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the one whom give their very life to protect us . . .

♥Frozenstar { zephyr } ;;

Rp'd by xxTheFrozenOne

Nobody really knew what happened to her. She disappeared, along with her mother; like a ghost in the mist, and nobody questioned it. But, then again, very few knew of her existence. Rumors spread that her mother had given birth to a litter of two kits in her time here in DayClan, just before the blue she-cat disappeared, but who’s to say they were true? As far as anyone knew, it was a lie, and that was that. But what if I told you that those rumors weren't just simple rumors, but a true statement? Frozenzephyr, being one of the two kits Zephyrstar gave birth to, is proud to be the kit of a passed, noble leader of DayClan. Unlike her sister, Mangoburst, Frozenzephyr has a more silvery coat just as her mother had, and all of them have the same striking, vibrant icy blue eyes that stand out unlike any other. Both sisters are glad to have the same eyes as their mother; to know that they at least have some physical proof that Zephyrstar is their mother. Now, they've returned to DayClan, to live among friends that their mother knew, and to thrive with the Clan they should have always lived with. It wasn't as easy as you may have thought. Though the friendly patrol the two she-cats ran into quickly heard their story and brought them to camp, Azurestar questioned them. At first, he didn't seem all too accepting, but after Frozenzephyr explained the words her mother told her, Azurestar soon accepted them as proud DayClan warriors. It means more then anything that the brown tom had accepted Frozenzephyr into DayClan along with her sister because she knew it's what her mother wanted, and Frozenzephyr will do anything to do as her mother asked. Ever since Zephyrstar told her about leading a Clan, and how to do so, she became intantly intrigued. The very thought brought a smile to the she-cat's face, and she knew that one day, she'd follow in her mother's paw-steps. And this is what she is doing now. Proud leader of DayClan, Frozenstar has done everything she's ever wanted to do. The only reason she has accomplished such things is because of the strong faith that her mother had for her, and the motivation of her sister. With all of the strength she's ever needed, Frozenstar proudly protects her Clan, just as her mother once did. The thought of her mother once leading this exact Clan always pleases her, and to know that the cats who follow her trust her also bring her bliss. Without a doubt, Frozenstar is a great leader, and will do anything for her Clan.


next in line to defend us, and to lead us to glory . . .

