promise of danger and thrill, and his thick hazel fur is almost always ruffled and messy. Before you judge Meelo, take a good look at him. He's more than you could ever imagine.

Mate {{ Calypso }}

Kits {{ Chet, Cora, Crow, Wren }}

Lives {{ 5/5 }}


Hazen -- Firewolf3

There are two sides to every coin, but what if you were to stack them atop one another? With every one added it doubles the amount of sides, increases the shared density in the pile. Would it be right to see it as still only two faces or should each hidden side be considered? Invert this to get a good glimpse of how it might be said for Hazen. He might just have one face, but every magician has a dozen masks. Remove one to let the other show. There's no correct way to define him unless the term 'angled' or one of its synonyms comes to the batting cage. He can adapt to the set mood or decree his own; be a complete jerk or utter sweetheart. It all depends on which way the die lands. To be near him when it's cast to snake eyes is to beg for mercy. Which comes in no form simpler than death. A wrecking ball with no string attached to command it. He'll battle on until all the inherent blood is washed away. Only for it to leak from his severed heart and rehash his anger as the cycle renews. Not per say applicable for leadership. It's a wonder how he was ever adopted into the clan and dealt with for so long. A brooding storm bank just waiting to thunder down. But yet a simple soul who oftentimes cares only for his clan's well being. When he's not pillaging off the deeds of others for his own self good. Though it might not seem like it, Hazen has the blood of two past leaders in his blood as well as that of a medicine cat. His grandmother Mayhemstar and half-siblings Bat E'tan and Sarabande. He bears pride for his heritage even though it proves he's not a WinterClan pure of blood. As he sometimes would like to be, but that has long since fled his conscience since he abandoned his leadership of said clan and took refuge in Primal Instinct, quickly earning his way in the ranks of the league. With more connections to his family than he can name. Each has written its own tale to add to the many generations, all recorded in his blood and some in his mind. All soldiers who beat out a mixed hymn. Many bloodying their path in a way akin to the way he does his own, and some even taint his own handiwork. Just to show that Hazen does not laugh with one voice. The more he learns of his kin, the more impressionable he becomes to their deeds and mistakes. And the more masquerades he crafts to billow around himself. He isn't so normal in appearance either, his mother retaining Oriental genes and his father having those of a siamese. Tethers of a creamy off-white give life to his willowy, wedged frame. Muscles link together beneath the pricks of fur and add a rough topography to his build. Soft grays and rustic russets mesh together and accent his facial features and ears, most prominent along the bridge of his nose. Twin sequins of a pumpkin-amber were finagled into his design, set with a faint underwash of lapis lazuli blue that give off the impression that his eyes are indeed his soul. Transparent windows revealing the untempered wrath of his deepest dimensions. And yet could it be just another form of mask? Cleverly disguised in a haze of colour.
Mate {{ N/A }}
Kits {{ N/A }}


Angel -- Sandblaze290
A sweet little angel? Angel is not even close to one. She fools her enemies with her looks and attitude. Angel is a beautiful slender light gray she-cat with black markings. Her ice-blue eyes can be seen on even the darkest nights and she has a white tail tip and a white dash on her chest shaped like a water droplet. She shows no sign of weakness and her emotions are blocked. She can be sly and tricky, so you must always watch your back. To defeat her enemies she acts innocent and weak at first. She coyly tricks them with her voice and dazzling eyes. Then, she goes for the kill and defeats her enemy. She loves the taste of blood in her mouth and the satisfaction of sinking her claws into a cats' flesh. Angel may be young, but she is feisty. She is a dark angel.

