Offers 1000+ servers in 16 countries

Offers OpenVPN Protocol

Supports Torrenting & P2P

Impressive site design

7-day money back trial

In-house apps available for various platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPad)

Offers Exclusive Private Browsing USB VPN

Supports Up to 5 Simultaneous Connections


Fewer Support Channels

Logs some data

Bandwidth Caps

What is Surfeasy VPN?

Owned by industry leader “Opera Software”, Surfeasy VPN is based in Canada and is comparatively a fresh privacy solution in market.

Being a product of a leading IT firm, Surfeasy VPN serves individuals with diverse privacy needs. Surfeasy VPN provides top-notch privacy protection to users across a range of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. Moreover, exclusive extensions for Google Chrome and Opera browser are added benefits of using Surfeasy.

In our Surfeasy VPN review, we will evaluate Surfeasy’s privacy features, encryption protocols, performance, usage policy, customer support, ease of use, reliability and every characteristic that makes it an upright privacy solution.

Surfeasy VPN Price & Packages

Surfeasy VPN offers three marvelously designed package plans to cater the needs of users belonging to different levels. Additionally, users don’t need to pay any more than $11.99 per month, while two cheaper plans are also available.

On top of all, except for the price, there is no discrimination in all three packages among tunneling protocols, bandwidth, support channels and other privacy features. However, no free plan is offered by Surfeasy at the moment.

Currently Surfeasy VPN offers three package plans with specified offerings:

1-month plan costs $11.99

6 months plan costs $53.94 (saves $18 every 6 month when compared to monthly plan)

12-month plan costs $77.88 (saves $66 every year when compared to monthly plan)

Payment Modes

Opera Software has included most popular payment methods to Surfeasy VPN. Currently, all leading credit cards are accepted by Surfeasy including Visa and MasterCard.

In addition to this, PayPal is also accepted as a digital payment option to provide ease with subscription process. However, no anonymous payment option is offered by the service right now, but we expect to see bitcoin in upcoming days.

Unique Selling Proposition

Private Browsing USB

Upon detailed evaluation of the service in our Surfeasy VPN review, we came up their exclusive offering “Private browsing USB”.

Surfeasy VPN has taken a step further and distinguished itself from other providers with an elite plug n play USB stick. The USB comes equipped with an altered version of Firefox browser that offers SSL protection, ensuring a strong encryption & protection to users’ online activities.

The private USB doesn’t require admin privileges on your system and leaves no traces once unplugged. The private browsing USB is an optimal privacy solution for students, journalists, IT specialists and all users who wish for one-click privacy.

Simultaneous Connections

Multiple connections feature makes a VPN stand out among rivals. Surfeasy VPN takes an edge over other providers by offering up to 5 multiple logins at a time.

For our Surfeasy VPN review, we tested the service on desktop, iOS, Android and a laptop. Surprisingly we were able to stream videos and play games with a single Surfeasy account on these devices at great speeds.

Surfeasy VPN is a perfect pick for users who want to share the same VPN account with other members in the house.

7 Day Money Back Trial

Unlike many other providers in the market, Surfeasy VPN doesn’t offer a free trial or 30-day money back guarantee.

Instead, it offers a 7-day money back trial version. The trial version requires user’s credit card details. And if the service doesn’t meet user’s requirement, he can avail a refund within seven days of subscription.

Server Locations

A significant number of servers spread across various regions of the world represents bedrock of a superior VPN service. Surfeasy offers servers in 50 locations in the world covering United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Australia, Japan and more prime regions.

Interestingly, Surfeasy supports P2P and torrenting with servers located in torrent friendly countries (Spain, Netherlands, and Canada). Subscribers can enjoy downloading latest movies, TV series, music and games from torrent sites without facing copyright trolls and infringement notices.

However, this figure is quite mediocre for a VPN service owned by an industry leader. But to deliver superior service, Surfeasy offers 1000 servers in specified locations, eliminating network congestions during peak time and ensuring better gaming. Moreover, high-speed video calling and streaming are additional benefits you get with Surfeasy VPN.