Thornshard ;;
Rp'd by framented.forlorn
Not even a cloak can mask our darkest fears. Not even a cloak can mask the brightest lights. Not even a cloak can hide what's really inside, nothing can hide who we are. No one can ever change the way a cat would like to act to others. No mask can hide who we are,no masquerade can ever end. It's a drastic thing, for a cat to have their long-groomed fur to be ruffled up by the wind. Fortunately, Thornshard has never had that problem. With long, soft fur like someone who must live in the arctic, Thornshard is quite content with the way his warm, long fur flows over his body. A cold leafbare can barely shake him up, and a warm greenleaf can leave him panting for water. The fact that Thornshard is as full of energy as he is too only makes his fur a bit more of a pain; just heavy and dragging on. Thornshard can't help but feel like his cloak gets in the way of his life, as he often tries to race and run around like a crazy feline. Now his fur is like a cloak. He can easily spread it over his tattered body, but at the same time if he runs through, say a lake, he can have it droop down and look much like a short-haired kitten once again, a velvet hugging cat, if you will. But his fur will never be the only thing that's tattered. Long, short, wet, dry, dark, light, his pelt is always soft, though it is different types of softness. Perhaps his pelt does give his name less meaning, but his name does inflict upon with his personality. Thornshard is not a muscular tom, and when he crouches down, he looks like a small rock with a lack of words. Maybe an extra small boulder, if you'd like to push it that far. He is the smaller-than-average tom, but his heart and personality definitely make up for the lack of space that he'd take up. If he could ripple and bristle his fur out and tear it off in the leaf-bare to help even a cat he just met, the young tom would as he has a very tight and snug pelt that he'd love to spare if it keeps another feline content. He generates a bit more than the average cat does heat wise, and he never minds sharing that in the coldest nights by huddling up with anyone that's cold, especially kits in the clan. He's not exactly a runt, but he wouldn't be considered masculine, large, or even tall and bold. He doesn't mind it at all, in fact he does appreciate it. The sunlight catches on his fur quite nicely, no matter his height. It beams his dark fur into almost thin, white strands that can overcome his small body, making him feel bright. Sometimes all a cat like him needs is a beam of light and to be standing up to make him feel like he is a shining star. The tom isn't exactly brilliant, and his pelt is something that he does love. He has been used to being the center of attention, but not with his pelt. He lets his pelt fold the way it wants to, which does have an okay affect. It goes in a natural flow and never gets to out of control, if it really bothered him; he would clean his bushy pelt by himself. Sometimes he reminds himself as a bush, and tries to play a stealth game standing in the middle of camp and chanting that he's a bush, but he's been given powers to talk by Starclan - or at least dream that he is with them and his family once again. The tom has always been a very imaginative cat, but the dreams that he describes in such depth and can never forget due to his amazing photographic memory, proves that he might not be just imagining it. The young tom never understood his name, as his pelt is anything but thorny, it's quite fluffy and soft, actually. Aside from having a pelt of pure majesty, there are other unique things about the pricked cat. One thing that many find rather outstanding are his eyes. Aside from his already stealthed up pelt that provides him easy hiding from enemy cats and predators, as well as a champion in hide-and-go-seek with his fellow kittens back in those days,his orbs sparkle with a whole different type of beauty that cannot be provided by his own pelt. Eyes sparkle with emotion, love, and pain all at once swirled into a beautiful color. But not Thornshard's eyes. It's as if he was taken much by zombies, as some would describe it, drained of all passion. Whether far away, close by, or right next to him, there is no denying that his eyes do not possess emotion at all. When he gets hurt and is crying, his eyes sparkle no more than when he is thrilled, and no drained than when he is emotionlessly staring up at the sky. Drained of all hope and dreams, Thornshard cannot stress the way that he cannot look away from up in the sky. The fact that he doesn't have the ability to change it only brings his pools into a deeper interest to many others. The tom doesn't like having anyone question his orbing flashing beams of sight that he needs for vital control of much. He can't stand when someone has a puzzled look on their face as they journey deeper to unmask the secret behind his pools. All he wants is for their gaze to be drafted upward, away from him so he can pretend like he's still a bit normal. His pools are completely black, with no emotion or sparkle ever rising towards them. He can't stress the pain enough that glimmers in his eyes even if ihe cannot hide it. All he wants is to be normal, but his warm pelt and unmasked eyes do not provide anything but a marching masquerade for himself, unwanted. Upon anyone's consent the tom would be glad to just close his orbs and have everyone drift away, or to have emotion flow in them again so they can see how much even the little things hurt him. But he can't. It's not that simple. The almost-runt cat can't help but being who he is, whether anyone likes it or not. All he can do is hope that attention is drawn away from his appearance. Thorns would describe a prick, but that is not what his pelt is, that is not what is ever in his eyes, and that's never what would pop into mind after getting to know him. Aside from his stunning looks and hard-to-steal heart, Thornshard reminds many of a prince on the way he checks on everyone. Royalty always checks on their 'people' to make sure that everyone is okay, and all of that. Every day, Thornshard likes to trot around camp and talk to almost everyone. It might get on their nerves, but he likes to know how everyone is doing, what they planned on doing that day. Surprisingly, because of this everyone knows Thornshard's name; just about! He frolics about camp every day and checks on cats, and tries to help the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice in any way that he is allowed to, such as checking on the sick cats and keeping them company if they wish. Some people would rather have a cat a bit farther away than others, while some would jump at an opportunity to have his company. While the steady tom might seem a bit obnoxious, Thornshard is actually really quiet. He doesn't ever have much on his mind, but at the same time he does. His mind is like his eyes, he is the only one that is able to see, feel, and understand the blankness that lags in everyone else's gazes. His mind seems to never wander off any topic to most cats, but really there is so much he's thinking about, much with guilt.However, he has learned to keep to himself and not dump his issues on random felines that he has barely acquaintance with. Thornshard does have a few ways to let out everything, whether they are good ways or not.Thornshard's boldness doesn't come light-weighted, he has more good to follow over with his heart of blue; a mix of good and bad balanced much like a yin-yang symbol, perhaps. He is quite polite as well, giving him another noble quality of a prince. He always uses please, thank you and bows his head in greeting to elderly or anyone of higher rank than him; or anyone that he needs to show respect for in general -- everyone. Thornshard has never been one to spit back retorts when someone says something to him, he moreso consults them of this problem that's bothering him and asks what it was about so he can try to view it from the others perspective. He doesn't like to be rude, and wouldn't even dare to hiss at any cat; he has not hissed since the day he was born except once when he was battling and was struggling to get up. There's one main catch about Thornshard, that leads into another catch. While he might be noble, polite, and considerate; Thornshard has a horrid shyness. He doesn't like to walk up to a random cat and just talk to them, he has to know them a bit better. While he does say hello to everyone, if he barely knows them he does a very quick "hi!" and dashes off to someone that he does know, without consulting them on how they are, what they plan on doing, and even baring to look them in the eye.He doesn't like to meet new people which may explain the fact that he doesn't have very good friends, except perhaps a few denmates. However this shyness, aside from an adorable charm and a quick smile from queens, warriors, elders and any adult cats, does not get him absolutely anywhere but to a fear. Every cat has a fear that can shoot them down, to spiral and plummet them into a grave for eternity. Thornshard has a strange fear, one that many cats seem to oddly possess, though his is so severe that his mother often used to worry that he will not get enough of what he needs to survive. He is severely afraid of water and he cannot swim. He has no dark past against it like many might, but he just can't even bare to look at water without cringing. Thornshard doesn't like to watch anyone swim, and the reason his mother worries is that he won't even touch water. This means he almost never drinks anything, unless someone ingests it in him, or as a kit, milk. But other than that he lives off juice and prey, as well as guts and just food in general. Sometimes he tries to "Drink" the wind, but he knows it's all in his head. The fact that his fear is so large doesn't help much, he can't even look at water without having alluded illusions flowing through his body until he can't move any longer. The thing that he finds most unique about himself was something about his birth. When he was born, the medicine cats also classified him as "Dead." He would have already joined Starclan before he was in the world. But it took a full 1O hours before the medicine cat saw a breath escape Thornkit. It was a miracle indeed -- a kit went from dead to alive.Since then, he's vowed to live a great and bold life, and he's done great to enjoy every second that he almost never had a chance to have, but that's okay with him. He might have a fear of water, but running is a different story. Thornshard has always had amazing speed. He has a deep love for battle and hunting, and he used to always beat other kits in races. While Thornshard is a very social cat, and he likes to make sure everyone is happy, he always has had shyness since his mother died. She used to call him "Prince Thorn" which is where many got his prince-like impression from. The tom wants to prove to her that she raised him well, and he feels like he has done the best he can do in that case. He's a young cat, but he's always had leadership and social skills, and a bright beaming smile. He might have a dark, deep past that has almost faded from his blank, absent mind, but he's a bubbly friend to everyone. His overall love of Dayclan has brought a determination to strive inside of him. He's completely alone - and was honored to be crowned deputy.

C O - D E P U T Y

standing aside, and there when needed . . .