Cedric -- Cheetahsmeow

The scars on this tom mean more than battles lost, they mean lives taken. For each cat he kills, he gets a scar. It's a tradition. He has scars all over his body. Mainly on his upper back, and neck. Cedric is proabably the saddest cat anybody could ever meet, and with his black fur and blue eyes, it's only easier to believe. He is one of the largest cats in Primal Instinct, and strongest. He's a skilled fighter and hunter. Cedric has the nickname 'Ghost Cat' because he has the tendancy to appear, and disappear the very next second, nobody knows how. Cedric rarely talks, but when he does, it's short, and to the point. Cedric doesn't talk much because of what happened to him family, and himself. They were captured by a group of rouges, and tortured. They were cut, bruised, bit, and even burned. Cedric was forced to watch as they burned his mate alive, and then drowned his kits. He still remembers his mates agonized screams...."CEDRIC! PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP!--NO!" were her last words. Echo was her name. His two kits, Ivy and Leaf died silently. They were forced under a lake, and he watched as their tiny bodies twisted and shook until the stopped altogether. Only then was Cedric set free. He vowed to kill the rouge band, and one year later, he did. He burned all of them, and drowned all of their kits.

Desiderata -- desiderata.
Desired things. That is the simple translation for this she-cat's name, and it is a fitting one- for she is a feline with a sea of desire in her soul. Passion fills her every being, from the ends of her whiskers to the tips of her finely curved claws, and it sparks a flame of unfaltering will. When she wants something, she will do whatever means necessary to take it- even if a few lives have to be picked off here and there. Her ambition and strive often possesses her calculating mind, driving her to achieve any goal that is set in her line of vision. Though she has a pretty snow-pelt, and a lean-graceful figure, she is not a pretty cat at heart. Her every action is often made with only herself in mind, and she rarely preforms for other's. In ordinary circumstances, Desiderata is an introverted but observant she-cat, often assessing her league-mate's actions and exchanging of words. When caught in a conversation, clever word-play is always a tool she uses to keep some sort of upper-hand in the conversation. Trust is not an easy thing to come by, when expected from Desiderata, and is only given to those she finds worthy to have it. She has a bit of a queer gaze, though it is one that you will always remember- with her two optics painted different colors. One side is a brilliant azure color, almost warm to those who observe it long enough, while the other is a fragile color of mint- seemingly liable to shatter at a mere blink of the eye. Though Desiderata lives for herself and her ambitions, she can never seem to break the tie she has to Primal Instinct, the only place that has ever been a home to her.

Eunice -- absurd!
Willowy. Well-formed. Wan. Alhough Eunice seems frail, she hardly is. Below her elegant and almost scrawny frame lies wiry, developed muscles. Above her build lies fur the color of lilies - almost. Interrupting the snowy white perfection of her coat is an ash grey color, which strikes her back and towards her tail, and an olive green color, which fills her typically slitted eyes. Eunice's appearance doesn't say much about her, making her difficult to understand on first glance - and even the second, third, and fourth. However, hang around her enough, and you'll see a feline that is cold and frigid, with a poised exterior and an inability to feel anything - but that is hardly the truth. Under it all, Eunice is a deep thinker with an interesting philosophy when it comes to life - it's just that no one realizes it ... but that's just the way she likes it.


Kryptonite -- Emberwish

Unreal.Like a shimmery reflection in the water.Toss a pebble in the water, the image becomes distorted and unclear.Does she even exist? She's just like a reflection in the water, elusive and obscure.Lurking between the shadows, a figure unseen.If fortune goes your way, you may catch a glimpse of this mysterious she-cat.All you will see is glowing pools of kryptonite green, before you black out.She is your worst nightmare, if bad fortune ever allows you to get on her kill list, she'll send you to your deathbed in a blink of an eye.You say every cat has a good side? Oh this makes me laugh, Kryptonite having a good side? That's like death berries not being venomous. She doesn't trust anyone, it seems like no cats are plausible to her.Except Katie, Katie has been the only cat who "understood" Kryptonite.How? Kryptonite came to Primal Instinct as weak, proud, stubborn cat, who seemed to have no potential at all.Katie apparently saw through her mask and brought her true potential out.She still is a very stubborn cat, and way too proud but she's still improved immensely Hm? Oh I see. You're wondering how this purely cat is different from other villains. What she craves is a child, not love if she has learned anything; love is for the weak. She yearns for a child, so should teach her to be mighty and also so she could have a real friend, not like her false parents who filled Kyprtonite's head with lies.She toys with tom's weak, gullible hearts and makes them fall prey to her claws, it gives her pleasure to see cats bow down to her.She's a nonexistent goddess of pandemonium, chaotic and skilled in fighting.She has a pelt of black deeper than death, and eyes of Kryptonite.Never underestimate this cat, or she will be your demise.


