If you are in the process of applying to an MBA program, it is but natural to expect that hundreds of questions must be swirling around in your mind threatening to create a mental blockade. It in fact is expected of every higher level study program that you chose to enrol yourself in; the sheer investment of time and money in case of an MBA though just makes it mandatory on your part to be extra cautious.

First and foremost is the question of selectivity or the selection process and criterions that each individual business schools have for admission to their post graduate program in management. Majority of the top class management institutes in India accept the score of CAT (Common Aptitude Test) whereas few others accept the score of MAT (Management Aptitude Test) and XAT among others. There are, however, few good management schools in India which accept scores of all major management competitive examinations.

Different business schools may be accepting scores of different competitive tests, but one common amongst all of them is that their selection procedure is pretty hard and rigid.  Whether its best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR or best MBA colleges anywhere in India, chances are pretty dim that they will call you for group discussion (GD) and personal interview(PI) round if you have not scored exceptionally well in your competitive exams.

There are few exceptions every year as aspirants are given admission based on their work experience or some other factors despite scoring below other candidates; you should though not take it as a norm. The competitive exams are very tough and the selection procedure is tougher. That is why you have to work tremendously hard and improve on your weak points to ensure you get a good percentile in the competitive exams to gain admission in a business school of your choice. It is therefore to be expected that unless you get the final call letter from a particular business school, the question of whether you name will find mention in the final list will continue to give you sleepless nights.

The next important question that follows selectivity or admission is that of affordability. MBA programs are notorious for their exceptionally high tuition fees and as such you need to find a business school which offers a high return on your investment. The good news though is that well-established and reputable management colleges in Delhi NCR offer pretty high return on investments allowing their students to recover the entire costs within two to three years of joining the workforce.

Quality MBA program from well-established business schools can lend a tremendous boost to a student’s career opportunities by opening new areas of mobility and expertise for them. Degree from an accomplished college is an investment worth making as it offers sufficient amount of exposure, skills and management competence that unfailingly brings it with high level of professional and personal development.

The picture though cannot be expected to look as rosy for students who have taken admission in low quality management institute. They may find themselves in trouble as second string business schools usually do not offer good placement opportunities; their students looking for job on their own also do not get salary packages which can justify the high cost incurred in pursuing an MBA program.

It is the reason experts and your well-wishers suggest that thorough and rigorous research should be an integral part of your entire MBA application process.  You need to first figure out your career goals and then look for management institutes which you think can help you fulfil these goals. Experts, however, suggest that you should broaden your horizon and not get stuck on what the program is “known” for. Look at the MBA experience as a whole.

Ensure whether the program will give you the skills and the education along with the right network, resources and support you need to excel in an immensely competitive marketplace. Top level institutes have world-class faculty members who can guide you on the right path with their own vast experience of the business and the academic world.

Find out how the business school’s ranking and brand value will make its presence felt when the time comes for placement.

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