Vintagetradition ;;
Rped by Amberflame
Words. Words spoken with a voice acquainted with the times passed. Words that convey the tradition of warriors gone and forgotten. A sort of humor understood by only the stars above, and a liveliness gifted to very few in the new age. A certain assertiveness recognizable under any circumstance, and through any kaleidoscope tried. Nothing to fear; simply Vintagetradition. A bundle of life and ancient tradition, this she-cat comes from a place unknown even to her. With a life full of trial and error in living, Vintagetradition has found and lost love, and prevailed through thick and thin. She's a true fighter, a courageous survivor, and an unhindered spirit. Change suits her, and her appeal towards challenge makes her a formidable being. She's never had trouble with adapting, and has healthy ambitions toward leadership. Her tabby-splotched pelt and eyes like the leaves that adorn the trees in the summer, Vintagetradition is a rare beauty, comparable to raindrops on roses.This has the potential to be problematic, as she tends to attract more than her fair share of toms. She sees them as an impediment to her goal, although the idea of love does appeal to her. Her desire to lead her Clan overrides any wish for a petty feeling, and it is because of this that she is occasionally perceived as detached. The cream-and-tabby she-cat's personality is quite the opposite; bright, dedicated, and benevolent are three words that could be used as descriptive adjectives toward the hard-working beauty. Her benevolence originates from a time when Vintagetradition was merely a kitten, and she was left to fend for herself and her brother after the abandonment of their mother, considering she was more developed and driven. After moons of searching out small prey, the determined cat left her now-appropriately-aged brother to his own devices, and took to her journey in life with an extensive amount of life-lessons and positive qualities under her belt. She seems far too wise for her relatively young age, but at the same time she has a lot to learn. After caring for her brother in a place that was often assaulted by rain, she has developed a sharp nose, and is very skilled in the fields of hunting as well as battle. Fighting, however, seems unreasonable to Vintagetradition without ample reasoning and/or provocation to support the attack. She would rather settle differences in a more diplomatic, sensible way with as little blood shed as possible, but is necessary, she is capable of defending and protecting her clan with ferocity and animosity. As far as hunting goes, she excels because she must, in order to keep her Clan strong and well-provided for. Although Vintagetradition may have a dutiful exterior, she still loves to have fun, and when she isn't seeing to her obligations, she's likely down by some water, allowing her immature side to rule for a gleaming moment. With her strong possession of leadership qualities, she wishes to serve DayClan with her life, as it is the one thing she can truly devote herself to.


keeping us alive and well, and our passage to StarClan . . .


Rp'd by Raspy2


Going to death and back is a very long journey indeed. Safehaven. No matter how many times she was played with, back-stabbed and lied to, she still has found a way to become one of the greatest medicine cats DayClan has ever seen. Safehaven. Born with the name Sandkit. Growing up as a kit in DayClan was a rough life for the small tabby she-kit indeed. Ridiculed by the older, bigger kits and ever her brother, Bramblekit didn't pass on the chance to make her look like a fool. Pushing through all the pain, Sandkit hoped it would become better when she became an apprentice. She would have more power and be better capable to look after herself, right? No. Sandkit, now Sandpaw was given Splashpool as her mentor. With one eye and a barbed tongue, Splashpool was no where near the right fit for the lively and bubbly apprentice. Teased beyond belief for having a 'disabled mentor' Sandpaw's apprenticeship left much to be desired. Sandpaw didn't learn much and, distraught and angry at DayClan for making Splashpool her mentor she headed out, striving to prove her worth to her clan, maybe then she could finally become a warrior and not have to worry about her mentor or what other cats thought of her. While on her journey, young Sandpaw found herself face to face with a fox. Startled and barely trained Sandpaw fought bravely, but even though the fox left, it left Sandpaw laying on the ground, blood dripping from her body and tears slipping through her fur. Soon a patrol found her and, delivering the young cat to Zombiedance's den, she was watched over carefully. Her leg, which had a huge gash in it slowly healed and now, a pale scar, no fur would grow on her leg. A long scar also dances over her faces, skimming past her eye. Most would consider her lucky to still have her glowing green orbs intact in her face. After recovering Sandpaw realized how much she had learned and enjoyed in e past few moons. begging to have her apprenticeship changed she because Zombiedances apprentice instead, destined to be a Medicine Cat - hopefully one her clan could be proud of.Frozenstar soon named her Safehaven, for no matter how grave her injuries, her spirit lived on inside the she-cat who seemed to never stop believing in a better future. Now, finally a medicine cat, finally a purpose, Safehaven was well-known in her clan as happy and outgoing and most of all, respected. Safehaven thought it couldnt get any better than this, until Brambleheart rolled in. Safehavens brother. A big, cocky tom. Brave, yet not as cunning as his sister, not as swift as his mother. Brambleheart, one sunny afternoon, took Safehaven on a walk. There trying to kill her the only way she escaped was because of her swift paws that carried her back to her clan. Brambleheart never returned. To this day Safehaven blames herself for the loss of her brother, whatever did happen to him. Once her brother was gone she put her best foot forward, doing everything she could to chase him from her memories and help her and her clan grow and prosper. Her clanmates were things she could hold onto - cats she loved dearly.


helping out with our herbs and to learn the ways of their mentor . . .

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those who fight for this Clan and protect it to the fullest extent . . .

Whiterabbit ;; Rped by Ashenfate

Dainty, like a rare flower that prefers to bloom at night, Whiterabbit is an easily excitable young she cat with a strange defect, her pelt is a pale opaque white color and her eyes are pink. She is an albino, an outcast in her own clan. This young she cat never knew her father, MadHatter, and her strange defect is considered to be because of her mother’s old age. Her ears are delicate and small, her fur, a graceful medium length, and her tail is long and fluffy. Whiterabbit is energetic and silly, a lover of games, and a hater of harsh words. She doesn’t take well to being made fun of, and is always wanting to learn more about her mother and father. When she was born, her mother kept her hidden from the outside world the best she could, not wanting others to know of the strange young kit’s abnormalities. She is very sweet and kind to others because of her mistreatment. She has a very strong sense of justice and love and hopes to instill it in others of her clan.