Ari -- ArizonaTea
His eyes are an unforgiving shade of sapphire green, contrasting brilliantly with his shaggy red pelt. Flecks of black invade the otherwise sheer color, accumulating at the corner of his lips and slightly up his cheeks, giving the illusion of an unnatural smile. Ari's eyes are as mad as his grin, and he enjoys poking fun and sarcasm to the sides of other's. A clever tongue, he has, and persuasive skills are often at paw for this tom. Though he doesn't seem to be the kind to take situations seriously, Ari can shake off his joker's mask at the flick of a tail. He has a violent and angry side, though he does well in hiding it with humor, and he doesn't often back down. He has utter confidence in himself, and yet the patience to hold back and strike at the moment that would do him best. Though he can be a little.. well, mad- Ari isn't rash in his actions. Life is like a game to him, and he is not quick to fall into the position of a pawn. Complicated, is he? Only if you're attempting to reach into his inner thoughts and intentions. He tells it how it is, with a little extra hidden away where no soul could seek it.

Calypso -- .:FantasyRose:.
Toasted cinnamon flakes sprinkle hazel-colored strands of fur, a glossy golden sheen creating intricate chestnut lines up and down her slender frame. An alabaster mask weaves around her prominent muzzle, dipping down to her long, regal neck, and over her pointed ears. Speckles of ebony black splatter her rich, honeydew coat with lavish designs, unique swirls and patterns diverged among the dappled array of many paints. Her paws seemed to have been dipped in the substance of cream, the tip of her tail joining in at the artist at work. She bears eyes of the a sun-hued pigment, flecks of ashen-grey buried among the sinister gleam. For someone with so much color, her personality is a bit bland. Calypso, meaning 'she who hides', had never been a feline to coheres with others. Usually a loner, this narrow-minded she-cat thinks for her own rather than those who surround her. Calypso, being the independent cat she is, has no problem surviving by her own determined will. Although some classify her as an outsider, the chocolate-brown female has a way with dealing with incompetent fools like those. She simply ignores. Calypso doesn't tolerate disrespect, coping with things by calmly addressing the situation. One wouldn't ever see Calypso raise her voice, but when she does - one will know just how infuriated she's become. An exquisite fighter, this coco-furred feline has deadly claws, a sharp bite, and no guilt to compensate. Relying completely on Instict and good judgement, Calypso makes the calls from where she stands. One wouldn't necessarily make the assumption that she is a coldhearted cat, perhaps misunderstood and a bit quiet, but not mean to the common acquaintance. It's only the feral, rude, and petty ones that rile her up to the point of unkindly gestures. Calypso's optics are like mirrors - reflecting only the world around her. When she puts up that gaurded expression, it's nearly impossible to decipher what she is thinking. She sees this characteristic as an advantage, her enemies never knowing her weaknesses or downfalls. Calypso doesn't let any cat phase or sway her future of success, only wanting to make herself an honorable; respectable cat who will fight with tooth and claw for what she seems right.