Currently, Surfeasy offers servers in following regions:

Surfeasy VPN Performance

Performance is a key factor when making up one’s mind with a VPN service. To evaluate the claims of Surfeasy, we tested their performance in our Surfeasy VPN review. After conducting the tests, following results were concluded:

Before connecting to Surfeasy VPN

After connecting to Surfeasy VPN

During the tests, all downloads were stopped, and no background programs were running. After connecting to a Surfeasy’s US server, the ping raised slightly with a little drop in the download speed. But to our surprise, we were able to watch House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Orange is the New Black in HD quality on Netflix at great speed.

In addition to this, no DNS leaks or IP leaks were discovered during the entire testing phase. If streaming, torrenting and secure browsing are what you’re looking for, then Surfeasy is the best pick for you.

Customer Support

The only drawback of using Surfeasy is poor customer support. Interestingly, Surfeasy claims about 24/7 customer support, email ticketing system, and a support helpline, but to give most unbiased and neutral reviews, we decided to test their support channels in our Surfeasy VPN review. However, we achieved diverse results.

24/7 Live Chat

24/7 live chat support aims to provide instant solution for a user’s queries. To test live chat support of Surfeasy, we enquired about the supported tunneling protocols and didn’t receive any response from Surfeasy representatives until next 24 hours:

Email Ticketing System

Email ticketing system tends to provide detailed solutions for most complex queries. To test Surfeasy’s email ticketing system, we dropped off a query regarding free trial version. Sadly, we didn’t receive any response from Surfeasy.

Despite offering tremendous benefits, Surfeasy needs to improve the setbacks in customer support system.

FAQs Section

Regardless of nuance in ticketing and live chat system, Surfeasy VPN offers a well designed FAQs sections. The FAQs section provides in-depth guides and tutorials for setting up of VPN on various devices. Users can refer to FAQs section at times of general query and troubleshooting.

Privacy & Usage Policy

Privacy and data logging policy is a surprising part of almost every VPN service. User activity logging has been in practice for a long time, and many providers sell retained data of users to 3rd party advertising companies. Sadly, some vendors go beyond the limits by handing over user’s confidential information to law enforcement agencies.

However, Surfeasy VPN claims to protect users’ data privacy by not storing any online activities of users including origin & destined IP addresses.

But, we decided to examine the privacy policy of service in our Surfeasy VPN review, and discovered that the provider uses bandwidth caps to control connection speed of users. Also, Surfeasy privacy policy contains following alarming characteristics:

Logs temporary usage data at time of debugging an issue

Surfeasy official website uses cookies to target ads

Performs real-time analysis of subscribers’ internet traffic but doesn’t retain this information

Security & Encryption

Although Surfeasy belongs to a leading IT firm “Opera Software”, but it offers common encryption protocols. Currently, only OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption keys is offered by Surfeasy.

A lack of encryption tunneling protocols is the drawback that we found in Surfeasy VPN review. We hope that the company includes L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2 and more secure protocols in upcoming days.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Being a product of a renowned software company, Opera’s Surfeasy VPN is available on iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Windows. In addition to this, a single account can be used on up to 5 devices, belonging to supported platforms.

Surfeasy VPN on iPhone

Surfeasy VPN on iPhone gives true online freedom to iOS users and instant access to unlimited geo-blocked services & games. With Surfeasy activated on one’s iPhone, a user can safely perform e-banking transactions and manage emails with 100% online protection. The Surfeasy iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes.

Surfeasy VPN For Android

Android users are in a major security risk than any other platform. The reason lies in open-source nature of Android platform.

After witnessing a disastrous hacking attack on Android devices in 2015, where 950 million users were victimized, a VPN with Android device is necessary for a reliable online protection. To deliver a decent online protection, Surfeasy VPN offers a well-designed app with one-touch connection and server switching option. The app can be downloaded from Play Store.

Surfeasy VPN For Windows

Surfeasy VPN on Windows provides unmatched benefits to users. Unblocking geo-restricted sites including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Spotify and more is just a click away with Surfeasy VPN. Moreover, end-to-end privacy, top-notch online protection, robust data encryption are the advantages of using Surfeasy VPN for Windows.

Surfeasy VPN For Mac OS X

Mac OS X users can download Surfeasy VPN app from iTunes. The Surfeasy VPN on Mac offers cutting-edge privacy features, one-click protection, access to thousands of geo-blocked sites and superior privacy to Mac OS X users.