Ivylegend ;; Heathersong981
Apprentice ;; Dancingpaw { -Starry.Gaze- }

She has dark gray fur with small almost unnoticable violet streaks across her belly and back. Long lean legs, pointy ear tips and large blue eyes are her most noticable features. She is Ivylegend. Once before she was clouded in darkness, her only thoughts were of others deaths. But growing into a warrior in DayClan taught this she-cat that life is too short to with others deaths. Ivylegend never felt... attractive to any cat, until she got her warrior name. Then, she would get bombarded with toms asking if she wanted to go hunting or patrolling the border together. But, those acts of the toms motivate her to be different. She could care less what a tom thought of her. Or any cat for that matter. A partial reason for her independent ways is how her father had died right in front of her eyes when she was a 'paw. There had been an attack on their clan, and the then, Ivypaw, had been one of the few apprentices allowed to go and fight against their rivaling clan. Ivypaw had fought for her life, as if every swipe of her paw would be her last. But, it wasn't going to be her last. Just as the battle was dying down and DayClan was winning, a loud earsplitting catterwail turned every head. A huge black tom, almost as big as the dogs Ivypaw had been told stories about, was standing on a rock to the far end of the clearing. Another cat was lying limp underneath his paws. Screams of shock or excitement broke out as the cats began to recognize the tom. Ivypaw had made her way forward, but stopped short once she saw the toms tail. His tail was chipped at the end. Just like her fathers. The battle raged on, but Ivypaw had made her way back to camp, her mind completely blank. Ever since that night, she had vowed to make every battle worth it, or not to fight at all. Ivylegend is hesitant at the thought of kits, as she sees that the queens have a handle full with just one kit..

Grayfox ;; Rp'd by Catlover1023
Apprentice ;; Lilypaw { Neon♫ }

A gray and ginger tom cat with black ear tips,tail, and chest. His muzzle is white and his tail tip is brown on black. He has bright blue eyes that are almost violet and a head-strong personality. He is sweet and kind but his own bravery blinds him sometimes so he might say something that will offend you. He is never known to go too far with the offensive words, but there's a first for everything. He's lived in many different clans for the most part of his life. He started out in a clan very far from DayClan where he was born to the leader of the clan and her mate, Hollowedwar, the strongest fighter in the clan. His birth clan went to war with another clan that wiped out every cat except for him and his oldest sister, Smallspring, in his clan. His sister was saved because the leader of the opposing clan had some eyes for her. Grayfox was able to get away and go to a clan just a few miles from DayClan, SkyClan. There he met Novemberbreeze, the love of his life. He was heartbroken when she left and just days later, his sister, Smallspring found him and tried to take him prisnor. He followed Novemberbreeze's trail to DayClan and was happy to join. He hopes while he's here, he might be able to talk to Novemberbreeze and keep safe from his sister and her mate. He does wish for kits, hopefully with Novemberbreeze.

Spiritsong ;; Rped by Silverclaw101

You see her shimmering silvery pelt, long and luxurious, tipped with downy tufts surrounding her face. Her long feathery plume of a tail sways along with the rest of her body as she walks. But appearances aren't everything. Spiritsong might seem like her attitude might be snobby and superior, but in truth she is quiet and kind. Shy as well. And yet she has a quiet enthusiasm that could cheer up anyone. And she lives to do that. To make others happy. She feels it to be the sole purpose in her life. But her personality is yet another costume, something she only takes off at night, when she is alone in the forest and she is sure no one is there. Though no scars run across her flawless pelt, she is scarred mentally. When she was just a kit, a fox prowled into the nursery and ripped the life out of her parents and her siblings. She hid from the sound of snarls and escaped unscathed. Or so it seemed. Her childhood was alone and desolate. Until she realized that what she didn't have she could make in others. And then she could share with them. So she set about making everyone happy, cheering up even the gloomiest. And she felt joy. But it was never quite enough. So some nights, she sneaks out into the woods. She rejoices in the frigid night air piercing her long fur and pricking at her skin. The silence is the most wonderful thing she has ever heard. This sweat she-cat is two-faced, though not many might even guess it. Sure she is kind and sweet and shy, but she definitely isn't perfect. There is always the danger that she would become a bit unbalanced. But she keeps it together. The show must go on, after all.

Madspirit ;; Rped by Silverclaw101

Madspirit has always been a bit... well... mad. He never was right in the head. But you never would guess it from his appearance. His steady dark blue gaze and his short even dark grey pelt suggest a calm and steady cat. But it's a good kind of crazy. If that's not difficult to believe. He will always make you laugh, that's for sure. His immaturity and downright goofiness is equal to that of a circus clown. But he does have his moments. Moments of sudden clarity when intelligence shines in his eyes. It soon passes, of course. Then he's back to the oddball he is. Never a cloudy day with Madspirit. Optimism is his middle name. And battles? To him its a game. Like a game of toss when he was a kit. In fact, he never seemed to leave kithood. No one knows whats wrong with Madspirit, and frankly no one cares. He's definitely a joy to be around.