Mouse -- Twitterpated

Beauty is undefined beyond words. Her green eyes always soft, like the pine needles that sway gently in the breezes, or perhaps the dark color of ivy. They hold a wise look within them, even with a cat with such a young age, it seems she knows more about the world than most cats will ever discover. Her dreams carry her throughout the past and into so much more. When she isn't in her dream-scape world, she's in life. Though she is beautiful it is not just her looks that make it so, but how strong and compassionate she is. When Mousepoppy was born, her life was set out in line for her already. StarClan had everything laid out for her, and her paws seemed to go upon the right path. She was pulled from her nest at a young age, as soon as her eyes were open, and forced into the life of healing and herbs. Not once did Mousepoppy complain, she took to the life as if it were normal. The royal-blooded RubyClan she-cat went through her kit-hood with StarClan constantly lingering. Mousepoppy never felt alone, although her time with her family was so limited, she still kept strong to what StarClan wanted. A healer, or, in Primal Instinct's case, a shaman. When Mousepoppy was around novice age, the equivalent to trainee age, RubyClan fell. Some how, the small grey cat kept her faith in StarClan, even knowing that her clan, friends and family, were out in the world, dead or alive. She tended to hang around Toxicity land for quite some time, only because she had no other place to go, and for some reason, Valkyriestar made no move to chase her from the territory. Finally, Mousepoppy decided it was time to move on. Frail and weak, she found Primal Instinct. It seemed like the perfect time, as Primal Instinct was desperately in need of a medicine cat. Mousepoppy already knew all there was to know about healing, so she was the perfect fit. Mousepoppy settled into her new home, her story left untold to those who do not ask. This caring and sweet she-cat has went through a lot in her life, but StarClan is the thing that keeps her going. Though she keeps this under wrap, as Primal Instinct is more of a Dark Forest group. So calm and collected, is this she-cat. With still much to learn, she is already a legend. Perhaps any cat would be with as much as she has accomplished. Her beautiful nature and passion for herbs will bring her far, even further than it already has.

Mate {{ none }}

Kits {{ none }}


Name -- Username


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Aaron -- rupindah
Aaron's of a somali background and has two distinct colorings throughout his pelt. One is a deep auburn color while the other is an extremely dark mahogany color. The auburn shade covers the entirety of his pelt with the mahogany shade overlaying it and covering his ears, back, tail, and down his back and front legs. His maw is covered in white fur which offsets his face. His eyes are of an almond shape and are a deep olive shade dappled with pale, creamy sunshine yellow flecks. Aaron is soft-spoken and polite, often taking to himself and his thoughts. He's as ready for battle as the next tom, but he'd much rather have a dignified discussion than an all out brawl. He's on the smaller side even for a Primal Instinct tom, and despite his age, he keeps telling himself that he will someday grow larger. His strongest muscles are those in his legs and his strong stride and his ability to keep a quick. He talks in an odd accent and his voice is rather deep for his somewhat scrawny build. He has a habit of twitching his ears and can often be found prowling around in the territory trying to find a nice plump hare or two. He's rather a good hunter and has even caught a few fish from the lake before. He's an honest boy and isn't afraid to speak up if something is wrong. Aaron's not exactly shy, but isn't one to simply jump into conversations simply because he feels like it. Instead, he'll wait until he's been spoken to unless he's been alone for awhile and needs a companion to talk to. His overall goal in life is to be known for his hunting and to have built many strong friendships - especially a long-term and affectionate companionship with a female that shares a mutual respect with him. He loves kits and looks forward to having his own someday.

