Labelling specialist Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) Ltd the exclusive UK distributor of Swedish revolutionary Label Print & Apply Company Autolabel AB introduces the most advanced, smartest & safest Pallet Labelling system available today. As with the range of Autolabel printers and applicators the development of the new FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System was about taking a step back and understanding what is really required by the customer & then designing the system from there.

Today all pallet labellers are large, slow, complex and cumbersome with many inherent safety risks & trap points but the Autolabel/ILS FlexWipe System centred on a proven Autolabel T63 Printer negates the need of any expensive guarding & is capable of labelling more than 5 pallets per minute on 2 adjacent sides.

The FlexWipe applicator is based upon two rotating movements, an inner arm which can rotate 360° and an outer arm that can rotates 200°, this movement provides full control of where the applicator arm needs to be & the capability to know when the pad reaches the pallet.

Possible trap points or crushing hazard risks between the applicator arm/printer and pallet are eliminated thanks to the unique Tactile Applicator arm & the Pivotal Machine Mount arrangement, if the system detects something is in the way it will immediately stop the arm whilst activating an alarm then will simply rotate away.

Pallets are often unevenly packed or contain product’s that create an uneven surfaces the FlexWipe applicator will also apply labels safely to any surface with its unique “Touch and Flex Apply” solution.

The on-board Linux based PC platform is the core of the FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System complete with a number of connectivity possibilities, from configurable digital IO’s to XML data file support plus an open API for total integration. Traceability of the pallet starts here.

A compact vision based scanner is mounted behind the applicator pad. Once the label is applied the applicator arm turns 180° and a picture is taken to validate all barcodes on the label.

Changing Media (Labels/Ribbon) is as easy on the FlexWipe as on all other Autolabel Print & Apply Systems, the label roll is facing the operator side of the machine and the applicator moves automatically away to simplify media changes. It only takes an operator 10-20 seconds to change label roll, contributing to the high “Up-time” of the system.

For further information see the Pallet labelling System video here,


Alternatively contact ILS for further information: www.ilsystems.co.uk


Industrial labelling Systems Ltd (ILS) is the exclusive UK supplier of the complete range of Swedish manufactured “Autolabel” Print & Apply Labelling Systems, since 2002 they have taken pride in their attention to detail in delivering a customised solution if required and a best in class approach for all its clients in all industry sectors.

Industrial Labelling Systems focuses on the supply of Automatic Print and Apply Labellers & Automated Pallet Labelling systems which includes a complete range of marking stations for Primary products which can be integrated into weighing systems offering complete control over scanning and rejection systems.

Our Print and Apply solutions come with a range of applicator modules to suit all labelling applications. Applicator styles include: Blow-on, Wipe-on, Tamp, Vacuum Belt, Twin-face apply, Tray & Pallet labellers with auto-tandem systems offering full redundancy.

Contact: Denis Brett

Email: denis@ilsystems.co.uk

Tel: 0161 6554846

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