Sunflowerchaser ;; Catlover1023

She lived through so much only for one thing: love. For the love of her life, the love for her brother, the love for her life, for her clan, for everything. She was born with her brother Grayfxo and they lived in SkyClan together. She was gorgeous. A white she-cat with golden dapples and dark red-brown spots all over her body. Her eyes are light blue with green dapples in them, like leaves in a pond. She is firey and protective and strong-willed too. When she wants something, she goes for it and gets it. When she joined SkyClan, her brother almost immedeatly found love. She wanted that too and her love focused on Frostbite. She wanted him so badly, it hurt. She did eventually tell him how she felt and she got him in the end. But she never had a chance to have kits or anything with him because he and her brother's mate, Novemberbreeze, had vanished. She and Grayfox were heartbroken. but a week later, her and her brother's sister, who had found a mate in their acrh rival and attacked SkyCln. Her brother got away and followed what was left of Novemberbreeze's and Frostbite's trail. But she wasn't as lucky. She had to fight for her life and run. She was cut, bruised, and bleeding from almost everywhere. Her wounds luckily weren't deep and she had everything healed easily. She dragged herself to DayClan and could see from the entrance, her brother, Novemberbreeze, and Frostbite. She called out for help and her brother ran over to her side and fussed over while Novemberbreeze, who was still pregnant at the time, asked her how she had gotten to DayClan. Frostbite looked shocked like he couldn't speak, making her happy a little. She told them that SkyClan had been attacked and that she barely made it out alive. Since she left almost right after Grayfox, she could still smell him and followed. It did disappear eventually but by that time, she was at DayClan's border and could smell him and Frostbite and a bunch of other cats on the border. She was quickly husseled to the medicine den by Frostbite and Grayfox where things started to get a little out of hand. She and Frostbite had been talking to each other and when she said something, she thinks it made him upset. So he let go of her and ran off. Grayfox went after him and left Novemberbreeze to try her hardest to get Sunflowerchaser comfortable. They started to talk as well, but like the last time, as soon as SkyClan and Sunflowerchaser's love life came up, things became heated as Grayfox and Novemberbreeze's love life got tied in. Novemberbreeze had stormed out, leaving Sunflowerchaser and alone and sleeping. By the time Novemberbreeze had gotten to the entrance and up a tree, Grayfox had been coming back and moving very slowly, looking like an intruder. So, unknown to Sunflowerchaser, Novemberbreeze and Grayfox had accidently attacked each other. Who knows how they stopped, because neither of them like to talk about it much. Later, Frostbite came back and it was just a rocky road ahead for him and Sunflowerchaser. So the family is back together and the kits were born. Sunflowerchaser was glad she got to see them and loves talking the kits. Ever since she came to DayClan, she has calmed down at little and usually gives good advice to young cats. She wonders all the time if she'll ever have her own kittens with Frostbite but her recovery still being undergoed, she realizes it could take a while.

Frostbite ;; Neon♫

The tension that has formed against Frostbite happened so long ago, he couldn't hold on any longer. He let go of everything he knew. The news of being half-clan between SunClan and EarthClan, and then being sent away to SkyClan was shocking. Him and his sister, Novemberbreeze encountered so many mishaps along their terrorizing road, it almost killed them with heartbreak. That was just so long ago, and that was before he met one cat in particular. But at first it seemed as though she was just as ordinary as any other cats. But how could he ever be more wrong? After so many times of hanging along with her, Sunflowerchaser was appealing to him. He fell in love. But twice, as it was. A loner as well was trying to win his heart over. But at last, the decision was made, when he was finally ready to reveal his true love. Sunflowerchaser. How odd it seemed for him to have this new feeling. But when he was ready to tell her at last, that was the day of his disappearance. SkyClan had been struck by a raging battle. If only he had realized Sunflowerchaser wasn't dead, he wouldn't have left without her. But as he did, he took Novemberbreeze and left. They came upon DayClan for what seemed to be weeks of searching for home. And although things in DayClan are different, he would soon forget everything. Everything but SkyClan, Sunflowerchaser, and his friends. Then one of those days of his complete depression, and several days before Novemberbreeze's and Grayfox's kits had arrived, she was there. Almost half dead. Sunflowerchaser, a strong cat, had come all that way to find them. It was almost unbelievable, he was hit by so many mixed emotions, happy, sad by seeing her so hurt, and angry because of the danger she threw herself into. But he was lucky to have her back. But he wouldn't ever forgive himself for leaving her alone to fend for himself, and also leaving all his clanmates and kin.

But now Frostbite lives on with all the cats he loves most, Sunflowerchaser, Novemberbreeze, and her mate, Grayfox, and their nineteen kits. The defeat, and anguish have finally disappeared. Love, hate. If you know him, you may not know him well. He is a cat of fierceness, anger, pride, wanting. So many things. His pelt is white like the newly fallen morning snow, with black toes on one each of his paws. Eyes are like firy blue-green and gray iris. Do you know him? the answer is no. Not until you've witnessed his whole life story. And one day, this story will pass on from his kits, and down to many generations.

Gleamghost ;; RP'd by Catlover1023

Her pelt shines white, no matter the time of day and she blends in easily with her surroundings as she has black and brown dapples all over her body. The dapples lessen as they near her face and neck, bu then that's when the gray tints on her face and neck come in. Her light gray tints make her looks ghostly bu ther dark gray ears seem large on her head all the time. Her tail is long and blue-gray, and streaked with silver that gleams all the time. She is very slender and swift adn has rounded eyes and a narrow face. Gleamghost is a quiet soul, not one to voice her opinions or pain. But it is un-needed. From the way she holds her shoulders to how her eyes always seem to be cast down at her paws, its obvious that she is hurting. She came from a small family with only her mother, father, and brother. As a kit, her father abused the three of them, which cost her mother her life as she tried to protect her precious kits. Her brother was the same way. He stood up to their father and was attacked and killed. Gleamghost didn't fight him back or off and took her abuse as quietly as possible. Her quietness angered her father and he did horrible things to her. She did end up having a litter of kits. Even though the kit's father was also their grandfather, she loved them. There were only 3 kits, 2 males and 1 female. Her father never wanted kits and to finally make his daughter say something and feel pain, he killed the kits. Gleamghost's heart splintered and she cried out with each second. This caused her father so much joy, so much that he actually laughed. While he was breaking down hysterically, so was Gleamghost. But in a mental way. Her anger and saddness and pain got the best of her and she murdered her father. She literally tore his pelt off of his body, tears filling her vision as she did so. She grabbed her kits' bodies but left his. She buried them just inside the DayClan border next to a willow tree. She sprinted off and ended up falling right into DayClan's camp. The smell of blood on her aroused the camp, scaring them and also filling them with worry for the random newcomer. She was taken to the medicine den, exhausted and numb. She was cleaned of her father's blood and was given poppy seeds to help her rest. It took her awhile until she actually became aware of where she was. She learned a few names and told DayClan's medicine cat, Zombiedance, what had happened to her. His sympathy struck her as odd yet comforting, as she never really was cared for after her brother and mother were killed. She wanted to stay feeling like she was protected and asked to join DayClan. Her bravery was honored, and even though she had killed another cat, she was welcomed. She is still quiet and edgy but has a caring approach to her.