Adam -- [breaking]
The world started with two people, or that is what is said in the old gospels. They started off innocent, but by the work of Satan, decided to take on the path of sin. They strayed off of the holy way, and were forsaken by God. Perhaps that is why Adam is named the way he is. He started out so innocent, but by taking one wrong step, he wentspiralingout of control. One small slip and his life was robbed of that innocence. Maybe his mother, who left him at such a young age, sensed that the tom would not be able to overcome trails in his life, and gave him that name to remind him of his inability to stand up against conflict. No one will ever know. They would just know the trials and snares that Adam was not able to overcome. No one notices all the good a cats done in their life, they only notice the evil. Evil is cloaked all over this cat. Choices inspired by a trace of Dark Forest instilled in his soul. Because of this, Adam is atheist. He doesn't think about moral rights and wrongs, and especially doesn't believe in StarClan or the Dark Forest. If he did, then he'd have to fall asleep at night knowing that if he died, his soul would rest in the later. Adam is a rather twisted cat, but his twist was inspired by one thing and one thing only. His twist was inspired by love. Adam, up until he found love, was a perfectly fine cat. He had friends. He was popular. He was king of the court. That was until he met the tom of his dreams. (Indeed, Adam is bisexual,commutingto neither gender). That tom's name was Alec. Alec was the tom's life, and was the best thing that ever happened to Adam. The two stayed together, in a world of their own, for many moons. On their eighteenth moon together, something horrible happened. Alec, his happy go lucky mate, was hit by a two-leg monster. He did not survive the impact. He died instantly, and it took Adam two days to learn of his mate's tragic end. Adam went insane with grief. He stopped caring about his life. In fact, he tried to commit suicide. He still has theelongatedscar from it. When his suicide attempt rendered unsuccessful, Adam gave up on life. He didn't want any part of it. Life without Alec wasunworthy ofliving, in his mind. Because of that, he stopped making choices that were acceptable in society. He let his life spiral out of control. He killed, he stole, but most of all, the tom tried to fix the hole left in his heart by the absence of the only good that ever spoke to his life. Five months after his crash, Adam tried to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. However, he learned that almost all of the cats he'd considered friends , abandoned him. No one wants a suicidal freak to stain their reputation. He had to rebuild and in doing so, he found himself in a group. Adam doesn't fit in very well in group life, but he makes due with what he has. Now a days, Adam is still depressive, but he's become harder. Nothing like the tom he once was, but grief can do that to a person. He lets few into his lair of hurt. Hedefinitelydoes not believe in love anymore. The only time he had given it a chance, it turned against him. Even now, many moons after Alec's death, Adam finds himself swimming in depression over it. He is a very polite tom, in most instances, although he has a bite to him if you get too close. However, most of the time he is reserved, suffering alone, or doing something dangerous and stupid. Adam is a long-furred ebony pelted cat. His eyes are the color of falling leaves, a greenish golden color, although neither shine like those of a normal cat.

Akari -- Mayarose100
Bright green eyes with a tint of yellow stare at you from the darkness. A cat emerges from the shadows. It's light brown fur turns silver in the moonlight. In the light her dark brown markings are easily seen. Akari is a quick thinker when it comes to decisions. She is the youngest of her littermates, Taka and Hayato. She often rushes into things head on. Having wiser siblings help her take on life. She can sometimes be cautious and wary of other cats. She looks fierce , but she can be very friendly once you get to know her. Her parents had both died, and she is lucky to have her siblings. She is young, but will do anything to defend her littermates and the cats in Primal Instinct.

Augustus -- blueliteningchic
Long, dark brown fur hides majestic, ocean blue eyes. They belong to the one and only Agustus who is all too aware of his own attractiveness. He is the brother to the prideful Ferro, and this egotistical trait is one of the few they share. Augustus has one main goal in life: he wants to leave behind a legacy. He fears being forgotten after death, forever another nameless soul that died unheroically. Augustus can be rash sometimes and act without thinking. This annoys his brother. He is the younger one, and also more open than Ferro. However, he can also be extemely sarcastic. He prioritizes friends before himself, however much ugly pain it may cause him. He is a narcissist.

Azalea -- theoretically.

It doesn't take much for you to realize that Azalea is unfit for Primal Instinct. Sweet and demure, she seems as if she belongs in a softer Clan - one like SpringClan. However, under her altruistic and maternal exterior lies a feline with a thirst for adrenaline and risks - something a Clan like SpringClan could never provide. She is content with her life as a Hunter in Primal Instinct, and, most of the time, she is not mocked for her unusual nature. Perhaps it's because she has a certain air of elegance to her step, or perhaps it's simply because everyone loves a taste of warm honey every once in a while, but Azalea is welcome in the Revolutionary Group. It does, of course, help that she is rather pretty. With a willowy touch to her step, downy ginger fur cascades from the roots of her body, with lighter rings on her long and slender tail. Her eyes are the color of mint, refreshing and brisk. Like her namesake, Azalea is a bright and beautiful.

