I have a feeling that Angie needs no introduction to a lot of you, as her presence in the food, travel & luxury bloggers' community is hard to miss (in the best possible way)! I've been reading SilverSpoon London for quite some time now, and have even been lucky enough to meet Angie and had a wonderful time - and hope to do so again soon.

For now though, I'll let you get to know her a little better through her own words and beautiful photos!


1 :: Tell us a little bit about your blog - what do you love to write about, how did you get started and how often do you blog?

My blog, SilverSpoon London, is about my favourite things: food, luxury travel and having fun in London.

I try and keep it light-hearted and happy, my intention being to put a smile on people’s faces. I’m slightly addicted to blogging and I blog 4 – 5 times a weeks and sometimes even more!

2 :: As a fellow Londoner and foodie, can you share your 3 favourite high end restaurants and your 3 top casual dining spots?

The best restaurant that I’ve ever been to in London is Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, the food is exquisite and the atmosphere is so romantic. Generally I prefer Asian food and my two favourites are Hakkasan and Roka, both have really sleek and chic dining rooms and a buzzy atmosphere.

For my casual places I think Kurobuta has great food and it’s a really fun place as is Chotto Matte. I recently visited LIMA Floral and I absolutely loved the food there.

3 :: What is the best thing you've experienced so far from being a blogger?

When you first start a blog you don’t really anticipate the places that it’ll take you and the things that you will do. I can be quite an anxious person but the blog has made me try new experiences and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’ve met some amazing people, many of whom have become friends.

4 :: You're a bit of a globetrotter - you've been to some amazing places! Which of them would be your picks for 1) Adventure, 2) Food and 3) Romance?

1) I had the adventure of a lifetime during our trip to Australia. I’ve never been somewhere where I visited the mountains, beach, rainforest and desert all in one trip.

2) I’ve the most incredible food I’ve ever had is in Italy. Whether it’s a Michelin star restaurant or a tiny trattoria off a back street, I’ve never had a bad meal there. In particular I love Italian fresh pasta accompanied by a cold glass of prosecco.

3) For me, there’s nothing more romantic then visiting an exotic country and I love South East Asia, particularly Thailand. It’s the kind of place where you have everything: adventure, food and romance and I love the fact that every experience there is so far removed from experiences that you have in UK.

5 :: What are the difficulties (if any!) that you've found through writing and maintaining a blog?

It's really important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is very difficult when I’m often blogging about food and events. In between all those meals out and parties I stick to a strict healthy eating and exercise regime.

Another difficulty is actually a good problem, I often find myself with too much content and a backlog of posts. I think that very careful and organised scheduling is the best way to stay on top of everything. I have a master spreadsheet / calendar where I log every upcoming post, the date it’ll be published on and other information such as the category of the post and whether other bloggers were present.

6 :: You've enjoyed some amazing looking afternoon teas around London - for anyone who is visiting London and would like a special afternoon tea experience, where would you most recommend?

Although I’ve never actually tried it, every tea expert I know says that Claridge’s is the very best, and it’s so iconic in London. Personally I prefer teas that are a little more quirky, I’ve been to some really fun themed ones such as the Christmas tea at the Conrad Westminster or the fashion tea at the Berkeley. Fortnum & Mason is also excellent as there are so many different options depending on your dietary requirements.

7 :: It's so nice to see your husband's smiling face pop up on your posts! How does he feel about your blog and sharing your travels and adventures on the internet?

He loves it! He always wants to be in the pictures and if he’s not he wants to be taking them. Actually he’s been incredibly supportive and my blog couldn’t have grown without him. I wanted my blog to be as much about love as well as food and travel and so I think Mr Silver is an integral part of the story. He’s taken a real liking to photography and it’s a grown into a hobby of his, he’s even started to read photography blogs. He reads every single one of my posts and we talk about ways that SilverSpoon could be improved and ideas for the future.

8 :: What do you personally look for in blogs that you like to read regularly? What do you feel is important when it comes to creating an engaging blog?

Personality is just absolutely vital for an engaging blog and I prefer to see a human side to the blogger no matter what the subject. Whether the blog post is really personal or whether it’s about a lipstick, or the sandwich that you had for lunch today, the blogger’s true voice should stand out. Personally, I like a variety of posts on a blog, which is why generally prefer lifestyle blogs rather than blogs about a single subject. My favourites are those that have bags of personality and don’t take them selves to seriously. I definitely prefer to laugh whilst having a read.

9 :: What would your perfect day in London look like? With no obligations or plans, how would you spend your day around the city?

I’d probably start the day at somewhere like the Wolseley, a place known for it’s amazing breakfasts! I’d have a very simple smoked salmon bagel with a few milky coffees!

I’m a typical girlie girl, so my perfect day would be spent browsing around some of London’s boutiques with Mr S and we’d stop at Scott’s for lunch to recharge our batteries with some seafood and champagne. In the afternoon I’d head to the salon and get my hair blow-dried before going home to get ready for a night on the town. Our favourite restaurants for a great night out are Hakkasan, Roka or Nobu so I’d choose one of those for some cocktails and delicious Asian food.

10 :: Your blog has grown at an incredibly fast pace, and it feels like everyone in the food blogger community knows you! What advice would you give for bloggers trying to expand their readership? How do you maximise the use of social media and other tools to help your blog get exposure?

I think until you start blogging you never realize what a fantastic community there is out there. I’d really emphasise the importance of getting to know that community and other bloggers in your niche. Sharing is caring and as you read each other’s content, comment on it, share it and retweet it. Through working together like this bloggers can help each build a following in a natural and organic way.

The accessibility to other bloggers and brands means that Twitter is my favourite form of social media and the easiest way to find others in your niche. But don’t just get to know them on Twitter, if you can meet them in real life!


I hope you enjoyed Angie's interview as much I did - I found myself reading her answers and nodding along in agreement to many of them, as well as clicking through to her travels and suffering from wanderlust!

If you're looking for a blog full of character, delicious food, stunning travels and personal stories, SilverSpoon London is one to put on your reading list.

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