Poisonedlight ;; Rp'd by xxTheFrozenOne

Darkness. That's all you can see; the ebony black fur that covers this cat from head to tail-tip..if you could even see anything. If you could possibly make out the figure that might stand before you, lingering there like a shadow that doesn't belong; a shadow that seems like nothing but a simple cloud of darkness, it's fur curled in wisps of eerie night, and a coat as long&thin as needles. Though, this cats fur wouldn't sting like a needle, this tom's claws&razor sharp teeth might do the trick. But you shouldn't fear him for so long as he is left alone, the shadow won't hurt you. I promise. Poisonedlight may have good looks with his sleek black coat, and vibrant green eyes that shine a glittering silver in the moonlight, but put that aside and you will see who he really is. His temper is short, and his voice is rather harsh. No cat in the Clan has ever seen him mingling with the other warriors, but who's to judge? Maybe he's shy....or, maybe not. It's a thought, though probably not the reason why he really doesn't talk much.He came to DayClan as a rouge, and joined as an apprentice moons ago. Now he lives as a strong, fierce warrior, but nobody knows much about him other than that. But, I'll let you in on a little secret. This tom was left alone to defend for himself as a kit, for his parents showed no love for him. They didn't care of his existence, so they left him defenseless. He cried out for them to come back, though they abused him, he still wanted to have at least someone by his side. But nobody answered his calls. Nobody answered his pleading cries. He lay there, deep in the forest, all hope gone from his thin body. Though it may not seem as such, Poisonedlight had a very bone-chilling past, so maybe that's why he is the way his is? Oh well, all we know about this eerie tom is that you shouldn't bother him, or talk to him unless he talks to you first.

Blackpool ;; Rped by valiance.
A large black tom with foggy, grey eyes. His pelt is sleek, and his attitude is sour. This tom isn’t the kind of cat you should mess with. He doesn’t like company, and he definitely doesn’t like cheery cats. He judges quickly, and doesn’t really ever change his opinions on things. He’s stubborn, always questioning and challenging everyone other than himself. He’s prideful, egotistical, and headstrong. He’s the type of tom to refuse help. He wouldn’t take your advice to save his own life. He figures that he can’t trust anyone but himself, and that there’s no one in the world who would be worthy enough to become a close friend of his. Sure, he may have casual conversations every once in a blue moon, but other than that, the only kind of conversation that leaves his mouth is protest and debate. There is no getting to this tom once he’s made up his mind. Bite your tongue while you can when you’re around him, because you just might not live to regret it. He has a bunch of trust issues, and you probably could say that the only cat he ever has cared for is his sister, Larkwing. To many it is questionable, yet to Blackpool it is undeniably true. She is really the only cat he trusts even in the slightest bit, although he would deny it if anyone were to ask him of it. Secretly, he would die for his sister. He would do anything to protect his younger sibling, always remembering their days as kits together. Despite her age, he always views Larkwing as a little sister. Even though it may at times seem as though he despises his sister, inside he knows that he could never truly hate her.

Larkwing ;; Rped by valiance.

Her soft black pelt and those faded silver eyes will eternally make you question all that there is when you take a single glance in her direction. She is a beautiful she-cat; there is no doubt about it. She is a shy, quiet cat. Yet she is very curious, and tends to take the road less traveled by. She is the type of cat that has reason to believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. This she-cat isn’t afraid to speak her mind, or stand up for what she believes in. She’ll always take the side that she believes is in the right, whether her friends are on it or not. Reliable could be a word that you can describe her without having second thoughts. Although, she is not afraid to tell anyone the word, ”No.” She understands that her life is of her own, and no one else’s. But she does indeed do all she can do for the greater good. She is a strong believer in karma. What goes around comes around; which is probably why she gives all that she can give to everyone around her. She knows little about her family and what they were like. She knows only of her brother, Blackpool. He is all that is left of her family, as far as she is concerned. They are very different from each other, in almost every way except for their appearance. That is probably why they tend to get into heated arguments, or end up no talking to one another for a long while. Yet, she knows that even though they may have an iffy love/hate relationship, she would never truly hate him. He is all that she has left, after all. What would her life be like if there wasn’t an older brother to bother? She sure wouldn’t like to find out.