Surfeasy VPN Chrome

Google Chrome stands as world’s top internet browsers with having over 62% worldwide share among other internet browsers. However, various incidents have been reported where hackers exploited Google Chrome, leaving confidential information of users open on the web.

To achieve a reliable protection against hackers, intruders, phishers, snoopers and other cyber goons, Surfeasy VPN offers military-grade encryption to the entire network traffic of a Chrome user. Surfeasy Chrome plug-in can be downloaded from the Chrome Webstore.

Surfeasy VPN Opera

Surfeasy VPN offers an exclusive extension for Opera. The extension routes all the network traffic through a secure encrypted tunnel making one’s data safe and encrypted.

In addition to this, Surfeasy Opera extension gives you access to thousands of geo-blocked sites and services, delivering non-stop entertainment to subscribers. Surfeasy VPN is a suitable option for netizens who crave for supreme privacy and un-restricted on-demand entertainment.

Surfeasy VPN Netflix

Surfeasy was among the VPN services that had been banned by Netflix. The popular on-demand streaming service started to block IP addresses assigned by VPN services. The moment Surfeasy was enlisted among the banned services, it started to replace the banned IP addresses with new ones.  But sadly Surfeasy VPN doesn’t work with Netflix at the moment.

Surfeasy VPN Login

A fantastic benefit of using Surfeasy VPN is the ease-of-access. Unlike many providers, Surfeasy VPN login is very straightforward and hassle-free. To connect to Surfeasy, a user needs to enter his username and password once on VPN app. Upon successful login, no username/password combination will be required from next login sessions.

Surfeasy VPN Download

Now when you know about Opera’s Surfeasy VPN service, here’s how  to download Surfeasy VPN on your device:

Go to Surfeasy’s official site

From the tabs on top, click on Get Surfeasy VPN

Next, sign up on their website by entering required details

Choose a convenient payment method and continue

Proceed by making payment

After checking out, download Surfeasy VPN on your device via download link

Upon successful download, install the VPN and enjoy an unbeatable online experience on the go

Surfeasy VPN Not Working

Some subscribers have reported about Surfeasy VPN not working on their system. If you fall in the same ship, then you don’t need to worry. Just follow these simple steps and resolve the issue instantly:

Turn off Surfeasy VPN if it’s running

Next, open Surfeasy VPN

Choose a region

Wait till the profile installs again

Now try selecting a region in VPN settings and turn on the VPN

After performing specified steps, Surfeasy will connect to the selected region and you will be able to use the service immediately.

How To Cancel Surfeasy VPN

Unlike other providers, Surfeasy VPN gives users an option to cancel service within 7 days of subscription. Interestingly, Surfeasy requires user’s credit card information at the time of signup. However, subscribers can cancel their subscription within the prescribed duration and avoid getting charged.

Surfeasy VPN China

The People’s Republic of China is acclaimed for rigorous censorship practices. Around 1000+ sites are banned from accessing in China including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and much more. In addition to this, the GFW (Great Firewall of China) blocks every tool that aims to circumvent the imposed restrictions including VPN and proxy services.

Surprisingly, user reviews and individual testing have proven that Surfeasy works perfectly fine in China. The reason lies on Surfeasy’s top-notch server infrastructure and state-of-the-art tunneling protocols which aids into bypassing the aggressive censorship measures of the GFW.

Surfeasy Alternative

Apart from Surfeasy, there are many alternative VPN services which offer better features and enhanced performance.

Following best Surfeasy alternatives offer numerous servers positioned across major regions of the world, strong tunneling protocols, economical packages and round the clock customer support:


Express VPN

Nord VPN


Surfeasy VPN is an optimal solution for netizens who wish for decent privacy and a secured browsing experience.

In our Surfeasy VPN review, we unearthed apparent shortcomings of Surfeasy such as irresponsive live chat, comparatively expensive plans and fewer protocols. However, compatibility across a range of platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS) and exclusive add-ons for Chrome & Opera add more appeal to Surfeasy VPN.

Also, Private Browsing USB makes Surfeasy VPN a perfect choice for users wishing for one-touch privacy. After conducting a detailed evaluation of Surfeasy VPN features, plans, usage policy, encryption tunneling protocols and other service offerings, we give 3/5 score to the provider in our Surfeasy VPN review. We also Review various other VPN Providers which  you can visit here.

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