Aztec -- Naturecat

Rain pattered down on the cold, hard stone, and thunder rolled in the sky. A flash of lightning, and a faint outline of a cat could be seen in the distance. The cat was running. Another flash of lightning and it was gone. Who was this tom? There is only one name for him: Aztec. The sinister tom came from a distant land, far from the ones that Primal Instinct are familiar with today. He was born to a tribe of cats who ran their life in a very foriegn manner. Aztec was born to a beautiful she-cat named Joya who died when he was a young cat. Aztec was always considered to be handsome even today. His coat is of a dark, gray, almost silvery blue colour, with tourqouise eyes, like his father, so his mother told him, and a long, slender tail. Aztec never met his father until later on in his life, but he was always told that he was a great and well-respected cat by the name of Moctezuma. He wears a collar of small, blue stones that his father supposedly used to wear, and around one foreleg, the right one, was a thin circlet of gold. So life went on, and Aztec became a young adult, and he began to wander farther and farther from home. For some reason he felt himself being called to a distant land, and the urge to answer the call became too immense. Aztec no longer felt at home. His mother had passed, and dark thoughts began to cloud his young mind. He found a taste for cat blood to be overpowering, and he enjoyed making sacrifices to his ancestors. The time came for Aztec when he felt he should leave his homeland all together. And he did. Aztec traveled many miles, through mysterious forests to dark, misty swamps until he came across the land of Primal Instinct. It was a thunderous night, too, very dark with no moon to guide him. Water splashed on the moist earth, and a trail of pawprints formed behind Aztec as he ran. But one pawstep across the scent line of the murderous clan and he was jumped on by a large, pale tom-cat. The two wrestled in the dirt until Aztec began to notice that the had the same coloured eyes and dark markings around the eyes. It was Montezuma, his father. Montezuma recognized him and displayed a show of affection for his long lost son. Aztec was in wonder as he set eyes upon his father. They shared many characteristics and had the same dark personalities. Montezuma introduced him to Primal Instinct, and no one doubted that he would be as good of a fighter as his father. And thus Aztec began his new life amongst the power-hungry cats under the leadership of the Commander. Aztec's demeanor eventually became more intense, as Primal Instinct awakened his power-hungry spirit even more. Never had Aztec felt more at home than in Primal Instinct. Unlike his father, Aztec no longer yearns to return to the homeland, for there are too many dark memories, and some of his deepest secrets are buried there. Underneath the earth, in a deep cave which fills with water during showers, the skeleton of the one cat Aztec hated the most will lie until the end of time. His thirst for power and revenge overcomes him often, and he often has time for the company of others, until, of course, the she-cat of his dreams catches his eye. Blood is spilled over the pages of his history, a deep and dark story, that can only end one way: disastrous.

Dakota -- lion.
One might say that Dakota has nothing going for him - he's sickly, thin, and waspish. The thing is, though, they never realize it. Under his frail exterior lies a male with a powerful mind, and intelligence beyond words. It's not something he hides, nor is it something he's proud of - it's just there. Because of his appearance, not many are aware of Dakota's brilliance. With a scrawny and lean frame, he is hardly useful in battle when it comes to paw to paw fighting. Whilst he's rather agile and quick, he prefers to lurk in the shadows. Short fur the color of ash just barely covers his body, leaving him susceptible to illnesses. His eyes are a murky amber color - not necessarily ugly, just unnoticeable. Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover - just not this time.

Devrish -- wa-ya
Even though the group he calls home is filled with evil, blood thirdty cats, Devrish doesn't consider himself as one. Yes, he is a Hunter of the group, but it doesn't mean that he enjoys the killing. Devrish is a sturdyly built tomcat. His soulders are broad, with long, thick legs and powerful haunches. Giant paws are eqiped with long, ferocious black talons. stormy grey tomcat with a lighter chest and muzzle, a darker rump and tail. He has eletric blue eyes that fizzle with intelligence and authority. This tom may be young, but he is wise beyond his years. He is an exelent fighter, but alongside his ferocity and strength, Devrish uses wits. He is very fast despite his large size, quick on his paws. With qualites like that, he's a fairly well hunter to. Though his pelt is many shades darker then black, he blends easily in with shadows, making stalking and sneaking easy for the large warrior. The reasons why Devrish saught out to be a part of Primial Instinct was for the fighting. He loves the feeling of his enimies cowering beneath his claws, feelings of flesh and fur tear for justice. He kind of contridicts himself, not enjoying killing others, but loving the feeling of battle. He kills only to protect his group. Devrish hopes to one day settle down with a mate of his own and raise a couple of kits the way he was taught, to fight for a meaning.