Cobradream ;; RPed by Color-Me-Blue(:

There was a story in Egypt where a central character in the Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor is a cobra who saves the shipwrecked sailor and looks after him on his island in the midst of the sea for four months. In Egypt, cobras are considered good and helpful. This is what he dreams of being. Cobra was a loner for the longest time. He lived in the windy deserts and survived the miles and miles of traveling it took to get him somewhere else than Egypt. You wouldn't believe his story if you've never seen him. The stereotypical Egyptian cat is thought of to be very slender, tall, and normally a tan color. This is not particularly true, however, unless you are talking about a Siamese. He is actually an siver-tinted Egyptian Mau, which of coarse means that he has the distinctive black spots throughout his thick, yet not long pelt. The tom's tail is long and striped with black and his nose is a smokey grey. Cobradream's eyes are illuminating. They are a silvery-yellow like the full moon on a clear night. Those eyes could melt your heart and make it pool at your stomach. His legs are slightly longer than usual and his rough pads surprisingly make no noise as he glides across the land. Three of these graceful paws are black and studded with long, sharp claws. Around his back left paw is a charm a beautiful Egyptian woman named Mia gave him. He never took it off because he was there the woman died. She was just a normal two-leg woman, carrying around a small whining baby. The baby had midnight black hair and a bright pink face. Ugly, as all two-leg babies (or two-legs in general) are. This baby spotted Cobra one day and locked eyes with the beautiful cat. Mia glanced behind her to see what her baby was so entrigued with. The woman smiled and took a bracelet off her baby's left ankle then tightened it around his left back paw. Cobra was frozen in place; He had never been touched by a human before. The name on the bracelet read "Mia and Joseph". The baby was probably named after King Joseph. In this process, she wasn't paying attention to the Horned Viper coming up beside her. It crept up to her foot and Cobra let out a warning hiss. The woman made this high-pitched caterwauling sound, but it was too late. The Horned Viper had bitten her and she fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Cobra looked over at the baby, screaming on the ground. He watched as the Viper came upon the baby, too, but jumped to the rescue. The Viper had bit him instead of the baby. Cobra clawed at the Viper and managed to remove the head. All of a sudden, everything went black. Next thing you know, the tom was awake but there was an aching in his leg. From across the room of one of the two-leg buildings he saw Mia, who was staring at him, and Joseph, who was crying in another two-leg's arm. They were speaking about something, making gestures to the cat, but he couldn't understand their language. Mia rushed to the cat, tears in her eyes and hugged him tightly. Cobra had never experienced this before and a single tear fell from his silvery eyes. Eventually he was able to walk around and left, leaving the bracelet there. He wandered around Egypt for a while, confused about what to do with his life. Soon he came to a graveyard. Something glinted in the sunlight on one of the graves. It was the grave of a baby. He had learned to read the hyroglyphics.

He always says that if he is to ever have kits that he would tell them his story and teach them about the history of the Cobra. He would teach them how to be a hero to others and raise them right. Never would he allow his kits to be in danger, which could be a problem for him someday. His views on love are quite long. He has, since he was tiny, watched many cats, including his own parents, fight and argue and split up. He would watch them argue over small things and leave their children behind. He was one of these children. Cobradream is convinced that if he ever falls in love it will be for better and for worse. He will always forgive in forget and have faith in his mate, even if they cheat on him. He will show a great respect for her, even if she deserves none. He will always stay with her and stay loyal instead of running off with other toms and leaving her hurt and broken. He believes every she-cat is beautiful in their own unique way. The cat he decides to be with someday will have to be oddly unique, however, in order to capture his heart. Cobradream is like a shaman and will be there if any cat needed to talk or to just get the stress out. He has a sweet smile and a heart of gold that helps others feel more comfortable around him. The tom is an excellent fighter but his best skill is tracking. He got good practice on his journeys and is now considered an expert at killing any snake, which is slightly ironic due to the fact his name involves a snake. When trouble strikes, the spotted cat is very calm and can handle situations properly. He does have a slight fear of fire, but not enough to make him abandon his clan if one ever strikes. Not all snakes are evil, and this tom has certainly proved this to be true. He's not perfect in any way, but he will always be there through thick and thin.

Russetcloud ;; Rped by ஐℱearless۞§erenityஐ

Russetcloud is a very sly and agile cat with long claws from her mother. She has a very multi-colored coat mixed with light grays and oranges, so you could also consider her to be a calico. Russetcloud was born into Dayclan, when her mother first arrived into their life. Her mother soon died of a sickness and she decided to become a warrior. Its a never ending adventure for Russetcloud, learning new things everyday. Being the only kitten from her mother, she also wants to keep the family line going and find a mate someday along with having some kits in the near future. She keeps that part of her life in the back of her mind and focuses on her day-to-day life and trials. Dayclan provides so much for her and she never wants to leave her clan.

Scarletash ;; Roleplayed by sayo2350

A female she-cat with a fiery attitude, along with her pelt color. Her eyes, blue, bluer than the water that quenches her thirst. Her pelt is more fiery than a sunset on a glistening snowy day and just like a sunset, her attitude a beauty of unpredictable. Scarletash, when she was young was always bold, once she even challenged her leader when she was a kit. She is bold, bolder than the strongest warrior. Her tongue, sharper than claws, swifter than a hunter, but careful analyzing each word she says. She has strong feelings, that fighting is never than answer, but words that are strong, powerful, and inspirational, are by far the best way to defeat, anything. Some cats roll their eyes at her, because they know that she is a terrible fighter, and that is just an excuse, some know to never argue with her, and some just agree. When she was younger she saw her mother dying, fighting to save her, and she never knew her father. Ever since then she knows to walk with determination and hatred for those who seek fighting and pain for joy, but it never worked. One day she was seeking out a fairly plump squirrel, when a large, luminous shadow casted over her and the prey. Before she even got a chance to turn around, the shadow attacked, and she never knew what happened. For now she watches over from Starclan desperate to find her killer. Always questioning cats. She will risk anything to seek her killer, even wander into the Dark Forest, and she has. But Scarletash goes to far, too desperate to find her killer, to daring to not to forgive and forget, she has to get her revenge.