Doku -- Carapherneliaxx
A player in death's games, the permanent defeat of his enemies is the core of his crazed happiness. Wretched from the touch of a sinner's kiss, he is cursed forevermore with a darkened persona controlling him until his final breath. A prisoner in his own mind you may describe him, yet he is also the guard at the front of the gate, and the captor. He presumes he deserves this beautiful pain that he releases onto himself, seeing how now as time moves on without him, aging him slowly until his ragged beastly pelt turns cold, that now it is nothing but a game. In a lonesome world he lives in, shooing all passersby away that may ever want to interact with him. He fends for himself, but all villians are cursed with a weak spot. He fears he is unknown of his own truth, assuming from the paranoia shadowing over the last shimmers of confidence and free will in his mind, that there has never been a real him. A puppet, he feels played to be, scarred by the daily taunting and mocks given to him as a small runt. A push after a shove, a pull and then a tug, all others towering over this speckled lion, giving him the assumption he will be nothing more, but a toy. Yet time will lead to many surprises. Duko found his pathway into the dark he calls home, and made an allegiance with the devil he calls friend. He struck down on his sire along with the others with pure thirst for vengeance, and to start his first round with death's game. Insane in his addiction to kill, the assassin remains sly and fit to meet with his best abilities, and threatens just by the cold glare from his blue eyes that hold no emotion. Alive and breathing, his hearts beats in his chest, but it beats for no soulful creature. Cold, he refuses to take in any signs of warmth to take control. No sunshine can ever ruin his night or scare away the demon living inside. In the darkness he plays his childish games, where he stays a ghost from the perspective of another one's eyes. He is never seen, but always there.

Dune -- finalblow.

The tom will be a legacy. Don't you ever forget the name, Dune, because he will pass your rank as fast as a snake attacks it's prey. Dune is a black tom with dusty brown splotches. His eyes are a dark and mysterious light amber. Some call him a scourge on all other cats around him. Well, he was birthed by the former Nemesis of Primal Instict, right? Dune is very proud of who his parents are. In fact, he might be too proud. Dune's parents were the nemesis Katie and the great Origin. Dune was an outcast, like the rest of his birth clan, though he tries not to think about it too much. His birth clan was Primal Instinct, though Primal Instinct was going through it's dark days at the time, and therefore, spread apart. The clan was destroyed, as many cats dissapeared, but some, like Dune, his siblings, and his mother, refused to be destroyed. They refused to be forgotten. So, they had set off to find Venomclan. It wasn't that long of a trip, to Dune's surprise. When they had arrived, the kits were obviously unwelcome. But Katie was welcomed. Dune had refused to speak with his father, Origin, for the longest of time. Why this was, he had absolutely no idea. It just didn't feel right. Origin wasn't there when Dune was born. So....why would he be there for him now? Now, Dune and Origin are friends, though nothing more. In fact, Dune and Katie are better friends than Origin and Dune are. When Primal Instinct was re-made, he went back to Primal Instinct with his mother and father. Dune is rather muscular, and big boned. He prefers to keep to himself, and he is very secure. He won't even tell you where he was born at, unless you are a trust able cat, according to him. Dune trains practically all the time, though when he isn't training, he likes to have a nice chat with a friend. He tries to be the best gladiator in his clan, succeeding all others. One day, Dune dreams of becoming a legacy, as I had said before. Dune has never seemed to think of getting a mate or having kits, and he doesn't think he ever will. The tom is rather handsome, there is no doubt about that, though he's never around enough for anyone to notice him. Before you even think about going into battle with this tom, always remember, he has the blood of royalty in his veins, and he has the history of blood stained against his fur. Dune is a killer, there's no doubting that.

Ella -- nzanegurl

If you want mystery, you have it. Ella is great at keeping secrets, even though its not always the best decision. She cares for her own and refuses to lend help to those who oppose her league. She has the highest respects for those who rank above her, and would do nothing to sacrifice that. With her jet black fur and keen amber eyes, it isn't difficult to move through the shadows without being seen. She never boasts about what she knows and in every way tries to spread her knowledge throughout her fellow cats. Se has a short stubby tail from when she was just a newborn and her mother tried to carry her by the tail. Maybe others THINK that they can get buy her but she's actually very observant. So basically, she is a normal member of Primal Instinct, except for her intense patience and herb know-how. And just like her leaguemates, she would give her life for any Primal Instinct cat. Anytime, anywhere. Lost within her thoughts, she dreams of her lost position. Being the former Mage, she knows everyone, and is skilled in protecting herself. Her heart is big and she is none less lethal than any other cat. She chooses to befriend those who are true to Primal Instinct. She is wary to take a mate, for her father was proven to be violent and neglectful. Her mother was once the Shaman, and her wisdom has passed down to Ella. She considers herself to be "of royal blood" because of her bloodline. She chooses to be fair and forgiving. Ella is to be considered the gentler of the league. Only time will tell how long her heart will remain pure.

Eternal -- Sandblaze290
In the darkest of nights it is there. Hope. It shall be there forever, for eternity. On an eclipse a scrap of fur was born. His mother was weak and starving. She gave up hope on that dark day. She picked up the scrap of fur and threw herself and her kit into a river. The flooding river drowned the mother. Somehow, the kit managed to live. The kit hadn't given up hope. He was a survivor. Eternal lived and breathed the dark. He hunted in the dark searching for victims. Every new moon he went up to the tallest mountain near his home and looked down below. His silver-gray tabby pelt turned even lighter in the everlasting moonlight and his sea-blue eyes reflected the pale light. This was his life and he was going to live it, for eternal.

Felicity -- Masqueradetrick

There is a whisper in your ear. Everything inside you tells you to find the voice. It sounded welcoming and like it could protect you from the harsh forest. But let me tell you, this cat is far from safe. Her are two different colors, one being blue the other crimson. She is flame orange, with black spots over her eye, front left paw, right side, and tail tip. She looks to strange to even been real. But she is, and you can find that out if you're not to careful. She has special trait that draws in even the most smart cat to her deadly grasp. She is the grand daughter of Ebony and Kyo. A Shaman and Warden who no longer hold their positions. She doesn't exactly have respect for anyone though, due to her being used to getting everything she wants. Though she loves her father a lot, she doesn't respect his decision in giving up the Nemesis position twice. But she does want the spot for herself. Life is something that is to short to her. Being born into Primal Instinct was a happy thing for her, but when life got hard, it was in her best interest to leave the group in hopes of becoming stronger. Is it possible that maybe she was scared of life as an evil cat? Perhaps. She never was really so called evil, though she loves the flowing of blood on her paws. It was more like she had a bad streak in her than being a full out killer. So how is it that Felicity found herself in Primal Instinct again? Well maybe she felt that deep birth loyalty in her. Either way, she was there. When Primal Instinct decided to leave the forest, she stayed behind, not following her friends and family. Instead she transfered herself over to Crowclan. She knew that the Warden, Savannah, was from there, so she decided that strong cats can be formed in Crowclan. So now she finds herself attatched the group. Her best friend is of course Savannah's son, Blitz. She finds that at times he's the only one she can speak to

Ferro -- blueliteningchic

Proper, blunt, and vain. He's the one who speaks to a single cat like a crowd of them; the infamous Ferro. His fur is sleak black and well groomed, and his tail is fluffy yet does not look out of place. White fur covers his muzzle, chest, and underside, making him a tuxedo cat. Light green eyes allow others to glimpse at his sincerity. Despite being continuously formal and having too much pride, Ferro is extremely loyal. He has high expectations for his family and friends yet would do anything for them and cares deeply for them. He is not the best at expressing himself and has been described as socially awkward. Augustus is his brother. The two lost their parents at a young age and rely upon each other despite how different they are.

Hayato -- Mayarose100
Swift, smart, and graceful as a falcon. He has a dark brown pelt and even darker markings. His underbelly is white and claws as shar

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