Artemis ;; Rped by Simbadog
Apprentice ;; Shiningpaw { shinerpelt }

Anybody who meets her eyes quickly looks away. Nobody approaches her unless they have to. Everyone is afraid of Artemis. And they have good reason to be afraid. Artemis, with her piercingly intimidating green eyes and gray fur, can be a formidable opponent, not only in battle, but in life. Many would say she is beautiful, but fearing to say it directly to her, they try to stay away. Artemis doesn't necessarily mind being excluded; in fact, that's just the way she likes it. Her previous life as a loner was a barren and secluded one, and after all, Artemis prefers to stay unnoticed. This formidable warrior had to spend most of her life fending for herself, being abandoned by her parents when she was quite young - about the age when one would first be apprenticed. Naturally, she is used to fighting for her territory and what she has, and has often had to remind herself that this is not how the Clans work. Clanmates work together... right? But this idea is completely new to Artemis. She doesn't enjoy sharing and never has. Her motto is "Take what you can; you're going to need it." Indeed, she lives by a number of other mottos that keep her spirits up, that keep her from going mad at times of utmost hunger and exhaustion. But Artemis never suffers from grief. She chooses to ignore the fact that she was abandoned by her parents, because she figures she never needed them, and she has become tougher because of this turn of events. Now, she is immune to any type of sadness, devoid of almost any type of emotion. It will take a miracle to get her to love someone. She's experienced pain before - but she doesn't want to have to deal with the pain of a broken heart.

Cinnamoncloud ;; Catlover1023

When you picture cinnamon, you see it as a dark ginger kind of color that you would put on toast with sugar. Well, this Cinnamon is not ginger, does not going on toast, and hardly has any sugar. She is a light brown she-cat with darker brown stripes and white stripes. Her right back paw in jet black but hardly anyone notices it. Her eyes are a soft baby blue that sometimes hold love and kindness and other times, fire and hatred. She was born into DayClan from Novemberbreeze, her loving mother, and Grayfox, her stick-it-out loyal father. She has 16 other siblings! They are Cardinalsky, Shatteredfire, Kestrelfall, Creeknose, Stormfallower, Fallowwind, Bouncetail, Raindance, Exidestorm, Hallowleaf, Bangleheart, Summerglow, Phoenixrunner, Pinefrost, Skykeeper, Cascademountain. She is fiesty, easy-going, lazy, and sometimes short-tempered. It's not really her fault she's this way. She shared a nest with 17 other cats in her kithood! It wasn't very quiet then and her siblings always left her out of things. But she still loves them anyways. You can always find her lounging in a comfortable spot somewhere in the sun or by a river. She loves to swim and climb, but anything that involves extersion of energy that's not being used to help her clan, she hates. She would do anything for DayClan, whether that means dying or leaving or just helping out. Its unknown to anyone whether she thinks about a mate and kits or not but she is always worried that if she has a mate and kits, she will end up like her mother and have 17 kits to care of.

Beechwhisker ;; Rped by Secretkit
Apprentice ;; Noisepaw { Snowybreeze }

His green eyes are the shade of lily leaves, and the long tail that sprouts from his hind quarters is incredibly long. Pale brown, with a hint of grey freckles along his jaw and hiplines, Beechwhisker is a tom who swears eternal loyalty to those around him, and never breaks a promise. He was taken from his mother and father on a bright summer day, and abandoned on the side of a road along with his three siblings; two brothers, and one sister. He loves his kin very dearly, and would do anything to protect them, keep them safe. He's the more protective and fatherly of the four, and is always first to congratulate them on any achievement or hunting prize.

Halfwhisker ;; Rped by Secretkit

A skinny thick-furred gray tom with amber eyes, and as his name implies, he bears something like half whiskers on his muzzle, their other halfs having been sliced off by an enemy opponent in a battle as an apprentice. He is a proud tom, eager to impress, and always eager to teach and learn. Forget being rude to this young fellow, he will immediately become determined to force you to take back your comments, and isn't afraid to fight to be respected. Walks with an air of superiority unknown to most, and is well respected among his small circle of fiends. His rule is, if you respect him, he will respect you just the same amount. Betray him and his trust, and you've got a life and worldful of problems ahead of you. In love with Whiterabbit, and would never let her down.

Italicwhisper ;; Rped by SierraJarvis

The first thing you think of when you hear italic is slanted- which is what Italicwhisper appears to be. Her tail, her head, her nose, her eyes- all seem to be leaning to the side. With a fluffy grey pelt and violet eyes, she would be a beautiful she-cat – if she didn’t appear to be leaning all the time. She got the name Italic from her previous life- Italicwhisper is a former kittypet. She was born into a twoleg nest, but her slanted appearance made her undesirable to her owners. She was adopted by another twoleg as a kit, who thought she was adorable for her quirky slant. However, though this twoleg loved her, she grew old, and had to give her away. This next owner was not as kind, and threw her out into the forest. She joined DayClan, where she was granted the name Italicwhisper, as her voice is low and soft. She no longer has kittypet tendencies, is a fully loyal clan cat, but she is more open and non judgmental than clanborn cats. She is a bit serious, but can act kittenish and playful at times.

Brightraven ;; Rped by Rainfire2
Apprentice ;; Bravepaw { Snowybreeze }
Just by looking at him, you'd think his name is incredibly absurd. His suffix seems wrong. Raven? He resembles one in no way shape or form. His fur is as white as snow, in fact, maybe even whiter. His long silky coat almost looks bleached. That's because it is. Brightraven has always had an incredible interest in herbs, and when he was younger, was not so knowledgeable now. His fur had once been as black as night, and he had been named Raven. Prince Raven really, but we'll talk more about his history later. Anyways, he had eaten a poultice he made, and had felt quite queasy. He had gone to sleep, and when he woke up the next morning his fur was pure white. He doesn't totally mind, though. It goes quite nicely with his bright eyes, which are an icy blue color. His personality is as soft as his fur, and his face quite handsome, although not husky, more a feminine kind of beauty. One does not know "nice" until they meet Brightraven. He is as playful as a kit, and never seems to get mad, even at

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